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Oh kitties…maybe god is a cat playing with the strings, this week may have you thinking so I imagine. It is going to be, well… all tied up and tossed about, fun and then dangerous, intense and unraveling, then tied up again. Oy. Who said they wanted to be played with so, anyhow?!!

Here is the thing, the week is about how you FEEL about it all and those feelings are undergoing some shifts. It is natural at this moment because we are in the shadow of Venus’s Retrograde. Since Venus is in charge of love and money and women, well, hey, what else is there really?! Lol. Just kidding, but it is going to be tossing your feelings a bit this week as you draw closer to Friday and the Venus Retro.

Thursday brings Mercury and Neptune together on the same degree. Same degree means beginning or ending, Mercury is mind, talks, meetings, while Neptune is romance, dreams, the arts, spirituality, self-undoing, lies, secrets, and escapism. So…you need to REALLY be clear on Thursday and make sure you are being completely honest with the other person as well as yourself. This is exceptional energy for writers, actors, musicians, and filmmakers who may have breakthroughs. With Venus about to flip the next day, some people will be making last ditch efforts so once again, make SURE you understand and believe what you are hearing or saying.

Friday is a cat fight in heaven, guys quit smiling! The Moon squares Venus so the feminine energy is frustrated and feelings will be challenged even more so over the woman, love or money issue. Venus Retrogrades so someone from the past reemerges over the next 6 weeks or someone departs, love and money are key. This is NOT the time to change your beauty routine, have cosmetic surgery, change your hair or buy new wardrobes, to make decorative changes to something, to invest or open up a money making venture (unless it is from the past coming back around) or to start a NEW romance, picking back up with an old one is ok. If you go against this wisdom, and I know some of you will, then just expect something to change or not be what you thought it was, once Venus goes Direct.

And after all of that may I just say that challenging weeks show us who we are, this is the part of the film where things get interesting, NEVER forget you are the screenwriter. I wish us all luck in the week ahead!


Monday is about how your income is being affected by a friend’s actions, words or confused thinking. You may feel like expressing your anger or disappointment. Don’t be surprised by what you learn today, it’s better to have it all out in the open. On the positive side, there is ample energy to tackle work and commit to better health practices.

Tuesday puts communications at the top of your list. Make a list of who you need to call or email to get a handle on career or other important goals, then get to it.

Wednesday is jammed to the hilt with aspects and ALL of them flow from your communications house. The best line of ideas or support is going to come through a friend today so open up dialogue or meet with them. How work, health and hidden agendas tie in together is challenging and you can expect a few surprises, dealing with authority figures or limitations/rules in these talks.

Thursday Mercury and Neptune come together in your friendship house. This is about talking with this person about something artistic, romantic, spiritual, deceptive or disillusioning. The conjunction means this communication will mark a beginning or end with them. Focus on home and finding a balance in power here later in the day.

Friday the goddesses square just before Venus Retrogrades. It is a challenging day for everyone. This is about what you want in the home and how you feel your own needs are being met. A female, love or money issue is part of the picture as well as security needs and safety. You have until April 17th to retrace your steps and deal with the past here.


You may feel frustrated about one of your goals on Monday as the Moon squares three energies in your career Midheaven. Push for what you want but realize that the energy that IS working for you today is coming from lovers, children, creativity and friends. So have some fun and wait out the rest.

Tuesday the energy shifts to a money issue, this will be about what you earn or what you spend those earnings on. A major shift you are trying to accommodate far away, through travel, legally, through education or media, is part of it. Just allow yourself to adjust emotions and pace yourself.

Wednesday loved ones and friends will have to take a bit of a back seat to career, goals and making/spending money. There is just too much great energy pulsing through the achievement sector today so you want to focus here. Although you may have to deal with a last minute change or surprise from a friend, don’t get sidetracked too long!

Thursday Mercury and Neptune are meeting up in the Midheaven. Talks or meetings about the career or goal will mark new beginnings or endings for you. The flavor is artistic, spiritual, romantic, or not completely clear. Make sure to spell it out and that you understand terms. ‘Local verses far away’ comes up along with the big transformation you are trying to pull off.

Friday is challenging here on Earth as the goddesses square and Venus Retrogrades. There is an obstacle involving a research or fantasy project, rest or retreat, dreams or mediation, hospitals or prisons, and you will have to deal with a female, love or money issue tied here. It looks like the Retrograde cycle will be about backtracking in one of these realms to finesse it some more. Watch for a secret surfacing today.


Your ability to field responsibilities or limits with home and property, along with any changes implied with goals and career are right on target today. It is the travel, legal, media, or education areas that are going to push your buttons and get you angry, passionate, or verbal.

Tuesday the Moon enters your sign and must adjust to the big changes in joint finances, debt, taxes, settlements, divorce or intimacy. Feelings may be a bit raw as you try to find a way to feel good about yourself and still make the changes you want.

Wednesday brings some relief with legal, travel, education, or media issues. There is positive expansion and luck here today so express your needs and take your meetings. A female friend is there for you in a positive way. The tough stuff today regards limits or responsibilities to home or property and more changes needed on the career front or with goals.

Thursday Mercury and Neptune meet to help you talk about travel, legal matters, education or media ventures. The talks or meetings will likely be artistic, romantic, nostalgic, spiritual or deceptive. A new beginning or an ending is here. Feelings will be a bit frayed over power struggles involving money.

Friday is challenging as the Moon and Venus square just before Venus Retrogrades. Feelings are challenged over income issues with a friend and the Retrograde sees a female friend leaving your sphere or an old one returning. Love or money issues are at the core here. You will have until April 17th to work through this and retrace your steps.


Put your energy into serious talks or meeting with friends on Monday and covering any sudden shifts or approaches that could benefit you or your friendship through travel, legal matters, media, or education. The challenging energy will be around debt, shared resources, sex, divorce or any other form of outside money.

Tuesday the Moons move into Gemini will have you feeling like retreating or resting. The best use of this energy is to dive into fantasy projects or do your research. Adjusting from here to a powerful partner will be easier.

Wednesday brings positive energy to bear between the fantasy, research, retreat or institution and the outside money you need to do what you want to be happy and expand. A female involved in the career or goal is able to help. Talk or meet about it today. The challenge pulls between feeling responsible to something local and wanting to break free and travel or expand on some other level.

Thursday you can seed a beginning or mark an ending to something involving the mind and your artistic expression, romantic needs or spiritual endeavors. You need to open up or take the meeting to see what you can achieve. Just be certain to be very specific about it since Neptune can bring confusion into the agreement. Power issues need balancing with partners.

Friday is challenging as the goddesses square and Venus Retrogrades. It is ALL about your career and goals, ambitions and reputation now. You will be backtracking, retracing steps, revisiting any area that needs more tweaking with a female from the past or over a current female’s departure. Love or money will play a big part as well.


Monday brings challenges over your feelings about certain goals with partners. There is going to be friction here so you can push forward and talk, just be careful about anger or deception. The positive energy is in your money houses so focus on making money and any new approaches to sharing it.

Tuesday the focus shifts to friendship and any power issues over work assignments, health or pets that come up. It requires some adjustments.

Wednesday brings positive energy between friends and partnership as well as through travel, law, education or media together. There seems to be wonderful flow here to support artistic, romantic or spiritual happiness or expansion together. The only challenge today is over limits to income and surprises or changes in outside money sources.

Thursday brings an important talk or meeting with a partner about artistic, spiritual or romantic ideas. Be clear in all that is said or agreed upon today as Neptune can cloud the idealism. This is about new beginnings or an ending so word it accordingly. Once the Moon enters Cancer you will want to balance rest with work, retreat with health.

Friday, the goddesses square and then Venus Retrogrades. This is challenging for everyone. For you the Retrograde cycle will be about backtracking or retracing steps regarding travel, people at a distance, legal issues or ceremonies, media, publishing, promoting, religion, politics, or education. A female, love or money is part of the redo. Your feelings about a secret, self-undoing, substance abuse or escapist tendency, fantasy or research, or institution, will be part of the challenge today.


Feelings about an authority figure or limit involving how your needs are being met by the law, through travel, education, or media, should be very positive on Monday. The changes, independence or surprises from a partner are favoring you as well. The challenge for you today stems from how this is affecting your desire to work or your health.

Tuesday the energy shifts towards goals or career. You are making some powerful changes regarding lovers, children or creative output and this is going to be necessary as it relates to these goals you have set for yourself. Adjust the emotions accordingly.

Wednesday how your goals tie to work, health or career are going to be happy, expansive and open for you. A love or money issue may suddenly present as an opportunity, a female is likely involved. The challenges today are about feeling that your needs or identity are being limited in some way and with the changes or independence of a partner.

Thursday brings a talk or meeting about work, health or pets to the table. With Neptune involved these talks will be artistic, spiritual, romantic, or deceptive based. These talks or meetings will mark a beginning or an end. You need to balance feelings about friends with powerful changes to loved ones or creativity.

Friday the goddesses square one another and then Venus Retrogrades. This is challenging for everyone and for you this is playing out over joint finances, settlements, insurance, debt, taxes, divorce, or sex. You will be retracing and revisiting in these arenas over the next 6 weeks, a current female may depart now or a woman from the past may return during this cycle. Love and money tie strongly into these shared themes.


The positive energy for you on Monday is flowing between research, rest, fantasy work or dealing with institutions you are doing and taking responsibility or authority in these matters, leading and committing time or effort. There is a sense of deep connection here or some bridge to outside money sources long term. A change or surprise with the work assignment arrives and is good for your wallet so go with the flow. The challenges today are with a creative project, lover or child and you will need to push and communicate around it if you wish to find common ground or financial satisfaction.

Tuesday the Moon enters your travel, legal, education and media zone and makes an adjusting aspect to Pluto. So you are going to need to get your emotions around a slightly different way of dealing with one or more of these things if you wish to transform your base of operations, home, foundations or security needs.

Wednesday is jammed full of aspects, very busy. There is MAJOR positive flow between legal, educational, travel, media issues connected to creative projects, partners, and expressing love. Make this energy work for you, there is luck and money and expansion involved in the actions taken, come from your passion. The obstacles or frustrations stem from limits or responsibility to secrets, retreat, self-sabotaging or someone’s hidden agenda and more surprises tied to work or health. You have more going for than against you today so work through it.

Thursday Mercury and Neptune meet up to have a talk about creative projects, love or children. This is going to have an artistic, spiritual or romantic bent to it and will mark an ending or new beginning. Open up and express what you want. Just be warned that Neptune can bring deception or confusion to the talks or agreements so be very thorough about every word. You will need to find balance between career desires and foundational changes.

Friday is tricky, very tricky. If you are in partnership, this could be the day you decide it is not working for you. You may also see a partner from the past pop back around today and it would be challenging. The Goddesses square and then Venus Retrogrades. You will need to be dealing with retracing issues tied to partnership until April 17th so look at how you value love and money through these connections.


Partnership and friendship and aspirations are working with each other today. Commit your time or efforts here for solid results. There is a change or surprise coming through creative projects, love or children and it is bringing opportunity your way, once again partnership is key. The challenges today involve home, security or property, taking action, talks, meetings, agreements, and some confusion or sentimentality, awash with how you will feel about partnership. So do your best to pour your energy towards the positive side of this.

Tuesday the Moon enters the deepest part of your chart and makes an adjustment aspect to your ruler, Pluto. This means that at least one talk or meeting is going to mean making some emotional adjustments to your feelings about power, transformation, sharing, an outside money issue such as loans or debt or divorce, or involving a sexual intimate. Adjust.

Wednesday is very active. It is leaning towards favorable energy with just a touch of challenge! The positive vibes flow between the shared resources or intimacy zone and home, foundations, what you are building up, property, and the work you do here. There is great opportunity for expansion, luck and money/love here so talk about it. The challenge is coming through a friendship or aspiration and the time or effort, limit or responsibility here, as well as some changes or surprises in creative projects or with loved ones.

Thursday brings an artistic, spiritual, romantic, or deceptive or nostalgic talk or meeting about the house, home, property, or security needs. Since you can see this merging as a beginning or ending, make sure you are being very clear and understand what is said back to you. There is need to balance feelings about beliefs and expansion with any power changes occurring locally or in what is said or written. This is not the best day to sign contracts.

Friday is challenging to say the least. The square between goddess Moon and Venus and then Venus’s subsequent Retrograde will mean a gear shift regarding work assignments, health or pets. You will need to deal with legal issues here, travel, education or the way you are promoting today. Over the Retrograde you will be retracing with a female or over love or money issues tied to work, health or pets so pace yourself until the 17th of April. Someone returning or a current departure could well be part of the mix.


Work and health are the focus on Monday along with any issues regarding pets. There is very positive energy helping you to commit to goals here and to find your personal authority in career. Changes or surprises at home will benefit the work, health or pets. The challenge today is with writing, talks, short trips, siblings or your neighborhood activities. Think about what you do or say on the road or at the local haunt.

Tuesday brings a need to make a major emotional adjustment for you and it falls between feelings about partnership and the money you make or spend. Ask yourself about your values when getting your feelings around this one, if a partner is asking to borrow money, it may be a large sum.

Wednesday is going to focus on partnership and there are a ton of aspects here today. The good news is talks will be happy or lucky, the opportunity to see love or creativity rise between you is great or you may find there is not enough here and feel good about moving on now. Either way talking from your passions will get you the best results. The challenge today involves the partnership and limits or responsibilities you must deal with where goals or career are concerned as well as changes to home or property.

Thursday brings Mercury and Neptune together in your third house. This is inspirational for writers who will be able to pen imaginative works today. As far as your conversations today, you are looking at beginnings and endings and sentimentality, nostalgia, deception, confusion, as well as romantic, artistic or spiritual influences, so tread lightly. On another note, there is a need to balance money, mine verses theirs or ours.

Friday is tough. The two goddesses are active. The Moon will square Venus and then Venus will Retrograde. You will need to get your feelings around something deep, about power, intimacy, obsession, outside money sources, or sex. This emotional intensity will be focused on the Retrograde of true love, children or creative projects. So you will have a female depart now or one from the past returning that is tied to one or more of these things, and/or you will be dealing with how love or money is tied to your sense of love and creativity, children and fun. You have until the 17th of April to retrace and revisit.


Your creative juices will be front and center on Monday as well as any issues with lovers or children. The positive flow of this is between committing to legal, travel, education, or media avenues with them or allowing the loss or limits here to bring something better to you, as well as having an unusual conversation or change to a writing project that brings opportunity regarding loved ones and creative projects. The challenge today is about income. Going after it or spending it, talking about it and coming from your passion.

Tuesday the Moon enters Gemini and adjusts to Pluto from there. This means you will need to make an emotional adjustment to the way you feel about work, health or pets today if you wish to continue to step into your power and transform your image or body.

Wednesday is crazy energy day! It is packed with work, health and pets, up and down. The up energy is about expansion, luck and good things with the money towards work, health or pets. Home is an opportunity today for love or money as well, so work here, recover, put in time making it beautiful. Come from your passions and share them with others. The challenges today are will feeling lack or responsibility in areas of travel, legal, education or media associated with work, health or pets. You will need to have at least one unusual conversation about it today.

Thursday brings Mercury and Neptune together in your income house. This is a communication that will be dreamy, romantic, artistic, spiritual, or possibly deceptive or disillusioning about earnings or something you wish to spend your money on. Possessions fall here as well so just make sure you are hearing what is being said or agreeing to what you wish to agree to. This is about beginnings and endings. You need to balance a power issue with a partner.

Friday the square between Moon and Venus is tough and then Venus Retrogrades! Deal with your feelings about the partnership. You will need to focus your attention to the home, property, foundations and security needs in your life over this Retrograde period, (until April 17th). Look for females to return from the past or a current one to depart, or for love or money issues to be revisited regarding home and foundations.


Monday is about the home, property or security issues at hand. You have positive energy tied to this and joint finances, divorce, outside money sources or sexual intimacy. There is support to commit or sever in favor of your base in life. Changes to income or spending on something unique is in positive aspect as well for the home. The challenge today is regarding your motivation and feelings about your identity or image tied to where you live or with whom and what you need to feel secure. Talk about it.

Tuesday the Moon changes signs and makes an adjustment aspect to Pluto. This means that you will need to deal with feelings about love, kids or creativity and any intense changes you are trying to make manifest behind the scenes, through research, fantasy, retreat or in dealing with institutions.

Wednesday is jammed full of energy and the focus once again for you is on love, lovers, children, or creative projects. The good flow is through feeling like you are connected here today, expanding in these areas, happy, that there is a chance to talk or meet over love or money and this brings opportunity your way. Come from your passions today. The only limits are stemming from intimacy and joint finances or divorce and you may surprise yourself in how you act physically because of it.

Thursday Mercury and Neptune are meeting up in your sign. This means you can talk about your needs, body, image or identity. You will be coming from a romantic, spiritual, artistic, dreamy or deceptive place in this so take care that you know your own mind before putting it out there. This is about a beginning or ending so words will be somewhat psychic or intuitive as well. There is a need to balance work or health with retreat or institutions later in the day and feelings may be intense.

Friday is challenging as Venus Retrogrades after squaring the Moon. This means you need to get your feelings around the work you do, your health or your pets and then deal with the shift Venus is bringing which will be a change of mind regarding love or money or a female who leaves or returns in your local arena, a sibling or something tied to writing or communications. Whichever it is going to be, you should see signs of it today and know which you will be dealing with until April 17th. This is a time to revisit your thoughts, what was said, written, agreed upon, what goes on in the neighborhood or with siblings.


Talks with partners will be serious and positive today, whether that is about committing to each other or severing the relationship is your call but the flow is positive and supports long term results. Expressing your independence or something new about yourself is favored as well. The challenge today involves being isolated or in retreat, wanting to push the boundaries and any actions taken or spoken about research, fantasy or institutions.

Tuesday the Moon enters Gemini and adjusts to Pluto from there. This means that you will need to adjust your feelings about home or security needs and the transformations you wish to see occur through a friendship tied to this.

Wednesday is chocked full of aspects so expect to have lots going on. The focus is home, property, foundations, and security needs. The work you are doing behind the scenes, in secret, in isolation, dealing with research or fantasy or institutions, is getting a boost from Jupiter so luck and expansion are here today as well as some opportunity to see some money coming in. Be passionate and follow your hunches and you should end the day stronger than you began it. The challenge today is with limits or responsibility to partnership and something you need to field on the spot that you didn’t anticipate.

Thursday Mercury and Neptune meet up in the hidden part of your chart. This is a talk or agreement done behind the scenes or regarding research, fantasy, institutions or something you are working on in retreat. There is the flavor of romantic, spiritual, artistic, or possibly deceptive energy to the talks or agreements so make sure you are clear and honest, and that you understand what is being said or agreed to as well. There is a need to balance feelings about love, children and creativity on one side with the powerful changes you are dealing with, with friends or aspirations.

Friday is challenging as the Moon squares Venus and then Venus Retrogrades in your house of income. This means that today you need to get your feelings around how your creativity or love fits in with the way you are making your living. Then you need to look at how the Retrograde will be playing out until April 17th by seeing if a woman from the past returns or someone current departs involved in your income. You will be retracing steps regarding love or money here, returning to a past form of money making or leaning on a lover who represented your income. What you value is to be reworked during this period.


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