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Zoe Moon Astrology WEEKLY HOROSCOPES May 13-20

Zoe Moon Astrology WEEKLY HOROSCOPES May 13-20

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VOID MOONS THIS WEEK (Eastern Standard Time):

MONDAY no void moon

TUESDAY 7:09pm-midnight

WEDNESDAY 12am-5:03am

THURSDAY no void moon

FRIDAY 11:40am-3:52pm

SATURDAY no void moon

SUNDAY 8:16pm-midnight

This week we are focused on Taurus themes every single day so let’s get motivated about income, purchases, possessions, the things we want to build, our pleasures, the food in the ground, he things we value, how we are being valued, and/or our products.

MONDAY this is in flow. It can bring excitement, sudden changes, social influences, online moments, or innovation to what we are doing about income, purchases, possessions, or products. It should draw us in personally or physically to go for what we want here. It also brings love or money, beauty, or pleasure thanks to Venus in the story and helps us with any efforts behind the scenes, with institutions, the research, or an artistic, romantic or spiritual influence in the story today.

TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY are then more amped up as we see a square playing out (frictional energy) from the themes of income, purchases possessions, and products to the stuff going on with creative ventures, the kids, a lover, the love life, any dramas, entitlement issues, or recreational interests in the mix. So, we are either pushing harder to get things done between these realms or we are tested in some way over the course of these 2 days about it. Mercury moves into Taurus at 1:05pm Eastern on WEDNESDAY and will tour here until June 3rd. These weeks should see more talks, ideas or meetings about income, purchases, possessions, or products. It can also bring more writing, agreements or sales about it, more short trips, moves, or local activities about it, or more focus on siblings, neighbors, vehicles, or electronics in the mix.

By 5:33pm Eastern on WEDNESDAY the Moon enters Virgo and will get us more focused on work or health interests, our animals, any cleaning, organizing or paperwork, or what’s going on with co-workers or hired help the rest of today and on THURSDAY. Both days ask us to be more flexible when tackling things here. On WEDNESDAY this means give and take with the aspiration we have in mind or with friends, associates or groups in the mix, or with what is going on online, with astrology or charities about it, or where we are with original projects or innovations in the mix. THURSDAY asks for flexibility on a personal or physical level, so getting out of our own way, juggling a bit between these Virgo themes and our own needs, or weighing out what is possible from a physical perspective.

Mercury moves into square Pluto the rest of THURSDAY and into FRIDAY so we may experience this on one or the other day or both. Mercury is about the news, ideas, talks, meetings, sales, writing, short trips, or decisions involving income, purchases, possessions, or products. Pluto is about deep changes, power, power struggles, financial concerns, crime, sex, death, birth, divorce, or third-party situations playing out and what is going on with friends, groups, the internet, or aspirations in the mix. So, we have frictional energy between these areas, either pushing us harder about something or testing us. Overlapping this we have the Sun sitting the fixed star Algol on both days, so we want to be extra careful with our throats and necks, with scary people or places and with overdoing something in the realm of income, purchases, possessions, or products.

SATURDAY and SUNDAY then turn our focus towards partners, clients, specialists, representatives, or other relationships, or to balance and higher esthetics thanks to Libra Moon. SATURDAY this is in flow with intimacy, finances, third-party interests, social outlets, online pursuits, or aspirations. We have the most interesting combination of energy in Taurus today. Venus will merge with Uranus in this sign followed by the Sun merging with Jupiter here. So, we are getting lots of fresh start boost around income, purchases, possessions, or products. This may mean something exciting, unexpected, or spontaneous playing out around it, love, beauty or pleasure in the mix, as well as something personal or that we are physically involved in about it that goes big, is generous, optimistic, happy-making, or prosperous for us. There could also be travel, legal, educational, or media energy around what is occurring with these topics for us today, sweet. SUNDAY we want to be flexible with partners clients, specialists, reps, or other relationships, cutting them a bit of slack for best results. The Sun spends his last day in Taurus and meets with Neptune in Pisces for an opportunity about these purchases, the income, the possessions, or our products. This is about how we are showing up or pursuing our interests in these arenas and opportunities to get inspired, make the magic, align with artistic, romantic or spiritual interests in the mix, or involve research or institutions. For more detailed info about the week ahead for your individual sign please click on the Weekly Astro Show player below!

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