Sunday, March 15, 2009


Oh kitties, the week ahead is about acting on frustrations in attempts to resolve or rewire. The challenges will pop up like those little cardboard cutouts on a carnival target game.

Monday will test your feelings about something with the result likely to be passion or anger pushing you to surmount the obstacle. Reminder, everyone will be worked up emotionally over something so play nice.

Tuesday will show you just where the limits are when you talk it through. Regardless of what is being said by way of restriction, Jupiter and Venus are going to be working on your behalf via love and expansion so keep on keeping on.

Wednesday you are very likely to do something out of character in response to building emotions and your frustration. As the day progresses you should see signs of how to transform the situation.

Thursday is the big day of the week with a face-off between Mercury and Saturn. This is a big ‘no’ coming your way or a decision to commit to something that will require tons of work and limits and have long term results. On the same day, Mars and Pluto dance. Since Pluto likes to blow things up and Mars brings the dynamite, you can see the opportunity is to really do something intense here to move things forward. The aspect is positive so whatever is getting the explosive push will bring good results in the end.

Friday is the Spring Equinox and the ego energy moving into Mars ruled Aries, so everyone will begin a cycle of going after what they want for themselves. Over the next month, few will be willing to focus elsewhere, use the time to really get yourself together and rebirth your identity.


Monday is a travel day for many Aries or perhaps you are already at your destination. Catch up on your laptop or catch some z’s on the plane, it seems you are going to have trouble getting out of the shell today. For those of you not far away, the energy is best used to dig into what you need for a legal matter, a publishing or media venture or an educational need, there’s a piece of the puzzle you haven’t yet found. Oh, and avoid chatting politics or religion or prepare for battle.

Tuesday look for a friendly woman to show you the sights, open up doors for you or teach you something you dearly need to know. Contracts are good for you financially but double check the fine print, someone may try to sneak a clause or two by you! The latter part of the day looks like a blast with friends, share ideas, open up to the world around you.

Wednesday may feel a bit draining as it looks like you are so far out there that you haven’t had time to rest much. The excitement and stimulation is great but today brings a few curve balls you didn’t expect, changes to plans, disconnects, feeling a bit like a bare light bulb in the fog. Spend your energy with an artistic friend, expanding your horizons, it all leads to some pretty interesting career possibilities later in the day.

Thursday Mercury and Saturn are facing off. Usually means a ‘no’ surrounding something. The limits seem to be setting on your health or work. On the other hand, Mars and Pluto are dancing, so big mountains can be moved, set your sights on a goal and regardless of what the authority figure is saying, you should be able to find a way to make it happen, (just stay within the law!

Friday ushers in the first day of Spring as the Sun glides into your sign. It is a very empowering moment for you, the brand new you. Stop to think back about where you were this time last year. Then open up those twitter lines or whatever form of communication you favor and let her rip! There are many to connect with today and the fresh ideas are flying!


Whatever you are doing with the friend, you need to work out the way the money is going to play out or you need to find a way to deal with the sexual tension that is mounting here. Once you do the sky is the limit.

Tuesday offers you two arenas to play in, sex or money. Where the sex is concerned, pull the curtains closed, keep it under wraps, there is lots of fun to be had. Once again, a friendship is in someway eeking in, something said or promised, limits or restrictions may have you role playing or running for the hills. Where the money is concerned, get real with the person who is involved in this with you, you don’t need to sacrifice creativity here, your career is in good shape, take a stand.

Wednesday the friend is at it again, this time you may be shocked at what occurs, just know that you are still in the drivers seat creatively. If this is about the sex today, anything goes! Rest up! Travel, media or legal moves with a friend are powerful and should take you to some new heights.

Thursday the face-off between Mercury and Saturn will be between a friend and a lover, child or creative project. The news is limiting or outright ‘no’. Don’t worry too much, Mars is going to push your friend into action and there is going to be some big transformations coming from them through travel, law, education, or media.

Friday the Sun enters Aries and the Spring Equinox is your que to slow it down a bit, retreat, rest, recharge your batteries for round two up ahead. Today is a great day to talk about how you feel about the legal, media, education, or travel issue with your friend, discuss new ways to go about it, or be open to changes coming at you, they are all good.


Put your time into the partnership issue today. There is a goal before you that requires you deal with this issue and that means getting busy and DOING something about it today.

Tuesday has you still dealing in the partnership issues but there is a female friend who can help or perhaps you want to partner with this person. Talking clearly about the goals you have in this, working through the specifics of the contracts or just setting some limits or taking responsibility involving home or property will get you that much closer. A trip or legal maneuver, media or educational point may work in your favor.

Wednesday should get the juices flowing, sudden changes in goals or moments of indecision about who you are in the thing you are striving for will blast you towards the last of the weeks big moments in the partnership arena. Neptune is working on your behalf in the legal, travel, education, or media arena but as always with Neptune, spell it out. The energy favors artistic expression, romance or spirituality with the partnership issue through one of those arenas. Show me the money becomes the call later in the day and you have good reason to believe that your goals are in sight, take action.

Thursday is the big ‘no’ coming in from the universe in some form or it is the moment when you decide to speak about your goals and ambitions and how they are at seeming odds with the responsibilities or limitations you are dealing with at home or with property. The ‘no’ wants to ring around the home/property matter. Mars is going to kick into high gear to go after your ambitions and this is through some big outside money source or conquest.

Friday is the Spring Equinox blooming in your friendship house! You have a full month ahead where you should find yourself with more invitations to social events and connections with friends, new and old. You feel pretty powerful today, connected on a deep level to the exciting talks or meetings occurring around goals, ambitions and career. If you need to talk to someone important, try their number today, you may just be pleasantly surprised.


There are some obstacles between work, health and the travel you are trying to do now or in setting up the legality of something, getting out there through media or publishing, or dealing with an educational matter. You need to push on this if you want to achieve the work goals. Health is even tied into your well being here.

Tuesday brings positive attainment of goals through a female in a position to help you. You will want to do the work before you as well as deal with the person far away over the phone or through other communications. You are feeling rather limited in your local scene right now, frustration may come through in your talks. The expansion you want is there through some outer money source.

Wednesday a sudden trip or change to one planned may throw the work schedule on it’s head. Your health is in some way limiting your ability to shine in this travel, media, education, or legal matter, get busy and work on your body or ailments now. There is opportunity to connect romantically with someone you are attracted to or funding out there for your artistic expression so don’t slouch on the work at hand. Partnership takes over the day and ends with you connecting in a powerful way through travel, education, media or legal channels.

Thursday talks with someone at a distance, about travel, legalities, media or education, are coming up against Saturn’s ‘no’ or limitation from someone in authority. Balancing ideas with responsibility is important now. Mars is going to all but push you out the door on a trip, into a media, educational, or legal matter with a partner and this looks very positive and power for you.

Friday the Sun enters Aries and announces the first day of Spring. For you this means you now have an entire month ahead to shine in matters of career, goals and reputation. Talks and meetings are under radical, positive stars, the higher mind and partnership is what is in the mix, share those brilliant ideas. Anyone you meet traveling today could have an interesting part to play.


Whether it is about true love, children, recreation, speculation, or creative projects, today you are going to feel like doing something powerful to push the matter along. It is most likely this will take the form of sex, doing something about the money, or invoking your own sense of power in the situation.

Tuesday you are going to be playing in the same realm of love and creativity but there is a female at a distance or in your travels who can be helpful or positive in the situation. Talks about the money are going to be challenging, not the day to sign contracts. Your partner has your back and there is expansion that is positive for you or some fun to be had together.

Wednesday there is some pretty radical energy rocking through your house of sex and love, it could be crazy or rebellious. Feelings of romance or artistic appreciation is streaming from the partnership house and the opportunity is in finding your center in the arena of love and creativity. The latter part of the day brings focus to work and health with positive and powerful potential to move mountains here.

Thursday the weighty talk where limitations and responsibility are coming up for reassessment revolves around money issues, ours, theirs, and yours. Mars is going to push you to take action with the outside money source or to burn up it’s energy sexually. There is positive energy here to make some major changes to your work and health.

Friday the Spring Equinox is marked by the Sun’s entry into your house of travel, legal matters, media, and education. This is where you will be afforded the opportunity to shine over the next month. Talks about money and work and sex should all be stimulating and there to open new doors forward.


The first part of the week you need to deal with home or property issues. Monday there is a big push in the partnership zone tied to this so get cracking.

Tuesday you have outside money support or opportunity in dealing with the foundations you are building or the home or property matter. Talks with partners are going to be challenging, seems your needs are not being heard or you have a very strong idea about what you want. The luck today is with you in the work you are doing so focus most of your energy into the tasks at hand.

Wednesday sudden shifts or surprises in the partnership arena will have you once again dealing with home, property or foundations in life. Neptune is aiding you at work and with health, take a spiritual approach, your artistic nature is being well received as well. The latter part of the day improves with feelings moving into the house of fun, romance and creative projects. Powerful emotional energy is beaming from this quarter so use it for fresh starts, do something with or about the partner, you are favored now.

Thursday Mercury and Saturn are facing off between your partnership house and your sign/you. This can be a very sobering talk, a severing or committing. Just take care with what is said or agreed upon today, there will be long term ramifications. Mars is extremely active, pushing the doors of your partnership, making something happen, that is going to have a powerful, profound effect on your love or creative nature.

Friday the Sun enters Aries and the Spring Equinox is here, opening up a full month ahead where you will shine in areas of intimacy, outside money sources, joint resources and power. The talks and meetings are unusual, electric and filled with excitement with partners today, once again fueling feelings you have about love or creativity.


Oh that writing project! Or if you are not a writer, then that idea, thing you said, thing that was said, or mental approach you are taking, is what is front and center for the next 3 days. Mars is going to push you in no uncertain terms towards doing the work regarding this today. Do not let frustrations build up into health issues over it.

Tuesday a female partner is there for you in this. You must have a talk with someone about the work or health issue and put yourself behind closed doors to do the time in dealing with the writing or idea. Jupiter is really working for you in the area of creativity to help you expand, a lover may appear as well through the doors of communications.

Wednesday sudden shifts or surprises arise in the area of work or health and you are intimately tied to this, either as far as your identity or body is concerned. You must continue to write, rewrite, talk, or refocus how you are thinking about this to get where you are going. Today, Neptune is bringing artistic, romantic or spiritual aid to your rescue, reach for it, once again through the teli or other communicados. Home and work or health is where it is at later in the day. Mars and Pluto are helping you to make some powerful connection here tonight.

Thursday can play out several ways, if you have been dealing with a health issue, the news may be about needing to go to the hospital to take care of it, if you have been dealing with a work issue, the news would be about doing more research, applying fantasy or getting more done behind the scenes. Saturn is about ‘no’ today so take it in and let the Mars/Pluto energy push you beyond through the actions you take. Your foundations are under profound metamorphosis, positive.

Friday the Spring Equinox is marked by the Sun moving into your house of partnership, this is where you shine over the next month. Talks about the work or health issue find new super exciting connections today, be open to what comes, connect with everyone via the internet or phone.


Making or spending the money is what the first part of the week is going to be about. Monday you will need to get busy doing something with a loved one or involving a creative project as you deal with the money issue. Do not gamble or speculate with it today.

Tuesday brings a wonderful flow in the work you do and your earnings. A female may be quite beneficial here. Talks about creative projects, love or children, and especially about speculation or gambling, are going to be tough, and once again, it all goes back to making or spending the earnings. Limitations/responsibilities in social interests or with friends seems to be part of the mix as well. Home and foundations you are building are under positive stars, opportunity for luck here involving the money you make.

Wednesday you need to deal with something unexpected or changing regarding the love, speculation or creative issue and how it is affecting your money. Neptune is helping you with home and foundations today so romance, artistic expression or spirituality is there to support you. Once the Moon moves into Capricorn, you will have more energy to tackle and make some profound moves regarding lovers, children, speculation, gambling, or creative projects. Talks or something written is important here.

Thursday the universal ‘no’ is coming from a friend or aspiration tied to talks with loved ones or about creative endeavors, or written creative projects. Once again, this limitation or restriction is going to be followed by Mars and Pluto helping you to take action on the love, creative or speculative issue to profoundly affect the writing or communication issue. This could be a very intense talk with a loved one or doing something about a contract, Pluto’s destructive energy and Mar’s momentum will be for the good as the aspect is positive.

Fridaythe Sun enters your work and health zone and marks the Spring Equinox here. This gives you a full month ahead to shine in these areas. Talks today are filled with opportunity, fresh ideas, unusual people or insights. If single, you could meet someone very interesting in the local arena or over the internet, love could be in the air.


The universe is asking you deal with yourself and your issues the first part of the week. On Monday it is going to be about the home, property or security issues you have. Mars is pushing you to do something or deal with something already in motion.

Tuesday brings sweet energy flow between you and a loved one or your creative projects. A female may be key in this. You will need to talk or deal with contracts involving the home or property today and any limitations or responsibilities you have regarding it. Jupiter is giving you support to expand your neighborhood, talks, meetings, mind, or connections with siblings.

Wednesday the changes or surprises on the home front are going to have you jumping again, your body or identity is tied into this place or issue. Neptune is lending a hand to make the mind or talks dreamy, artistic or romantic when you do communicate. Making or spending money comes into focus later in the day with a big push towards the home or property that is positive.

Thursday a ‘no’ comes round by way of a goal or person in authority, career or ambition, over talks about the house, property or security needs. Whatever the limitation or responsibility, there will be a big push at home or with property and some intense transformation to your income house (making or spending a large sum). This is a positive move in the long run.

Friday the Sun enters Aries and Spring is here. This kicks off a full month ahead where you shine in the areas of fun, love, children and creativity. Income and home/property are in an opportunity aspect today so talks are going to be exciting and news may be unexpected or surprising, all good.


Whatever you are working on in private, or whatever secret or hidden agenda you are involved in, today you will hear about something you will need to take action on. Talks are going to be motivating and meetings may involve what you have been working on, get busy.

Tuesday brings a positive flow to the retreat or hidden agenda and money tied to home or property. A female in the home will have your back. Talks will again be frictional or charged and there is some legal, educational, media, or travel limitation you must deal with. Jupiter is helping you to make or spend big today and you should feel good about it.

Wednesday talks are going to either shock or bring about some change that is long over due. You are going to feel as though you have something invested in what is being said, by way of body or identity. Income matters are under the eye of Neptune so artistic, romantic and spiritual play is here for making or spending your money in a positive way. How you feel about yourself and your body are going to gear you up to have some powerful talks or meetings later in the day or to do something locally or with siblings. This will mean change and it is good.

Thursday the universal ‘no’ is coming by way of a legal matter, education, media, or travel. You will have to talk it out or meet about it and need to be ready to shift gears or look at how your thinking is affecting the outcome. Mars is going to give you enormous boost to speak powerfully about your needs, to move mountains locally or with siblings that will change who you are on some level.

Friday the Sun enters your home/property arena and Spring is officially here. This begins a full month where you shine in matters or home, foundations, security needs, with mom, and property. Talks and meetings have an electric quality to them today, it is new and exciting and there is opportunity for you in connecting and sharing ideas.


Mars is not messing around today and he is aiming at income for you, so going after it or getting angry about are possibilities, all in response to how you feel about an aspiration or a friendship.

Tuesday talks with a female friend are very positive for you. Spending time at a local haunt or mall with the friend will be a good time. This friend is important today as you have the need to talk about limits or responsibilities that are frustrating you regarding money. Jupiter is doing his best to expand your identity in the world and you can see this reflected in the friendship.

Wednesday shock or change is flooding into the income house, making or spending on unusual items or seeing yourself in a different way regarding your money are all possibilities. Your friendship will once again help you, this time in grounding you spiritually or helping you see romance in a different way. You will want to retreat and rest up or do something secret or hidden later in the day, money will be the goal and there is opportunity to make some profound changes here.

Thursday Mercury and Saturn are facing off in a big ‘no’ across the universe. It is playing out between your income and the outside money source. Mars is going to push you to do something about your income and the aspect is very powerful to achieve some kind of change in the hidden agenda if you do.

Friday the Sun enters Aries and marks the Spring Equinox in your house of neighborhood, mind, communications, writing, short trips, and siblings. This is where you will shine over the next month. Talks or meetings today about income are going to be exciting and filled with opportunity so open up.


Monday sees you frustrated about goals or career. Mars is saying you need to do it yourself, you are the one who needs to get active, motivate and the sooner the better. Don’t let physical determents get in the way of what you want.

Tuesday is a good day for income and goals. A female may be significant in this but the flow is harmonious. Talks about your needs and a partners needs are going to be challenging but goals and career are at stake so you need to put it out there on the table. Jupiter is helping you expand through work done behind the scenes, research, and in retreat right now and this should help you to feel better about the goals before you.

Wednesday is super charged, you want what you want by way of ambition and you are likely to do something radical or out of the norm today to make it happen. Neptune, your ruler, is working through the retreat part of your chart, so utilize spiritual, romantic or artistic abilities to get what you want. Friends are important later in the day when Mars pushes you to do something with them or make something happen regarding them. Powerful change is in the air.

Thursday brings a ‘no’ between you and a partner. If this is not a ‘no’ then it will be a commitment that will require work, limitations, responsibilities, and feel in some way burdened. Mars and Pluto are working together to transform a friendship by way of something you do. If you have an aspiration in mind today go after it and see how far you can get.

Friday the Sun marks the Spring Equinox by entering your income zone. This is where you are going to shine over the next month; making and spending money, and dealing with possessions. Talks and meetings today are exciting and stimulating with friends, social functions and in networking. Opportunity is there to do something unique.


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