Saturday, February 24, 2024



Our Virgo Full Moon peaked at 7:30am Eastern this morning so we should have reached our apex with something involving health or work, animals or paperwork, or with cleaning, organizing, co-workers, or hired help. If not, wrap it up, mark your endings, celebrate, or reach your goals today. The rest of the day is about Venus and Jupiter, sweet. So, we have something going on with love or money, beauty or pleasure, and it is big, growth-oriented, or focused on our happiness or prosperity. We can see this playing out around a certain aspiration or original project, it could involve friends, groups or the internet, any travel, distant or foreign interests, legal, educational, or media ventures, ceremonies, religion, or politics, or purchases, possessions, or products. So, that's lots to choose from, have at it! The WEEKLY ASTOLOGY SHOW is up, LISTEN HERE:    PRAYER TODAY is, 'May we be in service to our own potential as well as that of others." If you'd like to SUPPORT THIS WORK you can buy Zoe a coffee, it's much appreciated!                                     Buy Me A Coffee                                                                 To BOOK A READING with Zoe, just email and ask about the details.

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