Friday, March 20, 2009


‘It was like a bolt from the blue’, ‘I didn’t plan it, it just happened’, ‘Did I really say that?!!’ I could go on but you get the idea, this weekend is going to be a sparkly, electric, open your mouth and vibrate with brilliant innovations and shockingly original ideas, kind of time. Here’s an image for you: Neo laying back on his groovy faux leather spaceship recliner and Trinity coming over and plugging him in…BAM!!

Everyone gets to be plugged in this weekend. Forget about what you think you know, let’s face it, what you think you know is only there because you think you know it :) This weekend, remain open to what you never suspected, to what couldn’t possibly be, to ‘Hi honey, wanna run out to Vegas and tie the knot? Ok!” ~Kind of moments…or “Do you think this invention could take over the world? Absolutely.” Oh, hey, here’s one, ‘I haven’t heard from so and so like forever…RING. Hello?’ Wait, how about, ‘Who’s your favorite actress? I just love Kate Hudson she is so cool. Isn’t that her in line in front of you?! No WAY!!!’

Do you see what I’m saying peeps? It’s that kind of weekend. No limits. Let the Universe send you. Send, send, send you. You are an amazing creator god on a mission, something will show up like a sign post in the road, take a look at it, ask yourself, what do the words that describe this situation mean if I take them out of context of the situation and apply them to my current dilemma? Signs, signs, send, send. Big hugs, have fun out there!


Saturday is about you and a friend. Aquarius is working it’s magic for you so get together with someone you are fond of and do something different together, there is fun to be had, ideas to be shared and you are bound to find excitement awaiting you if you go out. Connecting with friends on line is favored as well.

Sunday brings some surprise communication that you didn’t expect or a secret meeting that is highly unusual. Time with friends is still favored but you are going to have to make some adjustments to all the expansion in this arena by putting in some time with work or you may find you have run yourself down.


Pour your energy into career or goals close to your heart today. There is something tied to your image that is being worked on behind the scenes and the energy is saying you can really hit your ambitions with this if you push forward with original ideas and unusual approaches today.

Sunday brings a talk or surprise meeting with a friend, expect the unexpected. Goals and career continue to be favored, working with a female behind the scenes is bringing opportunity today. However you do need to make some allowances for limitations being set on creativity in some matter or responsibilities to lovers or children as you pursue those big goals.


Connect with a good friend and tackle those legal, travel, media, or educational matters before you. There is not much you can’t do today as long as you remain true to your higher ideals and keep the good of everyone upper most in your mind. A journey begun now will bring all kinds of interesting people and situations into your life.

Sunday your ruler hooks up with Uranus in your career Midheaven for some brilliant idea or connection that is a long awaited goal. Think outside the box and go with what is new. Travel with or to a female friend is under fortunate stars but you need to make some adjustments to the housing issue and responsibilities or limitations there.


Saturday is about unusual approaches or changes involving outside money sources. You want to reach for the loan or joint finances that can help you to find your place in the Sun where your goals and career are concerned. You may find that you are intimately connecting with someone today quite unlike anyone you have known before.

Sunday brings a sudden change or surprise via travel, media, legal or educational matters. This is about brilliant insights and new approaches. You can still reach out to the female for financial support towards your goals but you need to make some adjustment regarding a serious talk, responsibility to local duty or any way that you are limiting yourself through the way you are thinking.


Travel with a partner will be wild and exciting and highly unusual today. If you are not hopping a plane then you may be dreaming of adventure together or perhaps you are sharing ideas about learning, teaching, law, politics, media or publishing. It’s a good time to allow for what is different to expand your world together.

Sunday a talk about money, sex or divorce is going to take you by complete surprise or you will be the one spitting it out to your own surprise. Original approaches are the rule of the day. Partnership and travel, media, education, and law are still working together in a positive way. You just need to adjust to any limits in income you may have if you wish for this partnership to find happiness.


The weekend is about work and health for you so you should be right at home. There is something exciting and new involved in what you are doing, a bit of a humanitarian or technological infusion as well. You are in the position of power in this scenario and the more you come from a deep and connected place in approaching the trail blazing, the better off your outcome.

Sunday brings a sudden, shocking or surprising talk with a partner. You may meet someone today who has an electrical effect upon you or you may find that what is being said between you and a current partner is going to set things on a completely different course. The work is still positive for you as long as you do not allow personal restriction or fear get in the way of expansion.


Saturday should show you just how much you are loved. There is an electric energy in the air and it is flowing through your house of creative projects, true love and children. This energy is connecting in a very positive aspect to you as a partner. Take the path less traveled, be open to new things, unique people and situations, there is something great in this for you.

Sunday brings an exciting bit of news or an unexpected communication about work or health. The energy is still quite positive between creativity and partnership. You do need to make some adjustments to time spent isolated, in research, in a hospital or other institution or in working behind the scenes or in fantasy work if you wish to reach the creative or love goal.


Saturday is a great day to do something radically different at home or in the work you are doing regarding home. There is a breeze of fresh energy charging through this part of your chart and you may find that fresh approaches or someone new coming onto the scene will bring rewards.

Sunday a talk or meeting with a lover, child or about a creative endeavor is going to be very unusual or quite sudden or surprising. This is electric kind of energy so if you are single you may meet someone who is very different than what you usually go for but quite stimulating. The home arena is still under positive love and money vibes in the work you are doing here but you need to make an adjustment regarding a friendship and responsibilities here if you want to get the best out of it.


Communications and writing are where it is at this weekend. Saturday you can really shine in the areas of creativity so jot it down, speak up, get together with others who can stimulate your creative urges. You can also shine in the area of love so tell someone how you feel today.

Sunday brings news or meetings about the home or property that are going to be unusual or shocking or unexpected. New approaches or fresh ideas are where it is at. The communications with loved ones or in your creative projects are still flowing well for you but you must make some adjustments regarding the limitations or responsibilities you have in career if you wish this to expand the way you would like.


Saturday is electric, unusual, exciting energy flowing between income and home for you. This means you may decide to buy something interesting for the home or purchase a unique property or you may make money from your home by selling to an unusual buyer or by working on something from the home that is unique. The energy is very positive and charged, just follow what develops.

Sunday brings an unusual run-in with someone locally or a communication that is unexpected or unusual. Once again, the energy is exciting and different. Talk or meet about original ideas you have, seed the planet with your brilliant take on the matter. Income and home are still positively aligned but you must make an adjustment to a limitation or responsibility to a legal matter, travel plan, educational issue, or media venture if you wish to see the expansion to your earnings.


All communications today are really going to take you to a new place. You are central in this dialog, you may be meeting someone exciting or new or you may be talking about something that really gets you going. Change, original ideas, fresh approaches and unique people are where it is at for you today.

Sunday a talk or meeting about income is going to be either highly exciting and unexpected or unusual and radical. Either way, you need to go with the new in this arena and follow your own drummer. Talks are still favoring you, especially regarding love or money today. However, you do need to make an adjustment to a limitation that is playing out through joint finances, divorce, sex, intimacy, or any form of outside resource if you wish to continue to expand on a personal level.


The weekend is playing out behind the scenes for you. Your breakthroughs on Saturday are going to come through unique approaches or something exciting and new you are doing in retreat, research, dealing with institutions or in fantasy work. There is a strong link to the money you make or spend on yourself today and it is all good.

Sunday brings sudden changes or unusual approaches to your image or identity as you feel pushed to communicate your need for freedom or speak your mind in some radical way about your wants and needs. The flow to income and work done in private is still very good. You must, however, make an adjustment to limits or responsibilities to partners if you wish to see the expansion continue in the work you are doing alone.


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