Tuesday, February 20, 2024



Day 10 of 16 days of rebalancing Karmic give and take, letting go, or the return of past life souls into our lives in relationship. This is about our own growth and needs as it pertains to partners, clients, specialists, representatives, opponents, advocates, or other such relationships. What stays, what goes, what returns, what can be rebalanced? Cancer Moon is to the point today, in flow with Uranus in Taurus, opening up potential for any sudden, exciting, shocking, changing, spontaneous, interplays between emotional needs, home, family, moves, roommates, parents, renovations, real estate deals, or roots, and values, being valued, money needs, purchases, possessions, aspirations, online topics, social influences, or original projects.   This involves a cardinal energy=taking the initiative, and fixed energy=digging in about it. So, doors open, here we go. The MARCH MONTHLY ASTROLOGY Show is up, LISTEN HERE: https://healthylife.net/RadioShow/archiveZM.htm          The WEEKLY ASTRO SHOW is now up, LISTEN HERE:  The Zoe Moon Astrology Venus in Aquarius & Sun in Pisces Show 02/15 by Zoe Moon | Self Help (blogtalkradio.com)        PRAYER TODAY is, 'May we be in the moment, be true to our heart, while keeping an eye on the long term.'  Peak time is 12-12:05pm Eastern/9-9:05am Pacific, see you there! If you'd like to SUPPORT THIS WORK you can buy Zoe a coffee, it's much appreciated!                                     Buy Me A Coffee                                                                 To BOOK A READING with Zoe, just email zoemoonastrology@gmail.com and ask about the details.

The WEEKLY HORORSCOPES Feb 19-25 are up, READ THEM HERE: Zoe Moon Astrology: Zoe Moon Astrology WEEKLY HOROSCOPES Feb 19-25                                                       


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