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Hermes is tripping the space this weekend, as messenger of the gods, he will be bringing us all kinds of ideas, information, inspiration, and news that may have us shocking ourselves out of some twilight zone limbo, dude, where have you been?! You may have found the courage to speak up a bit on Friday as he got all up and interesting with Neptune and Jupiter about alliances, friendship, aspiration, and the art or spiritual outlet you want to pursue. He may have asked you to make decisions about work or health or brought news about pets. He’s been busy on our behalf downloading all that thought to word manifesting twinkle that makes you smile while creating but this weekend he has more. Yep.

Saturday he is going to be kicking you where angels fear to tread over any work or details you have allowed to go astray, he has news for you about this or some chokingly brilliant lightning bolt of originality that he wants you to ink to paper or share with your co-workers or through the masterpiece you are nurturing. He’s stirring up information and ideas about health, animals and any service you provide or want to provide as well. Listen to what is going on around you today, don’t shut it out. There is genius in the art, the spiritual pursuit, the imagination, the romantic dream, and you need to speak up or write it down ALL THE WHILE being in the flow with changes or new ways of proceeding. It’s a Cancer Moon the first half of today so feed yourself, nurture your body, share feelings, enjoy your nest. The rest of the day, Leo Moon takes over and dramatic flair comes out to play.

Sunday Hermes, Mercury to you, is done with his Virgo chores and he takes his ideas, meetings, talks, and writing into Libra, the realm of Venus and relationship. Oh yeah, that’s right, bring it baby. We are now READY to say what needs saying to that business or marriage partner, to pop the question, ask for the divorce, sign agreements, make some serious decision that effects both parties, meet with someone that could represent us, interview the advocate, or tell off the enemy. These important communications with other significant people will play out in certain areas of life for each sign as written below and you may want to process information over the next couple days and take action by making demands or writing something to someone once the New Moon in this area kicks off on the 7th. The Moon is in Leo today and love, drama, kids, and creative projects will be our emotional drivers. Mars and Venus meet up on the same degree in the sign of sex, divorce and finances, OY, this is like bottle rocket Sunday, sparks are flying!

ARIES: (Hear what the stars have to say about you in your personal chart reading by Zoe. Call to schedule: 818-613-6067)

Saturday is home day, you can get a lot of work done here today, write, work on communications, deal with pets, or tackle health, all positive. Mercury rocks out with Uranus so something new and exciting or shocking and changing is going on that is affecting home or living situations and you likely didn’t see it coming until just now. If you don’t get side-whacked with some big surprise on the home front today then you may be working on some film, music or other art project and get some inspiration or breakthroughs. You may hear news about health and something with a hospital today as well that wasn’t expected, talk it out.

Sunday Mercury moves into your partnership zone and talks and news are now going to be about someone significant in your world. A business partnership can be written up and contracts signed, you may meet someone now who you want to start a business with, a marriage partnership will involve more talks and decisions, you will want to tell any competition or enemies just how you feel or you may hear some information now that helps you deal with them, and if you want to meet with an agent, attorney or specialist this is the time. The creative flow, love and kids energy is in positive alignment with this today. Venus and Mars meet in your house of sex, divorce and high finance, stirring the pot, bringing the passion or anger over love or money.

TAURUS: (Hear what the stars have to say about you in your personal chart reading by Zoe. Call to schedule: 818-613-6067)

Saturday Mercury is stirring the pot with Uranus and this means lots of talks, news, meetings, or decisions around true love, children or creative endeavors and surprises, changes, shock, or something original and out of the norm with social affairs, friends, groups, or a major aspiration of yours. Communications are very important today, write, sign, meet, or talk it out and look for one very special connection with a lover, child or creative prospect in this mix. It’s a day to be spontaneous and open to what your circle of friends can share, follow your star.

Sunday Mercury moves into Libra and you will feel the need to communicate with other significant people about the work situation, work you want to pursue, health issues, and pet situations. Ask for help, meet with representatives who can pull the work your way, partner with others who can create work, health or pet outcomes you desire, and have it out with anyone who is opposing you here. The home front is focal for you today with positive energy spent here on work, with pets or health but something dynamic in the significant relationship being stirred up. Mars and Venus meet here for you so sparks are flying with a romantic or business partner, sexy and passionate or angry and active.

GEMINI: (Hear what the stars have to say about you in your personal chart reading by Zoe. Call to schedule: 818-613-6067)

Saturday your ruler is getting busy, mixing it up over information, talks, meetings, news and decisions that are about the home, roommate, move, or real estate matter. How can you address the details here, the work, pets or health issues playing out here, what do you need to feel rooted and at home? Major changes are going on with career or goals you have and they are affecting this, a boss or father may play into the day as well as something shifts or surprises. Emotions are around income and positive ways to earn or spend on home or feelings of security.

Sunday Mercury moves into Libra and wow, it is like lighting up the dark where true love, children and creative projects are concerned. You now have more information, you can talk about things, make decisions, meet someone, or sign contracts that will bring a relationship into another level over the creative endeavor, love or kids. Venus and Mars are getting together on the work front, with health or pets so passion and romance can be found while working, at the gym or doctors, out walking the animals, or any other variation that involves these realms. You may have some anger energy around a woman or money matter tied to work, health or pets as well.

CANCER: (Hear what the stars have to say about you in your personal chart reading by Zoe. Call to schedule: 818-613-6067)

Saturday brings news your way as Mercury is active in your communications zone and it is likely to be surprising or shocking regarding someone far away, travel plans, a media or publishing venture, legal matters, or a class you are taking or teaching. Expect the unexpected and be ready to respond in the moment today as all kinds of twists and turns are bound to pop up. The Moon is in your sign so there is emotionally charged energy around you and positive alignment from you to this legal, media, educational, or travel matter, all things equal, it looks like you should say ‘yes’.

Sunday Mercury moves into Libra and amps up talks and agreements, news and decisions about home, moves, real estate, or mom. You need to communicate with someone important about this over the next few weeks and make some decisions that are fair to everyone or bring you closer to someone. Your focus will also be on income today and positive alignment to earn from home or spend on home/moves. Venus and Mars spark together in your house of true love, children and creative projects today so expect to feel the passion with someone close or to meet someone attractive if single, to do something active with kids or to really drive home the creative project today!

LEO: (Hear what the stars have to say about you in your personal chart reading by Zoe. Call to schedule: 818-613-6067)

Saturday brings all kinds of news, ideas, meetings, talks, or decisions about money into your world and you may not even be expecting part of what shows up. You could have a change in a loan or joint account, financial shifts around divorce or bankruptcy, debt or inheritance, alimony payments or child support, or commissions you are waiting on. Whatever you hear or need to talk about or sign, just be ready to be in the moment with it and work with any changes that present themselves. Emotions are to withdraw and deal with intimacy, divorce or financial matters behind closed doors, this looks positive.

Sunday Mercury moves into Libra and opens up all communications in a very strong with for you with important people. This is THE time to contact an agent or attorney, interview, negotiate, meet with a potential business partner, propose, come to terms with a marital partner, sign papers with someone in business, or write with a partner. You are in positive light with these connections. Mars and Venus hook up in your home arena which bodes well for passions igniting there in love and embrace as well as any actions you need to get behind regarding money or women at home, with moves, roommates, or real estate deals.

VIRGO: (Hear what the stars have to say about you in your personal chart reading by Zoe. Call to schedule: 818-613-6067)

Saturday is big baby, you have your ruler, Mercury, facing off with Uranus across your relationship axis so anything goes where news, decisions, meetings, talks, agreements, or short trips are involved. You may be hearing from or about a marriage or business partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor today and change, surprise, excitement, or shock are all possibilities. Social occasions and time with friends or groups look positive, see who you can connect with here, share ideas or aspirations and make some breakthroughs with creative ventures or love.

Sunday your ruler, Mercury, moves into Libra and you will now feel ready to talk money, make decisions about ways to earn or what to spend on, sign agreements with others over money, speak with representatives who can help you obtain the money you need, and if you are a writer, this transit will help you meet with others in regards to the money you need for the project. Working behind the scenes, on something art driven or romantic bodes well. Mars and Venus hook up in your third house so you may meet someone attractive out in the local scene today, have a talk or meeting about love, women, passion, and what you want to do about the money, or make a decision about a lover or anger issue.

LIBRA: (Hear what the stars have to say about you in your personal chart reading by Zoe. Call to schedule: 818-613-6067)

Saturday brings news or information to you through digging around for it, spying, snooping, a secret accidently betrayed, or through some sort of clandestine contact. You will do better writing alone and behind closed doors, your mind will be on film, music, or other art forms, hospitals or other institutions, spiritual endeavors, retreat and strategy, or you will be thinking in ways that are self-sabotaging, escapist or addictive. There is something surprising coming at you on the work front, with a health issue or a pet and all of this is intertwined in a way to change things on a dime. Career agendas are favored, achievable and expansive.

Sunday Mercury moves into your sign and you will now be able to get a decision about something very personal to yourself, talk or meet over things that regard you, your body, image, or identity, and sign agreements that favor your own agenda. Someone significant is involved in all of this and you will feel quite good about a friend or social activity today. Mars and Venus get together in the income zone so you will see sparks flying, passion, actions with women, or anger all swirling around making money or what you need to spend it on.

SCORPIO: (Hear what the stars have to say about you in your personal chart reading by Zoe. Call to schedule: 818-613-6067)

Saturday brings news from a friend, group or regarding an aspiration. You may be talking with this person, meeting up, signing agreements, or making a decision but whatever the mental connection with this person, group or dream you have, Uranus is going to toss a wild card in via change or surprise with the creative expression, love interest or children. Say what you mean but be ready to come from the moment. A trip, media venture, publishing, educational topic, or legal aspect is positively involved in all of this for you as well.

Sunday Mercury moves into Libra and opens up talks, news, agreements, decisions, or meetings that will go on behind closed doors, that are strategic or use the imagination, fantasy, artistry, focus on film, music, painting, or other arts, tie into spiritual or psychic outlets, or involve hospitals or other retreat oriented places. Someone significant is involved in this. Career or a big goal is also aligned. Mars and Venus meet up in your sign so sparks, passion, love and action are working through you today, find someone to share this with or get physical to release it in a positive way. The down side would be anger at women or over love or money.

SAGITTARIUS: (Hear what the stars have to say about you in your personal chart reading by Zoe. Call to schedule: 818-613-6067)

Saturday Mercury is oh so busy in your career Midheaven as he pushes you to talk, meet, share news, sign agreements, or make decisions that affect your career, major goals or ambitions. Uranus is tossing in a wild card which brings change or surprise at home, from mom, with a roommate, over a real estate deal, or move. Be ready to handle the information coming in or how you send it back out today, spin on the dime, there is potential for some positive outside resources coming through or an intimate connection that pleases.

Sunday Mercury moves into your social realm and all of a sudden you are connecting with more friends, groups, networking, and involved in social occasions, the invitations will pour in, you will hear news about these people, and feel motivated to talk or get into agreements with them. A media, publishing, travel, legal, or educational matter will figure prominently into this in a positive way. Mars and Venus meet up in your mystical/muse oriented house so passions and love are expressed best behind closed doors, over artistic projects such as music or film, or through spiritual connections. You may feel driven to make money in these realms and the actions of a woman or love of a man may benefit.

CAPRICORN: (Hear what the stars have to say about you in your personal chart reading by Zoe. Call to schedule: 818-613-6067)

Saturday brings news from afar, about a trip, legal matter, class you are taking or teaching, or media/publicity matter. Talks, meetings, agreements, and decisions are going to focus on one or more of these topics with a wild card thrown in over change, surprise, excitement, or shock. Expect to shift things and need to express that, handle the moment when it arrives and then find positive reinforcement through someone significant in the matter. Partners and representatives have your back today.

Sunday Mercury moves into Libra and opens up talks, meetings, news, agreements, and decisions on the career front in a big way. This is about a goal being reached through what is said or heard and it all ties in with big money, sexual intimacy or divorce in a very positive way for you. Mars and Venus meet up in your friendship zone today so sparks fly with a friend who becomes a love interest or over motivating forces bringing a friend or group into focus over a way to make money. Anger can also raise it’s head today, if so it will fall on a friend so watch this closely.

AQUARIUS: (Hear what the stars have to say about you in your personal chart reading by Zoe. Call to schedule: 818-613-6067)

Saturday mercury is gearing up over money, divorce or sex. He has news for you or wants to talk, meet, or make a decision about any of these shared arenas in life, so look at the loans, debt, alimony, insurance, taxes, settlements, bankruptcy, inheritance, or commissions, look at how intimacy is being shared, or see if you can talk about the divorce. There is a wild card in the mix over the money that you earn or spend or in regards to a possession such as a ring, house or car. Be willing to handle any changes or surprises that show up. The work you do, your health or pet situation are in positive alignment to all the energy flying around over money.

Sunday Mercury moves into Libra and revs up talks, meetings, agreements, or decisions, about travel, legal matters, education, or media and publicity. A prominent person will figure into this with you as you discuss, hear news or make decisions about what to do. Take the opportunity to connect. Mars and Venus meet in your career Midheaven so there will be much passion happening on the career front or a goal that involves love and passion may be reached today.

PISCES: (Hear what the stars have to say about you in your personal chart reading by Zoe. Call to schedule: 818-613-6067)

Saturday Mercury is kicking things up with an important person in your world. You will be hearing news, having a talk, meeting, or making a decision today regarding this person and all the while, Uranus is going to be sparking you full of independent, outrageous, freedom loving energy as you react. Expect surprises or changes to occur today through what is heard or said with a very positive influence coming through true love, children or creative endeavors tied to this. In other words, be willing to express your true self as things pop up because they will lead to better things for your own personal creative expression and love connections.

Sunday Mercury moves into Libra and you will now be ready to talk, hear news, sign agreements, make decisions, or meet over major financial matters, sex or divorce. There is positive alignment for you in these realms to the home today so if you need to focus on who gets the house in a divorce or how to deal with the mortgage or bankruptcy, or if you want to connect with someone intimately at home, all is favored. Mars and Venus meet up through travel, media, law, or education so if you want to meet someone attractive and share passion or love, hop a plane, get to the library, campus, court house, television station, or any place connected with these themes. This influence may bring someone from a foreign land into your passionate embrace, it may also stimulate you to take action over earning money or push you to spend on any of these themes.

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