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MAY MONTHLY Horoscopes

Over the next few months, the Monthly Horoscopes will be a general overview covering the major influences for everyone and then a link to the May Monthly Astrology Show where I go into detail for each sign individually.

May is still involved with the 6-month boost from the Solar Eclipse in Aries that holds sway from April 8-Oct 8th this year. This means we can still be applying ourselves with more momentum when it comes to what we do about our passions, what motivates us, what we want to get involved with that promotes us in some way or fulfills our desires, or what is going on with our body, image, brand, name, title, or needs. May 6th is the final Trigger Date for the Eclipse so we may have something important for us stand out on this day. Mercury is opening up talks, meetings, short trips, sales, writing, offers, or decisions about these same themes in the first 2 weeks of the month, until the 15th so this should help with potential to get the ideas and decisions across about them. Mars is activating more momentum around it, firing us up to make things happen all month (April 30-June 9) as he continues his transit of Aries, so this should get us fired up and active about it. Let’s do this!

Pluto Retrogrades on the 2nd of May and will be revisiting past and ongoing themes of his now until Oct 11th in this do-over. So, Pluto is asking that we redefine, reinvent, deconstruct and rebirth our power in the sign of aspirations, original projects, friendships, groups, the internet, big tech, astrology, charities, gatherings, freedoms, causes, and/or the collective. In Retrograde it is about slowing down, and getting deeper in there to revise, release, rekindle, or rework things. The focus here should be on personal empowerment and transformation, any financial interests, sexual attractions, divorce needs, criminal issues, or third-party situations playing out. What stays, what goes, what comes back around, what can be reworked?

There’s a New Moon on the 7th in the sign Taurus. This occurs at 18 degrees of the sign and begins at the end of the day, at 11:22pm Eastern/8:22pm Pacific. Once it initiates, we have 2 weeks of cosmic boost that should help us launch forward into something new or take our current scenarios into what comes next. This is about income, purchases, possessions, or products, as well as what we are building, our values, being valued, or our pleasures in life. Time to move things along, ride that wave! To add to the story, Mercury joins in starting on the 15th and he will keep the potential going until June 3rd. This period should help with talks or meetings about these topics, news, offers, or ideas coming in about them, any short trips, moves or local activities about it, writing, agreements or sales in the mix, neighbors or siblings in the story, or what’s going on with vehicles or electronics in the mix. It may also help you multitask or be diplomatic about the income, purchases, possessions, or products.

There is a Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd so we will start to build to this climatic peak in the days leading up to it and then reach it by 9:53am Eastern/6:53am Pacific on the morning of the 23rd. We should be able to reach our goal, wrap up projects or situations, mark any endings, garner recognition, or celebrate something big in the realm of Sagittarius during this period. This means culminating things happening with travel, distant situations, foreign interests, import/export, relocation at a distance, higher education, law, media, ceremonies, religion, politics, philosophy, marketing, or publishing interests. Aim high!

The rest of the month is about what is about to take place in Gemini. First, the Sun moves into this sign on the 20th at 8:59am Eastern/5:59am Pacific and will tour here for the next 30 days. This spotlights the sign of conversation, salesmanship, short trips, moves and siblings, merchants, interviews and auditions, local community, neighbors, vehicles, and electronics, writing, agreements, offers, flirtations, and decisions. It is time to show up, get more personally or physically involved, delegate, flirt, weigh both sides of the matter, pitch it, sell it, sign it, meet about it, and/or choose. This is where we shine. Second, Venus enters the story at 4:30pm Eastern/1:30pm Pacific on the 23rd and will tour here util June 17th. This period brings more potential to attract the love or money, beauty or pleasure through these talks, meetings, sales, writing, short trips, moves, vehicles, electronics, siblings, neighbors, flirtations, or local activities. Venus wants us to enjoy these realms and/or to smooth out issues. Finally, Jupiter enters Gemini at 7:15pm Eastern/4:15pm Pacific on the 25th and will tour here until June 9, 2025. This is the first transit in 12 years in Gemini, (last here June 2012-June 2013), and it is aimed at going bigger than we’ve been in some time with the news, talks, meetings, sales, writing, agreements, siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, moves, flirtations, offers, or choices. Jupiter will spend the next year+ doing his part to bring personal growth through these realms, to focus on happiness or prosperity here, to bring more adventure into the equation, to look at any travel, distance, legal, educational, media, marketing, ceremonial, religious, or political themes that might help get this thing going. So, look at the combinations. Could you take a class (education) that teaches you a new writing skill? Could you teach something you believe in to earn more money? Might you travel for a ceremony, or might your travels open up sales for you? Is there a legal agreement you might sign regarding a vehicle, your written project, or about a move? Will a flirtation end in a wedding? These are just a few things to think about, again, look at the list of possibilities between Jupiter and Gemini, the sky’s the limit!

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