Sunday, October 18, 2009


On the wings of our New Moon in Libra and fresh starts in areas of most significant connection with others, we enter the week ahead :)

I am happy to announce that I will be offering a monthly calendar specific for each sign, I will make November’s calendar available for everyone for free so you can see if it is useful for you or if you would like to order one for yourself or as a holiday or birthday present for someone. There will be November for Aries, November for Taurus, etc. Starting in December you can get your signs calendar on pdf for $4.95 per month or $49.95 per year, print it out or just keep it in your computer! It will be a like a little mini-reading per day plus an over view for the sign for that month and will come to your email a few days before the month begins. Hope you like them.

Monday the Moon is in Scorpio so feelings are deep, we are emotionally connected to our intimate nature and how we share with others as the Moon squares Jupiter today. This means feelings can get very big, ideas are over the top, there is a sense of connecting with the larger picture as you approach financial matters as well.

Tuesday Mercury steps up to Jupiter in a very lovely aspect so you should schedule your meetings and talks, pitches and brain storming sessions today. There should be positive flow and luck around what is agreed to today.

Wednesday we have a Sagittarius Moon so our feelings are a bit more adventurous and generous towards others. This Moon is going to meet up with Venus in sextile so there is real opportunity to move something forward monetarily, through love or with women. Since she is in Libra, look at partners and people who can represent you to connect.

Thursday, other than a bit of a surprise coming via romance, artistry, or something you weren’t aware of, the energy is very positive as the Moon makes 3 opportunity aspects primarily focused on happiness and prosperity via friendships, aspirations or networking and positive talks or meetings with partners or representatives.

Friday the Sun enters Scorpio and we all feel our vital energy become a bit more intense, deeply connected to life’s mysteries, interested in power and major finances, sex and intimacy, looking beneath the surface for the truth. The Moon enters Capricorn so feelings will be a bit more ambitious. Moon and Pluto meet so power and ambition are one today. Make a slight change to your actions, passion or anger and how this comes across when you are working creatively or expressing love with children or lovers.


Monday is a day to deal with anything powerfully affecting your finances, intimacy, or how you share something important with another. Your friendships, networking, social events, and aspirations are all linked to this in a way that says this is where your hope lies right now, so look for ways to connect without going too far out on a limb.

Tuesday is THE day for talks, meetings, agreements, and ideas. Focus on partners, agents, attorneys, or dealing with competitors or enemies. Once again it is a group, friend, network, social function, or aspiration where the luck and expansion is supporting you.

Wednesday brings opportunity with a female partner, agent, enemy, or attorney regarding travel, media, publishing, publicity, politics, education, or legal matters. Look at ways to approach love or money with this person through one of these outlets, it is all good.

Thursday the thrust of the day is once again around travel, media, politics, publicity, publishing, education, or legal matters. There will be something that comes at you today you weren’t expecting or you will feel a sudden need to be alone with your thoughts, but other than that the energy is great for talks with partners, agents or attorneys here and some kind of major connections being made through networking, friends, groups, or social functions.

Friday the Sun enters your eighth house of sex, divorce, loans, credit, debt, settlements, insurance, taxes, inheritance, and any outside or jointly held financial matters. This means that you will find that you are in the middle of this action over the next 30 days and that you shine here, a deeply physically connected time for you. Ambitions soar today, make adjustments to how you approach lovers, children or a creative outlet with passion or motivation.


Monday brings feelings about partners, agents, enemies, or attorneys up for a look as you stretch even further towards goals and ambitions. Luck is with you today but you must watch out for over-extending yourself.

Tuesday is THE day for talks or agreements about work since the connection to Jupiter is all but guaranteeing benefits to you from what is embarked upon today. If you have a health goal or something you want to achieve involving a small animal the day favors talks or meetings as well.

Wednesday puts a sense of sexuality or some powerful financial opportunity into the mix with a female on the job, tied to health and fitness, or pets. If you are not interacting with a woman here then it will play out as positive opportunity to find money through work or for health or pets. Love on the job may arise as well.

Thursday besides a last minute change to a social engagement or something unexpected coming via a friend or group, your day is shaping up to allow for much positive flow between finances and intimacy, the work you do and health, with the best energy swirling around luck and prosperity on the career front.

Friday the Sun enters Scorpio and you will find that over the next 30 days you will be most strongly placed through partnerships and in representation through attorneys or agents. This is a time to share yourself with these important people, make major financial deals or connect intimately. The Moon’s move into Capricorn will emotionally focus you on travel, media, publicity, publishing, politics, education, or law today. Make a slight change in how you express energy at home or with property matters, it will pay off.


Monday your focus on health or work has you stretching yourself as a teacher, learning something new, publicizing yourself or your work, entering into a media venture, traveling or dealing with those at a distance, or tying up legal ends. This is where the luck and prosperity is for you, just take care not to over-extend yourself today.

Tuesday is THE day to talk, meet, agree or share ideas about a creative venture or with a lover or child. Some of you may hear from or meet a love interest today, the energy is amazingly lucky and positive so open up about what sparks your joy and find ways to connect through teaching, travel, media, studies, politics, beliefs, or legal matters.

Wednesday is one of those sweetly magical days for you dear Gemini where the goddess energies are aligned in opportunity and playing out between partnership and true love, between creative ventures and representation. Love and money matters are favored here so express yourself with someone you value.

Thursday the focus will be on partners, agents or attorneys. There is a surprise or change around career or goals that you will have to deal with here but after that talks with these people focus on creative projects, love or children in an aspect that brings opportunity. Luck and expansion occurs through your connection with them and media, travel, publishing, publicity, politics, beliefs, ceremonies, education, or law.

Friday the Sun enters Scorpio and puts you in the center of work and health for the next 30 days. This is the best time of the year to get your body in shape or to start a diet. You will work through power and financial matters tied to the work you do during this transit and find yourself in the spotlight over your work as well. Emotions are charged up in a powerful way today around finances and intimacy, make a slight adjustment in how you express your passions in talks later on tonight for best results.


Monday is about true love and intimacy or about creativity and or children and the finances involved. There is lucky energy around the expansion you are seeing between these realms but you must watch that you don’t over-extend yourself on credit cards, debt or in the way you are sharing yourself physically.

Tuesday is THE day to have talks or meetings about home, property, living situations, or mom. This is a day filled with luck and prosperity connected to what is agreed to here. You can open up about the major financial matter, intimacy, divorce, or death, it is profound and important and under such protective stars.

Wednesday you will feel like tackling lots of work at home or with property or for mom. There is a wonderful opportunity to express love or find the flow of money through home or mom today. If you are trying to sell a property, put the work in today it may increase the asking price.

Thursday the focus is on work, health or pets. There is a bit of a surprise or something changing around travel, media, education, or a legal matter but after that you can fully dive into the work, health or pet matter with lots of support and luck. Again talks about home or with mom are open doorways and luck is where major finances are in the picture.

Friday the Sun enters Scorpio and puts you in the center of creative ventures, love affairs, recreation, and with children for the next 30 days. This is where you shine the brightest and where deep connections, finances and intimacy will play out. The Moon enters Capricorn so your emotional energy will be around partners, agents or attorneys today in a very powerful connection. Make a slight adjustment in how you approach spending or making money with them today, you will be glad you did.


Monday your feelings about the living situation or home will be strongly influenced by what is occurring in a partnership, with an agent or attorney. Luck is tied into this connection for you but you must watch out today for over-extending yourself due to what is expanding here for you.

Tuesday is THE day for talks, meetings, agreements, or sharing ideas with a partner, agent, open enemy, competitor, or attorney. The energy is just that good, luck and prosperity is tied to what is said, writing projects should be put out there to representatives today, don’t let the moment pass you by.

Wednesday the positive feelings are flowing through the house of true love, children, recreation, and creative projects. This is about goddess energy aligning in favor of these realms and any talks about love or money tied here.

Thursday the focus is on love, children or creative ventures. There is one surprise or change around intimacy, secrets, reproduction, divorce, major finances, or sex. Once you have dealt with this the door is open to express the love or creativity in ways that allow for talks and agreements that benefit, share writing or progress it, and expand in beneficial ways the partnership or tie to representation.

Friday the Sun enters Scorpio and puts you in the middle of home, property, living situations, and issues with mom over the next 30 days. You will be at your peak here, in the spotlight and able to physically deal with what needs doing at home or around security needs. The Moon moves into your work and health house today so any work you want to do to the property or for mom is aligned beautifully, starting a health regime at home is beneficial as well. If you can make a slight adjustment to how you approach your own body or image it will pay off.


Monday brings a strong emotional nature to the words you speak, how you communicate, what you have to say or write, and how this expression connects to the work you do or your health. There is luck here for you but you must protect yourself from over-extending a bit too much, in other words don’t promise more than you can deliver.

Tuesday is THE day for talks, meetings, agreements, or ideas about income. The luck and prosperity tied to this today is golden and linked directly to the work you do expanding and to your health in vigorous glow, so ask for it, write it up and sign it, just put it out there today. If you want to make an agreement to spend on something health or pet related, this too is very lucky.

Wednesday the energy is flowing around home, living situations, mom, property, and your security needs. It is very positive once again and linked to showing love through income, so you may feel like buying mom something wonderful or spending on property, it’s about positive goddess energy so women are good for earnings and property today.

Thursday the focus is once again on the home, property, living situation, or mom. You will need to deal with something a bit outside the norm or unexpected involving sex or finances here but once you do the energy is amazing for talks about the money you make or spend on home or mom and the work you do here being very lucky.

Friday the Sun enters into Scorpio and your house of communication, writing, neighborhood, short trips, and siblings. This puts you in the drivers seat over the next 30 days with talks and meetings, express your own needs, share your ideas, write your project, you will find you are much busier in the local scene as well or with brothers or sisters. The Moon enters your house of creative projects, children and true love so your emotions will be powerfully focused here. Making a slight change in how you express yourself physically behind closed doors will have positive results today.


Monday is going to be about income and how you are stretching yourself creatively or how you are dealing with expansion involving lovers or children. There is luck tied to making or spending money on the creative outlet, kids or lover but you must guard today about over-extending yourself.

Tuesday is THE day for talks, meetings, agreements, or sharing of ideas about yourself and the creative venture or yourself and a lover or child. It just doesn’t get much luckier or protective than this, you can really open doors if you open up, if you are a writer then begin today on something or send it out, if single you may meet someone today that sets your world alight, this person would be very generous and good for you.

Wednesday is another stellar day filled with positive goddess energy around talks, writing projects, local activities, and you. Look for the love or money here, it is trying to find you, most of all, get out into the neighborhood, make the phone calls, send the emails, you need to get out there.

Thursday the focus is on the neighborhood, what you write, communications and meetings, short trips, or siblings. There is a change popping up around work, health or pets that will need dealing with in this so expect a call or email along these lines but once you do the day is extraordinary for connecting with others, feeling good about yourself and expanding in a lucky way through creative ventures, with children or lovers.

Friday the Sun enters Scorpio and puts you in the spotlight around making and spending money for the next 30 days. This is where you will physically be focused the most intently and this is where you will shine. The Moon enters Capricorn and you will feel like being home or doing something important with property. The energy will influence intense sensual encounters at home or motivate major financial matters here today. Take a slightly different approach to expressing aspirations or dealing with friends in this for best results.


Monday the vibe is all over you and your home, property or living situation. There is very wonderful energy around any expansion or profound changes that you are experiencing in this connection, just be careful not to over-extend yourself today.

Tuesday is THE day to talk, meet, make an agreement or share ideas about what you have been working on behind closed doors regarding home, living situation, property, or mom. There is an amazing energy here to bring luck and prosperity through what is said or agreed to. Ideas about retreat, secrets, mediation, artistry, spirituality, work done through imagination or research, investigations, hospitals or other institutions, all fall into favor this home expansion.

Wednesday the goddess energy is opening doors for you to make or spend money successfully on retreat, hospitals, film, fantasy, research, work done behind the scenes, spiritual or artistic expression, or something dealing with escapist or abusive acts. There is potential for love or money to come out of this if you are proactive, women favor highly.

Thursday the focus is on making or spending money again but today you will need to field a surprise or change around the creative outlet or with a lover or child first. Then you have a green light to make agreements for the fantasy or research project or the hospital or other institution, the money is good in this. You also have an opren door to it helping you expand and find benefits through home, living situations, or property.

Friday the Sun enters your sign and gives you a real boost over the next 30 days. This is the time to see your health and vitality return, to get out there and let your image or identity shine, to begin a diet or work-out regime if you are so inclined and to see your ego needs met. The Moon enters your communications zone so talks and meetings as well as writing projects become more intense. Make a slight adjustment to how you pursue goals or career today in this and you won’t be sorry.


Monday is a day where you will most likely feel like some down time or time to steep in your own imagination. It is good for talks, writing or agreements but you must just watch that you don’t promise more than you can deliver and over-extend yourself.

Tuesday is THE day to talk, meet, make agreements or share ideas with a friend, about a social occasion, group, networking matter, or aspiration. It is big and very protected, lucky, prosperous, and will benefit you in the end so open up. If you are a writer, send it out today or begin it today, just utilize the golden moment. Siblings are beneficial towards aspirations as well so reach out if this sounds like you.

Wednesday the goddess energy is moving in positive flow and doing it’s best to connect you with a friend, social function or aspiration once again. This is about taking the opportunity to connect physically with this person or dream with positive results via love or money. Women are favorable today.

Thursday the focus is on you, your needs, body, ego, identity, or image. There is a change or surprise playing out over home or property but once you deal with this the day flows from you and your needs beautifully. You can connect with friends and groups as well as find lucky ways to get ideas out there, make agreements or write.

Friday the Sun enters Scorpio and your hidden part of the chart. This puts you in work being done behind closed doors, strategies, retreat, research, and any work using artistry or imagination over the next 30 days. This is a superb time to enter the hospital for a procedure if you need one. The Moon moves into your income house and you will feel strongly emotional about the money being made or spent today. The way you approach travel, media, a ceremony, legal matters, or education can be adjusted just a bit for better monetary results.


Monday puts your feelings about an aspiration, friendship, group affiliation, or social event out there for consideration. The money you are making or have to spend is involved in this and although it is lucky and protective in these areas right now, you may have to watch over-extending yourself here today.

Tuesday is THE day to talk, meet, make agreements, sign contracts, or share ideas about career, goals, ambitions, and making money. It just doesn’t get much better than this so launch career agendas aimed at making money, ask for a raise, send out resumes, spend on expanding career goals, sign the agreement or break it, you are golden.

Wednesday you will feel best if you can spend some time behind closed doors attending to the work here in private. There is again very positive energy working on your behalf to bring money in through career, to help you spend positively towards your goals, or to deal with women in a beneficial way. If you are asked to keep a deal or opportunity quiet for a bit, this looks positive as well.

Thursday continues to support research, work done alone, time brainstorming or utilizing imagination, and dealing with institutions. One talk or bit of news comes in as a wild card but once you deal with this the day is incredibly supportive of what you are trying to accomplish as talks or agreements around career continue to offer opportunity and there are real signs of luck and expansion around income.

Friday the Sun enters Scorpio and you will find that you are front and center over the next 30 days in all things social, friend related, group affiliated and involving your aspirations. This is a great time of year to connect and enjoy yourself so say yes. The Moon enters your sign and you should feel pretty deeply about something personal. Make an adjustment to how you approach sexuality or finances later tonight, you will be pleased with the results.


Monday is about how you feel your goals are progressing or how you are experiencing your career. There is powerful emotional energy here for you to tap into and a direct line to who you are, your identity and needs. Luck is on your side but you must protect today any over-extension occurring physically as you stretch yourself.

Tuesday is THE day to talk, meet, make agreements, or share ideas regarding legal matters, travel plans, import/export, politics, ceremonies, education, media, publicity, or publishing. There is so much luck and potential here for you personally I can’t emphasize it enough. If you want to be noticed in front of the camera or publicize yourself in some way, take a class or teach it, take a trip or sign a contract, please do it today.

Wednesday the goddess energy is working for you towards social functions, friendships, group affiliations, and following your dreams. Once again it comes through travel, media, law, or education. This is opportunity for love or money if you connect with others and express through these venues. Women are favorable.

Thursday is again about your friends, socializing and aspirations. You will need to deal with a money matter first but once you do the day opens up for positive talks or meetings about travel, media, ceremonies, education, or legal matters. There is luck and happiness in the day for you personally through these connections.

Friday the Sun enters Scorpio and puts you in the center of activity on the career front for the next 30 days. This is a great time of year to achieve your goals, to see and be seen, to make a name for yourself, as your presence will be felt strongly by others. The Moon enters Capricorn today so any work you do behind closed doors, dealing with hospitals, researching, or using imagination will be important. If you adjust how you approach a partner, agent or attorney later on tonight you will be happy with the outcome.


Monday is about dealing with the legal matter, trip, media or publicity project, or teaching or learning curve. What you are doing behind closed doors here is very much aimed at expanding your world in a positive way, just watch today that you don’t over-extend yourself through retreat or self-sabotage.

Tuesday is THE day for talks, meetings, agreements, or sharing ideas regarding a major financial matter such as loans, taxes, insurance or bankruptcy or the day to discuss sex, intimacy, divorce or someone’s passing. The luck and protection for you and any hidden agendas is amazing so do not hesitate if you feel ready to move on this.

Wednesday the goddess energy is wonderful and aimed at helping you feel great about new goals via the opportunity to deal with the major financial matter, intimacy or divorce. Look at ways to achieve your love or money goals today and then act on them. Women play a favorable role.

Thursday career, goals, ambitions, reputation, and fame are high on the list and once you get around something changing around your own identity or needs you can well be on your way towards what you want. There is great energy around talks and agreements with loans, settlements, insurance, taxes, bankruptcy, or other outside resources as well as protection coming from work done behind the scenes and through research and imagination.

Friday the Sun enters Scorpio and puts you into a 30 day cycle of travel, education, media, publicity, publishing, or legal matters. This is where you will shine and where you will spend the most physical time. The Moon enters Capricorn and highlights powerful emotions over aspirations and friendships. Make an adjustment in how you approach health, pets or work tonight and you will find your social agenda opens up in nice ways.


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