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Today it's all about the Sun, Mercury and Saturn, as they get together to launch into something new. This new beginning is in Pisces as they one by one come to sit on the 9th degree today. Of course, the Sun and Mercury were on this degree last year, but it is Saturn's first time back to this degree since he toured here between April 1994-Jan 1995. So, we may be wrapping up a story that began back then as we launch into this new story, or we may be wrapping up some side of who we've been to launch here. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is MASTERY. This means that overcoming some obstacle as we set out on a quest or learning something new as we take our first steps towards this new thing is part of it. In Pisces this story can be about art, film, music, poetry, painting, dance, or other muse-related topics. It can be about romance in the sense of past life threads and souls in our lives, exiting, or coming into our lives from the past life that are now ready to be involved again, as Karmic cycles are now impacted. It can be about prayer, meditation, yoga, signs from beyond the veil, or any other spiritual or psychic abilities or scenarios. It can be about committing to kicking bad habits, tackling addictions, secrets, or deceptions in our lives, or learning something new about boundaries. It can be about research, investigations or institutions as well. Oh, and/or it could involve a Pisces in our lives. So, with the Sun it's about us in the story, how we are showing up, our name, title, brand, body, image, or needs in the story that is getting underway. With Mercury it is about news, an important talk, a meeting, offer, writing, agreement, sales, or short trip about it. It could also involve a sibling, neighbor, move, the vehicles, or electronics in the story. And with Saturn it is about any endings or commitments, long term views about things, mastery (again), rules, time, effort, responsibilities, dedication, discipline, an authority figure in the mix, goals, or ambitions about it. So, how do we begin? Is something ending so we can start anew? How can we personally, physically, mentally, with words, involvement, ideas, along with endurance, patience or ambition, set forward today towards mastery in one of these areas of life? I do have to say that when looking at this combination today I saw that back in 1994-1995 as Saturn traversed this mastery degree the Sun and Mercury were not there at the same time to kick it off and to merge all energies together, so they did not join together to be as one moving forward on this story. So perhaps this new major round in our lives will allow us to finally be part of the commitment and ambition to launch us into mastery in our romantic/past life soul arenas, or with boundaries, or with our artistic pursuits, or in kicking bad habits or addictions, or on our spiritual path. We are all in this time around, mind, body, and commitment. So be conscious of what you would like to go for and grateful for this new chance.   PRAYER TODAY is, 'May we master ourselves through embracing the muse, finding our spiritual path, connecting with important souls on our pathway, seeking information, and committing to our highest good." PEAK TIME is 3pm Eastern/12pm Pacific, see you there! If you'd like to SUPPORT THIS WORK you can buy Zoe a coffee, it's much appreciated!                                     Buy Me A Coffee                                                                 To BOOK A READING with Zoe, just email and ask about the details.

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