Friday, March 13, 2009


What is in the water lately?! Seriously, I am amped up, have a half goofy exuberance bordering giddy, mixed with occasional falls into gloom which are always instantly underscored by the sound of some freaky, poppy 60’s or 70’s tune rolling through my head. Today’s tune is “Hosanna, heysanna, sanna sanna ho sanna hey sanna ho sanna…” from Jesus Christ Super Star…a friend of mine rented it the other nite, whole other story, so is your astrologer going mad? LOL, it does sound classic manic but nope, it’s really just Mars, that great motivator, the energy of ‘give me it’s mine’, ‘get out of my way, coming through’, ‘my gun’s bigger than yours’, ‘conquer and dive right in’, prepping to leave the highly electrical sign of Aquarius and move into dreamy, artistic, spiritual, musical, escapist, substance loving Pisces!

You guys ready for this? Hope so. If you have been experiencing similar sleepless nights and amped up sweeping energy floods, relax, it all shifts on Saturday as Mars comes crackling up with crazy, static-cling innovations and visionary moves to teeter on the border town of Pisces. Some may feel like drowning as Mars dives into that foggy, London dreamscape, watch the alcohol induced fights Saturday night if you doubt the shift! The rest of you have most likely just been cutting or dying your hair (Mars rules the head and sharp things, Uranus- wild impulses and new approaches), so no worries, you aren't crazy either, I'm cutting you some slack.

For the rest of us, although the vastness of Neptune’s sea can overwhelm the desire to make a move, you can push some very interesting things to happen under this transit. This is THE time to go after your artistic dreams, the painter, poet, musician, actor, filmmaker and any who are using the imagination or fantasy to move something forward, will gain now from feeling inspired in an active, passionate way towards your inspirations. It’s tango time for lovers, romance and hot sex are meeting up so get ready to roll it out. Those with a spiritual bent will come on strong now, moving the proverbial mountain and taking no prisoners, take heed.

Sunday will be an up and down affair of the Moon, meaning your emotions and needs. Too much? Not enough? A bit confused? The better energy will be with putting yourself into work mode and going with some interesting developments that inspire.


Take a look at your financial affairs today. Credit card balances, loans, settlements, insurance, taxes, joint resources or inheritance, will be a place you can make changes or invest yourself emotionally to reach goals. Get out of your own way today. The adjustment aspect to your Venus in Aries means you must really tackle this from a new angle. With Venus Retro in your sign and your ruler, Mars, entering a new sign today, you are FEELING it my friend! Mars dives into the hidden realms for you today, going to help you move a fantasy or research project forward, to express your passions behind closed doors or in secret, to deal with a hidden enemy or institution.

Sunday emotions are with money resources and sex. A friend is part of the mix here so you are either spending way too much on them or they owe you something big, there is some confusion around it or disillusionment, or your are dealing with the borderline between friendship and lovers. Put the positive energy to use tackling work and health issues. The time spent alone or in fantasy is very productive.


Partnership and travel flows today, communications are open, meetings with partners over aspirations or social functions go well, legal, educational or media matters are as well under positive stars with this person. Remember partners can be romantic, business or it could be a representative such as an agent, manager or attorney. You need to adjust to some hidden energy around love or money and how that is affecting the partnership. Mars enters your house of friendship so get ready for some rock and roll here. Lots to do, engines are charged for parties and pursuing aspirations. Watch for fights over the arts, spiritual issues or under the influence with your pals.

Sunday brings some need to deal with those big goals of yours. Feelings for partners will be rugged today as you sense something is not getting you where you want to be just yet. The positive way to handle this is through working on the creative process with this person or doing something structured and enjoyable together. Go with the changes or surprises from friends today, any last minute invites are beneficial.


You may invest some money into health today and it should work out well for you. You may also decide to tackle a work project or transform your situation through putting your money into getting something done. Work and goals are aligned beautifully so put in the time, let your ambitions be your guide. A money issue with a friend needs some effort on your part today. Mars enters your Midheaven and you will have all the energy you need to pursue your goals, power your way through career or deal aggressively with an authority figure (just watch that last one as it could get you in trouble).

Sunday is about work and health again. The challenge is in travel, legal matters, education or media. Look for too much expansion or not enough, feeling a bit disillusioned or confused. The positive energy is in tackling things regarding home, property or mom, taking on the inspirations or sudden shifts on the career front (they are favoring you), and shining in the goal you have set for yourself.


Creative projects, love or children, that is the energy today and there is positive flow to powerful changes in partnership tied to these themes as well as talking about travel, legal, educational, or media matters involving them. Make your move! You must make a love or money adjustment regarding your ultimate goal or career path today if you want it to work out. Mars enters your travel, education, media, and legal zone. This is where the action is at, this is where you can move artistic, spiritual or romantic notions forward, this is where passion or anger will play out.

Sunday is once again about creative projects, lovers, or children. The challenge today is over intimacy or sex, or over the money. There is an over expansion or a need to expand faster than is happening and this is going to feel a bit disillusioning. The positive energy is in taking responsibility in conversations and having serious meetings about the matters at hand, allowing for any new innovations or changes in travel, education, legal or media issues, and being willing to take the spotlight here.


Home, property, mom, and any security issues that you may be feeling can be dealt with today in a major way through the work you put in. Major transformations are possible in health issues as well, talk about the money resources or invest, sell, buy if you are involved in home or property that is resurfacing or tied to someone in your past. You need to make some adjustments to a love or money issue or a woman involved in travel, distant location, media, education, or legal matters. Mars enters your house of sex, death, money and divorce today. Watch out! This is where passion and action is best spent, you will be ready to make a move. Just take care with fights under the influence.

Sunday home and property are focal again. Today the energy is up and down. The challenge is with the partner here and is over too much expansion (they left) or not enough (you want a bigger place, etc), or there is a legal or travel issue brewing with them, crossing of beliefs. Feelings may be a bit confused or disillusioned over this. The positive energy is with dedicating your income to the home or making some money from the home, going with the new ways of dealing with outside money sources, being innovative in acquiring backing and taking the lead here.


You are going to be very busy in your local arena today, neighborhood, siblings, short trips, or just in communications, writing projects and connecting with others. A creative project or love issue is due for some major transformations through this, if you are single you may meet someone intense today. Talks with partners are positive and open, meet up and discuss the needs you see as important. You will need to make some adjustment to either a sexual issue with a female or a money issue coming from an outside or shared source. Mars enters your partnership arena. Bam! You are going to be making things happen here, passion, motivation, lots of energy streaming in through romantic or business partnerships as well as through agents, managers or attorneys. If you have wanted to pursue or sever a partnership, this energy will push you to do it.

Sunday talks and local activities continue but there is some challenge to discussions about work or health. There is an over extension or not enough expansion going on here, you may have a legal or travel topic tied to this that needs handling. On the other hand, getting out in the neighborhood for a brisk walk or hike will do a body good, tone you up a bit, there is the flow of positive energy to talk about changes occurring in the partnership and you are going to shine here.


You are making money on a big property deal today or something involving what you are building on, working from or investing in the home to transform, it’s all good. Talks about work or health are tied to the money you are making or spending and this should go well. You need to make an emotional adjustment to a female you are sharing money with in partnership. Mars enters your work, health and pets zone. You will be able to make things happen here in a big way now, take charge of the assignments before you, put your energy behind the tasks at hand, if you have any ailments, get busy doing something about it. Be extra careful of your pets during this transit, bites, sharp objects, accidents, water, poison, all areas of concern.

Sunday the focus remains on income, possessions and how you make or spend what you have. The friction is around the big expansion with a creative project or a loved one and it’s affect on your pocket book. There may be some artistic challenge about this as well. The positive energy is with putting in some serious time behind the scenes, do your research, dig around, apply fantasy to projects and find new ways to approach the work or health issue. You can shine in this today.


Make it about you this weekend. Saturday you can have a very important talk with someone about your needs, meet up with someone who has a powerful affect on you or your needs, make some major changes to a writing project that supports you, or do something intense locally or with siblings. Talks about love, creativity or children are under positive stars. You need to adjust to a woman involved in work, health or with pets. Mars enters your zone of creative projects, lovers, recreation, speculation and children today. You now have the energy to make it happen, to move things and shake them up, to take action on what you want artistically, spiritually or romantically. Single Scorpios may meet someone fierce now.

Sunday keep the focus on you and your needs. You need to deal with the home or property issue, too much or not enough, legal or travel issues may apply. There is some confusion or deception at play so take care to be quite sure about what is what. Doing something serious with a friend is an opportunity for you to feel great about yourself. A sudden shocker of energy blasts in from Uranus so you may be smitten out of the blue or find some creative outlet you weren’t expecting.


Retreat, rest, or do something on Saturday involving fantasy or research, there is big money in it or available to you to enjoy it. Talks about home or property are favored today so open up about any hidden feelings you have had or anything you haven’t been forthcoming about. You need to make an emotional adjustment concerning a female loved one or one who is involved with creative projects. Mars enters the home arena today so off you go, charge! This is the time to make things happen at home, with property, take action, express passion. You may want to take advantage of the Piscean flavor by adding something artistic to the place or involving water.

Sunday has you withdrawing a bit more, or taking time to rest and day dream. At least one conversation is going to be bothering you a bit, it is about something tied to legal or travel matters and your local arena. Things are big right now here and there is either a bit of disillusionment around it or deception, so make sure to come from your truth. The positive energy is around putting in work or time towards goals in your solitude or applying research or fantasy to career, allow for what transpires at home later today.


It’s all about friends! I hope you and a buddy are doing something big today because the energy certainly is supporting it. A party or other social function as well as making some big moves towards your true aspirations will get you places. Talks with friends are in harmony and you may meet someone new who you find you have quite a bit in common with. You must make an emotional adjustment regarding the money issue at home or with property if you are to get out with the friends. Mars enters your communications zone today. This is the mind and you may find that if something has been bothering you at all, now you are really angry about it, ditto passions and the need to make things happen. Move your mountains in your local arena, with siblings, in short trips and in writing projects.

Sunday is about your pals and aspirations again. Today the challenge regards an income matter, either wanting to make more or spending more than you wanted to spend. Neptune is at work so take care with your purse. The positive energy is with putting in time or effort with a friend on a media, education, travel, or legal matter. There is great opportunity here today. Be spontaneous with your friend and open to new ideas.


Ambition is where it is at for you this weekend. Take aim at your goals, you can make some tremendous strides today through research, fantasy, retreat, meditation, or dealing with institutions. Talk about the income matter you will be happy you did. You need to make an adjustment in the way you communicate a love or money need if you wish to reach your goal. Mars enters your income arena. This is great energy to go after more money, to find the enthusiasm and passion to make lots of money, and to spend on things that motivate you artistically, romantically or spiritually. Just watch for fights about what you are earning.

Sunday goals are again very important. You want to expand faster than you are and this could well lead to feelings of disillusionment or sentimentality today. Instead, focus where the positive energy lies, with putting in some time or effort sexually, intimately or focused on loans, settlements, insurance, debt, credit, investments, inheritance, divorce, or anything regarding shared resources. You can make headway here and find new approaches to the income matter.


Travel, legal matters, education, or media is where it is at for you this weekend. There is a real chance to make some major transformations in these arenas through a powerful friend. Talk about yourself and your needs with this person, you may even decide to sign contracts with them today. You need to make an emotional adjustment regarding an income matter with a female if you wish to see things progress. Mars enters your sign today, wow! This is going to give you more drive and energy than you have had in a while. You want things to revolve around you and your needs more (pretend you’re an Aries, hehe). This is the time to pursue your dreams for yourself, your image, body and ego needs tied to artistic, spiritual or romantic expression.

Sunday is still about travel, education, media or law. The challenge today is with feeling isolated, behind the scenes, or with research, fantasy or institutions. There is something big here that may feel a bit disillusioning or deceptive so tread carefully. The positive energy is with putting in time or effort with a partner over the travel, legal, media or educational matter, there are real solid results from this today. Bring your original slant to the table, the universe favors you vision.


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