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It’s important to embrace the opportunities this week, as we are all getting a breather between ongoing shifts. The focus will be about expanding horizons, targeting ambitions or reaching for the stars, and connecting with your soul group to share the experience as you open up to the changes that are rushing through your life.

Monday the Sagittarius Moon is meeting Saturn and Mercury in Libra in a lovely opportunity aspect. This is giving each of us the chance to give a voice to something serious, to share our ideas or needs with another person and get to the core of the matter, to come to terms, make decisions or sign agreements, all lending support where our higher mind is concerned. Look for ways to broaden your horizons, travel, broadcast, make something legal, or expand your knowledge base by the end of the day.

Tuesday is about our romantic, spiritual or artistic needs and a friendship, our personal needs within a relationship, and our desire to open up, experience a great field of play and share a higher vision. Jupiter and Uranus are being frustrated in Aries today so you may feel as if you are being hemmed in as you try to reach out or stretch yourself. Use this challenge as a spotlight, let it illuminate you to what is limiting and what needs to change so you can have more freedom to explore and learn.

Wednesday Capricorn Moon will bring a more serious tone to our day with a focus on goals, career, reputation, father/father figures, authority/authority figures, and ambition. Pluto again makes his presence felt, an ongoing theme for all of us, and it is about deconstructing to rebuild on more powerful shared experience. What do you REALLY WANT?! Saturn is offering a challenging square to push you within the relationship dynamic, asking you to get serious about what needs to happen here to get you there.

Thursday builds on the lovely opportunity aspect that occurred in the wee hours between Moon and Venus and resolves as the Moon meets Mars today in the afternoon. This is an opening emotionally for us to find ways to connect intimately, to deal with any separation issues, divorce, or open the door on any major financial matters and find opportunity to get closer to the goal we have set here. Love, passion, emotional needs, security, money, and women are all important today. The challenges arise with partners, agents, attorneys, or any other significant person over coming to terms, signing agreements, or meetings.

Friday the Aquarius Moon kicks in and brings a social flair to the day, lots of good energy out there to connect, try new things, meet new people and open up new channels through networking or social occasions. It’s a day where the twists and turns that come along should take you into nice, exciting or interesting places, so don’t be afraid to go with the flow.

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ARIES: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

Monday you should put some time into looking at any legal issues you have or anything you might want to draw up contracts or consult a legal expert about, the other areas of positive energy are travel plans, media or broadcasting, education, and import/export. There is someone important in all of this that you should be talking to, meeting with or determining something together. Take your shot today.

Tuesday brings more energy around travel, law, education, or media and the attorneys, partners, agents, or specialists you can connect with through these channels. There may be a friend or group in the picture here that is beneficial as well as something artistic, romantic, spiritual, or involving an institution. The challenges of the day are over your own need to change or expand and any frustrations you have here.

Wednesday is either a day of great achievement or will point out any limitations you have towards that achievement so you know where you stand and can get a game plan together. You may be head to toe with a boss or authority figure who is acting like a bear or you may have a huge career agenda that is a bit bigger than you imagined looming before you. You are on a major arc of transformation along these lines and today looking at this is important. A partner, agent, attorney, or other significant person in your life is going to play a major role as well.

Thursday ambitions run high and you should feel pretty motivated to achieve your goals. A partner, agent or attorney will challenge you today through talks or meetings but the doors are wide open for you in the area of finances and going after your share of the pot, there is also good energy on your side to act on divorce proceedings if you are involved in this now or to share yourself passionately with another if that is your goal.

Friday is very social with a great emphasis on you and new, exciting contacts or exchanges with friends, groups and networking opportunities. If you are invited to a party or other social function you should go because it’s hard to say just who you could run into but it looks quite positive and they look very interesting indeed.

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TAURUS: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

Monday brings great talks or meetings about work, health or pets into the picture and these in turn should leave you feeling pretty great about the financial picture, divorce or sexual attraction or issue going on. This is serious energy today where communications are concerned here but under very positive stars to help you come to terms.

Tuesday you are in the spotlight over the work you are doing, a health matter or with your animals and again the financial picture, intimate connection or divorce is the beneficiary. There is added energy in the picture today to help you achieve a romantic, artistic or spiritual goal or one that involves an institution such as a hospital. The only challenges fall in the area of something that is big going on behind the scenes that brings change or surprise into the picture. It may just be that you want an artistic, spiritual or romantic agenda to expand more quickly than is possible so let it evolve at it’s own pace today.

Wednesday the energy focuses on travel, media, publishing, publicity, legal matters, or education. This is very intense energy here today and you may be feeling like you need to really deconstruct something in one of these arenas to rebuild or change your life’s direction in a major way or that someone is doing that to you. Try to limit expectations today from significant people at work, with health matters or pets as they are either handling something weighty in their own lives right now or will try to restrict or add responsibility to the situation.

Thursday the legal, travel, media, or educational matter is front and center with wonderful opportunity to connect with partners, agents, attorneys, or other significant people and share romantic and passionate time together or to really light a fire around money making matters or ways to enjoy spending while out in these spheres of influence. You may have more challenging talks or meetings about work, health or pets today in regards to what you are doing here.

Friday the Moon is pouring energy into your career Midheaven with beautiful opportunity aspects to what you can achieve behind the scenes, on a film or music project, with any artistic endeavor, at hospitals or other institutions, through research or investigations, spiritual or psychic pursuits, or involved in strategy or dreams. This is exciting and happy energy flowing for you to reach your goals.

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Monday the flow is all about who you are connecting with to partner, represent or advocate and it’s all about what you have to say about the love in the situation, the children or the creative project. This is really wonderful energy here to help you get serious and make some decisions that should have you feeling better about this significant person in the picture so reach out.

Tuesday again is about your feelings for someone important, this can be a marriage partner or potential partner, a business partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. You are still in the spotlight of love, creative energy or with children connected to this person and it is very positive. You may want to look into a way to travel, teach or take a class, broadcast or publicize, or make it legal, especially if romance, artistry, spirituality, or an institution is part of the scenario. The only challenge today is through a friend or group and how big something is getting or what is changing here regarding your relationship with the partner or representative.

Wednesday emotions will be intense and will revolve around something pretty powerful going on with a financial situation such as a loan, settlement, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance or tax matter, or any other shared or outside resource. You may also feel this as something intensely tied to shared intimacy or sexuality or around a divorce issue. Change and transformation is in the air as you see the limits where love, children or creative projects are concerned and look at how that outside financial backing, intimate connection or divorce is tied to it.

Thursday again brings up finances, sex or divorce issues for you to work through and today the energy is divided with very positive flow behind the opportunity in work, with health or animals on the one hand, and challenging talks or meetings about creative ventures, love or children. You are still in the emotional waters of needing to empower through shared resources or connections or in breaking away from some shared experience so look at the work, health and pets to help you make that happen while taking the communications over creative projects, kids or love in stride.

Friday the energy shifts to excitement and happy vibes with friends, groups, networking, and social occasions. You may be embarking on this with someone at a distance or planning a trip, getting into something media related, teaching or taking a class, or dealing with legal matters but it’s all good. Open up and be willing to expand your horizons.

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CANCER: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

Monday brings talks, meetings, agreements, and news about home, moves, roommates, or family and mom. These are serious and positive for you especially where your feelings for work, health or pets are concerned. If you need to meet about working out of the home or setting something healthy up in the home, do so today.

Tuesday work, health and pets are the focus again and the day has you in the spotlight here so you may be really standing out at home doing some work or through a healthy endeavor you have set for yourself. You seem to want to see more progress than you are seeing just yet or you are trying to expand at a very exciting rate and that may challenge you a bit or some of you will hear something today that lets you know you are about to jump a level or two and this big change is exciting but challenging as well. There is opportunity to deal with financial backing through spiritual or artistic means or an intimate may lend you the money for the work, health or pet matter.

Wednesday is rather profound energy that may mean a major transformation coming through a partner, agent, attorney, or competitor, or that you are going to do something to deconstruct something in the bond between you to rebuild in another way. The home is pivotal in this so look at limits or restrictions you are feeling here and see what can be done to overcome them.

Thursday is again about the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor with energy pushing and pulling you in several directions. There will be more challenging talks, meetings or news about the home, move, renovation, roommate, real estate deal, family, or mom/mother figure in the picture and this will stretch feelings with the significant relationship involved. The positive news is around the love and passion that you can renew or find through one of these connections or the actions you can take to get something going creatively or with kids that opens doors.

Friday is about the excitement and expansion that is coming to your career Midheaven or through a major goal you have today. The Financial matter, sexual or intimate connection, or divorce is aligned to the achievement so you can expect to get something you want in one of these areas as you move towards your goal.

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LEO: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

Monday brings up important talks, meetings, decisions, writing, or agreements for you that are serious and can be long term solutions or ideas that lead to better things in love, with kids or a creative project. Set your communications in these areas for today. Send off the script or start it now, and if you need to make short trips or involve neighbors or siblings in the creative venture, with kids or love matters, then let them know.

Tuesday the kids, love/love interest, and creative ventures are front and center again. Today you are in the spotlight over what you have written, signed, or what you have to say or meet about here so again, step it up. There is positive energy around a romantic, spiritual or artistic matter with a partner, agent or attorney in this as well. Some of you will deal with a specialist at a hospital as well and get good results. The only challenge today is over changes or surprises with travel, legal matters, classes, or publicity/media.

Wednesday is rather intense as a major transformation is brewing over work, health or pets. You may feel as though you just have to see something change or that you are dealing with a tyrant in one of these areas or that you want to transform your own sense of empowerment through the work you do, your health or your connection with animals. Talks or news will be limiting or show restrictions involved.

Thursday is again about health, work or pets with very positive energy at home in this so if you can work from home or at home, set up a gym or work-out space in the home, have a yard sale to make money, do something for your pets at home, all of this should be good for income and any sense of love or passion you are trying to stir up through your efforts. Again, talks or news may be a bit challenging so don’t push issues that are best left for another day.

Friday brings excitement and change, expansion and happiness through travel, media, education, or legal means and will have a direct effect on your feelings with a partner, agent, attorney, or competitor. See if you can connect with someone to open up doors through legal means, a trip, at a distance, over import/export, beliefs, ceremonies, a class you can take or teach, or through broadcasting, publishing, marketing, or publicity.

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VIRGO: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

Monday is about any talks or meetings you can have about making or spending money. There is a great flow of energy today for you from this to home or home projects that can earn you money, ways to spend at home that are income producing, or moves or renovations, roommates, or family matters that lend to financial outcomes. It’s serious and beneficial to open up about it now.

Tuesday the focus is again on home, real estate, moves, roommates, or security matters and you are shining in the arena of earning money here or spending in positive ways that meet your personal needs. You may be feeling the challenges today over changes or expansion due to loans, debt, bankruptcy, inheritance, settlements, alimony, taxes, insurance, or other outside resources as you deal with the home matter. The positive energy is around what you can do for work at home, the work you can get done at home or home matters involving health or pets.

Wednesday is an intense day for everyone and for you it is triggering creative urges to transform and deconstruct, any issues over love or with lovers, and any deep feelings about children. You will feel this most strongly as you look at any limits you are feeling over money you are generating or spending.

Thursday those feelings about the creative project, lover or child will meet with some pretty wonderful news, meetings, agreements, writing, or talks and any local, neighborhood, or sibling interaction that could benefit. Love and passion may be in the mix with those talks today or you may be motivating to do something on the creative venture or with the kids through your agreements or local endeavors. The income is still a challenge as you talk or meet about it so pace your expectations.

Friday is exciting and beneficial where any outside financial matter can be approached, new ways integrated around loans, debt, or shared monies, or where an intimate encounter is spontaneous and surprising or you find a way to break through the divorce issues. Any and all of this should have you feeling better about the work, health or pet matter by day’s end.

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LIBRA: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

Monday is a great day to launch into talks, schedule meetings, write, sign agreements, or make some serious connections with siblings, neighbors, or locally. You can address a lot by being slow and methodical, structured and committed to what you are saying. The day offers an opportunity for you to feel like you are being seen for who you are and your needs are important.

Tuesday is about who you talk to, meet with, what you agree upon, and write. You can expect to be central to all of the fuss being kicked up here again today and you should focus on your talks or meetings with lovers, children or about creative projects since these look better than others. The only challenges you have today are with representatives, partners or other significant relationships over changes or expansion.

Wednesday is intense energy that will focus on home, roommates, moves, or family and any major upheaval or transformation that is focused here. You may have to look at personal limits in this and ask yourself just what you can do to build towards what you want by taking personal responsibility to overcome an obstacle in the way.

Thursday is again about home or real estate but there is a real opportunity today to earn from home or through what is happening with your home. Some of you may want to spend on where you are hanging your hat right now as well and this looks positive. Talks about your own needs or any limits again around your own body or health will come to the forefront to be dealt with so get real here.

Friday brings all kinds of excitement and opportunity for happiness and expansion through a partner, agent, attorney, or other significant person in your life that should have you feeling pretty happy about the love, children or creative project involved. Open up to new things and spontaneous moments with others today.

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SCORPIO: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

Monday puts serious energy on writing you do on an art project, film, music composition, hospital matter, research paper, investigation, spiritual or psychic topic, or about a clandestine romance. You may find that you are meeting, talking, coming to terms, or hearing news about any of these matters as well today and all of it seems to be about helping you feel better about making money or spending here.

Tuesday you will be in the spotlight over one or more of these matters and shining your light over what you are doing here. There is great energy tied to home and something spiritual, artistic, romantic, or hidden that is benefiting you monetarily as well. You may feel as though you want to expand at work, with a health matter or the pets today and meet challenges or changes here, so do your best to roll with the punches.

Wednesday is intense and it will come via news you hear, something written, an agreement or meeting, or something going on in the neighborhood, with neighbors, or with siblings. It is about a transformation or major change that is in progress over ideas or local agenda. You will want to look at any limits through hospitals, institutions, film, music, research, retreat, hidden enemies, addictions, or spiritual matters and then find ways to work with this.

Thursday the talks, news, meetings, writing projects, or agreements will allow for some love or money to come your way so open up to the possibilities. You will want to motivate physically, passionately, or through personal energy to respond to what you hear or what is agreed upon, this all looks good. You may have to talk out what you hear about the hospital, film, music, research, or spiritual matter and fight against retreating and hiding from your own shadow today to get the best results.

Friday brings excitement, change, happiness, or expansion around work, health or pets for you and this should have you feeling pretty great about the home, move, roommate, or other property matter. If you want to do something to open up your health or work at home, or expand something for the pets, this is a great day to do so.

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SAGITTARIUS: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

Monday is a serious and beneficial day where any talks, meetings, writing, or agreements are concerned involving friends, groups, networking, or social occasions such as parties. You should feel as though you are being noticed or appreciated in this and that there is something long term or important coming through the connections or agreements.

Tuesday you continue to shine in the social realm, with groups and friends and in pursuing your aspirations and standing out there. You are opening doors through the writing you have done, an idea you have to share, meetings that focus on artistry, romance or spirituality, and you should be favored in these arenas now. There is a challenge to you in the changes and expansion you are experiencing through the creative venture, or with the lover or child so pace yourself here.

Wednesday is intense as the money you earn or spend is coming up through the planet of transformation, deconstruction and change. You want to empower yourself in new ways through earnings and today any limits that are set through a group affiliation, friendship or pertaining to your aspirations will be felt so that you can make a game plan to deal with what needs to happen next.

Thursday income is again on center stage for you. You will find that there is something under wraps involving a woman that is beneficial to your money problems or ambitions. This may be about a music or film project, research or investigations, a strategy she is working on, or tied to an institution, or you may find she drops it in your lap out of the blue and it helps your position. The talks or meetings with the friend or group or about the social occasion continue to challenge.

Friday brings excitement, surprise, and expansion through a creative project, lover or child and it should have you expressing all kinds of happy feelings or meeting to enjoy the experiences here. You should remain spontaneous and open to what comes your way and be willing to ask for what you need or declare your feelings as these moments arise.

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CAPRICORN: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

Monday will bring a lot of benefits your way through the time you take to yourself, to retreat and rest, or to research, utilize your imagination, connect with your spirituality or a private romantic matter, or to delve into the artistic side of a project. Serious positive agreements, news, meetings, talks, or writing will flow for you around your career, goals, ambitions, and reputation today in this.

Tuesday puts you in the spotlight over the career or reputation in the best possible opportunity through strategies and work you have done or are doing behind the scenes, through research, investigations, and artistic outlets. You have great opportunity to earn money today through all of this as well and may spend on something artistic, spiritual, hospital related, or romantic with good results. Home and real estate matters are expanding at a rate that is challenging you today so be ready to deal with changes or surprises in this as they come now and put your research focused on how to handle this.

Wednesday is intense as you are in the middle of a powerful energy that is focused on you. This may mean you handle a great deal of power today or that you are in process of transforming your own body or image and feel the push to do this now. You have to take the career responsibilities in stride as they will be felt as challenging today and you will be pushed to tackle more than is normal or deal with limits here again.

Thursday your push and pull over career and your own ambitions will continue as you talk, meet, hear news, or deal with agreements and decisions, it’s very active and challenging/stimulating. There is great energy coming through friends, groups or social opportunities today so take them, this is much needed connection for you and will help you to cope with the rest of the day. There may be love or money attached to the networking you do so be proactive.

Friday is exciting and expansive for you at home, with real estate or with roommates, moves, family, or mom/mother figures. This is really big energy that is aspected to benefit you financially so put your energy into ways to earn at home, through real estate or moves, or by bringing in a roommate, it’s all good.

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AQUARIUS: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

Monday your aspirations are going to be supported by travel, media, education, or legal avenues so gear up and see what you can commit to, talk about, meet over, or write that has one of these topics at the core. You may want to involve a friend or group in the trip, class, broadcasting, or legalities as well with good results.

Tuesday you are going to be in the spotlight over the trip, legal matter, media venture, or education with the friend or group and you may find that you can really connect to a spiritual, artistic or romantic personal goal in this as well. If you wanted to take care of yourself at a hospital or other institution that requires a trip or a friend, this too should go well today. Just be willing to deal with any changes you hear about at the last minute.

Wednesday is intense as you see something profound evolving through hospitals, retreat, secret agendas, hidden enemies, strategy, research, investigations, film, music or other artistic outlets, spiritual or psychic matters, clandestine love affairs, or dreams. As you are dealing with whatever is deconstructing or transforming here you will need to deal with any limits this brings about with the trip, legal, media, or educational matter.

Thursday you should be feeling pretty great about the friend or group and the love or money that you are attracting through this person, networking or social affair you are involved in. News or talks about the career or a goal will be challenging today or you may just have a talk or hear something about a boss or authority figure that challenges so be prepared to deal with this as it comes.

Friday you will see lots of excitement in your local scene, the neighborhood, your talks or meetings, news that comes in, all of it is over the top and happy, big, and energetic today. Some of you may hear from a brother or sister about something surprising as well. Just be who you are and expect some good things to come your way today and if you need to meet with someone or ask something for yourself, schedule it for today.

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PISCES: call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

Monday brings important talks, meetings, news, agreements, ideas, decisions, or interaction with siblings or neighbors your way that will focus on finances, divorce or sex and should have you feeling pretty hopeful and positive about your goals or career agenda. Get serious and be willing to ask for what you need, set limits, structure, and take on responsibilities.

Tuesday puts you in the spotlight financially, with the divorce or in the sexual embrace with another and again feelings should be running pretty high over your goal being reached. Something is going on behind the scenes that is beneficial to you through spiritual, artistic, or romantic means and any research or retreat you are involved with that will lead to the goal being fulfilled. The money you are earning or spending right now seems to be a challenge as there is expansion occurring here that may be hard to keep up with, do your best.

Wednesday is intense as a powerful change or deconstruction, transformation or upheaval is felt with a friend or group, or over a social occasion or aspiration. Look at any limits that are involved here financially, through a divorce, sexuality, or in dealing with a death and do your best to evolve with the matter as it evolves.

Thursday brings positive energy your way around the friend or group and a trip, legal, media, or educational matter. This should be beneficial for you via love, passion, action taken, and money. Talks and news will continue to put you at the center of something involving a friend or group and the outside financial resources, death, divorce, or sexual matter, again challenges to overcome.

Friday brings great and exciting changes and opportunities to expand your income or some surprising way to spend or item to spend your money on and it should have you feeling better about the retreat, hospital, research, film, music, art project, spiritual matter, or clandestine lover. Be open to new ways to make money today.

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