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Are you ready for some positive energy? This weekend is doing its best to deliver!

On Saturday Mercury dances with the luck giver, Jupiter, and helps you to open up conversations, find information that helps, tackle paper work or agreements under lucky stars, or meet with friends or groups to enjoy your day. News should be happy. Pisces Moon is angling with Saturn in a way that requires some adjustment emotionally around an artistic project, romantic interest, spiritual or psychic pursuit, addiction, or hospital matter and the person involved. It’s best to look at commitments, responsibilities, and limits with this person today and go from there.

Sunday the Sun and Mars trine Saturn so there is some harmony around what you are doing with the friend, group, network, internet, astrology, or charity and your place in the situation in relationship to this other person. You may be partnering, representing, advocating, or competing but regardless of the relationship, today you can get it right. Venus squares Jupiter which is a key to the goodie box, meaning you may feel so good you wish to overdo it or indulge in something big. Career goals and relationships involved in them hit a peak today as well.

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Saturday put your energy into talks or meetings with friends, groups, or networks. Write or speak on the internet, astrology or charities. Tackle paperwork or details around a social event. Step up and take your place in the grand scheme of things, you deserve some attention here. If there is a partner or agent, attorney or competitor in the picture, you need some behind the scenes strategizing, fantasizing or romancing to move things where they need to be.

Sunday is a day to take charge, get active, put yourself out there, and again your social network, friends, group affiliations, aspirations, the internet, astrology, or charitable causes are the place to shine. Your relationships should support you in what you are tending to today. Career, reputation or authority figures will push you to stretch personally a bit today, achieve, seek love or the income you need to progress and succeed.

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Saturday you should set your goal and then go after it, best ways are through meetings, calls, messages, writing, agreements, short trips, or speaking engagements. There is potential to expand your artistic project through this so if you are doing film, music, poetry, painting, or other art forms, ask for what you need. Clandestine affairs, addictions and hospital matters fare well under these talks or meetings as well. Research is supported and strategies benefit, it’s all good. You do need to make an adjustment around a friend or group need and the work in front of you.

Sunday puts you in the spotlight on the career front or as an authority figure, dealing with an authority figure, or taking the lead. The energy is there to help you stand out, achieve, and gain recognition for work efforts, health or animal/environmental matters. There is a lot of drive behind this for you today and you should be quite satisfied with the outcome. Love or money matters stretch out over media, travel, legal, or educational topics and whatever is going on behind closed doors, this could be a great thing, just don’t overdo it!

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Saturday has a big open door for you that you should really walk through because it looks so good and it is all about a media, publishing, marketing, travel, legal, or educational matter and how you can expand through friends, networking, the internet, astrology, or groups. Your emotions are going to be wrapped up in achieving an end or dealing with career goals today and you will need to make some adjustments around love, lovers, children, or creative projects as you go.

Sunday puts you in the spotlight in the media, educational, legal, or travel field and gives you a whole lot of drive and passion to go after what you want here. Today there is harmony and support between what is going on with you here and the lover, child or creative outlet/project so expect to accomplish a great deal today. Intimacy, divorce or financial matters will come into play at some point today and there may be something over the top going on here involving a friend, group, aspiration, the internet, astrology, or charities that is making you happy or stretching you a bit. It’s all good, just don’t overdo it!

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Saturday there is a whole lot of open opportunity for you to talk, meet, sign contracts, or write. This is going to involve a sexual attraction/opportunity, divorce or financial matter such as a loan, inheritance, tax matter, insurance policy, bankruptcy, alimony or child support decision, or partners financial situation. Goals can be reached, there is luck and prosperity behind the communications happening here today and career can expand due to what decision you make so open up! Feelings about legal, travel, media, publishing, or educational topics will require some limits be set or dealt with at home or commitments made there.

Sunday puts you in the spotlight and in a very passionate connection with another, in the depths of transformative times in a divorce, or empowering your situation through the financial matter you approached on Saturday. There is a lot of drive and determination on your part here and the stars are behind you in making it happen. Home and any limits, responsibilities, endings, or commitments can be reached now under more stable energy. Love or money matters involving a partner or representative will require some attention as you strive for the big goal.

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Saturday is all about the talk, meeting, writing project, or agreement you are going to be involved with with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. There is amazingly positive energy behind this and the media, publishing, trip, marketing, ceremony, legal matter, educational topic, or publicity. The skies the limit so get in there and ask for what you want, take the meeting, sign the papers, write it up. Feelings about a sexual attraction/issue, divorce or the financially shared matter will require you make some adjustments and that is best done through talking it out and finding win-win scenarios.

Sunday puts you in the spotlight with your partner, agent, attorney, specialist, advocate, competitor, or opponent and you are firing on all pistons! You have all kinds of passion, determination and drive today and the universe is fully behind you to tackle anything with this person in negotiations, passionate meetings, talks, short trips, writing, or agreements. If you need to deal with the neighbors, a move or siblings, you are favored here as well. You may need to look at a work, health or pet matter and the money or love involved before making the push for the trip, media, legal, or educational choice.

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Saturday is a golden opportunity for you to write, sign agreements, negotiate, meet, talk, or make short trips involving work, co-workers, employees, health, or pets. Make your aim to transform and empower by what you do, look at intimacy or sexual attractions in the mix, divorce issues or a major financial outlet you can tap to get things going, luck is on your side. Feelings about a partner, representative or competitor are in the mix today and a need to look seriously at money being earned or spent, be ready to make some adjustments here.

Sunday puts you in the spotlight regarding work, health or pets and allows you to take the lead, go after what you want and gain recognition or express your passions positively. Income or spending is the focus of this and the aspects suggest that your efforts are in harmony with the outcome you seek. You may go over the top a bit today in the pursuit of love or money, happiness or expansion, and this could come through a love interest, creative project or child. The energy here is positive but the angle may mean you take it to extreme, just make sure you can afford the stretch.

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Saturday is your day as far as any meetings or talks, agreements or writing you need to do involving a creative project, child or lover/love interest. There is so much luck in the wind for you today and it is coming through someone who is either partnering with you in this, representing your needs or advocating on your behalf. Open up, get it out there, you can expand exponentially today. Emotions around the work, health or pet matter will require some personal or physical adjustments so don’t push yourself past your limits here.

Sunday puts you in the spotlight with the creative venture and helps you to gain recognition or achieve your ends through sheer determination or presence. You have the golden touch again with children or anything tied to children, or in love so again, put yourself out there. Single? This day could bring a lovely meeting if you get out. Take on more responsibility or leadership if you can, it will be rewarded. Home or issues with mom, family, real estate, or roommates may stretch the good will today or there may be a big money matter going on here that comes through an agent, attorney or other important person. This looks good, just don’t overdo it.

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Saturday is a great day to tackle paperwork at home, sign agreements involving home, moves, mom, or real estate, make decisions, have talks or meetings, write at home or about real estate, or deal with the siblings here. There is a great deal of luck and opportunity in any of this especially where stretching out and getting work done, seeking work, working at home, dealing with employees or people who provide services at home, tackling health matters, or handling pets is concerned. Your feelings about a creative venture, lover/love interest or child will require some adjustment on your part, most likely through withdrawal behind the scenes to handle some things in private.

Sunday you are in the spotlight and very motivated at home, with moves, roommates, mom, family, real estate, or security needs and this is where the passion is so find ways to express it and move those mountains. Anything going on through film, music or other artistic outlets, recovery, retreat or recuperation, hospitals, research, or spiritual pursuits, should all tie in positively with what you are doing. There is opportunity to make serious headway, commit, set limits, take more leadership, or end something. Talks about money and the work, health or pet matter pop up as well, this could get really big and there is happy energy behind it, just don’t overdo it.

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Saturday is all about the writing, meetings, agreement, talk, or decision you are making about something big involving true love, children or creative projects. You could receive news that is a huge opportunity here or find that you are stretching out in lucky, happy, prosperous ways in these fields. Be proactive, use this energy to ask for what you desire, make the pitch, audition, have the talk, write about it. Singles are under very lucky stars to meet someone attractive in the local arena or through siblings or neighbors today so say yes. Feelings about home, mom or family may arise that require you make some adjustments around a social occasion, friend or group, even regarding your aspirations, be willing to commit or set limits.

Sunday you are in the spotlight in your local arena, through your writing or speaking, meetings or agreements, with siblings or neighbors, short trips or an idea you have and this is going to drive you to make things happen, express your passion and get out there physically. It’s a great energy day for anything you do here involving a friend, group, aspiration, social occasion, the internet, astrology, or a charity. Income and a lover, child or creative venture hit a high note and stretch you a bit today, it’s all happy and lucky but just don’t overdo it.


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Saturday is a golden day for earning money on real estate or spending money on home, moves or mom. Work at home businesses should fare well as should those of you in interior design, restaurant work or architecture. If you need to ask for something, sign agreements, write, meet, or make short trips tied to any of this, the stars are in lucky and beneficial angle to help you expand. Feelings about siblings, neighbors, or the agreements or talks themselves will be in the picture and you need to be adaptable around the goal, authority figure, career matter, or reputation if you see any limits or need to take more responsibility, commit or end something.

Sunday puts you in the spotlight on the income field and again you are all wired up and ready for bear. This is a great day to go after the money, SHOW ME THE MONEY! You may see all this action energy pushing you to spend some and if so the career needs or boss would be a good place to put it. Goals are reachable today so step up and make it happen. The only issue seems to be around how big this thing is or if you are missing home and love there because everything is a bit over the top. It’s all good, just set limits with the expansion that feel comfortable to you.

AQUARIUS: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday is all about you my friend so get ready to talk a lot, ask for what you want, interview, sign agreements, make short trips, write, speak your mind, have that meeting, or interact with siblings, all in an effort to expand your world in some happy, prosperous way. You really should be able to charm the birds from the trees today. Emotions over income or spending may get into the mix with the need to make some adjustments regarding the trip, legal matter, media or publishing venture, publicity, or education.

Sunday again puts you in the spotlight but with more drive, determination, passion, or physicality. You are going to have major universal support behind anything you set out to achieve or be seen doing involving travel, import/export, foreign interests, politics, religion, ceremonies, media, publishing, marketing, publicity, or education. The energy is about support, commitment, getting serious, doing it, making it happen, setting limits, endurance, or endings, whatever you go after here. Something involving love and hidden aspects will bring about a decision or talk that may challenge but will aid your happiness.

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Saturday brings an opportunity to meet, write, talk, or come to an agreement about a film, music or other artistic project, spiritual or psychic pursuit, clandestine love, addiction, hospital or other institutional matter, research project or investigation, or work you are doing behind closed doors. In one or more of these areas, you are holding a golden key to income and something big happening so open up communications, pitch ideas, write, audition, or take the meeting. Feelings about the sex, divorce, mortality issue, or financially shared matter with a bank or other person will require some personal adjustments today through commitment, setting limits or ending something.

Sunday puts you in the spotlight again in the same arena as yesterday, behind the scenes, in artistic, spiritual or romantic situations, dealing with addictions or hospitals, but today you have even more energy behind you and where yesterday was about the talk, news or agreement, today is about taking action, stepping up and achieving something and being recognized for your contribution. Passions will be on overdrive as you get into your day. Again, the sexual attraction/issue, divorce or financially shared matter is part of the package here, commit or end things. A female friend is in the picture and tied to the money you are earning or spending in a big way, positive energy, just don’t overdo it.

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