Tuesday, May 14, 2024



 VOID MOON CALENDER for May 13-20 (Eastern Standard Time):        

MONDAY: 5:13am-6:36am   

TUESDAY: no void   

WEDNESDAY: 12:41pm-5:33pm   

THURSDAY: no void   

FRIDAY: no void  

SATURDAY: 5:09am-6:23am   

SUNDAY 11:48am-midnight                         

Leo Moon is in flow with Mars in Aries, adjusting to Saturn in Pisces and square Venus in Taurus today so that's a lot of all over the place energy around Leo themes. So, when it comes to lovers or children, creative ventures or recreational pursuits, or dramas and entitlement issues, we should be able to get busy and pursue our passions or show up and go for what we want (Mars in Aries), while doing some give and take around time, effort, responsibilities, commitments, or ambitions with artistic, romantic, spiritual, institutional, recuperative, or research needs (Saturn in Pisces), and finally pushing ourselves a bit harder or dealing with issues that might pop up around love or money, beauty or pleasure, possessions, purchases, how we're valued, or products in the mix (Venus in Taurus). Example: yes, that was a run-on sentence, lol, but then again, I'm a stream of consciousness writer and that's my example of adjusting from a creative realm!  The WEEKLY HOROSOPES May 13-20 are up, READ THEM HERE:   Zoe Moon Astrology: Zoe Moon Astrology WEEKLY HOROSCOPES May 13-20   PRAYER TODAY is, 'May we be fearless with our actions, gracious in our giving and true to our goals.' PEAK TIME is 11:00pm Eastern/8:00am Pacific! If you'd like to SUPPORT THIS WORK you can buy Zoe a coffee, it's much appreciated!                                                Buy Me A Coffee

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The WEEKLY ASTRO SHOW/HOROSCOPES May 10-17 are up, LISTEN HERE: OR go here: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/zoemoon/2024/05/10/the-zoe-moon-astrology-weekly-horoscope-show-may-10-17


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