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Are you feeling stable? Is there something you would like to tackle at home, with a move, family needs, or real estate? Try to focus in on what grounds you on Monday and Tuesday, the energy is active and you may find ways to bring money to bear, expand, talk through legal issues, and spend some intimate time here.

Wednesday through Friday shifts our focus to what we love so expect recreational interests to bring more fascination, for love to flower or the desire for love to awaken, for children to figure into the equation a bit more, and for creative projects to take more energy. The flow is great in this on Wednesday and Thursday as you stretch out a bit, open up talks, write, sign agreements, or negotiate interests. You may travel, delve further into the legal side, broadcast, publish, or find educational outlets for these topics to spin, all good.

The biggest energy pattern this week is between Mars and Jupiter on Wednesday. This will mean that you are driven to do something or you are responding to some action taken that leads to big things. Luck may be strongly on your side where this falls in your chart. Mars will push you to motivate about the effort required, the service rendered, the healthy approach, or environmental and animal interests while Jupiter will do his best to bring a bigger flow of income through this or help you align your values in a way that makes you happier. Read below to see where to act.

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Do what you can at home in the first of the week, you have tons of positive energy behind home/work scenarios, the income flow here, real estate, roommates, moves, and handling some big outside financial interest in the mix. The energy will shift greatly mid-week when on Wednesday your ruler comes together with the lucky energy of Jupiter. This is a BIG open door for you with work/income matters, any health or animal interests you have that involve money, or services you want to offer or procure. Be proactive. The Moon moves into the creative part of your life bringing love, kids and creative projects into focus Wednesday through Friday. That thing you have wanted to do with a lover, kid or creative venture? Do it on Wednesday. Talks and agreements open up to favor you with this on Thursday if you look at travel, foreign, legal, media, publishing, marketing, educational, or ceremonial interests in the mix. Friday is good for relationships involving these themes and may bring some social interest into the mix. Friday night is about work, health or pets, make the adjustment, money follows.

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Dive into the week with the goal of getting meetings, agreements, writing, and important talks under way Monday and Tuesday. You will find good results when these involve creative interests, love, kids, relationships, partners, representatives, and your own interests. Make some adjustments with shared financials, sex or divorce especially if you are face to face with someone over legal, travel, educational, or media matters. Wednesday is a big day as Mars and Jupiter commune to get the action going on a creative venture, with a child or in the pursuit of love. This is lucky and over the top so step it up, what do you want, it’s in your court and your actions will define the outcome. The Moon moves into your home base today and puts focus on home, moves, real estate, family, mom, or roommates through Friday. Today you can rest and recuperate here or let your imagination take you into positive directions. Thursday the home/real estate/family based decisions, talks, agreements, or writing are under positive stars and help you come to a good place with the divorce, a sexual attraction or issue or some major financially shared interest. Friday brings more work, health, and goals into the mix at home under positive stars. Later in the day you shift focus to lovers, kids or creativity under lucky stars.

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The week ahead starts out with great energy behind money making ideas and your personal income potential Monday and Tuesday. Make things happen at home or with moves, real estate, and the things you are developing behind the scenes. Try to balance the big picture financially if there is debt, investments or other outside resources in the mix. Wednesday is a big day as Mars and Jupiter meet to help you make a big push at home or with that move, real estate deal, family, mom, or roommate. Look at ways to invest your artistic interests, spiritual influences, romantic needs, or development of a project here. The Moon moves into communications needs now through Friday so gear up for writing, agreements, meetings, short trips, local interests, and talks. Today these focus on friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities. They shift to focus on a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist on Thursday and should go especially well. Friday brings love, kids, creative opportunities, travel, media, education, and legal interests into those discussions or agreements, all good. Plan on being home or handling issues here later tonight, adjustments around last minute surprises from friends or internet.

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The spotlight is on you and your needs, any physical or image interests, and how you can get busy out locally, through writing, agreements, your social connections, astrology, charities, the internet, with partners, representatives, and your creative abilities Monday and Tuesday. You have a green light, go. Love and kids may focus on you as well, it’s all good. Wednesday is big in that Mars and Jupiter team up to make something happen with an offer, writing project, agreement, meeting, local activity, or short trip that is bound to be lucky and beneficial for you and your internet interests, astrology needs, charitable associations, friendships, group affiliations, or aspirations. The Moon moves into your income zone from now through Friday so lots of energy behind making money kicks in. Today this will link to nice surprises or changes in career activity. Thursday is opens up talks, agreements or writing for work and your income flow. Health and animal interests can also link positively to earnings today. Friday money flows at home, with real estate, moves, family, mom, roommates, outside financial resources, and your grounded approach. Tonight is about connections with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities and the ideas in the mix.

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You may be holing up Monday and Tuesday to rest and recharge batteries or find yourself in the midst of a film, music or other artistic project, in the hospital, at a retreat, or into some developmental stage of a project. Good things flow from this to making money and career agendas, fame or major goals and expansion. You may have a bit of a weird moment on Tuesday in talks or meetings involving kids, lovers or creative ideas but once you’re past it the energy is solid, especially at home. Wednesday is big in that Mars and Jupiter are engaging under positive stars to open something up for you between earning potential and a career expansion. Motivate to go for what you want today. The Moon moves into your sign from now through Friday so you will be focused on your body, image or personal needs a bit more. Today that puts you on a trip, into media, publishing, marketing, educational outlets, or legal interests under positive stars. Thursday is means you can meet, sign agreements, write, or look at love or income matters that are important to you and involve a creative project, child or lover. Friday it gets serious with writing, agreements or local activities, and brings a partner, agent, or attorney into the mix, all good. The evening is about making money as you adjust around travel, media, legal, or educational interests.

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Expect to be focusing on a friend, group situation, internet matter, astrology, charity, or big aspiration on Monday and Tuesday. The energy behind this is great with drive and determination to get into the mix, open up travel, import/export, legal, media, marketing, publishing, or educational channels, and to make decisions, sign agreements, or have talks and meetings. Wednesday is big as Mars and Jupiter meet up in the heavens to open up that legal, travel, educational, media, marketing, publishing, or ceremonial interest in some lucky way for you. You may be hopping on the plane, showing up in court, getting into the classroom or in front of the cameras, all good. The Moon moves into the developmental part of your chart from now through Friday so you will be working on things behind the scenes, dealing with institutions, investigations or research, film, music or other art interests, and today this means some exciting moments over a shared financial matter, divorce or sexual attraction. Thursday it will help you to talk, meet, make decisions, or sign agreements involving your home, a move, real estate, or family under very positive stars. Friday it will aim you towards making money and getting work under way, again positive. Friday night leans towards more personal interest in travel, legal, media, or educational matters.

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Ambitions will lead you into this week and move strongly through Monday and Tuesday as you get busy behind the scenes, motivate on some film, music, spiritual, magical, artistic, psychic, or institutional matter, look for ways to secure outside financial resources or grow investments, and put yourself into a money making situation. It looks good especially if you enter talks on Tuesday from the perspective of compromise. Wednesday is big as Mars and Jupiter connect these actions on the film, music, art, spiritual, romantic, institutional, or developmental stage for you with big financial potential. Reach for commissions or back-end benefits, backers, or settlements now. The Moon enters your social field from now through Friday so friends, events, group activities, astrology, charities, and the internet are your field of play. Good things come from this involving partners or representatives on Wednesday. Thursday is will bring positive talks, meetings, writing, or agreements. Friday you step up and get into the mix on some serious level that benefits, shining creative energy or doing something with loved ones or recreationally. The day wraps with time off to rest and retreat or more efforts on developing behind the scenes interests.

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The week kicks off with lots of energy behind legal matte
rs, media, publishing, marketing, education, and travel plans on Monday and Tuesday. This is going to open things up under positive stars so dive in, there is something you can do with a friend, group, the internet, astrology, or charities, expand things with or through a partner, agent or attorney, and come to some agreement that benefits. Talk about income on Tuesday with a mindset on compromise or adjustments and see how far you shine in the above mentioned matters. Wednesday is big as Mars and Jupiter meet to really get something going with the friend, group, internet, astrology, charity, or aspiration that is under the lucky stars of Jupiter involving a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist. Put it in motion. The Moon moves into your Midheaven from now through Friday so you will be focusing on career, bosses, dad, authority figures, ambitions, goals, and possibly fame. Today this brings excitement and new energy through work that looks positive so take time here as well. Thursday talks, meetings, news, agreements, writing, and ideas are alive for you regarding earning money and ambitions so open up, it’s positive. Friday you will be doing something serious behind the scenes, in development, with film, music or other artistic outlets, or dealing with institutions in some beneficial way, take time to get inspired at home. The Moon moves into social arenas later today so tonight is a great time for friends, events, the internet, astrology, and charities.

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Monday and Tuesday are bound to keep you focused on some big money matter such as a loan, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, settlement, alimony, child support, commission, insurance, taxes, or your partner’s money. Your needs here should be met if you motivate on ambitions or the career front, with authority figures, look for ways to expand at work or with co-workers, open up with someone about income or meet with someone to transform earning potential, and develop things more behind the scenes, with the artistic interest, institution, or spiritual pursuit. Approach talks on Tuesday with a spirit of compromise but let them know who you are and what you need. Sex and divorce issues could take the place of money matters these two days for some Sagittarians so the same goes here, motivate, reach out for what you want and handle talks or agreements from this angle. Wednesday is big as Mars connects with your ruler, Jupiter under very positive stars. You can go after that career goal or pursue other big ambitions, do something with a power figure, boss, dad, or authority figure, get out there and make your mark, launch a business, see your actions meet with recognition or fame, and expand that work field. The Moon moves into legal, travel, media, and educational interests from now through Friday so expect to get that going today in connection with a creative project, lover or child. Thursday this will align with you beneficially through talks, meetings, agreements, writing, and ideas involving travel, media, publishing, marketing, education, or legalities. Friday you can get serious over these topics with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, and come to terms. The Moon moves into ambitions tonight so career matters or goals will be on your plate.

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The first part of the week is really about feelings that are strongly influencing things involving a partner, agent, attorney, specialist or other significant person. This energy is quite good and will take you through Monday and Tuesday with travel, legal, ceremonial, media, marketing, publishing, or educational needs, true love, creative interests, recreational outlets, and children, as well as any social factor, internet interest, or aspiration in the mix. It is really that good so motivate with them. Enter talks or decision making on Tuesday with a sense of compromise around something going on behind closed doors. Wednesday is big as Mars and Jupiter connect to bring luck and happiness through travel, education, legal interests, media, publishing, and a lover, child or creative venture. Do it now. The Moon moves into your sexual, divorce and high finance arena from now through Friday so you will feel a need to connect deeply or to share, this kicks off today at home or involving real estate, moves, or security, again under positive stars. Thursday you can meet with someone secretly for great sex or write on a research or developmental project, hold talks in private about investments or some other big financial realm, or come to terms on the divorce, all good. Friday you will be cementing something with a boss or on the career field again tied to the financial interest, sexual chemistry or divorce. The Moon moves into travel, legal, educational, media, publishing, and marketing interests tonight so find ways to focus on this, if you can involve a lover, child or creative interest all the better.

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Monday and Tuesday are all about the work, health or animals so gear it up, the stars are favoring you here. You can get busy with someone sexually stimulating or get moving on the big financial matter or divorce, expand your home base, a property interest or security needs, and step up on the career field or in the spotlight, all in relation to the work you put in, your job, health interests, or pets. Approach the talks with a friend, group, internet interest, or about astrology, or charity with the spirit of compromise on Tuesday for best work, health or pet results. Wednesday is big as Mars meets Jupiter for lucky actions. This can be about great sex at home, divorce actions that lead to positive security needs or property ventures, or a push for the outside financial resource that leads to the property or home interest growing. Do it. The Moon moves into your relationship zone from now through Friday so partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or other significant people will factor in. Today brings exciting talks or meeting with them that look good. Thursday you can involve that social interest, friend, internet project, astrology, or charities under very beneficial stars. Friday get serious about any legal, travel, media, publishing, or marketing needs and cement this with the other person. The Moon moves into your sexual, divorce and high finance zone tonight so expect this to intrigue, especially as it relates to home or property.

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It’s all about love, the creative project or the kids on Monday and Tuesday so let this motivate you with the partner, agent, attorney, or specialist, open up big talks, meetings, agreements, writing opportunities, short trips, or local activities, and put you in a good place in media, marketing, publishing, educational interests, travel, or legal needs. You are in a very strong position with all of this. Enter talks or decision making on Tuesday with a spirit of compromise around any big goal here and you should do well. Wednesday Mars and Jupiter meet to spark action, passion and lucky expansion, happiness or prosperity through a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, and the talks, writing, meetings, agreements, or decisions you make. The Moon moves into work, health and pet needs from now through Friday so expect to begin focusing on these topics more. Today this will bring some positive and exciting energy through income. Thursday opens career and goals alongside the work efforts you make so schedule talks, interviews, meetings, auditions, pitches, agreements, and writing in this today. Friday you can cement something involving work, health or pets and the big financial interest through efforts behind the scenes or dealing with research, investigations, hospitals, or other institutions, film, music, art, or spiritual interests. The Moon moves into relationship territory tonight so find time for partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or other significant people, it looks good.

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