Wednesday, May 10, 2023



Today we have flow when it comes to our personal or professional goals and connections with higher-ups thanks to the last of our Capricorn Moon energy. Get it done before the Void Moon kicks in and we exit this energy field. The Void runs from 7:52pm-10:05pm Eastern. Mars is active at home or about home, with family, roommates, real estate deals, parents, moves, or renovations, kicking up more passion, anger or action with another today in these realms. We then move into Aquarius Moon energy and start to meet up with Pluto there as we exit the Void Moon and our day winds down. This is powerful, deep, about change, innovation, social interests, freedoms, online pursuits, sexuality, financial interests, or third-party influences and should allow us to readdress, rekindle, release, or rework a thing or two here. PRAYER TODAY is 'May we stay the course.' PEAK TIME is 12:35-12:40pm Eastern/9:35-9:40am Pacific, see you there! 

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