Tuesday, May 9, 2023



Fresh starts, new perspectives, things starting to move forward, getting serious, getting ambitious, putting in time, we have flow! Whether this is about personal or professional goals or dealing with those in higher-up positions today, the doors are open through talks, meetings, sales, short trips, writing, agreements, offers, or decisions that allow you to bring up anything ongoing or past to get it right, as well as with institutions, research, or any artistic, romantic or spiritual pursuits you might have in the mix. Around 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific Uranus gets into the story to bring something unexpected, innovative, exciting, shocking, or suddenly changing that is a big part of today's fresh start so be open to the surprises or to trying something different. I believe this is going to be a positive one since the Moon then moves to form a harmonic with both the Sun and Uranus in the wee hours tonight, so let's get busy! PRAYER TODAY is 'May our innovative ideas unlock our ambitions, and unexpected moments open new pathways.' PEAK TIME is 3:55-4pm Eastern/12:55-1pm Pacific, see you there! 

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