Monday, August 15, 2022



Good Monday everyone! Today is pretty straight forward. We have the Aries Moon merging with Jupiter in Aries by degree, that's it for the classical alignments. So, we want to pursue our own interests, show up in person, put our name to it, involve our image, brand or body, and bring our passion and activities together with our hopes and dreams of something bigger, our happiness or prosperity, any travel, distant or foreign interests, learning or teaching, media or marketing, legal or ceremonial, or religious or political interests. This gives us a lot to pick from, sweet! Examples could be signing a legal agreement, putting your image out there for marketing a class you want to teach, showing up in the classroom to learn, booking that seat on the plane, doing something physical that makes you happy, or going to the media event, just look at the combos and choose one. It's fresh-start energy, let's begin. PRAYER TODAY is around the theme 'May we lead ourselves forward with courage and kindness.' Peak time is from 6:55-7pm Eastern/3:55-4pm Pacific, see you there!

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