Friday, May 5, 2023



Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio! We reach the climax point at 1:34pm Eastern/10:34am Pacific so if you have not had your big moment with a financial matter, your sense of power or control, a sexual attraction or issue, jealousy or obsession, manipulation or crime, a birth, death, or divorce, or a third-party matter since we entered the Trigger Field and build-up to this peak on Monday May 1st, then you may still be seeing it peak today. Overall, Scorpio energy at Full Moon time and in an Eclipse peak is about destruction of the old to make way for a rebirthing process or at the very least a complete transformation after having gone into the murky depths of whatever it is you are facing at this point, so it can feel intense or has this week leading up to its peak. We remain in the Trigger Field of the Eclipse until Tuesday the 9th so there may still be more endings, achievements, celebrations, or wrap-ups with these topics until then, but it won't be as powerful as it is today or has been in the build-up in this week leading up to it. Mercury Retrograde and Uranus oppose this Eclipse today from the sign Taurus, so we have news, talks, short trips, sales, offers, or decisions we are revisiting or reconnecting about that brings up a past or unresolved matter with another. We may have had this arrive last night in the build-up or it can manifest today. It involves a possession, our income, a purchase, our values, or being valued and this may be unexpected, last minute, suddenly changing, exciting, shocking, involve a friend, group, the internet, or our aspirations or freedoms in the mix. Venus and Jupiter are still in flow today having connected in the wee hours of the morning in an opportunity alignment so we should find we have some luck or feel a bit more optimistic regarding love or money, beauty or pleasure and our growth, happiness or prosperity potential. PRAYER TODAY is 'May we observe any destruction on the fields around us as hard-won opportunities to plant new seeds and start again.' PEAK TIME is 1:30-1:35pm Eastern/10:30-10:35am Pacific, see you there!  If the Daily info clicked for you, consider supporting this work and buying Zoe a coffee, coffee rocks!                                                  Buy Me A Coffee

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