Monday, August 1, 2022



                                                           Virgo Moon is still holding sway today so we're still about the work, health or animals, co-workers, hired help or paperwork, or cleaning, analyzing or organizing today. It definitely seems as though the focus here gets stronger as the day progresses. Mercury adjusts to Neptune so our talks, ideas, or decisions with the kids, lover, creative venture, or recreational pursuits involve some give and take when it comes to institutions, research, secrets, addictions, or artistic, romantic, or spiritual matters. Finally, Mars and Uranus perfect their merger on the North Node of Destiny by 7:53pm today. This means the entire day is strongly building and resonating with this combination at the height of the period they influence each other July 31- Aug 10, peaking at its zenith tonight, and then coming down the other side through the rest of the process through the 10th. To that end it is likely you get your big moment today that could bring excitement, surprise, new opportunity, passion, action, and something destined when it comes to purchases, income, possessions, products, the things you are building, pleasures, values, or being valued. It can equally bring aggression, anger, sudden changes, shake-ups, accidents, or issues with sharp objects, weapons, fired, or electricity, so on your toes around these things. PRAYER TODAY covers Friday July 29th through Tuesday Aug 2nd and I'll post the peak time for it each day. It is around the theme:  'May we head into this wild energy with a grounding cord to Mother Earth and an illuminating cord to the Divine to center us.' Peak time today is 7:50-7:55pm Eastern/4:50-4:55pm Pacific, see you there! 
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