Sunday, March 8, 2009


Hello campers, are we happy yet? What stories did you tell around the campfire this weekend? Here’s the skinny, just let it go… come on, you can do it, let it go :)

Now, isn’t that a better way to begin a brand new week? You are currently just off the bus in the land of dreams, you’re hungry for something that reminds you of days gone by, well, what you remember of days gone by, and there is some inkling that you may need to revisit the one who got away or the great deal gone wrong. Hey, it’s your play, by all means give it a look see.

But here’s the thing, the week is going to be swooping you up in the Virgo Full Moon energy so whatever back tracking you are currently involved in, you will need to be paying some homage to the messenger god and his moment in the spotlight.

What does this mean? Well, Virgo is about how you feel of service to humanity, it is the sacred nature of your being, that pure center that must be protected, it is about the details, the work, health, and under the intensity of the Moon, it may become critical or a bit of a hypochondriac.

Monday your feelings are going to be opposed to the talks, action and fog that is going on in some part of your chart. You will need to do your best to find balance.

Tuesday the opportunity to have a VERY intense conversation is on tap and this is just before the Moon reaches Fullness in Virgo. You will be celebrating or wrapping something up now with the work you do, your pets or your health.

Wednesday Venus and Jupiter dance, very, very wonderful energy. The goddess of love and money is happy with the god of luck and expansion. Remember that Venus is Retrograde so someone or thing from the past is part of this big opportunity. The Moon enters the sign of partnership just after this combination.

Thursday is a toss-up. Adjustments to things said or agreed upon, opposition to a love or money issue, even flow in expansion and a new beginning to your identity on some level, this one is unusual or unexpected.

Friday romance and passion are flowing on your behalf, take action on artistic projects or spiritual endeavors. The Moon enters Scorpio and the depths are where it is at.


The opposition on Monday is playing out between love and friendship and actions taken today will be based on some higher ideal between the two. Focus on work or health is important today and some secret talks or information you are able to dig up will affect it.

Tuesday the chance to have a powerful talk about secrets, hidden agendas, research, fantasy, or institutions will have an impact on career and goals. The Full Moon is bringing a work situation of yours or a health issue to a climax. Pets may be another area of celebration or endings.

Wednesday the amazing luck is flowing between YOU and either friendship or aspirations. The friend is doing something on a big level that will positively affect your money or love interests or you have the chance to do something for yourself and your dreams.

Thursday partnership becomes important as talks about what is going on behind the scenes are pushed forward, discussions about fantasy projects and adjustments are brought out and the balance of love or money is dealt with. Friends continue to expand your world so whatever is going on here see it as positive. A new inspiration or unearthing of something hidden brings fresh starts where your image or body is concerned.

Friday is great flow in partnering with a friend or how you feel about a friend and the issue of partnership. The friend is active today and it is good on the level of artistry, romance or spirituality in your world. The evening is best spent in passionate embrace as the Moon enters Scorpio and seeks connection with another.


Do something today on the career front, or if your big goal is personal be proactive today. There is potential in the areas of artistry, romance and spirituality. The home is of some issue here but shouldn’t influence your ability to push forward. A talk with a friend is in some way out of whack with your feelings about a lover, child or creative project so don’t go too deep here.

Tuesday Mercury and Pluto are dancing so open up with a friend or about an aspiration, you may hear from someone from afar, talk with them about beliefs, travel, legal matters, publishing or media ventures, or an educational matter. This talk has potential to transform the situation on a deep level! The Full Moon is bringing a love or creative matter to a head. This is about celebrating a moment in one of these areas or about wrapping something up. Look to lovers, children and creative projects.

Wednesday brings the chance to find secret or hidden love and money answers that may transform career or goals in a powerful way. Retreat, research and fantasy work are where Venus is playing here behind the scenes so you may look into the past a bit and reach out for something in career or goals. Luck is with you.

Thursday a talk with a friend about work or health may feel a bit stretching but necessary. There is some need to balance the feelings about work or health with what is going on behind the scenes regarding love or money. Luck is with career and goals again today so put your nose to the proverbial grindstone. Something unexpected is on tap in the friendship department that should bring you some attention or you may make a new friend today, someone different.

Friday the flow is between work, health and career. It is positive so do something today by way of artistic expression, romance or spirituality. Partnership is where it is at by days end.


You are having a hard time emotionally making up your mind about traveling, taking the next step legally, or involving a publishing or educational matter. You really need to trust in yourself here and follow your heart. Talks about goals or career are going to have to be balanced against feelings for home.

Tuesday your ruler is chatting it up with the power player, Pluto. This is good, the aspect is an opportunity, so you need to talk about goals and career and do it in a way that will bring about some major change or transformation in the financial resources arena. A home matter is where the Full Moon is peaking today, this is the root of your chart, wrap it up, celebrate, but understand how important the day is for you.

Wednesday friends and travel bring luck. If you aren’t traveling with the friend or receiving the visit, then other areas of luck and expansion are in legal areas, education or publishing/media with this person. Love or money are under positive stars in this. Focus should be on fun, love or creativity.

Thursday talks about goals or career are a bit stretched but important, balance your desire for fun, love or creativity with the needs of a friend over money. Travel, education, law, and publishing are still lucky today and should be fun. There is potential for recognition out of the blue today so dress well.

Friday is great energy for travel, legal matters, education, and publishing so take action, pursue love, artistic or spiritual desires through these doors, the energy is favoring you. End the day with a focus on work or health or time spent with pets.


Do something about the debt, credit or other outside money source today so that you can feel balanced in the money you are spending. There seems to be a focus on artistic expression here or a love or spiritual interest and that is fine, just do your best to bring balance. Communications open up for you today, you may hear from more than the norm, but you seem to be having a hard time getting your emotional mind around legal talks, booking a trip, discussing a publishing or other media topic, or educational matter.

Tuesday is powerful. Mercury and Pluto are meeting up in a positive aspect to help you talk or meet about travel with a partner, a legal matter, publishing or education. There is intense opportunity to transform here so open up. The Full Moon is bringing a big conversation, local issue, connection with brother or sister, or writing project to a head today. Celebrate or wrap it up!

Wednesday the luck and expansion is in the shared money house so you may be putting something on the credit card as an opportunity to go after a goal or make a career move, or you may find another source of financial backing, a female friend from the past is likely involved.

Thursday feelings about home are foremost in your heart as you have a talk about the trip, legal matter, educational or publishing issue. Balance home and career so money can flow and love can manifest. The luck and expansion continue to be in the joint finance or outside resource zone. Sudden recognition or a change regarding your image occurs while traveling, dealing with legal matters, education or publishing today.

Friday is positive energy flowing between home and outside money sources so take action, pursue the artistic, romantic or spiritual goals here. The day ends with fun, love or creativity front and center.


It’s a tightrope baby! Your feelings about what you need and the partners actions regarding romance or artistry will have you either in a confrontation that you don’t totally understand is about or in a balancing act between the two needs. Talks about sex or joint finances will also be on the tightrope as you try to feel your way through what you value and how much of your hard cold cash you are willing to part with.

Tuesday the Mercury/Pluto dance is taking you into opportune waters for deep conversations about intimacy or money. This in turn should have a powerful affect on your ability to transform a work, health or pet situation. The Full Moon is bringing an income matter to a head today. You will be celebrating a source or wrapping one up. It is possible you are seeing a possession having a peak moment as well.

Wednesday is luck and expansion via travel, legal, educational, or media related matters with a partnership. Making or breaking it, all good today. Put your heart or your money where your joy is.

Thursday emotional talks or changes of mind are part and parcel to the sex or money shifts going on. Get your head around the travel, education, legal or publishing issue involving a female, love or money. Growth is indicated in the partnership one way or the other. You may surprise yourself today in the throes of sexual passion or by way of some outside money resource.

Friday talks are sweet with partners, there is passion and romance and a dreamy color to the connection. Even if you are one of the Leo’s experiencing a break, today’s energy will make the nostalgia or sentimentality positive. Home is where the deep connections are tonight.


The need to retreat or remain hidden, private or secretive verses the need to work or handle health issues, this is where it is at on Monday. Work the energy by allowing dreamscape or mediation, research or fantasy to enhance. You are talking to a partner about your needs today and there is a sense of opposition or desire for balance here.

Tuesday the powerful conversation comes through partnership and is about major transformations in areas of creativity, love or children. This is positive energy today albeit intense, so open up and be truthful. The Full Moon is in your sign so there is something about your identity or ego needs coming to a head today. Celebrate this ending or key moment of who you are!

Wednesday the dance between Venus and Jupiter is bringing lucky expansion through outside or shared money sources to the work you do or a health need. For some Virgos, this is a sexual attraction to a co-worker. The past is flavoring the day.

Thursday feelings about income and what is being earned or spent will need to come round in talks with a partner. There is the need to balance mine verses ours, love is connected to the past here. Work and income are flowing beautifully for you today so commit to expanding through these realms. You may do something unexpected or they might regarding who you are in the partnership.

Friday is golden energy between you and creativity and love. This is dreamy, artistic, passionate, driven, romantic energy so put yourself into your creative work or with a loved one.


Feelings about a friendship and the drive for romantic love or artistic expression are going to need to be balanced today. There is a great push/pull here. Your energy is going behind the scenes later in the day and rest or fantasy work is charged up while a talk about work or health is going to oppose this, so find a way to express what is internal out there in the work.

Tuesday Mercury and Pluto dance and baby it is powerful! Talks about work or health are going to have a transformative influence on the roots of your chart, your world, where you live or in something going on in the home today. The Full Moon is bringing a hidden or secret issue, a fantasy work, research or a time of retreat from the world to a head. This is the time of celebration here or wrapping it up.

Wednesday Venus and Jupiter dance, once again very lovely energy and this time it is playing out between partnership and creative projects or love. There is potential today for luck, expansion, money or love to come together. The past plays a part.

Thursday talks about work or health will need to involve your needs or identity and don’t leave yourself out of the equation even if it feels tough to push your own agenda in it. You will be balancing your needs with those of a female partner from the past over love or money. There is opportunity to make some lucky moves for yourself today regarding creative projects or love. You may be unexpectedly recognized in the work you do or make an unusual change that puts you on a new path in health.

Friday the flow is wonderful between your needs and image and the creative projects you are involved in, your relationship with children and with lovers. If you are single, mix and mingle today.


Balancing feelings about goals or ambitions with what is going on at home will be part of your challenge today. The energy is quite active and focused on artistry, romance or spirituality on the home front. Aspirations verses creativity, friends verses lovers, all in the mix as well, a conversation is necessary.

Tuesday Mercury meets up with your ruler in a very powerful alignment. Talks about creative outlets, love or children can transform. A writing project may find it’s voice. You may meet someone in the neighborhood or through siblings today that has a very intense affect on you as well, don’t hide away or remain quiet today. The Full Moon is bringing a friendship or aspiration to a peak for you. You may be celebrating or wrapping up.

Wednesday Venus and Jupiter are spreading the luck, money or love around between work, health, pets and home for you. These areas are particularly blessed so put your heart and money here, look into the past and expand your world. You may feel like retreating into your own world later tonight.

Thursday the feelings about what is going on behind the scenes will be focal. You will need to talk or meet about the creative project or with a loved one, work or health issues need balancing regarding the female from the past. Home is under positive stars so find your happiness here. You may find you are suddenly the object of affection when you least expect it today, look good!

Friday the flow is golden between the private energy and the home. Doing at home is favored. The Moon wraps up the day in your sign so do something nice for yourself as well!


Your feelings about what is going on at a distance, with someone far away, involving travel, law, media, or education, are going to be in conflict with what is happening back in the neighborhood or with siblings, or even with a writing project or idea. You will also need to balance goals and career with home today, it is important you open up lines of communication.

Tuesday Mercury and Pluto meet up for talks about goals and the big transformations you wish to see regarding the home. This is the day to sign the contracts or meet about it. Big changes are possible from what is said or agreed to. The Full Moon is bringing a career or ambition to a peak so you are celebrating where you are in the hierarchy or you are ending something here.

Wednesday Venus is dancing with your ruler opening up amazingly lucky, happy talks about creative projects, children or lovers. Enjoy this expansive energy and share how you feel. A friend is important in this scenario.

Thursday you will need to talk about the home issue with the friend, and find a way to balance your feelings about a friendship with the love or creativity on the other side of your life. A woman from the past is key in this. Luck is in local arenas, with siblings and writing projects today. Talks with friends should be good. You may have an unexpected moment regarding home that puts you in the spotlight.

Friday the flow is great between friendship and talks, meetings, local haunts, writing, short trips and siblings. Do something artistic or spiritual here. The day ends with the desire for retreat.


Feelings need to be balanced regarding the money coming in from outside sources and the money you are making or spending today. You are going to want to do something about it but may find you are a bit confused as to what that is. Neptune’s energy here is best used to do something artistic or romantic. Talks about the written or spoken word, sibling, neighborhood or short trip will need to be balanced against beliefs.

Tuesday Mercury and Pluto meet up, big! Pluto is helping you transform your body, image, identity or ego needs and it comes via a communication, writing project, or something coming through locally or through siblings. Talk, meet, sign! The Full Moon is bringing a publishing, travel, educational, or legal matter to a head. This is about celebrating or ending something and the details matter.

Wednesday Venus and Jupiter are dancing together so there is opportunity to put your money where your mouth is via home or security foundations. You may outlay a good deal of money to secure your foundations or invest or make it in property. Protection is here as well as some contact with a love, money or female issue from the past.

Thursday goals and career are upper most in your mind. Talk about what you are thinking and set up meetings today. You need to balance this with issues at home. The flow is golden between earnings, spending and career. You may have an unexpected communication today that puts you at center stage.

Friday the energy is supportive and flowing between career and income, action and artistry, goals and romance. Spend the evening with friends.


Feelings about a partner are upper most in your mind today and you are taking dreamy action with your body or image as you do your best to balance this. Your actions may be a bit confused under this influence so don’t get disillusioned if you have to try more than once. Talks about income and shared resources, values and intimacy are on the agenda as well.

Tuesday Mercury and Pluto dance. Talks about money and ways to transform through fantasy, research, institutions, or retreat are going to help you make powerful inroads here. The Full Moon is in the part of your chart associated with other peoples money, divorce, death, and sex. This means that something is reaching a peak in one of these areas of your life now, celebrate or wrap it up.

Wednesday the luck is flowing between you and something local, involving a short trip, writing, a sibling, or a communication with a female from the past. There is opportunity to expand via love or money here so open up.

Thursday feelings are on a trip, legal matter, education or publishing venture. Talks will be about the money involved, you will need to meet or talk with a female from the past or about a love or money issue tied to the past here. You are under protective expansive stars in how you deal with this legal, education, travel or publishing issue today. There is a moment where you shine via income or possessions that is unexpected. You may be offered a money making venture or given a gift.

Friday the energy flow is lovely and it is supporting the actions you take in the name of romance, art or spirituality. There is positive emotional energy flowing from this into legal, educational, travel, or publishing issues. You will feel like tackling goals tonight.


Monday is a balancing act for you as your feelings about the work load or pets or health issue are up against the need to take action on behind the scenes research or fantasy work or with institutions. You will also need to convey your needs to a partner or meet with them about it.

Tuesday Mercury and Pluto are affording the opportunity to talk about your needs with a friend in a very powerful way. This can transform the friendship or help you reach aspirations. The Full Moon is bringing a partnership to a head in your life. You will be celebrating this union or ending it now.

Wednesday Venus and Jupiter are helping you to find a way to make money involving a female from the past or a love or money issue from the past. There is work going on in private or through research, fantasy or with institutions tied to this. The energy is about luck and expansion.

Thursday outside money sources, dealing with big resources, are what is going to be upper most in your mind. How you express your needs is important in this as well as physically making the meeting today. The balance between earnings and outside money sources needs addressing and once again, a female from the past is part of this mix. The luck is in what is going on behind the scenes, through fantasy or research. You could be discovered today, on the spin of a dime, or you could do something totally unexpected regarding your image or body.

Friday brings a golden flow between outside money sources and the work behind the scenes, fantasy work or research or it is between a hidden sexual encounter. There is a dreamy, artistic or passionate flavor to this day. Let your heart take you to far away places later in the day or focus on legal matters.


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