Friday, February 23, 2024



Mercury entered Pisces in the wee hours this morning and will be touring here until March 9th so we have 16 days with this influence. Mercury is our mind, the things we think, say and decide. It is about meetings, flirtations, short trips, writing, interviews, talks, ideas, local activities, as well as what is going on with siblings, neighbors, moves, vehicles, and electronics. In Pisces it is about absorbing everything around you in these areas, about having no boundaries, psychic downloads, prayer, meditation or yoga, romantic ideals, past life scenarios, addictions and secrets, art, film, music, or other artistic outlets, rest, recuperation, dreams, or research, or anything around institutions. So, plan on making the most of this brief influence while it is here, speak up, ask questions, meet, you get the idea. Leo Moon is wrapping up today and in adjustment so we may have some adaptation to do with the kids, our lover/love life, or anything creative or recreational, be flexible. Virgo Moon kicks in at 8:38pm Eastern and we turn our attention towards work or health, the animals, any paperwork, cleaning, organizing, or what we're doing with hired help or co-workers. this should come together with Mercury in Pisces for good one-on-one conversations.  The WEEKLY ASTOLOGY SHOW is up, LISTEN HERE:    PRAYER TODAY is, 'May we hear the messages and see the signs that are there to guide us." If you'd like to SUPPORT THIS WORK you can buy Zoe a coffee, it's much appreciated!                                     Buy Me A Coffee                                                                 To BOOK A READING with Zoe, just email and ask about the details.

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