Thursday, May 9, 2024



 VOID MOON CALENDER for May 6-12 (Eastern Standard Time):        

MONDAY: 1:57am-5:42pm   

TUESDAY: no void   

WEDNESDAY: 5:55pm-7:20pm   

THURSDAY: no void   

FRIDAY: 9:49pm-11:13pm   

SATURDAY: no void   

SUNDAY no void                         

Gemini Moon squares Neptune in Pisces today. This can be great for inspiration and artists (especially musicians), pushing us harder to connect with our muse. It can be challenging when dealing with institutions-red tape blah blah blah or long interludes on hold, it can bring out secrets unexpectedly when digging into things-or out of our months before we can strategically retreat, or it can test us over addictive or self-sabotaging tendencies. It can bring shadows to the forefront, show us messages from the other side that might be harder to decode, or interrupt sleep patterns bringing a need for a power nap at some point. Or it could mean we have to deal with water issues, romantic needs, or boundary issues today that require a bit more. Whatever way it shows up for you, note that it may not be the best day to talk about it if you can wait until Sunday to approach it. If you have to dialogue today about it, then just remember there could be a piece of the puzzle missing or a need to ponder whatever you hear for a day or two to gain clarity of mind over it (it may not be what you think). If you have to drive some place today you may want back up directions or give yourself extra time in case you meet with rerouting of sorts, and of course take care on the road. And purchases should come with saved receipts and/or warranties since you may need them later on. Finally, the building square to Mars will either bring more push to make something happen, frustration because it doesn't go the way you thought, a lot of busy, more energy around overcoming obstacles, or bursts of passion or anger around it. I need another cup of coffee! I apparently got this energy early last night as The WEEKLY ASTRO SHOW May 10-17 could not go live thanks to more issues over at Blog Talk Radio so I will try again today but expect it may be Sunday before it is working according to the alignments going on, wish me luck and check back to see if I post the link for them here:   PRAYER TODAY is, 'May we trust the process.' PEAK TIME is 12:00pm Eastern/9:00am Pacific! If you'd like to SUPPORT THIS WORK you can buy Zoe a coffee, it's much appreciated!                                                Buy Me A Coffee

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