Friday, August 5, 2022



                                                          Sorry to you guys who read the Daily before 12pm Eastern today, I accidently posted Saturday's forecast, so you got a preview, lol. So, for today we are in Scorpio Moon sitting opposite Mars and Uranus in Taurus and squaring Saturn. Oy, so it is frictional today when it comes to how we share our toys, who the third parties are involved in our story, how much we want to control or manipulate a situation, what's going on with financial matters, sexual attractions, divorce, deconstruction/rebirth, purging, or evolving storylines. There is definitely another person involved in this and some kinda crazy acting out moments or sudden changes or aggressions manifesting those things we had buried but oh, no, surprise, here they are right up front and begging for expression. On the other hand, perhaps it brings some in-the-moment, let's dive into this and do what is needed to evolve those changes kind of energy for some of you. Values, power, possessions, purchases, income, or how we are valued comes into play, firing up more passion, anger or activity. Saturn is in the middle, the serious one, the authority, the ending or commitment, the responsibility or time involved, saying you better look at this aspiration, this friendship, the freedom involved, what's going on online, with groups, or in rebellious, breaking out/away energy, we're at a finite turning point, which way do you want to go? So, yeah, it shouldn't surprise me that I skipped over this frictional energy and went into tomorrow's forecast earlier, geesh! Do note that after all this intense energy of the day we end on a lovely Venus/Neptune alignment from the Moon so things find their flow when it comes to love, beauty, fantasy, imagination, dreams, money, pleasures, artistry, spirituality, or romance if you can hang in there long enough!  PRAYER TODAY covers Friday July 29th through Wednesday Aug 10th and I'll post the peak time for it each day. It is around the theme: 'May we move through this wild energy with a grounding cord to Mother Earth and an illuminating cord to the Divine to center us and may we see this take hold with other souls on Earth.' Peak time today is 9:35-9:40pm Eastern/6:35-6:40pm Pacific, see you there! 
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