Sunday, March 29, 2009


What’s with all this under water fighting lately? Hmmm? Interesting how many of you who share your dream images with me are fighting your battles (and some of you even showing your passions!) beneath the surface…couldn’t have anything to do with the warrior Mars being in Neptune’s (Pisces) murky sea at the moment could it? :) Take care this week around fights ignited by substances, unstable drug interactions, poisons and the deep blue sea. Other than that, what is in store?

Monday and part of Tuesday, I feel like dancing, dancing, woo! The glorious Moon goddess is going to be busy with the ever effervescent Mercury and it seems everyone but everyone is going to have something to say on the subject. Or maybe I should have thrown it Madonna’s way with, “Express yourself!” If you want to have that all important meeting, go ahead, just don’t make final agreements on money or love until after April 17th. And by all means, if you haven’t told them exactly how you feel, it’s time to let her rip!

We are still being pulled backwards or slowed down by our other great Goddess, Venus, as she makes her last rounds into the past through Aries. On Wednesday she is going to confront her feelings about the love or money and it may be a doosie! She is building towards a square with Pluto on Friday that could rewrite history. The rest of April Fool’s Day is under a free flowing fantasy aspect, the better to trick you with my pretty! As well as a few sudden, unexpected surprises from Uranus, oh, clever aren’t you?! Just watch how far you go as the Moon is opposing Pluto and there may be a few gruffy types out there who just don’t understand the fine art of April Fooling ;)

Thursday brings a swirl of emotional activity, pretend you are a really great hockey player, swish, dodge, whack! The biggie today is adjusting something you said or wrote or agreed upon due to burdens or limits or responsibilities.

On Friday I urge you all to remember you are creator gods, you are you know. This whole mess came from somewhere in your grand scheme of learning and teaching and experiencing so ease up a bit on the drama and remember ‘there but for the grace of god go I’. If that fails then I suggest hiding out in a dark theater watching some passion play and losing yourself in someone else’s issues for a while. The real deal today is Venus is squaring Pluto, not so nice, if you are lucky it could be fireworks on the level of sexual explosion and this kind of vibration may be the best outlet, but more likely today is about power struggles, major destructive obstacles, or some form of subversive activity regarding love or money. Venus is dragging the past into it so look for that through a female, love or money interest that provokes some kind of challenge for you to master. Leo Moon takes over so all you really want to do is have fun, is that so bad? Do your best to make choices you wouldn’t mind being broadcast for your mother to read. LOL


Hello warriors. Monday brings up the chance to talk with a woman about something important to you. It is also a day to communicate about your new identity or image and some way to project that out to the world. I’m afraid you will need to make some emotional adjustments once again about the power play dancing about your career Midheaven, remember you are being groomed by the universe to step up in power here over the next years so what is happening now is part of that story, think long term. There is some fog surrounding a money issue with a friend, not the best day to tackle this.

Tuesday is another power day for you to shout about your needs and broadcast your image. There is great potential to meet with people locally and find some positive things there for your own growth. Feelings about the amount of work you are doing or a health issue are going to be a bit raw today. Talking with a friend about responsibilities goes well today.

Wednesday rocks where friends and networking are concerned, they have your back. Look to your close circle for spiritual alignment if the crazy career situation gets you spinning today. There looks like something out of left field that you hear about and another confrontation or need for balancing with a power monger trying to lord it over you. Issues with security or home come into play as well, big picture, big picture. You are fierce but try to remember you are also human, these angles are tough, center yourself and pace yourself.

Thursday talks will center on home and your needs and security issues and how you are going to deal with the issues at hand. Mars is helping you today to find some time to do the research, get to the institution or utilize your imaginative nature in some physical way. The big adjustment comes with things you said or that were said about you and limitations or responsibilities in the work you do, with a health issue or pet, there is still a bridge to be gapped between what you think you want for yourself and the work or health issue.

Friday the universe says, ‘Bring it on baby!’ as Venus backs up through your sign making you and your image the reflection of the past in areas of love or money for others. At the same time she squares off with Pluto, the heavy handed power play going on with career or goals or reputation. Remember, this is a last look at who you were, how you were, up against this thing, you are shortly going to be redefining that in a big way, so see what this has to teach you. Does this place in the world even fit closely with who you are so rapidly blossoming into? Change is scary but OH SO LIBERATING!!! Creativity and love spark later in the day, follow that course. If this is about sex for you today, it will involve someone you have wanted for a while or who is in a position of authority or power.


Hello lovers. How is the pleasure principal today? You have some issues here about how you feel about the goals and the artistic spark today. Emotional adjustments over the money coming in will be necessary if you are going to make the big changes you desire with media, travel, education, or legal matters. I suggest you cozy up to the female from the past behind closed doors and strategize your way forward to a better paycheck. You are in the spotlight here and the words you share may be divinely inspired, write them down!

Tuesday you should feel on your game, mainly because making money comes naturally to you and there is a whole lot of energy working on your behalf here today. Push forward your ability to express fantasy, imagination, spiritual light, a connection to the psychic realm and intuition. Research and institutions will also pay off. A male friend may earn your ire but it should be fleeting. Romance is limited today or very serious. Creative impulse leads to money but you have to stretch yourself, no worries, career is expanding.

Wednesday floods with more artistic recognition or romantic goals coming into focus, money is aligned here again. A friend is likely to throw you a curve ball you didn’t see coming, hide your wallet. Do a little bit of work today over the words, things said or the way you are thinking about it, there is a need to balance this for yourself to make a powerful statement in media, travel, education, or law. Focus, focus, focus.

Thursday communications are up front, you are shining in some way here and it is about bringing forth your imagination, fantasy work, what you have done behind the scenes or in research or with institutions. Talk with the male friend today and patch things up. It’s a good day for serious concentration on creative ventures, lovers or children. Making adjustments to what you speak from imagination or spirit, research or with institutions, is key if you wish to master the creative or love interest.

Friday brings a nice surprise from a friend, locally or through communications of some kind. There is a significant push or obstacle occurring today involving your ruler, Venus. She is going to square Pluto and make a secret from the past, an imaginative or fantasy project from the past, or a hospital or other institution from the past come back around. A female is involved. Pluto is going to do some heavy duty upheaval at the level of travel, media, education, or law in response. What do you love here? What do you want to transform? There is going to be effort required. If this is sex, it is in secret with someone from the past long distance.


Monday shows a bit of disillusionment or nostalgia going on behind closed doors over a legal matter, travel plans, education or media. The Moons entry into your sign should stimulate you to make some emotional adjustments to how you are handling your own power where another person’s resources are concerned. Look at money, sex, divorce or death and decide who you are in relationship to how that is shared or withheld now. A female friend is going to be where it is at so open up, get together, enjoy!

Tuesday brings more great energy around you and this friend, make sure to connect and enjoy your time together. Mars is going to push your limits today on the career front or where goals are concerned. You have some very important needs of your own right now and between career and home you may feel as though there is nothing much left for you. Luck and happiness is to be found in a trip, a visitor, a legal matter, education, or media venture.

Wednesday brings something out of left field on the career front or regarding your goals. Make sure you are standing up for your reputation. Romantic or artistic energy is flowing nicely around the travel, education, media or legal matter today so put yourself in these realms. Pluto is deconstructing the credit or joint finances a bit more today so do your best to balance this with feelings of security and how much you make. A female friend may be a bit trying or require effort today that involves your pocket book.

Thursday there is just no way around it, you have to talk about your needs as a friend and how you feel about the money issue. This may be a bit challenging but it is necessary. Mars will help you achieve your goals with money today if you apply yourself, career is dynamic so ask for money or go after it somewhere else. Money for the home or property arrives and eases tensions. There is a big adjustment energy going on over a serious talk with a friend about the home or living situation.

Friday brings a nice surprise through career or with goals you are working on. Follow your originality to the money. Venus and Pluto square off and this is tense. If it arrives as sex for you it will likely play out with a female friend or through a female friend from the past and be extremely passionate and intense. If it is about a power play, it will show up as an issue about shared resources, loans, divorce, or joint finances, and a friendship.


Don’t try to figure out the money or sex issue with the friend just yet, it is a bit beyond confusing at the moment. You do need to get your feelings around what has been going on behind the scenes and how a partnership is powerfully morphing. Today the lucky energy is with a female from the past and career goals or ambitions. Let your artistic nature spill out into this connection. Talks today about career or goals are going to put you up front and in the spot light, dress accordingly.

Tuesday brings more recognition or connections with people who can move and shake the world for you. You are on a roll so keep it coming, your artistic, romantic or spiritual nature is fueling this production. Mars may push some buttons where legal matters, travel, education, or media issues are concerned, don’t push it, work behind the scenes instead. A serious talk occurs in secret. There is luck and expansion with big money, sex and intimacy.

Wednesday brings a surprise via long distance, travel, media, law, or education and you will need to pull yourself out of your fantasy world and handle it. Outside money sources are connected to artistic expression today and romance is best handled in private. You may find you are face to face with a powerful partner or dealing with some power struggle between you. Whatever your goal that is tied to a female from the past, or a love or money issue from the past, it is going to be challenging today.

Thursday your name and reputation are out there before the world on some level and talks are on you as well, how you feel about yourself will come into play and you are best advised to embrace your true center, you can’t always hide behind your protective shell. Mars is spurring you to fly, file the papers, promote, engage in media or education today and this seems to go well for you. You have to make an adjustment around what has been said or agreed to on the career front or with reputation, and the commitment or work you do communicating.

Friday brings a nice surprise by way of travel, media, law or education. Your belief system is strong today. Venus and Pluto are squaring and this is challenging energy that is going to play out between goals and partnerships. A female from the past, or a love or money issue from the past is part of the career or goal that needs addressing. The partner is the power force here of change or transformation. Adjust how you feel about sharing money or intimacy and then find ways to creatively make money together.


With the Moon in the house of goals and the romantic planet Neptune in your house of partners, you need to just take a deep breath on this one, the square is a challenge or an obstacle to this goal at present, this too shall pass. There is a need today to adjust your feelings about a friendship and the work or health issue that is having a powerful affect on this connection. The best way forward here is to have a talk about your needs where travel, beliefs, education, promotions, or a media or legal matter are concerned. The past is the past.

Tuesday brings positive reinforcements over talks and meetings with friends so keep the dialog open and speak logically about your position. There seems to be some frustration in this ‘friendship’ regarding sexual intimacy or the way the money is being shared or shouldered. A responsible attitude towards values will show you how narrow or wide this gap really is. By evening the energy is helping you embrace expansion with this partnership concept, whether that means breaking or making it better.

Wednesday the rollercoaster drops again with a sudden turn or twist you weren’t expecting over money or sex with the friend. Feelings are dreamy or a bit rose-colored-glasses (ie you may be kidding yourself but it feels so good) regarding partnership with the friend. Whatever is going on behind the scenes or however your feelings are wrapped up in the fantasy, you will need to try to balance this with work and health on a powerful level. DO NOT sign legal contracts today if you can at all wait, the square to the 12th house Moon means something is hidden, possibly involving your own agenda.

Thursday repeat, ‘Come out, come out, wherever you are’, go ahead. The cobwebs need dusting and you have to address the travel plans, the visitor, the foreign people or ideas, the political or religious agenda, the teaching or study project, the legal matter, or the media, promotion, or publishing issue. The universe favors those who dive in intimately with another or into the outside money issues. Being responsible about the money you are making or spending is key in the mental adjustment here, it’s all in how you look at it or communicate it.

Friday go with the flow of unusual or exciting energy towards sex and money, you may need that spark to deal with the Venus/Pluto square showing up between the legal matter, trip, educational or media issue, and the love, money or female from the past. You are making a powerful push here on the work, health and pets realm of life, the way you are of service and the affect it has on your well being. You must make choices today and change is in the air. However challenging it may seem today, up ahead you will be glad you had courage. If this plays out as an obsessional sexual fixation, it plays out in one of these realms.


The trip for work may be a bit disillusioning, or maybe it is the legal issue, or the media/promotional concept, whatever it is, this is just an obstacle that can be met. Take care of your health by watching your substance intake, especially drinking the water for those Virgo’s who are traveling afar. Emotional adjustment required today regarding the goal you have set for yourself with the powerful creative project or the love interest or child. There is opportunity today to talk or meet about a money issue and how you see yourself in the situation, a female from the past is likely involved. There is also the potential for reconnecting sexually with a lover from the past. If this is what you want, be proactive.

Tuesday puts you in the spotlight where sex and money are concerned, it is important that you either put yourself physically into the mix or that you are expressing your needs to the involved party here, you are likely to make progress if you do. Feelings are in the cross hairs of a T-square of emotions today as the actions of a partner or your desire to take action with a partnership are frustrated and Saturn leaves you feeling a bit isolated or put upon. Once again, this is energy that will morph up ahead, Saturn is doing his utter best to help you master yourself, you are almost through this two year process, who you partner with up ahead will reflect this, you just aren’t there quite yet. Work and health, on the other hand should fall in place today.

Wednesday brings a wild card from the partner and it may catch you off guard. Do your best to breathe. Neptune favors applying artistic energy to the work you do and holistic energy to health today. Friendship verses love, or friendship verses creativity, will be a hum dinger, watch for manipulations and obsessive tendencies here. Crossing the line between friendship and sex with the past female is not the best idea now, ditto trying to involve a female from the past in a money venture.

Thursday your reputation and personal needs will be on the line with this friend and you will need to be talking about it. Subject: sex or money, divorce or power struggles. Mars is going to push you to take action involving the partnership and this is moving in the right direction. The way you are thinking about power, sex, divorce, joint and shared resources, and all forms of outside money such as debt, taxes or settlements, must be adjusted on some level today if you are to step closer to the personal authority and mastery your sign is undergoing.

Friday brings a nice unexpected shift with partners and feelings about friendship or socializing should reflect this. The Venus/Pluto square is smack dab in the playground of your sex and money house=represented by a female from the past or a past love or money issue, and your creativity, lover and child house=represented by the power monger, change at any cost, manipulative, Pluto (just under these bad aspects). So, you will either ignite a sexual manifesto that burns down the state with a past paramour today or you will find yourself in a heavy duty power play with them over creative projects, kids or love. (even if you have yourself convinced it is about the money)


Money and sex and love, oh my! Sounds like just about everything doesn’t it?! Well, Moon/Neptune are fogging up the waters a bit today so no big pushes here and no hiding from the confusion in a bottle of bubbly, just a sip. This energy will transmute up ahead, promise. Make some adjustments, and this means how you are feeling about it, in areas of media, publishing, legal matters, politics, travel, and education. There is the ongoing transformation in what you are building and how your security needs are going to be met along with where you live and the property you own, keep on getting your heart around change. This is a GREAT day to connect with a female partner from the past or to partner with a female who shows up in your life now regarding the media, legal, travel, or education matter. Talks and meetings about partnering mark new beginnings. (representatives fall in this realm as well)

Tuesday more, more, more, partnership and: legal matters, travel, someone at a distance, teaching, studies, media, promotions, publishing, or politics. There is genuine opportunity here, be proactive. Vitality is low, don’t push your physical being too much, Mars is not going to have it today. Don’t do too much real work either, even pets can wear you out. Blessings are hanging out in the area of creativity, love and children.

Wednesday brings an unexpected twist or change in health or with work or pets, pace yourself. Once again, the muse favors you so you want to push on creative projects and publishing or travel or legal or educational outlets for them. Some Librans may find they are falling for someone at a distance today and it is very dreamy. The emotional T-square today is a precursor to Friday’s Venus/Pluto issue. You need to look at how you are feeling over the power struggle or manipulations occurring at home or with someone in the home or tied to property, and the female partnership or the partnership tied to an old love or money issue. Get a grip on what you want today as you are feeling it because come Friday it is about to get triggered.

Thursday those goals or ambitions are going to make you feel like grabbing the partner and saying, ‘Listen! This is who I am and this is what I want!!!’ or some version of that. Kick up your storm here if you have the time but the positive energy is about pushing a work, health or pet need through, Mars is working for you here. Saturn is favoring time spent responsibly alone or working behind the scenes or in research, fantasy or at a hospital or other institution. Major adjustment: How you THINK about the partner and the cracks in the fantasy projection or project. It all came out of your mind, so look at it and make some personal agreements with yourself for the future which is so much brighter here, take responsibility and apply your leadership on the mental playing field.

Friday…nice surprise or change in health, work or with pets. Feel better or accept the shift at work or with pets, it is benefiting you. The big bad Venus/Pluto square shows up to play obsessive, manipulative, power struggle, deconstruction, between partnership and home base. Something that should be very much in the past is playing out in your life still here, an old partner, a need for partnership, what the partner left behind…and why you are living the way you are, why the home or property issue is what it is. Change is good, hard but good, good, good. For those of you who are going to experience this lesson on the sexual playing field, old partner at home. (note to rest of zodiac, don’t do the unannounced pop-over Friday night to Libra friends unless you WANT to be part of the threesome).


A bit disillusioned about the partner and home on Monday. Compartmentalize the feelings and move forward from there. Emotional adjustments are required today around something bigger, you must look at how you are feeling about sharing, joint or outside resources, divorce, sex, intimacy, or a death. There is a mind/heart connection here, you must navigate and make some shifts in perception. Major change is trying to morph your ability to communicate, write, speak, shine in your own personal power as the communicator. You may need to deal with local or sibling related issues here as well. Do this and watch how talks or meetings about work, health or pets take on a new life.

Tuesday puts you in the spotlight in work, health or with pets, it is positive, there is opportunity, you have to dig deep and find ways to express feelings that are shared with someone you consider important in your world to get the most out of the energy. Mars wants to make something happen with a creative outlet, lover or child and the energy is challenging, don’t pull a power punch here it will backfire. Social obligations or friendships are requiring work and that may tax you a bit more than normal. The blessings come at home or with property today.

Wednesday expect the unexpected around lovers, children and with creative outlets, change is trying to spur you on here although you may feel a bit like displays of power in the moment. Home is under Neptune’s energy in a positive way today so decorate, make it a spiritual retreat or find your romantic interludes here. Pluto is acting out in areas of neighborhood, brothers and sisters, writing and communications, try to balance this part of your life against your desire to expand. One talk in particular may be challenging regarding travel, legal, educational, or media matters. A female from the past may be frustrating as well, look at work, pets, or health.

Thursday brings the talks to the surface regarding your needs with the work, health or pet issue, once again feelings about the trip, education, legal or media matter seem to be trigger points in this. Utilize the positive Mars energy today to tackle creative work, or to do something with a loved one. Friends are solid and can be relied on. You do need to make an adjustment in how you are thinking or communicating about the work, health or pet issue if you want the friend to take responsibility or put in some time.

Friday it would do you good to embrace change and enjoy an spontaneous moments that arise in creative work, with lovers or with children, the flow looks very harmonious. The big challenge today is between Venus and your ruler, Pluto. They are squaring, bringing a matter involving a female from the past or a love or money issue tied to the past up around work, health or pets. Pluto is going to want to stomp on this or power through it via the written word, what you say (words hold immense power now), meetings, short trips, the neighborhood, or through a sibling. If this plays out as an obsessive love or sexual interest, look to these arenas for it to ignite.


Feelings about the work today or a health or pet issue may be a bit frustrated and talking about it is likely to just turn you in circles as Neptune will just be clouding the conversation, wait it out. Feelings about a partnership or regarding someone who represents you such as an agent, manager or attorney, need to shift a bit if you are to make the huge transformations you want with income. There is great energy today in the creative realm so look at time spent with loved ones or working on a creative project, talk about who you are in this scenario and what you want, and if a money or love issue from the past is lingering now is the time to deal with it.

Tuesday brings some wonderful energy your way between partnership and the way you express your own individuality. Talks of love are in the air, how you fit into the picture and what you need are the topics to open up for discussion. If love is not the issue here, money should be looked at with this partner or person who represents you today. Mars is pushing your buttons over home, property or security needs and you may have energy building up over making something happen here and the need to achieve your goals, the partner or rep will bear the brunt of your feelings in this. Keeping the lines of communication open is the golden key.

Wednesday a surprise or change occurs around home or property matters and you may have to deal with it in the moment. Again, talking to the significant person involved will open up and ease the frustration here. The Moon is locked into a T-square today with Pluto and Venus and is going to be giving you some major clues about Fridays issues coming into view, look at how you are feeling about a sexual or intimate issue, or a joint financial or outside resource issue, taxes, loans, debt, credit, settlements, insurance, and how you share in these areas. For some of you it may be feelings over a death or divorce as well. It is a heavy placement and Venus and Pluto are going to trigger it from a powerful issue over income and a lover from the past or a money issue tied to a love or creative project from the past. Begin to look today about how you share and why so you can deal with this on Friday.

Thursday is your opportunity to talk about your needs, to show up locally or to write about yourself or your needs by way of how you love and why, and your creativity, your creative projects, etc. You need to express yourself, you can’t go on sharing everything that you have without giving voice to your own creative needs and desire for love. Mars is in good placement to help you tackle home or property matters or to express your passions there. The biggest energy today regards your creativity or love interests and your ability to take charge of your goals here. You MUST adjust how you are thinking about love or creativity, find a new way of perceiving it and step closer to mastering your place in the limelight.

Friday feelings are empowered and you are sparking on an original, innovative core level, go with sudden urges that manifest, they have your best interests at heart. The big Venus/Pluto square shows up and tosses the obstacle or challenge your way via a female, love or money interest tied to your past and how you love or express your creative projects or inner self. This is coming up against the big deconstruction over income that Pluto is working on. It is a crossroads. For those of you who see this play out as an obsessive sexual connection, it will show up tied to a creative project and how you are making your money or around a recreational place with children or a past love interest.


You may have spent too much on the loved one or creative venture or you may be wondering where the money is going to come from, under the Neptune square it is best to let the fog clear for a few days before really tackling the issue. You need to focus on getting your feelings around a work, health or pet issue today and there seems to be some aspect of your personal power involved and how you are evolving as a powerful person if you can master the shift in emotion. Home is the haven today and that includes property for those Capricorns out there selling real estate or buying it. The energy is great for shining in this realm, meetings, talks, agreements, and money from past people or situations.

Tuesday you continue on a high where work, health or pets tie into home, property or security needs. Buy, sell, make those connections, especially when associated with deals or agreements that began a while back or with people from your past. The amount of activity you must tackle locally today may exhaust you a bit so pace yourself, some of you may have to deal with something concerning a sibling today as well and it could push your buttons so breathe. A restriction or limitation shows up tied to legal papers, travel, someone at a distance, education, or media/promotions, and it is all in a days work as you find solutions here. Your income is expanding today or something you set in motion is leading to this, keep moving forward.

Wednesday you will have to spin on a dime with a sudden change or unusual circumstance locally, via email or other communications, or with a sibling. Work, health or pets are where this would be felt. Income continues on a high today and anything artistically expressed should be favored. Today is going to give you a clue about the big challenge coming on Friday. You are going to need to look at your feelings for a partner or someone who is representing you such as an agent, manager or attorney, this is the key. There is a T-square with this today that will push buttons over your own personal power and a love or money issue in the home, with property, or over where you live.

Thursday talks about the home, property or security needs will surface as a result of the feelings and you will need to make your needs very clear. Who you are in all of this seems to be central today and your reputation is involved. Once again, the partnership or representative is key to how you are feeling here. Mars is going to push you in a positive way to express your passion or anger with this partner, clear the air or express your desires. Committing to legal matters, a trip, a media or promotional matter, or an educational issue with this partner are under positive stars today, just wait out the Venus Retrograde to sign. The Mercury/Saturn adjustment is requiring you take a different way of thinking about home, property or security needs if you wish to see progress on the commitment that will be legal, or about travel, education or media.

Friday the energy favors talking about what inspires you with a partner or bringing up something out of the ordinary or spontaneous with them. The Venus/Pluto square shows up and will either be a big challenge you must deal with involving home, property, and a woman from the past or a past love or money issue here, (VENUS), and the major change that has to come from you physically, involving your ego needs, image, or identity (PLUTO). For those of you who see this play out on the sexual obsessive realm, it will happen with you in the home or at a property.


Feelings about your home or where you are living or with whom are going to be a bit challenging today, Neptune is confusing your idea of identity at the moment so don’t make any fast and hard decisions just yet. You DO need to make some emotional adjustments to how you feel about love, a lover, a child, or your creative energy today. There is this major spiritual transformation occurring with you that has just begun to show it’s true power in your world, you have to look at how you love and create and why and be willing to make some strides forward here to reach your empowerment. Talks with a female from your past or about a love or money issue of the past are favored today with your loved ones. You need to express who you are and what you need on a creative and loving basis.

Tuesday the stars are shining on love and creativity and anything you can do locally or with a sibling here. If you can’t get out and do something, pick up the phone and talk with someone close about your ideas for yourself. Mars is pushing buttons over income and you may feel frustrated in pursuing it or spending it. There seems to be some limitation on joint finances, sex or outside resources that are also pushing you to feel unloved or frustrated over love or creativity. The positive energy for luck and expansion is playing out through you expressing your true nature, being you, loving yourself, finding your own creative outlet.

Wednesday you may need to deal with a sudden shift or surprise with earnings. Neptune is streaming artistic, romantic energy to you and helping you reach those you care for the most. This is great energy for those of you who are in a creative field, you should be in the center of the creative storm right now, if not, get out there. The T-square today is going to point the way to what the issue is for you that will play out on Friday. Your feelings about work, health or a pet are key. Pluto is going to push at some power issue here that is secret, self-undoing, or part of a fantasy for you while Venus is going to show up as a communication or local appearance by a female from the past, or a love or money issue from the past. Look at what this is doing to you and your ability to give.

Thursday talks will be about you, your needs and your identity in the whole work, health or pet issue. You must express your needs today. Mars is going to be working for you, helping you go after money or spend some on the work, health or pet need. The partners money should be there for you too or some other source of outside money. A very important talk is necessary today and it is going to require that you think about what you are saying in a slightly different way, get your mind around how you say what you do when you do and why! Then once you have given the situation some serious thought, open up about the loan, credit, joint financials, taxes, insurance, divorce, death, or sexual issue. Progress comes to those of you who take the time to change your tact.

Friday a nice surprise or change to income should bring a smile to your face. Spending on something original will be positive as well. The big Venus/Pluto square is happening around something hidden, secret, self-undoing, substance or addictive escapist tendencies, through a research or fantasy project, or in dealing with an institution. The powerful change is in this area. The Venus energy is playing out in talks, news, writing, locally, involving short trips, or with siblings. The past is here as well, a female, love or money issue. For those of you not in powerful talks or opening closets full of skeletons, you may see this play out on the sexual/obsessive realm, in which case, locally and in secret.


Your ruler is not playing nice today so you may feel a bit confused or disillusioned about being isolated, in retreat, at hospital or another type of institution, or about a fantasy or research project. Talking or meeting about it today will only ad to the fog around it so let a couple days go by and the air to clear. You do need to make an emotional adjustment about how you feel about home and the big issue with a friend here. How you want to transform this situation will hinge on how you get your feelings around it. The good news today is with making money, you shine here, especially where home and property are concerned. Make calls and take meetings along these lines, what starts today has opportunity behind it.

Tuesday the positive energy between home and income continues, show up, be seen, talk and meet, it is all good. Mars is pushing you physically a bit harder than is good for you so even though you want to get out there, you may need to be home a bit longer. You may also be feeling some stress tied to a partner or representative and the home or property matter, this is somehow limiting or burdensome. The supportive energy comes to you via retreat and working behind the scenes on your own, this is where Jupiter is expanding your world for you so put the energy here.

Wednesday you may feel a bit rebellious or like doing something radical with your image or body, try to chill on this if you can resist, the energy says you may not feel the change has benefited your home or property interests up ahead. For some of you the energy may feel like a need to bolt from the home, this will be frustrating at best. Today your ruler is working for you to open up fantasy and time alone in a creative or romantic way, this is favorable for time spent attending to home or property. The T-square today is a precursor to Friday’s big square between Venus and Pluto so pay close attention to what is pushing your emotional buttons. It is going to feel like love, children or creativity are being quashed in some way regarding the intense power issue with a friend and the income matter tied to a female from the past, or a love or money matter tied to the past. How much love or creativity can you muster between these two things? Begin to deal with how you feel today, it is peaking on Friday.

Thursday talks or meetings about income are necessary and you have to put your own needs front and center here. How you feel about a lover, child or your own creativity and any matters of expressing love or fun will be part of the challenge in this. Mars is pushing you to do something physical and fun today for yourself and this is a good thing, get out and enjoy yourself with a loved one or creatively express yourself. Opportunity to involve a partner is present and positive. The big energy today is about shifting how you think about income and how you commit to partners or any responsibilities to partners. There needs to be a mental adjustment here, take a new approach, a new tact.

Friday your physical being is ready for something new and love or creativity beckons if you are willing to be open to spontaneity. The Venus/Pluto square manifests and income and friendship hit the challenge that must be met. A woman from the past, a love or money interest from the past, are key in to the income issue, Pluto is going to explode the friendship or transform it depending on how you both address it today. For those of you who see this aspect play out on the sexual/obsessive field, look for it to be with a friend or tied to money.


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