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How’s Mars in Virgo feeling? You know when a personal energy first moves into a new field of play we usually get a pretty good idea about what it is we will be dealing with so you should have some clue as to the work efforts, motivation, health needs, animal or environmental interests, or services that will require motivation.

Saturday this means a big personal or physical adjustment on your part. You may put yourself into a whole other mindset, locale, take another approach, or go way out on that limb, it’s all to tip the boat so you end up heading in the right direction on that stream. Gemini Moon is taking us through the whole weekend so writing, agreements, meetings, more talks, ideas, decision making, local activity, sibling or neighbor interests, short trips to nearby towns, dealing with vehicles or electronics, and learning a bit more about what you want. Today this will mean focusing in on legal, travel, media, publishing, marketing, or educational factors at some point.

Sunday it will mean making it real with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor, solidifying bonds, finding ways to artistically or spiritually involve your friends, a group, the internet, astrology, or charities, all under positive flow. You will most likely need to deal with some divorce, sex or shared financial stressor early in the day, don’t let it interfere with all this positive energy.

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Saturday is about the talks, decisions, writing, or agreements you get into with someone over legal or ceremonial matters, travel plans, media, publishing, marketing, or education. Look at the contracts or fine print, think out where you stand and ways to generate money. Mars is egging you on to do something about work, health or animals today, some shift in the mix will motivate you.

Sunday may start with some divorce, sexual or high financial frustration but quickly turns to positive flow for you throughout this day with partners, agents, attorneys, the talks or decisions you are making, any meetings you need to have, writing and agreements, and then into social arenas. You can gear it up with a friend, group, internet project, astrology, charity, or aspiration, write, meet, chat, and share ideas, all good.

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Saturday is about the money issue on the table between you and another person, you may need to look at the balance here between earnings and debt or spending, the shared agenda, settlement, alimony, inheritance, taxes, etc, or hash out ways to rework this. Mars spurs you on to do something involving a creative effort, child or lover as you adjust around something you didn’t see coming.

Sunday is all about your income and you will do well to tackle any part of this that involves a partner, agent, attorney, or opponent in the early part of the day, it requires some adjustment. The rest of the day opens up to great flow as you find solid work efforts, organization, and inspiring career matters fall into place, benefiting money flow.

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Saturday brings you into alignment with someone significant for talks, meetings, agreements, writing, or local activities/short trips. It’s all about the love or money baby. Mars is going to push you at home as you adjust to a friend, group activity, internet interest, astrology, or charity and the changes or surprise in the mix.

Sunday is about you and what you want/need. The early hours will be best spent dealing with any work, health or animal needs and the adjusting around this that you want to get to because once you do the rest of the day opens up under positive flow. You can get serious about a creative project, lover or child and open up the imagination. Legal, travel, media, publishing, marketing, and educational interests are favored.

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Saturday puts your focus on work, health or animal needs as you communicate about what you are doing or would like to do with someone important. Look at the woman, love or income in the mix and see if agreements or decisions can be made. Mars is going to gear you up in a big way to push a writing project, local activity, agreement, or decision about career matters or authority figures forward, an adjustment is necessary.

Sunday has a lot going on behind the scenes. The morning will be about a lover, child or creative venture and any adjustments you are making here. The rest of the day opens up to great flow at home, with roommates, family, moves, or real estate matters. You may have a sexy encounters at home that pleases or big money interests tied to the home or property could open up.

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Saturday is socially charged and will open up the flow for creative outlets and recreational interests, children, and love. Get out locally and meet for these interests or talk things out, write, handle agreements, look at the love or money flow, and share it with someone important. Mars is going to spur you on over income as you make an adjustment regarding a trip, legal matter, media, publishing, marketing, or educational interest.

Sunday all that flow around social quarters: friends, groups, internet, astrology, or charities, will mean some adjustments at home or with property or family first thing. Once you get this under control the day opens up for great meetings, talks, writing, and ways to share imagination, artistry, romance, or spiritual interests with a partner or representative.

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Saturday career needs, a big goal or the news from someone in a position of authority will pull you as you talk about home or property matters. Look for the balance here, love or income may be coloring the communications. Mars is going to spur you on to do something passionate in response to sexual chemistry or he is going to push you to get in there over a divorce or big financially shared interest and make some adjustments. 

Sunday starts out with talks or news about career, goals or that authority figure and adjustments around your own needs in the mix. The rest of the day opens up positively for you to get real or cement some income matter and to bring your imagination or dreams into the work you do, your approach to health or dealings with animals, all good.

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Saturday is about the talks, news, writing, short trips, or agreements involving media, publishing, legal, marketing, educational, or travel matters. You are in this with someone else so open up about the love or income flow involved. Mars is spurring action behind the scenes which may mean at a hospital, over addictions, on a film, music or art project, spiritual interests, investigations, or clandestine affairs. Expect that this is in response to something surprising involving a partner, agent, attorney, or opponent.

Sunday your income needs will be what you wake dealing with or emotional about and you will want to tackle that legal, media, travel, or educational theme with a mindset to adjustments that you need to make. The rest of the day favors you stepping up here, getting serious, taking the lead, and bringing your imagination into play over creative ventures, in love or with kids.

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Saturday puts you into the deep, you may find that you are talking, writing, meeting, or tackling agreements that in some way involve your income, some outside financial matter, sexual attractions, and divorce issues. It’s a lot on your plate but if you try to balance the love here or keep the focus more on your own income potential than you will do well. Mars spurs you to get moving or do something socially as changes or excitement arrive over work, health or with animals. This can take the form of passion pulling you online or out with friends, groups or events while work should be done.

Sunday brings personal or physical adjustments by way of that big financially shared matter, the divorce or a sexual attraction. Once you have this shifted so to speak, the day opens up positively on what you do behind closed doors in these areas, sparking the imagination in serious ways, and bringing the same inspiration to you at home, over property matters, family, or moves.

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Saturday gear it up for those talks, meetings or agreements that you have in mind with the partner, agent, attorney, or specialist. Look into the love or income flow, balance ideas with the other. Mars is pushing you on the career front or with a goal, ambition or authority figure so get ready to act or react here, make adjustments and take into account changes or excitement involving a creative project, child or lover/love interest.

Sunday is again about the relationship with someone representing or partnering with you or your desire to deal with this topic. Once you come out of your own private Idaho in this the day will begin to flower socially with them or in relationship to them so look at group activities, gatherings, friendships, internet interests, astrology, charities, and pursing aspirations, getting serious and bringing your imaginative ideas, musical or artistic abilities, romantic or spiritual needs into the conversation or writing, all good.

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Saturday your retreat and escape behind the scenes will be pulling you one way while work, health or animal needs may require some attention. Talk it out, write it up, deal with agreements, because Mars plans on getting all up into your day soon after. Mars wants action involving a trip, someone far away, media, publishing, marketing, educational needs, or legal matters and this will mean some adjustments. Expect things to be hopping in relation to this around the home or tied to real estate, moves, family, roommates, or mom.

Sunday work, health or pet needs call again but you will need to adjust around social interests in the first part of the day. Once you do there is a great open flow to seriously connecting with the goal you set, achievement, and earning or spending on things that spark the imagination or align with retreats, hospitals, investigations, artistic outlets, spiritual interests, or romantic ideals.

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Saturday will bring you into some one on one talks or meetings that are social and involve your feelings about a creative project, child or lover. You may be looking at friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities and the love or income potential here or handling issues that arise around these themes, balance is key. Mars is sparking you sexually or pushing you to tackle divorce or big money matters today. Be willing to dive in and work around last minute news or ideas that are bound to take you someplace exciting.

Sunday is all about the love, kids or creative venture. You will want to work out any career needs or deal with the boss or other authority figure first but once you do there is great energy around a trip, legal matter, educational outlet, or media, marketing or publishing opportunity here. Put your stamp of magical influence upon the day, if you can dream it then the universe is behind you in making hit happen now.

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Saturday brings communications about career, goals, from an authority figure, boss, dad, or about reputation into play. Feelings about home or real estate will flavor this for you as you are one on one with someone over the idea, agreement or meeting. Look at income and/or love interests with this person and how goals are being met. Mars is spurring you on via a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or opponent today. They may be all geared up or you may be pushing them, it all plays out over changes, surprises or excitement involving income.

Sunday emotional needs are at home, with family, mom, roommates, moves, or real estate. Look at ways to rework or adjust the travel, media, marketing, publishing, legal, or educational matters tied to this. Once you do the day opens up positively for you at home or with real estate and the big financial flow, divorce proceedings or sexual attraction. Get serious, commit or end things, put in time and effort, what you do behind the scenes today is magical and beneficial.

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