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 MOON CALENDER for May 20-26 (Eastern Standard Time):        

MONDAY: 12am-6:34pm   

TUESDAY: no void   

WEDNESDAY: no void   

THURSDAY: 3:28am-4:24am   

FRIDAY: no void  

SATURDAY: 10:47am-11:36am   

SUNDAY no void   

Scorpio Moon continues to help with getting deeper into things, turning them over, digging them up, purging or changing them, and having more profound experiences. This can help when it comes to financial matters, sexual attractions, divorce, or third-party situations, and is in flow with commitments, responsibilities, endings, or ambitions. Saturn in Pisces is harmonic giving support around artistic, romantic or spiritual matters, or with institutions or research in the mix. Uranus is opposite bringing some kind of surprise or innovation from another in the story, most likely about possessions, purchases or income needs, or around values, the things we are building or pleasures. And then the bigger influence today overlays all of this as the Sun in Gemini harmonizes with Pluto in Aquarius. This is about us showing up, getting more personally or physically involved and pursuing our interests today when it comes to talks or meetings, sales, writing, or short trips, siblings or neighbors, vehicles or electronics, or with offers, flirtations or decisions as it flows with all of the above. It may bring a friend, group or the internet into it or open up some excitement through astrology, charities, original projects, aspirations, or gatherings in the mix.   PRAYER TODAY is, 'May we experience the beauty of power to transform used positively and correctly.' PEAK TIME is 12:00pm Eastern/9:00am Pacific! If you'd like to SUPPORT THIS WORK you can buy Zoe a coffee, it's much appreciated!                                                Buy Me A Coffee

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