Wednesday, August 3, 2022



                                                                                                         Well, I know we saw a whole lot of global events matching the energy pattern we've been in the past week, but let's hope that now we are past the apex of the Mars/Uranus/North Node of Destiny that we've seen all the main contenders of the story and what they are up to for now. An example was the threat of destruction from China to the U.S. over Nancy visiting Taiwan, which felt the most dangerous (to me at least), it certainly fit the pattern for world events. As you know if you've been reading this the past week, we are still on the degree with these planets until Aug 10th and I guess with this particular threat China gave a timeframe for their retaliation until November (when a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will bring this all to a head again by degree) so I would humbly ask you all that you keep your prayers coming aimed at all of this stuff. I know since Destiny is involved that we may need our collective conscious aimed at tilting it to soften the extent of any fallout from the situation. Other examples in the headlines such as Joes illness, the systemic destruction of food/aimed attacks on the farmers, the drone strike death of the Al Queda leader overseas, New York declaring a pox emergency, Canada giving their price for mandatory gun buyback, and I'm sure you guys have other examples you could add, well I think they could probably use the same through our prayers as far as repercussions up ahead since these all occurred with this alignment in a fixed sign that does not forget slights or perceived wrongs. We will reach the square to all that occurred under the Aquarius Full Moon on Aug 11th, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the degree Nov 8th, 2022 (with a Trigger date Oct 11th) and from Mars in June 2023 so we could expect any problems or next big push to make things happen arising out of them to pop up then on the world stage as well as in our own lives (if not seen now through Aug 10th while on the degree). I hope all of you did well through the height of this combo and are now moving forward with whatever is in play in positive ways. I can say for myself it brought both the challenging and the positive as it should have with a conjunction of this sort and I can see I will be working on some of it while still on the degree in the week ahead, so maybe it did for you guys too. Moving on, today is our last full day of Libra Moon so we are giving it a go when it comes to balance in our lives, our relationships with partners, clients, specialists, representatives, opponents, advocates, and the like, or anything we are doing about higher esthetics or justice. There are a whole lot of alignments bringing this into play today; adjustments to Mars and Uranus, a square to Venus, a harmonic to Saturn, an adjustment to Neptune, and finally a square to Pluto before heading into a Void at 11:20pm Pacific/2:20am Eastern. So, the adjustments with Mars and Uranus mean when it comes to the action and change surrounding income, purchases, possessions, or products, we need to be flexible or ask for some give and take with the partner, client, specialist, agent, attorney, or other key player regarding the situation. The square to Venus means there is an obstacle to surmount involving money, love, beauty, or pleasure at home, with real estate deals, a move, the renovation, the family, a parent, or roommates as it pertains to one of these folks. The harmonic to Saturn means we find the support or can find getting serious about things is important and in flow regarding this partner, client, specialist, rep, or other player when it comes to our aspiration, original projects, online pursuits, friends, groups, or other social outlets in the mix. The adjustment to Neptune means we need to be flexible or ask for more give and take with them regarding rest, recuperation, research, romance, spirituality, secrets, addictions, or artistic influences in the story. And finally, the square to Pluto means frictional energy with partners, clients, specialists, reps, competitors, advocates, or the like over financial, sexual, reproductive, divorce, or third-party matters might heat things up or bring an obstacle to surmount in the story. Since the Void then comes in the wee hours, from 2:20am-7:47am Eastern/11:20pm-4:47am Pacific we may find our dreams are helping us process all of this stuff so you may want to take note of them when you wake tomorrow morning. I decided to extend our Mars/Uranus/Destiny prayer (with a small adjustment) until we are off of the degree since it still feels strongly resonating out there to me, I hope you join me: PRAYER TODAY covers Friday July 29th through Wednesday Aug 10th and I'll post the peak time for it each day. It is around the theme: 'May we move through this wild energy with a grounding cord to Mother Earth and an illuminating cord to the Divine to center us and may we see this take hold with other souls on Earth.' Peak time today is 1:50-1:55pm Eastern/10:50-10:55am Pacific, see you there! 
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