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I am wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so grateful for all of you :) 
Mercury will Retrograde on Thanksgiving day so you may want to double check tickets, times and wallets, cars and traffic patterns, what you said you were going to bring and what you actually walk out the door with! The week ahead is very powerful as so much is taking place in the sign of adventure and our belief system. You will feel the shift begin on Tuesday and by the Retrograde here on Thursday you will see the past person, situation or idea begin to resurface. Friday is a New Moon Solar Eclispe in the same area so huge new beginnings are coming and the past may thread through these. This is Venus’s last week in Sagittarius, she moves into Capricorn on Saturday, so love and income interests that are wrapped up in travel, distance, media, marketing, publishing, legal, ceremonial, or educational aspects will hit a high point before then. 

Good luck and I will miss you on my show this week, we are taking the night off due to the holiday but I will be making a guest appearance on Lora Somoza’s Between the Sheets on Wednesday where we will take on your questions so write them to me on the facebook page:   and tune into the show for your answers at 7pm eastern/4pm pacific here:  

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ARIES: (Pre-order the ZOE MOON 2012 ASTROLOGY CALENDAR here:  )

What if I told you that in reaching into topics that are bigger than yourself, this week you may unlock the door to something that thus far has eluded you? It is about focusing on higher knowledge, getting involved with educational opportunities, connecting with those associated with the campus or sharing ideas, traveling to some far off port or connecting with those in foreign places, globalizing your business or looking into import/export, opening up your world through media, publishing, marketing, or publicity, or taking something through legal channels or ceremonies, that you will make it happen. Enter the week with this in mind and know that the Mercury Retrograde that launches on Thursday may slow some of this down a bit so you get every possible thing you need out of it or it will introduce you to past people or ideas here so you can reconnect, rework or release. The Solar New Moon Eclipse on Friday in the same area is about an enormous new beginning for you through travel, legal, ceremonial, media, marketing, publishing, or educational outlets. If something is ‘eclipsed’ out here to make way for this new beginning trust that process, it’s all about what awaits you up ahead.

TAURUS: (Pre-order the ZOE MOON 2012 ASTROLOGY CALENDAR here:  )

There is very powerful energy afoot for you in the week ahead and your belief system and how you focus it will have a great deal to do with how it turns out. For your sign it is all about your sense of control and depth, how you are sharing with others and how they are sharing with you, and to this end any sexual attractions or issues, reproductive needs, divorce issues, or financial matters that involve you and others/institutions will come to the fore. You have not had this much potential to really transform these matters to the extent you have this week so launch in with everything you’ve got. Any Karmic twists and turns that come along are pretty much written in the stars and look as though they will benefit you so allow for the unforeseen to open you up along the way. The Mercury Retrograde on Thursday is going to bring the past into the situation so you can reconnect, rework or release in areas of sexuality, divorce or finances. If you experience any slow-downs or miscommunications over these topics take the time to recognize that the brakes or frustration is about helping you to reach that deeper understanding and to allow for something powerful to take place. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on Friday is a huge new beginning for you in these areas and has the potential to put your life on an entirely new level or course, you are ready for true intimacy.

GEMINI: (Pre-order the ZOE MOON 2012 ASTROLOGY CALENDAR here:  )

You connect with so many people in your world Gemini and your ability to touch many is really unsurpassed in the zodiac. However in the week ahead it is going to be about one particular person and it may be game changing. This person may be someone you wish to partner with romantically or in business or someone already on the landscape here, a representative such as an agent or attorney, a specialist, advocate, competitor, or an opponent. Just know that there is great energy around creative endeavors, love, kids, social interests, internet opportunities, astrology, charities, media, publishing, marketing, travel, education, or legal matters and all of it looks positive. The Mercury Retrograde on Thursday will either slow things down with this person or take you back into the past to allow you to reconnect with a past partner or representative, rework or release matters, or help you revisit past issues so you may find new inroads into relationship dynamics up ahead. The powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse on Friday is a huge new beginning for you with one of these people so be open to what approaches, anything ‘eclipsed’ to make room for it and transforming one-on-one connections.

CANCER: (Pre-order the ZOE MOON 2012 ASTROLOGY CALENDAR here:  )

There are three important realms of focus in the week ahead and they may all have a powerful effect on the direction you are heading. Health is important so you may decide that this is the week to release some poor health habit or get to the doctor to tackle a health issue that has plagued you, you may start a new diet or work-out regime or take a more holistic approach to eating. Work is important because the week ahead is a blockbuster filled with potential new offers, clients, services, co-workers or employees, and approaches on the job. Pets/animals, environmental interests are important because you may get behind one of these interests and make something happen. So choose which of these you wish to tackle or embrace all three with the knowledge that your belief in yourself is shaping a great deal of what is possible and that as of Thursday, Mercury Retrograding here is bound to bring the past back around to reconnect, rework or release. In work this may mean you are retweeking efforts, are visited by a past co-worker, have a past job offer back on the table, or see a current employee exit. You could have a past health issue reappear so you can clear it once and for all or you may go back to some past way of caring for yourself that gave you good results then, and you may run into past people or situations while out with the pets, looking into ways to help animals or dealing with the environment. As you begin this inner and past reconnect the New Moon Solar Eclipse on Friday comes into play opening a huge new door to the future for you in work, health or animal interests. Get ready to say yes to some major offer, allow for anything to be ‘eclipsed’ to make way for this and to make a tough decision in the mix.

LEO: (Pre-order the ZOE MOON 2012 ASTROLOGY CALENDAR here:  )

Never has a ‘fun’ week been quite so intense as this one approaching Leo! By fun I mean a week where your love interest, lover, child, or creative project is about to get a major kick in the swingset. It’s up, up and away for you here so open your heart wide and get ready to let go. Major decisions, news, agreements, or talks will be in the mix as will some excitement around travel, legalities, education, ceremonies, media, publishing, or marketing. A significant person connects with you in a beneficial way and in all of this you are heading into a Mercury Retrograde and a New Moon Solar Eclipse! Thursday is the Retrograde so from this day forward you will be revisiting past people or issues around love, kids or creative projects. This could mean a past lover returns, you look at issues you have had in the past regarding love to help you get closer to a current love interest or to heal something so you can find love again, you deal with something in your child’s past, your past issues over having children or you go back to a past children’s project or interest to rework it, or finally you see a past creative venture pick back up or release, rework or revisit some past project, person or idea that involves your creativity. As you field the past the New Moon Solar Eclipse on Friday gives you a larger than life new beginning in one or more of these areas so prepare for anything ‘eclipsed’ to make way for this fresh start in love, with kids or creativity and stay open to what awaits.

VIRGO: (Pre-order the ZOE MOON 2012 ASTROLOGY CALENDAR here:  )

Never has a week been quite so powerful for you at home, regarding how rooted you feel on planet blue, your connection to mom or family, any real estate deals or moves you have been contemplating, what's going on in your house, or any security needs you have going on. You may have a bit of make money angst on Monday but after that the week is all about your home or roots. You may work out ways to earn from home or real estate, share some third party matter pertaining to your house or family, tackle work here, take care of health and animals, and bond with your surroundings. Mercury, your ruler, is going to Retrograde on Thursday in this area so you are on your way into the past over the weeks ahead and it is going to play out over home. This means a past home issue may reappear, family or mom issues from the past may come back up to be revisited or some family member may turn back up during this transit, any past real estate issues, land, roommates, or move ideas will come back around, and if you feel as though things are slowing down or there are breakdowns going on here it is to help you diligently rework anything you need to cover about where you hang your hat. Anything from the past that has been hanging over your head tied to home matters ends on some level at this interval. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on Friday will give you a huge new beginning here so whatever is ‘eclipsed’ out for that to happen is meant to set you on a great new adventure and help you put down roots that are seated further into solid territory. Powerful love and creative opportunities are woven into what is transpiring so say yes to home this week, much can be accomplished.

LIBRA: (Pre-order the ZOE MOON 2012 ASTROLOGY CALENDAR here:  )

The week ahead is all about a big writing project, agreement, decision, something involving a sibling or neighbor, move or vehicle, short trip or local activity. It’s all about the third house so these are your topics of interest, get ready to make it count. You should be able to count on someone surprising in this, a partner, representative or advocate that inspires and brings something new to the table, you should be able to express your creativity or love in the effort and put yourself into a position of leadership or authority. All of this looks promising. Your belief in yourself is well founded so the more you trust in your own ideas the better. The Mercury Retrograde means that something or someone from the past is going to enter the picture from Thursday onward. Again this will involve an agreement, meeting, writing, local activities, short trips, siblings, neighbors, or vehicles. You may see miscommunications or slow-downs here but these are to help you look carefully at what is going on and rework or release things that need more attention. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on Friday is a huge new beginning for you in these areas and may bring something/someone ‘eclipsed’ from the situation to make room for the big new start. Keep your ideas flowing, don’t be afraid to rework an old idea to get that new door open and remember in signing new contracts or purchasing electronics that the past is favored over brand new options until after December 13th.

SCORPIO: (Pre-order the ZOE MOON 2012 ASTROLOGY CALENDAR here:  )

Scorpio, the stars are all about making money in the week ahead. In fact you haven’t had this much activity here in quite some time so take whatever respite you need on Monday, deal with that agent, attorney, partner, or opponent and put it behind you so you can pour all your efforts into the green. Anything having to do with film, music, the arts, spiritual interests, institutions, addictions, or research should do well for you as new offers for work arrive or you come up with some new work idea that helps your bottom line. So many of the planets are participating that you should be sparking on all cylinders this week, in other words follow your muse, you should be able to procure something lucrative. Mercury Retrogrades in this area on Thursday so you will begin a backtracking period over the next 3 weeks to rework or retweek something, to pick up a past income making opportunity, revisit past issues, people or situations, or release anything not working. Any slow-downs are to help you focus more intently on making money. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on Friday is a huge new beginning for you to earn money so whatever is ‘eclipsed’ out to make way for this is part of the process and should be trusted. 


Monday is still social so you may want to hang with the friends, do some last hurrah with the group, wrangle the internet or astrology project, show up for the charity, or tune in to your aspiration to work it but after today the rest of the week is about you. It is a powerhouse of a week just so you know going in what you are about to experience. I would suggest you ask yourself who you are and what you want for yourself before hand, look at your identity and name, your body and image, your ego and personal needs, what do you want? There is great energy behind excitement and love, creativity and new horizons, deep inspiration and ideas that romance the notion that you are what you dream you can be. Mercury is going to Retrograde in your sign on Thursday so you are getting the opportunity to backtrack, to look at past versions of yourself, to reconnect with some past desire, rework some physical or personal goal, and see if you should release anything that has been holding you back or embrace part of yourself that you let fall between the cracks of a busy life. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on Friday is your huge new beginning on a personal and physical level so at this point you will begin to initiate your new identity, image or physical regime, possibly ‘eclipsing’ out some part of yourself and threading that past matter into your new world.


It’s a very important week ahead and Monday will be most likely your only big career day so pour it on with the boss, your goals or ambitions. You may get your reward from this on Tuesday but from this day forward the rest of the week is all about some pretty Karmic energy. You may be embarking on a romantic path with a past life Karmic partner, one that is staying behind closed doors or secret for now, you may be diving into some artistic pursuit such as painting, film, music, or poetry, dealing with an institutions like a hospital, retreating, resting, recuperating, working behind the scenes, developing some project, researching, investigating, or handling an addiction problem, or there may be some spiritual, magical or psychic interest that takes precedent this week. Whichever one of these areas you find yourself strongly focused on, know that you have many of the planetary energies behind helping you make a mark here. Mercury is going to Retrograde in these areas on Thursday so you may be revisiting past people or situations in these fields over the next weeks so you may rework, reconnect or release matters here. Any slow-downs you experience are to help you be certain that you are seeing things clearly in this very mystical part of the chart. The New Moon Solar Eclipse here on Friday is about a huge new beginning for you with the romantic, spiritual, artistic, institutional, or research arena. Something may be ‘eclipsed’ out to make room for this new beginning but you have much to help you see the future is about these open doors and the relationships about to develop.

AQUARIUS: (Pre-order the ZOE MOON 2012 ASTROLOGY CALENDAR here:  )

The week ahead is a big one and for you it will take you into the social arena on a powerful level. First you will need to wrap up any legal, travel, educational, or media interests on Monday. The rest of the week will be about your friends, group affiliations and activities, parties, social events and networking, internet projects, astrology, charities, and aspirations. You will find that people at a distance or travel will aid you in this, that shared beliefs, media, agreements, meetings, and writing will all color what plays out and that you are right at the hub of it all with your spiritual or magical view of things. Mercury is going to Retrograde in this area on Thursday so you may see old friends resurface, new friends exit, old group, internet, astrology, or charitable opportunities reappear, slow-downs and miscommunications in these areas, all with the focus on you taking enough time to work things out properly in the weeks ahead, revisiting, retweeking and/or releasing things. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on Friday is your huge new beginning with these people and outlets so from this moment forward you may see something or someone ‘eclipsed’ out to make room for new friends, groups, internet, astrology, or charity ideas or new ways to proceed on old contacts and ideas appear.

PISCES: (Pre-order the ZOE MOON 2012 ASTROLOGY CALENDAR here:  )

The week ahead is powerful for you where at least one goal is concerned. You may make this about your career, an ambition, goal, authority figure, boss, dad, reputation, fame, or leadership. While Monday may sidetrack you on a sexual, financial or divorce matter, the rest of the week will allow for all this spotlight energy to take over. Money flow definitely seems to be tied to it and under positive stars as well as some behind the scenes opportunity, artistry, spiritual interest, or romantic ideal that is tied to the potential achievement. Mercury Retrogrades here on Thursday so you will be backtracking into past career opportunities or issues, past bosses or authority figures, past dad issues, past reputation matters or bouts with fame, and reworking or releasing with people or opportunities in the next few weeks. Any slow-downs or miscommunications that occur with these topics are to help you take the time necessary to reach your goal under the best possible scenario up ahead. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on Friday will likely ‘eclipse’ something out to make way for the new door to open so be in the flow with new business launches, career agendas, bosses, personal leadership and achievements, reputation and fame, as you strike out towards new horizons.

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