Wednesday, May 1, 2024



Happy May! The MAY MONTHLY HOROSCOPES are up here: Zoe Moon Astrology: Zoe Moon Astrology MAY MONTHLY HOROSCOPES                                           Our morning is pushing us to connect with original ideas or unusual interests, friends or ideals, go online, get together in groups or gatherings, and/or pursue our aspirations, with a push regarding what is going on with possessions, income, products, purchases, or values in the mix. I'm assuming we all have something going on in this range since in reality this push is amplified this morning and then continues to build again under a second pulse of energy until around 6am tomorrow morning. In the middle of it we have opportunities opening up through talks, meetings, sales, or interviews, short trips, moves or local activities, siblings, neighbors, vehicles, or electronics, and our own leadership abilities or openness to pursuing our own interests in the mix, sweet.   PRAYER TODAY  is, 'May we move mountains today through faith and our own merit.' PEAK TIME is 12:00pm Eastern/9:00am Pacific! If you'd like to SUPPORT THIS WORK you can buy Zoe a coffee, it's much appreciated!                                                 Buy Me A Coffee

To BOOK A READING with Zoe, just inbox me and ask about the details.                                                                                        

The WEEKLY ASTRO SHOW April 25-May 3 is up, LISTEN HERE:

The MAY MONTHLY ASTROLOGY Show is up, LISTEN HERE:  Zoe Moon Astrology HealthyLife.Net Radio Show Archive OR go directly to the player and listen here:                                                                                   The MAY MONTHLY HOROSCOPES:  Zoe Moon Astrology: Zoe Moon Astrology MAY MONTHLY HOROSCOPES

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