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It’s all about VENUS this weekend. She moves into Capricorn on Saturday and kicks off a new love and income cycle, new way of approaching beauty, new energy field for women and luxury, now working through the sign of ambition, leadership, career, authority, and reputation. Her first move in this new sign is to shake something up big time. She meets with Uranus in Aries in the evening to do this so you may be responding to change or choosing it, doing something spontaneous or exciting, get a bit of a shock, rebel or make a run for freedom.

Sunday the Capricorn Moon continues to pour emotional energy into the same field that Venus is making herself known so again today you will feel the pull to accomplish something that points towards love or money, women or beauty, and that brings your goals into focus. This moon aligns in lovely angle to Mars so you will find lots of drive to organize, work, get healthy, deal with animals, or offer your services. Venus then makes her second major connection so soon after entering this field by trining Jupiter. In astrology this is a blessed connection because these two energies are called the benefics, meaning they both bring good things, this is a good aspect and together you should find that you can reach a goal that pleases with a little effort!

ARIES: (Check out ZOE’s new site:  )

All this action in your career midheaven this weekend will help you to pursue career goals or connect with someone in a position of authority to help you. The square to Uranus on Saturday will push you to make a change or approach it all from some radical new direction, think about personal or physical changes or approaches that could shift things a bit and if you get any surprise that you must conform to know there is a payoff attached to this. On Sunday your ruler is involved to help you get work done, organize, do something for your health or animals, and reach goals. The big lucky trine links your career, ambitions, goals, authority figures, and income making potential so reach for something here. All in all a great weekend to start an ambitious project, further career agendas, meet with bosses or authorities, or make money.

TAURUS: (Check out ZOE’s new site:  )

The new placement of Venus in Capricorn and the subsequent action there is going to rev up your ninth house this weekend so get ready to travel, connect with someone at a distance, get into your media, publishing, marketing, legal, ceremonial, or educational interest in a better way, and really go for the goal, whether that is love, a woman, money, or beauty. The change or surprise on Saturday will be personal and may involve a sudden desire to retreat or hide out, a shift around an artistic project, film, music event, hospital, prison, addiction, research project, investigation, or spiritual interest. By Sunday there is passionate energy working for you with lovers, anything you do for kids or over creative projects and talents so point that travel, educational, media, publishing, marketing, ceremonial, or legal interest towards these themes to really enjoy the benefits. The Venus/Jupiter trine favors you personally so you are bound to enjoy this day, step out of your box, allow the spotlight to fall on you, it’s all good.

GEMINI: (Check out ZOE’s new site:  )

The weekend is moving into the deepest part of your chart where sharing and power and transformation occur so expect intimacy, sexual attractions, divorce issues, or big money matters to draw your focus. Venus takes up residency here to smooth these things out and help you attract love or personal income but today this will involve a change or surprise with a friend, the internet, a group, astrology, or a charity. On Sunday the alignment with Mars means you can express passion at home or really pour on physical efforts there to make one or more of these things come together. The Venus/Jupiter tring is about something big you are doing behind closed doors, in development, with a clandestine affair, research, investigations, a film, music or other artistic project, spiritual interest, hospital, addiction, or Karmic connection that benefits you in big ways through that shared arena of intimacy, divorce or high finance.

CANCER: (Check out ZOE’s new site:  )

Venus enters your relationship axis on Saturday and the entire weekend is truly going to focus on your partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, advocates, or competitors or you desire to have one of these relationships. She is going to smooth things out for you here and help you attract love or income through serious connections. Today this means making a change or dealing with a surprise on the career front, with a boss or authority figure, reputation, fame, or a major goal. On Sunday Mars gets into the picture under positive stars to bring action and passion to local activities, short trips, the talks, decisions, writing, and agreements you come to with these important people, and anything involving siblings or neighbors may also figure in pleasantly here. The Venus/Jupiter trine is boding incredibly well for you with expansion over the internet, with or through a friend, group, charity, astrology, or a major aspiration and it’s linked to the partnership, representation or how you manage the competition.

LEO: (Check out ZOE’s new site:  )

The weekend is going to focus on work, services, health, or pets, maybe all the above. The energy is tremendous for attracting love or income through efforts you make here and there may be a woman that arrives on the scene to benefit goals in these areas as well. On Saturday the focus here is going to mean making a change or dealing with a surprise involving travel, someone far away, import/export, media, publishing, marketing, publicity, education, legal matters, or ceremonies. Sunday brings great motivation and flow behind making money or setting things up that will bring in money so again pour that work, health or animal interest towards this end. The Venus/Jupiter trine is benefiting you on the career front or with a major goal, ambition, authority figure, boss, dad, reputation, or fame, yes again this is linked to your work, health or animal interests so embrace all that you may achieve now.

VIRGO: (Check out ZOE’s new site:  )

Venus moves into true love, kids and creative projects on Saturday and focuses your weekend in these areas. She is going to help smooth things out here, attract love or get the money flowing in the weeks ahead. Today you will see a surprise or change that hits you involving one of these topics and will come out of your eighth house of sexual attractions, divorce or big money matters such as loans, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, settlements, alimony, child support, taxes, insurance, royalties, commissions, or a partners money. Sunday Mars gets involved in your sign so you will have plenty of personal or physical passion or drive to make things happen with the lover, child or creative venture. The Venus/Jupiter trine means travel, education, legal, ceremonial, media, publishing, or marketing matters are opening up for you through the lover, child or creative effort or you may find love or creative opportunities follow on the heels of these opportunities, all good.

LIBRA: (Check out ZOE’s new site:  )

Venus enters the home arena for you on Saturday and the weekend is going to be all about what is going on here. This may mean your home, another property matter, a move, real estate deal, family issue, mom, a roommate, or your personal security in focus and with Venus here it’s about to smooth out or help you attract love or income here. A change or surprise is on the table today involving work, a co-worker, employee, health matter, or pet that will mean pushing yourself at home or with the property or family. Sunday Mars helps you tackle a lot behind closed doors and there is great energy here at home so you may retreat with someone passionate or motivate on some project you are developing at home or with real estate or family. The Venus/Jupiter trine is bringing a lovely and lucky opening for you with a sexual attraction, divorce issue or big money matter so make it the day to share your intimate nature with someone at home, to deal with house/divorce settlements, or to put the property up for sale, purchase your home or in some other way go for the insurance, taxes, settlement, inheritance, bankruptcy, or other outside financial interest here.

SCORPIO: (Check out ZOE’s new site:  )

Venus moves into your communications zone this weekend and the makes it all about talks, meetings, writing, agreements, short trips, local activities, siblings, neighbors, vehicles, or electronics. She is about to smooth things out there, help you to attract love or income through your local efforts, meetings, writing or agreements, bring a woman onto the scene that benefits in these areas, and focuses your thoughts on beauty , love and money. Today this means some surprise or change at work, with health or pets that will shake things up a bit. Sunday Mars amps things up with your friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities and this field so expect to have passion and motivation coming at you here and for you to find ways to intertwine your ideas, writing or agreements here. The Venus/Jupiter trine is all about big luck or happiness coming through with a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist and your ideas, meetings, agreements, talks, or writing.

SAGITTARIUS: (Check out ZOE’s new site:  )

Venus moves into your income zone on Saturday to kick off a few weeks of smoother energy here. She wants to help you attract what you need or make your money in a more easy fashion, she may also inspire you to spend on love or luxury items now. Today there is a surprise or change involving a lover, child or creative project that will push you on the money front a bit. Sunday Mars gets into the action to align income with career and motivate you to go after your goal or to deal positively with a boss or someone else in authority. The Venus/Jupiter trine not only benefits you in big ways as something is flowing beautifully for you between income and the work you desire or accomplish, a health interest, or animal interest, but this is your ruler aligned with Venus so there is some real personal benefit to you coming through your ability to attract what you need today.

CAPRICORN: (Check out ZOE’s new site:  )

Get ready Capricorn, Venus moves into your sign on Saturday and the entire weekend begins to focus in on what you have going on personally, physically, with your looks, body, image, and the pursuit of what makes you happy, feel loved or makes money for you. Consider yourself the flavor of the month, you are attracting on all cylinders! Today this will bring some kind of shake up, change or surprise at home, with real estate, family, mom, roommates, or a move. Sunday Mars gets into the picture and opens up the flow for love or money through travel, someone far away, through media, publishing, marketing, education, or ceremonies. Expect to feel passionate or motivated to push yourself here. The Venus/Jupiter trine is all about true love and the connection you have with a lover or potential for you to connect with a love interest today. It is also favoring luck and happiness with your kids or kids you are helping, or any creative venture you get involved with.

AQUARIUS: (Check out ZOE’s new site:  )

Venus enters the Karmic field on Saturday where she will tour over the next few weeks, helping to smooth things out or attract love or money through Karmic balance/connections, in film, music or other artistic interests, spiritual pursuits, research or investigations, hospitals or other institutions, dealing with addictions, or through clandestine affairs. You may be keeping a love interest private or secret now or hiding out at some retreat. Today this is going to bring a shock, change or surprise through talks you have, a meeting that occurs, a short trip, local activity, agreement, or in writing, OR you could have a complete change of mind that takes even you a bit off guard. Sunday Mars gets into the action by getting into the action, he is bringing passion and sexual chemistry to the table or helping you take action on some divorce or money issue under favorable terms. The Venus/Jupiter trine is about luck, happiness and expansion occurring in relation to the Karmic field over home matters, moves, real estate deals, or anything occurring in the home, this is very beneficial so open up to love or money flow here.

PISCES: (Check out ZOE’s new site:  )

Venus enters your social field on Saturday and will tour here over the next weeks. She is going to smooth things out with friends, groups, social occasions, astrology, charities, or the internet, help you to attract love or income through these areas, and bring an easier flow. Today this will come up against some change, shock or surprise involving income. Sunday Mars gets into the picture to bring passion or action with a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist that will motivate you with the friend, group, internet, astrology, or charity under positive stars. The Venus/Jupiter trine is all about luck and happiness opening up for you through the talks you have, meetings you attend, writing you do, agreements or decisions you come to, news you hear, idea you pitch, short trip you take, local activity you get involved in, or something involving a sibling, neighbor, vehicle, or electronic that in some way connects with that friend, group, internet project, astrology, charity, or aspiration. It’s big and lucky!

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