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ORDER THEM AS HOLIDAY GIFTS!!! The calendar features AMAZING artists, cool and groovy quotes from all the superstar happening folk I know (yes this means you if you got your quote into me in time) and tons of astrological information including mini forecasts for all 12 signs each month, the retrograde and eclipse cycles, an overview of the biggest planetary shifts and what they will mean in the year ahead, and daily aspect configurations! 

Portions of the calendar go to charity, it's a very feel-good project, perfect for getting into the vibe of 2012 and you get all this inspiring energy plus get to show your love to Zoe and her work, so get your orders in!!! (yes, pouring it on thick but it's a big project, one dear to my heart and I want you all to have one!)  Next year I will be promoting each one of the artists, one per month, so get ready to check out their work when you get your calendar, because I will be sharing more about them up ahead. If you want a jump on this, the artists websites are listed on the calendar page so go ahead and check them out!  

The weekend is splitting energetically with Saturday looking very promising for sixth house activities such as work, organizing, routine efforts, health needs, animal or environmental interests, and big goals you set that require something here. Career ambitions are favored as well as dealing with authority figures. The stars are smiling.

Sunday brings news or decisions that push you to overcome some issue involving legal, travel, media, publishing, marketing, or educational needs and make some adjustments with a social outlet, internet matter, astrology interest, charity, or friend. The Sun squares Neptune today as a last big push for you around something powerful and close to your identity. You may be looking at any of the Scorpio themes here so power, control, intimacy, sex, divorce, high finance, triangles, or major change. Neptune is just picking up speed in the sign of freedom, independence, social connections, aspirations, and the dreams you have artistically, spiritually, tied to institutions, or romantically here. In this combination is the answer to what you must work out today. Emotionally it seems to require adjustments and more work, health or service matters. Tonight the Moon moves into Libra and opposes Uranus in Aries so the day ends with at least one important connection as you look at new approaches to the relationship.

ARIES: Order the Zoe Moon 2012 Calendar:

Saturday pour it on with work, health needs, co-workers, employees, interviews, auditions, and any services you want to move on. Animals and environmental needs are also favored. Reach for goals, be active, bring passion into the mix, show them what you got, and see if you can reach that person in a position to help you, they seem available by these stars.

Sunday news or decisions involving travel, legal, media, publishing, marketing, higher education, or politics will steer you into the day as you try to work around anything bombarding you here or make headway on changes. Look to friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities to work it out. The Sun/Neptune square means you are heavily into some personal need that is about your own power, control, sexual needs, reproduction, intimacy, divorce issues, or big financial matter (think Scorpio here). Something shared in all of this could link to that friend, group, internet, astrology, or charity matter but you have much to do to make it so. Again this ties back to the amount of work, health needs or services provided, can you work it in?

TAURUS: Order the Zoe Moon 2012 Calendar:

Saturday is all about you either enjoying your recreational outlets, pushing creative needs forward, or sharing the love with kids or lovers. The stars are open here through any travel, legal, educational, media, marketing, publishing, or ceremonial interests you can engage in with your loved ones or in that creative project. It’s all good.

Sunday some sexual, divorce or shared financial matter disturbs the peace but you can work through it. Some goals with the lover, children or creative interests still need to be hashed out so take just a bit of time to tune into your intuition, what does your gut tell you to do? It wants a bit of a shift here. The Sun/Neptune square brings up powerful issues with partners, agents, attorneys, or opponents today. This is the last of the big Scorpio energy to overcome so look at sharing, sex, divorce, or big finances in the picture with this person and how your own sense of empowerment is affected. The goal is what’s at stake so focusing on win-win scenarios may help or reworking how you deal with authority figures, reputation, fame, or career interests could possibly benefit some progress here. If you come from the love, kids or creative approach you align with the important person much quicker today.

GEMINI: Order the Zoe Moon 2012 Calendar:

Saturday is an all clear on home matters, moves, real estate deals, family, mom, or roommates. You can push things to happen, get busy, bring your passions to bear, motivate, and in all of this there will be the potential to transform something in a powerful way. Look at shared interests, can you reach a financial goal, tackle the bills or debt, invest, settle something, or is there a way to harness the sexy vibe of Pluto to share intimacy in the home? If you are trying to settle divorce/home matters this should smooth out as well.

Sunday just ask yourself about how much push you are willing to give a work effort, health matter or animal need? Are you in this or not? Who do you want to be? What is there involving legal, travel, media, or educational needs that you must still align? Again the home figures in prominently. You should be able to find a way to reach the next level. Tonight it shifts towards love, social occasions, recreation, friends, kids, you know, the good things in life, and it’s one on one.

CANCER: Order the Zoe Moon 2012 Calendar:

Saturday is busy, you ready?! Lots going on locally with a partner or rep, talks, meetings, running around, making short trips, sharing ideas, writing, looking at agreements, and allowing your actions with this person to take you to some powerful place of understanding or transformation, all good.

Sunday you will find that the last major hurdle appears and it breaks down like this: Your needs, who you are, what YOU want, and how this is all wrapped up in love, kids or creative ventures, AND some big shared financial matter, sexual attraction/issue or divorce. Be true to yourself, look for ways to set up meetings or talk things out, make some tough decisions or finesse the argument. Do you need to rewrite or reword this to get what you want? There is energy here that supposes you will find a way so stay the course. Tonight its about home, family and something surprising arriving around career or ambitions.

LEO: Order the Zoe Moon 2012 Calendar:

Saturday is a big money day for you so prepare to work it or go after it. Motivating today pays dividends and can transform the work situation or put you in a better position of power at work, with health needs or services. You should also take on any animal/pet needs, environmental interests or organization now since it looks like you will find smooth sailing.

Sunday is about how you feel about your role in the family, at home, with your real estate, moves or roommates, and any Neptunian issues you are feeling for a partner, agent, attorney, or competitor. So, think about how grounded you feel, if you feel a sense of power at home or with your environment, then look at romance, artistry, spiritual needs, institutions, or karmic lessons going on with that partner, rep or opponent. Are your feelings about income or earning a living in the way or are theirs? Can you shift something a bit? Odds are you will find a way if you give it some attention. Tonight is about long distance communications, writing or ideas and publishing, marketing or media, decisions about travel, visits from afar, or ideas that involve education or ceremonies, balance with them in this.

VIRGO: Order the Zoe Moon 2012 Calendar:

Saturday brings lots of personal passion or motivation to the table and it’s all good Virgo. You have the universal support behind what you do with a lover, child or creative endeavor so jump into the day headfirst and don’t look back until the Moon falls away.

Sunday brings up a last moment insight about what you think about yourself. Don’t be critical of yourself or others, instead really look at what you want. An idea you have has merit and you must find a way to adjust and communicate the work interest, service, organization, health need, or animal/environmental interest. Do you need to write something up, sign or look at an agreement, deal with a sibling or neighbor, vehicle or electronic issue? Get to it today, times a wasting. Tonight is about the financial picture and deep sharing, intimacy, values, and someone significant.

LIBRA: Order the Zoe Moon 2012 Calendar:

Saturday is pretty groovy Libra as you motivate on something behind the scenes, with an art, film or music project, Karmic connection or clandestine romance, research project, developmental stage of some effort, hospital, prison, retreat, or spiritual interest. It’s all good so draw back, get into your vibe, look for how you can do this at home or regarding property interests.

Sunday puts you in the spotlight over income and the flow you feel here. What do you need? Look at how creative projects are panning out, your kids or love interests are affecting the bottom line, or how recreational activities are affected. Do you have the money you need and what can you do about it? Again it is the behind the scenes activities that benefit so reread Saturday and apply yourself. Tonight is about you and someone important, this may surprise but a partner, agent, attorney, or opponent is about to show up.

SCORPIO: Order the Zoe Moon 2012 Calendar:

Saturday is a gear up with friends, groups, aspirations, internet activity, astrology, or charities. The day is active and positive so socialize or connect over interests with others. You should find that writing, agreements, talks, and meetings are flowing in these fields, all good.

Sunday asks that you take a look at who you are, your shifting identity or image needs, and any ego conflicts that are welling up, the culprit? Home, mom, moves, real estate, or family needs. It seems the aspirations or social needs are at odds with this as well so you may need to get creative today in juggling activities and feelings in these realms. Friends and other social factors win out, just so you know. Tonight is all about finding a balance on the work front, with health or caring for animals, you should feel back in the saddle.

SAGITTARIUS: Order the Zoe Moon 2012 Calendar:

Saturday is great for going after what you want. Take a stab at career ambitions, big goals, fame, or any bosses or authority figures you want to sway. Your passion wins the day and there is every reason to believe you can make big money or transform some money making need in positive directions from your actions.

Sunday is a bit complicated. Something you feel a strong need to attend to behind the scenes is going to push you a bit. This may be a need to retreat, rest, recuperate, and dream or it may mean you are strongly tied to some music, film or other artistic project you have been trying to work on behind closed doors, a spiritual interest, hospital need, secret affair, or addiction you are dealing with. Whichever Karmic topic is in the mix today take the time to ask the tough questions or make the tough decisions. A big goal is within sight here. By tonight you are balancing social interests with love or creative pursuits with a few interesting/exciting moments tossed in.

CAPRICORN: Order the Zoe Moon 2012 Calendar:

Saturday is going to get you grooving on the trip, import/export, media, marketing, publishing, educational interest, or legal matter. You are on fire here, go, go, go! Whatever you feel passionate about and driven to do, dive in because you are bound to be happy about how you feel in the mix.

Sunday is asking that you look at how you feel in a social circle, with a big aspiration of yours, a friendship or group, internet or astrology project, or charity. There is something you can overcome here to make money, what is it? What are you waiting on? Look at that legal, distant, media, marketing, publishing, educational, or travel plan tied to this, what is the dance? Some part of this combination is bound to open up a door or two so concentrate. Tonight brings some excitement or positive change at home, with real estate, family, mom, or moves.

AQUARIUS: Order the Zoe Moon 2012 Calendar:

Saturday is a shiny pass with the words Sex, Divorce or Money printed upon it. Choose and then get passionate, motivate, go after what you want, the cosmic support is great. You will find that it is what you do behind the scenes, in development, research or behind closed doors that gets you there.

Sunday is going to put you in the spotlight so this may mean career matters, reputation, fame, dealing with authority figures, taking on more leadership or responsibility yourself, or a big goal on the table. What do you want to achieve, are you recognized for your efforts? What can you do personally or physically to get closer to your objective? Sex, divorce or some big shared monetary matter colors this for you, work it out. Tonight is about interesting or exciting news involving legal, travel, foreign, distant, educational, media, publishing, or ceremonial matters.

PISCES: Order the Zoe Moon 2012 Calendar: 

Saturday will gear up relationship dynamics. It’s a ‘go’ so expect partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, opponents, or other significant people to be active and for your passions to drive these connections in social ways, towards aspirations, or to open up some astrology, charity, or internet interest. Single? Get out to the party, network, they may be just a friend away.

Sunday asks, how are my needs being met legally, in media, publishing, marketing, education, or travel/foreign interests? Do you need more? Can you attach your identity or image, improve physical health, go for something here? Working things out in that place of isolation is key. The partner, rep or competitor is again in the mix, can you work with them or deal with them through one of these realms? Tonight is about sex, divorce or big money matters and some interesting balance with another person, how does your personal income affect this?

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