Monday, February 19, 2024



Cancer Moon is in full force today, meeting with Jupiter and Saturn in positive harmonics and opportunity alignments, sweet. So, focus on what you can do at home or with any property related interests, moves, renovations, real estate deals, interior design, feng shui, emotional needs, nurturing, or make it about family, parents, history, ancestry, roommates, or roots. Saturn supports via time, effort, or ambitions, any authority types in the mix, goals, and what's going on artistically, romantically, spiritually, recuperatively, or with institutions or research. Jupiter opportunes via going big, finding happiness, prospering, growing something, any legal contracts, travel plans, distant situations, media ventures, educational pursuits, ceremonies, or beliefs. There can be income in the mix or a purchase, possessions or products in flow.  The MARCH MONTHLY ASTROLOGY Show is up, LISTEN HERE:          The WEEKLY ASTRO SHOW is now up, LISTEN HERE:  The Zoe Moon Astrology Venus in Aquarius & Sun in Pisces Show 02/15 by Zoe Moon | Self Help (        PRAYER TODAY is, 'May we remember we share this home with nature, the animal kingdom, and each other, and act accordingly.'  Peak time is 12-12:05pm Eastern/9-9:05am Pacific, see you there! If you'd like to SUPPORT THIS WORK you can buy Zoe a coffee, it's much appreciated!                                     Buy Me A Coffee                                                                 To BOOK A READING with Zoe, just email and ask about the details.

The WEEKLY HORORSCOPES Feb 19-25 are up, READ THEM HERE: Zoe Moon Astrology: Zoe Moon Astrology WEEKLY HOROSCOPES Feb 19-25                                                       


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