Friday, March 27, 2009


Oh baby, baby! Look at all the energy swirling through your world just now! The Aries New Moon is still resonating this weekend with a strong will and determination to make things happen and express your passions, and I just KNOW you are still feeling the purge of the Mercury/Pluto square from Friday. What huge change did you decide on? What big news or talk set things on a new course? Perhaps you just wrote it all down.

Whatever the last few days have built up in your world, know it was rocket fuel. Mars and Pluto have ignited. Picture the weekend like this: the ‘end of the week’ rocket built up, shook upon the intensity of heat and fumes and with the New Moon, it shot screaming into the heavens after sending out a few zingers to those who needed to hear it.

Saturday is that ‘ahhhhhhhhh’ when the rocket levels out and is coasting silently over the clouds, you can breathe, look about and see that Retrograde Venus is coming into view. There is a talk on Saturday, news coming in or going out, a meeting, something that reconnects you with a past female, love, or money issue. But this communication is about something new. The Moon is in Venus’s sign, Taurus, so you have strong goddess energy behind you, sooth, nurture, love, look at how things can prosper if you talk it out, make agreements, decide on something together.

Sunday is going to favor those who are fearless, open with their truth and hearts, take action from their passions, and are willing to brave brand new roads and follow their own drummer. The aspects are saying take the opportunity you believe in and make it real, we have your back.


Your feelings are telling you that there is absolutely a real solid way to earn some money in this new passion of yours, the need to reach for your own sense of personal power in the mix is important but more important is the need to follow your souls yearning, don’t shrug it off Aries! Your soul’s yearning! What do you really want to be doing? This is your moment, begin it now, I don’t care how small you start, just start! Today this means a talk about you, your image, needs, or identity tied to this thing. A female, love or money interest from the past is part of the communications.

Move it and shake it today! Oh yeah J there is a big curtain you have drawn over what is going on and you will be stepping behind it to apply some new tweeks and twists to the original project, research, or whatever work you are doing there. Step away Toto, the Martian means business. Don’t let the big space in the friendship slow you down, everyone is moving to their best places, the course is on track.


You are feeling ready to launch! The Goddess energy is flooding your sign today and there is a direct connection to the Lord of Change and Transformation. This means you are ready to put yourself on that plane or embrace that visitor, you are ready to publish, go after the media coverage or promote, you are ready to make it legal or deal with any legal issues, you are ready to teach it or learn it. Isn’t it funny how we rail against any form of retreat, be it forced rest, time down from illness, or just feeling isolated, and yet, this time has brought forth an amazing idea and today you are ready to talk about it, write it or meet about it. A female, love or money interest from the past is part of it.

Sunday you better open up the doors for a friend, be it literally or figuratively. This is amazing energy and is about getting out there and doing something interesting or original together! It is a great day to pursue aspirations as well. Take your fun seriously today, creativity and love are helping to stabilize the course. And DON’T fret over career or goals, the luck is there, the space is being held for while you create what is going to fill it.


Goddess flow glides with the hidden and the shared, the fantasy and the intimacy, the places that mean you need to feel your way through some private matters and allow the major changes that are occurring through outside resources, divorce, sex, or death to move you forward. This energy today is going to align you on a higher plane and the struggle should feel lessened. It’s a powerful process and you are past a turning point and should congratulate yourself that everything is going to be ok. A talk with a friend is on slate (likely female), it is about a new direction or approach, it will likely involve an issue about love or money from the past, and it is time, time, time!

Sunday should be filled with following your inner voice, listen to what ‘feels’ right and follow your intuition. There is a world of goals you can take action on today from behind the scenes or working on your own. Be open to new or exciting ambitions and take a responsible approach to dealing with home or property matters. Don’t let the trip, legal matter, education or media venture, slow you down, it may not be expanding at the rate you wish just yet but that is about to change.


Friendships and aspirations are being built with goddess energy for you dear Cancer, there is a divine connection or two rocking through your world now and the changes you wish to see are going to come through powerful partnerships or representation here. The people showing up in your world are on a different level than you have been sharing with and you are ready and poised to move with this powerful shift. The talks or meeting today are going to be about career, goals, ambition, fame or reputation, and it is important that the future agenda you speak of also touches on a past female, love or money interest.

Sunday is open season on plane hopping to meet up with the friend or pursue the aspiration. Do it or book it today. If you can’t jet out, then use the energy to dive into a legal, media or educational matter. Acting on something exciting or unexpected will bring positive opportunity for you so don’t let your shy, procrastinating ways hold you back from this one. Have the serious talk with the friend and don’t allow the issue about money or sex hold you back, this is under protected stars and will see improvement shortly.


For our creative Leo, the energy is going to be very much in your favor where nurturing yourself and showing some sort of love is involved. You must apply this to goals and ambitions and the big changes you are mounting in the work you do and with your own health. This is positive flow so hop on board. The talk today is very special and important. It involves a female, love or money interest tied to the past and you will be focusing on your belief system. How you view the world at large. There could be subjects of travel, law, legal or religious ceremonies, media, or higher learning involved. New beginnings shine here, open up from that great big heart of yours.

Sunday is active and spontaneous, you will be feeling good about your goals or career agenda and Mars and Uranus are going to fuel these emotions with a sense of urgency. You will want to connect on a deep level today. This is going to involve a sudden passion that is intimate or sexual, or it is going to involve you doing something unexpected with the credit card or in dealing with an outside resource. There is supporting energy here to your income house in whatever you decide to do, just don’t get down about how fast a partnership is expanding, that space is protected and waiting for just the right moment up ahead, allow the universe to guide it in place.


The flood of goddess energy is well at home with Virgo, there is a purity here that is flowing from desires you have to travel, deal with legal issues or ceremonies, tackle media or promotions, or expand through new ideas, teaching or learning. This in turn is supporting the huge changes occurring in your creative world of projects, love and children. Today you will need to trust that you can make choices between any of these realms and they will be for your better good. You will also want to have a conversation involving a female, love or money issue of the past and how you are sharing the resources. This is profound energy and the idea of life and death, transformation, rebirth, divorce or intimacy, and ALL outside money sources are realms that are possibilities to touch upon. New beginnings.

Sunday is about opportunity to get it right by taking action regarding the partnership. You just need to dive in, be fearless, and do it. You will feel better about the legal, travel, educational, or media link with this person as soon as you get going on it today. Saturn is at the helm of your ship requiring you take yourself seriously, limit anything in life that is not a reflection of who you truly are going forth, and bringing you personal mastery along the way. Don’t be discouraged about a work or health matter that is not expanding at the rate you would like to see, that is under protected stars and is going to come full circle up ahead.


Saturday should be to your liking Libra! The goddess energy is pouring from Moon and Venus, the Moon has entered Taurus and there is a sense that some profound changes are in store for you. You are right. The flow today is about major changes to what you are building, the home, who you share it with and any way that shared resources and intimacy can flow here. The talk today that is so important is going to be about partnership or representation. There is a tie-in to past females, love or money and a need to talk about a way to begin something together or end it. Whichever way you lead this will be about a new beginning for you.

Sunday finds you connected on a deep, spiritual level to your personal power, watch out! Mars and Uranus are both going to be spurring you to dive into the work, take charge of a health issue or pet. The energy is so spontaneous and you will want to act in the moment, there is positive opportunity here for you if you do. There is a serious link to the time spent working behind the scenes, involved in fantasy or research, or in dealing with hospitals or other institutions, that is supportive. Don’t get down about the amount of expansion you wish was occurring in creative projects or with lovers or children, that space is protected and will be opening up for you sooner than you think.


Oh the flow! Look at that profound energy passing between the Moon and your ruler, Pluto today! Partnerships and connections with representatives are aligned with the way you are expressing yourself, your mind, the talks, the meetings, the things you write and the speeches you make. You need to be sharing the deepest matters now, changes, power issues, money, intimacy, all up for discussion with the partners and reps. You may have a brother or sister involved in this partnership or a short trip on the agenda as well, all good in making the energy transform. The really important talk or meeting today involves a female, love or money interest from the past and is going to focus on work, health or pets. This is a fresh start here no matter what is said, just open up and come from the heart.

Sunday is a good to be you kind of day as the feelings about partnership and representatives are going to spark all kinds of fun, creativity, love, or energy directed towards children. Don’t be afraid to follow your heart, dive in, express your passions and get active. Involvement with friends or aspirations will be building solid foundations to the partnership as well so open up the circle. Don’t let the issue of expansion regarding the home or property slow you down, you are under protected stars here and that space is going to evolve at the rate that best suits your journey, trust the process.


Oh great Sage! It’s time to throw your passions into the task at hand, the work you do, your health and well being, as you are in the process of making some major transformations in the money you earn. Do it today, apply yourself, there is goddess energy supporting you so a female may be key in how you move forward. The talks or meetings today involve a female, love or money interest from the past and will be about a new beginning for you in the area of creative projects, love, children, or fun! Open up and share some of your spirit, you are bound to enjoy the moment.

Sunday brings some interesting activities or passions to your home, property or where you hang your hat. You are working with the flow if you allow yourself to be taken up in the moment and react or act spontaneously. This is going to be good for getting things done and for health. You can make more strides towards building up those ambitions or career today by taking yourself seriously here and doing the work. Don’t let a writing project or certain talks get you down if that area isn’t expanding at the rate you wish, it is protected and bound to open up soon enough, when you are truly ready.


The creative juices are flowing, the love is in a groove, the goddess energy is showing you the way to swim in these waters today, all in a journey to transform you into the powerful person you are becoming. Let go and enjoy this moment, if you are not surrounded by the love today, it is a call to spend some time loving yourself right here, right now, think of one thing that would make you smile really big if you went and did it, then go and do it. There is a talk or meeting today about home, property or mom. It involves a female, love or money interest from the past. You need to open up and share what you are thinking, new beginnings spring from this moment.

Sunday is about having fun, sharing love or being creative, hey, someone’s gotta do it, right ;) There is great energy behind jumping into something spontaneous in the neighborhood, with brothers or sisters, a writing project, or you may find you are running into or hearing from some unusual folks today, sharing unusual ideas. It is all good so allow what comes, get out and do. Commitment and effort to travel, legal issues, media or education pays off in the realm of creativity or with loved ones so put in some time here as well. Don’t get discouraged about the income issue and how fast that is expanding, you are under protected stars here and it will open up soon enough, once you have everything in line.


If you can spend time at home on Saturday you are due to get quite a bit done. There is an element of fantasy here or perhaps you are researching something about the home or property, either way the time spent here is about powerful morphing of the spirit, a deep meditative need that is going to fuel you forward. The goddess energy is at play so you may be involving love or nurture in the mix. Talks or meetings today involve a female, love or money issue from the past and will in some way be about beginning something anew, possibly by closing a door to the past. You may meet up with this person at a local haunt or it may involve a sibling. Share your thoughts.

Sunday brings a wonderful push to make or spend money and the home is central in this. Mars and your ruler, Uranus, are both involved so you can expect it to be a bit spur of the moment and exciting. Passions may spring to life in you today. There is a need to be serious or limit yourself in some way regarding outside money sources or joint finances as you build towards your desires for home and hearth. Don’t be discouraged by the time it is taking for you to get a hold of the identity you wish for yourself, it is coming once a few other things slot into place, you are protected here so the end result will favor you either way.


The goddess flow is flooding the areas of talks and friendships, meetings and aspirations, so you want to do your level best to open up and come from the heart with those closest to you today. Get out and spend some time with like-minded people, share your love and nurture with your friends, and remember, this is the beginning of transforming how you relate to those you care for, respect the personal power of others and watch how this transforms your world. Talks or meetings today will involve a female, love or money interest from the past and focus on income, what is being made and how that is being spent. You need to have a fresh start here so open up.

Sunday is going to be a busy day for you, you will feel the pulse and the push of Mars and Uranus as they spark you to leap into life, do things, come from your physical passions or motivations in the local haunts, with siblings, in the words you choose, in meetings. Taking partnerships seriously or finding a way to limit them is important to what you are building on a local level, talks will reflect this today. Don’t be discouraged by how long the retreat is lasting or how the fantasy isn’t catching up to the real world just yet, you are protected in this area and these doors are opening up just ahead, as soon as you have prepared for it.


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