Friday, March 6, 2009


“Our love is like a ship on the ocean…rock the boat, don’t rock the boat baby, rock the boat, don’t tip the boat over!” ~oh, yeah, from the classic lyrics of Wally Holmes, what was true in his 1974 hit is true today! Venus is not having it, so if you want to sail out of the retrograde with your honey or your money intact, play nice between now and April 17th.

Having said that, you guys most likely have a clue now about how Venus is going to toy with you. Saturday is about making emotional adjustments to what you said or want to say. Pluto is involved so some are going to get nasty with this, do your part and refuse to go there. Transform instead.

Sunday is one of those major days here on planet Earth. As if the last couple of days weren’t enough! Today there are three big shifts, first Mars, the warrior god, is meeting up with Neptune, the Lord of dreams and deception on the same degree. So acting out may come out of confusion or you may find yourself inspired to do something passionate and romantic. For those of you in the arts, this day gets you charged up and brilliant. I say, err on the side of brilliance :)

Next, Mercury changes signs, entering Neptune’s sign, Pisces. This means that communications will be out there, without boundaries, dreamy and although this is totally stimulating to the artists and romantics, it is not the best time to make decisions that could have long term ramifications, (you are thinking like a poet; wispy, cloudy, sub atomic particles).

Last but not least, the Sun opposes Saturn. Don’t throw a sweet-toothed tissy fit against the Big Bad Wolf, they’ve got all the cookies! Be the yogi, balance! And with Sunday's energy, if you do come up against a 'NO' remember that the other energies are giving you the keys to going after it in another way.

All in all, it is certain to be an interesting weekend and all inside the building energy of Tuesday’s hyper critical Full Moon in Virgo, (more on that later).

My advice? Don’t take yourself so seriously just now, it’s a moment in time, opt for the magic, don’t assume they meant to thwart you or belittle you or ignore you or otherwise bum your groove, opt for the magic. AND if they are not coming with the magic, make your own, you have it in you :)

If you are mastering this on a spiritual level, the weekend could be profound for you, Venus is internalizing, blessing your inner journey with love while powerful messages are becoming clear. Saturday would allow for conscious adjustments to the way you are thinking about your path forward while Sunday brings communion with the one mind. Strive for balance in areas of responsibility and authority and you will reap the best possible result from the weekend’s spiritual energy patterns.


News or talks regarding a friend involve home and making emotional adjustments. Next, what are you creating? Where is your artistic place in the world? Major transformations continue on the career front today, you have to answer this for yourself to get where you are going.

Sunday you are diving in with the friend, it will be passion or action or anger and a driving force that is Neptune flavored. Better than chocolate chip swirl! Kidding, so whatever is going on with the friend will have artistic or spiritual edges or if you are venting your Mars, more likely sprinkles of disillusionment. Mercury retreats and you may feel a bit mentally exhausted. Your mind is best used in strategizing now, researching or utilizing your imagination. The balance you must strive for falls between your need to fuel your identity in private space, through your fantasy world, and the restrictions or limits coming from a work or health issue. Do not self-sabotage today!


Talks are about career or reputation today and you must make an emotional adjustment to what is going on with a writing project or other communications endeavor. If not in this vein, then the adjustment involves something emotionally expressed. Major changes are still crossing pathways for you regarding long distance travel, publishing, legal moves and education. Where you live and with whom continues to require shifts before you are settled on all fronts.

Sunday, Mars and Neptune conjunct in your Midheaven. Take action today on a career project if it is artistic. This is also a great day to pursue romantic ideals. Talks with friends pick up now as well as a few more social invites. The balance you must strive for is between your need to identify yourself with a certain group or friend and the responsibility or limits you are perceiving with creative output or lovers and children.


Making money or spending it are where you need to get clear emotionally, weigh it against publishing, travel, legal or educational topics on the table. There is an intense conversation brewing and it involves the balance of power, shared resources or sexual intimacy.

Sunday Mars and Neptune combine for some action regarding travel, law, education or publishing. Neptune is charging this with fantasy or romantic idealism, come from honesty and demand it from others. You are going to be mentally focused on achieving your goals now, Saturn is just going to limit you in some way through responsibilities to home or parents.


You need to talk about the joint finances, debt or other shared resources on Saturday. If it’s not about the money it is about the sex, either way you must open up about it. Income and partnership will be the next point of transformation today so look for ways to shift your emotional perspective.

Sunday Mars and Neptune meet up in your house of sex and money. This is passionate and dreamy on the side of sex or prodding you to put something on the charge card in the name of an inspiration. Your mind is going to be focused on travel, education, legal issues, or publishing. Just take care that you don’t tie your ego to these things to the detriment of local responsibilities.


You feel like retreat or solitude while your partner wants to communicate? Some need for bringing heart and mind together with your inner world and partnership. Once the Moon enters your sign, how you feel about yourself is up against more transformation on the health or work level.

Sunday Mars and Neptune meet up in your partnership zone. This can be about doing something very romantic or feeling angry about something nostalgic or deceptive here. Your mind is on sex or joint finances, debt or divorce, nothing light weight that is for sure! Saturn is bringing up limitations or responsibilities in the money arena.


More thought, talks and ideas pouring into the work you do as you adjust your feelings about current aspirations and the social network you are involved in. The desire to retreat, recharge, fantasize or day dream is requiring more from you if you wish to transform your creative work to a more powerful level.

Sunday Mars and Neptune combine in your work, health and pets zone. Do something artistic, romantic or spiritual in these areas today, begin again. Your mind is on partnership and the balance of responsibility, level of commitment or limits involved.

Goals will be reached equal to your ability to communicate what you want from creative outlets, lovers or children today. A friend or social network is going to be focal as you make a major adjustment regarding home or property, big changes possible.

Sunday Mars and Neptune dance in the house of true love, creativity and children. This is a wonderful placement for you! Take advantage and go after what you are dreaming about today. Mind is focusing on work and health while over exertion or depression may try to hold you back, pace yourself and heed the advice of an authority.


Talks about home or property are going to stretch your beliefs. Feelings seem to be with travel, legal issues, or learning something here. Goals are important today and you must communicate your needs for change or power with those in a position to help you achieve them.

Sunday Mars and Neptune meet up to help you do something about the home or property. Neptune would lend inspiration to decorating but make sure to double check all facts regarding property today. Your mind will be on a loved one or creative outlet as the day progresses, just make sure to balance this with any responsibilities you have to friends or social groups.


Those bills or joint finances are going to push you to have a talk. Just come from the heart in this, there is someone there to share. Travel, legal matters, education, or publishing will become focal later in the day. Spending on something big or making some profound changes to earnings is on tap as well.

Sunday the Mars/Neptune conjunction is going to stimulate you to do something locally, with siblings or to communicate your inspirations passionately. Your mind is going to be on home or property and how that is weighing on your responsibilities or limits.


Feelings about partners spurs talks about income or what you want to spend and why. Jointly held finances or outside resources take center stage as the day progresses and you step further into your own power as you adjust to these shared arenas. Sex tonight would be interesting.

Sunday Mars and Neptune meet in your income house. This can mean spending on something dreamy, romantic, spiritual or artistic, or going after a way to earn money in one of these ways. Your mind is focused and you will feel more chatty than usual. Just be sure that your local needs are balanced with responsibilities of those from afar.


Feelings about work or health will push you to talk about yourself and your needs today. Partnership is at the top of your priority list and making some internal adjustments on a profound level weigh in. Adjust your reality to your fantasy.

Sunday Mars and Neptune are coming together in your sign so you will be taking some physical action regarding your image, identity, body or ego needs. Romance, artistry, or spirituality play into this action. Your mind is on how you make your living and any limits you feel from what is going on with your partners money.


Talks are going on behind the scenes, the mind is on research or fantasy and your feelings about your creativity and loved ones are undergoing some adjustments. Focus on the work at hand and your health today and the major transformations available through a friendship here.

Sunday Mars and Neptune meet up behind the scenes. This is magic energy for actors or filmmakers, any kind of fantasy work that you take action on today is seeding new beginnings. Your mind is going to focus on you, your body, image or ego needs and how to balance that against restrictions or responsibilities with partnership.


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