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At 10:25am Eastern Venus enters Cancer and will tour here now until June 5th. This means love and income needs, beauty and pleasure, will all be ruled by the Moon (ruler of Cancer) and our emotions during these weeks which can be really interesting. For example, when Venus moves through Capricorn she is ruled by Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) and for the entire duration of her transit we can expect to have a Saturn in Pisces experience of her because Saturn the ruler of Capricorn will be in Pisces for 3 years-making the 4 weeks Venus is here all about this energy combination. When she tours Aquarius she would be having a Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) in Taurus experience since she would be answering to Uranus which has been in Taurus for a little over 5 years for the duration of her 4 weeks there, or when she tours Sagittarius she would be answering to Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) in Aries (soon moving into Taurus after her year in Aries) so we would see 2 different influences if she were to be in this sign for her 4 week tour (getting ready to end her 1 year tour of Aries to start her 1 year tour of Taurus while Venus spends her 4 weeks here). In other words, many signs she tours through we've been experiencing those transits for years and we know what to expect but when she is in Cancer, the Moon rules Cancer and the Moon changes signs every 2 1/2 days, making our 4 weeks ahead while she is in this sign one where love, money, beauty, or pleasures can be one thing in the first few days of a week and something completely different a few days later as she is continually answering to different influences. This is why Cancer rules the emotions, they are always evolving and changeable as the ruler of Cancer changes more than any other sign. I hope I explained that clearly, arg. So I bring this up because it is worth watching what will be going on with this transit as she enters today while the moon is in Sagittarius and is answering to Jupiter in Aries-making it about really big passions or anger or actions until she enters Capricorn at 7:33pm Eastern on Monday night when it will then be answering to Saturn in Pisces-making it about getting serious or ambitious or shut down/reclusive in ways that are interested in research, privacy, time away, recuperation, institutions, romance, fantasy, artistry, what's happening with addictions, secrets, or spirituality. See how much that will change what is occurring with her? By 10:05pm Eastern Wednesday night the Moon enters Aquarius so Venus will be answering to Uranus in Taurus where the love, income, beauty, or pleasure interests will now be more spontaneous, stubborn, sensual, social, or suddenly changing for a couple days. By 12:39am Eastern Saturday morning/9:39pm Pacific Friday night the Moon will move into Pisces so Venus will be answering to Neptune in Pisces making the next couple days more about the imagination, karmic scenarios, dreams, or the illusion. Then into Aries the Moon goes at 3:56am Eastern on Monday the 15th and now Venus is answering to Mars in Cancer (the sign the Moon rules) so we will be more dynamic, passionate, angry, or active regarding emotional needs, home, family, moves, roommates, etc, during this period with our love or money, beauty or pleasure. By 8:28am Eastern she moves into Taurus where she'll be answering to herself as Venus rules Taurus, so she'll be having a Venus in Cancer experience which should be about answering to desires and feelings and the things we can build when it comes to love or money, beauty or pleasure over those days. I won't continue on but you get the idea, this is a 4 week period when we have the potential to test out what is going on with these interests through all of the energy fields to see where the problems are and where the potential is unfolding, giving us a great litmus test over the weeks ahead. We can add her meet-ups with our planets in our own charts and the other planetary influences on her as she does this and how they are impacting the story along the way, yeah, a bit crazy but the possibilities are endless! And yes, overall, while Venus is in Cancer it is about how our emotions impact love or money, beauty or pleasure and is also overall about putting down roots, finding ways to focus on these things from home or through real estate deals, moves, renovations, parents, roommates, or family, but with an eye on the shifting influence of the Moon that rules over her until June 5th. Today the heavens are asking for some give and take when it comes to whatever you are doing with these energies, a little flexibility, bend a bit, use your words, here we go. PRAYER TODAY is 'May we open our hearts to new experiences or to new potential in old experiences.' PEAK TIME is 6:05-6:10pm Eastern/3:05-3:10pm Pacific, see you there!  If the Daily info clicked for you, consider supporting this work and buying Zoe a coffee, coffee rocks!                                                  Buy Me A Coffee

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