Tuesday, August 2, 2022



                                                             So, has it been sudden opportunities to dive into something or shockers and changes so far with Mars//Uranus//the North Node of Destiny in your life so far? We are again in peak mode today although starting to slide just a little and after today we come down the mountain over the next week until we are done with this potential on Aug 10th. Again, it is about what you value, how you are being valued, the things you are building, purchases, possessions, products, or income. Mercury is still in adjustment mode with Pluto so you must talk about your creative venture, the kids, a lover, or recreational pursuits and this is tied to adjustments going on with loans, debt, inheritance, taxes, insurance, investments, alimony, child support, or other financial interests, or with sexual needs, reproductive matters, divorce, or third-party situations. Venus is active today, meeting up with Uranus this morning and Mars this evening in the zone of income, purchases, possessions, values, being valued, or products. So, look for excitement, change, action, passion, or innovation going on here when tied to the love, money, beauty, or pleasure playing out at home, with a move, renovation, real estate deal, parent, roommate, or the family, doors open. Finally, Libra Moon is sitting opposite Jupiter and in flow with the Sun today. So, we have a lot going on with balance, justice, higher esthetics, or the partners, clients, specialists, agents, attorneys, competitors, or other such relationships. This may involve legal matters, educational pursuits, travel, distant situations, media, ceremonies, religion, or politics, or it may be about something that is big, hinges on our happiness, prosperity, or growth. It shows how we want to show up for our creative endeavor, kids, lover, or recreational pursuit by aiming a spotlight on what we are doing or how we are involved and helping us to lead our way forward here. So, that is a whole lot of energy wrapped up in one day, sending you guys love! PRAYER TODAY covers Friday July 29th through Tuesday Aug 2nd and I'll post the peak time for it each day. It is around the theme:  'May we head into this wild energy with a grounding cord to Mother Earth and an illuminating cord to the Divine to center us.' Peak time today is 4:25-4:30pm Eastern/1:25-1:30pm Pacific, see you there! 
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