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Oh my, we head into our first full week of Jupiter in Aries! We had just a taste of this expansive energy for 3 months in 2010 when Jupiter first tested the fires here between June 6th and September 9th so you should be able to think back to how that time felt. Get ready, this time it’s for real and we are going to be zooming ahead at warp speed through take action, explode in anger, ardently embrace with passion, surgery and war, lust, aggression and courage energy of Aries in big, beneficial new ways. It’s time to motivate, what do YOU want for YOU? You have until June 4th to go get it, play nice. How’s that body of yours? Um, yeah, well I won’t go there because Zoe could use a bit of fine tuning too, get on it people! It’s great for reinventing yourself in happy ways.

Besides all this energy pouring open the ‘me, and maybe a bit more me’ doors, this week is also going to focus strongly on at least one important relationship. Yeah, yeah, I hear the moaning going on from way out here but you know I told you we are in serious relationship territory all the way through October 2012. Once you graduate this course you will be in the clear for another 29 years so just do it!


Saturn, which has been doing all that testing is going to Retrograde on Wednesday morning 1:10 am eastern time, or Tuesday night 10:10 pacific time at 17 degrees of Libra. So, let’s be clear. Libra rules our romantic, marriage and business partners, our agents, attorneys, specialists, and advocates, and our opponents and competitors. These are the relationships we are talking about. In this 2 + year test of relationship, we have graduated from the first phase which was double Libra by decan, meaning looking at that mirror the other person was holding and deciding if we liked the reflection or not, putting in any effort to fix it, fix ourselves, and trying to rebalance. If you were not in relationship, you were looking at yourselves and rebalancing your lives to open up space, getting serious about it. This original testing all came between July and October of 2010.

In October of 2010 Saturn entered the second decan of Libra, the part in relationship that deals with change, freedom, causes, visionary ideas, new approaches, unique or eccentric people or ideas, originality, aspirations and dreams for your life, your social sphere, friendships, group affiliations, the internet, astrology, genius, rebellion, and a great awakening in relationship. Since October 2010 until this week we have been looking at ways to awaken or change relationships to bring more energy, independence and new opportunities to bear, we’ve considered partnering with friends, forming or joining groups to help us deal with what is happening to a relationship or to help us find one. We've used the internet or astrology to seek or understand relationships. Partnered in a charity or foundation with someone for a cause or friend, formed groups based on charitable work, sought the proper advocate or attorney to bring the group to new heights. It has been a time to find ourselves within an ongoing partnership, to infuse it with our dream for our life, to shake things up that were stagnant while maintaining our own unique voice, and if single to look for someone who understands our vision or dream.

This week, Saturn is going to Retrograde here and give you a do-over in this territory. You missed something or didn’t have enough time to figure it out. You missed something or didn’t have enough time to figure it out (just in case you didn’t see that line). It is an extremely important phase for everyone since our relationships in love and business are such a big part of our life. Starting on Wednesday through June 12th you will be backtracking or going into the past to tackle the work of relationship, with marriage partners, potential partners, business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, competitors, or opponents. If you are ending one of these relationships, this is the time to do the work of reinventing your new independent life, following your own drummer, connecting with friends, attending group or forming one, dealing with the attorney, etc. If you are in a great relationship this time is about trying new and unusual things together, awakening your dream for your life, socializing more or seeing a specialist like a marriage counselor or tantric guru, you get the idea. If you are single it is a time to spend socializing to meet someone through a friend, party, networking event, the internet, astrology, or group you join.

This period is for looking at contracts you have with partners or representatives and tweaking anything that still needs improvement. You DO NOT HAVE TO CONFORM to anyone else’s expectations of what your relationship or partnership should look like, not now. Remember Woody Allen and Mia Farrow living in houses across the street from each other? Well whatever makes it work is what makes it work, that need for freedom doesn’t have to be that pronounced but you get the idea, it’s your life, your relationship, what do you need? Get together with the person in question and work things out that suit you and make you happy. If you are staying in bad relationships out of fear, this is your do-over. If it's a business partnership, how can you work together and keep your own identity?

On June 12th Saturn will begin to move forward again in the Aquarius part of Libra, the same second decan, and you will see things zoom through this second decan between then and October 12th. We will then all enter the third and final decan of Libra, the Gemini portion and that is a whole other chapter that I will address when we get there. Suffice it to say, the last year of tests in relationship from Oct. 2011 - Oct. 2012 will be about agreements, writing, ideas, moves, learning, and local activities, you need to do the work now on changes, awakening, friendships, networking, the internet, astrology, and the dreams you hold for your life with this person. It’s do-over and inner awakening, tweaking and infusing new life, reconnecting or disconnecting now, zoom ahead in the summer, this is it, get busy!

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Monday the Libra Moon is offering you an opportunity to partner with friends, find deal with agents or attorneys involving groups or friends, and to make something happen under positive stars. A talk or news you have today about career or reputation is going to be intense and tie in with any relationship in question in a powerful way.

Tuesday the relationship Moon is asking that you connect over a love or money issue tied to travel, media, publishing, marketing, education, or legal means and this is a positive opportunity. Women will benefit here. There is a positive harmony with friends, aspirations, groups and any artistic or spiritual outlets. Once the Moon moves into Scorpio you will want to deal with any financial matter, divorce issue or sexual attraction with a bit of adjustment in mind.

Wednesday or late Tuesday for west coast, Saturn Retrogrades and you are ready to go back and work on relationships that are about freeing you or awakening something in you that you are currently unaware of. Look at social functions, friendships, group affiliations, networking, the internet, astrology, as well as independence, brilliant ideas, change, and the balance you have in your life in relationships as key. How can you open things up here? What do you need to work on? A talk or news you hear today could challenge. This would likely involve career, reputation, ambition, an authority figure, boss, or father. There is positive energy to make changes with these through shared or outside financial means, just take a good look at how you are feeling about your place in a friendship or group today or about how your ability to socialize is going, big clue to the upcoming period.

Thursday is about positive talks or meetings with authority figures over financial settlements or loans, outside resources or divorce. You can talk to the boss today or ask dad for the loan. Friends or groups are still the place where you have a blind spot, Neptune is clouding this considerably for you and any disillusionment is an arrow pointing back at relationship for you and what needs a breath of fresh air.

Friday the Moon is in Sagittarius and linking up with very positive aspects to open doors to travel, delve into media or marketing, take legal steps on something or a class. You can open up your own happiness in this today and possibly prosper from what actions you take to socialize, connect with a friend or group, or pursue your dreams through these doors.

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Monday is work, effort, health, or pets energy for you with great opportunity to achieve your ends here, gain recognition, make things happen, if you apply yourself. There is something changing and you will get news of this or make a decision about it today regarding legal, media, marketing, publishing, travel, distance, or education. This in turn is going to spark serious moments with the work, health or pet situation.

Tuesday the work, health or pet matter irons out and you are in opportunity mode with the woman in question. There is a sharing going on here that is powerful and you may find the financial backing, intimacy or answer to divorce questions through her. Goals that are artistic, spiritual or romantic can be reached today as well or moved towards through effort. A friend may change things on you at the last minute, leaving the work, health or pet matter in need of some adjustments.

Wednesday or late Tuesday for west coast, Saturn Retrogrades and you are going back into the past over relationship or dealing with agents, attorneys, advocates, or competitors and for you this is going to affect work, health or pets. This period ahead is all about how these important people help you secure work, contribute to work, motivate you to work, enhance your service you provide, are involved in your health or healthy lifestyle, or share in pets or animal issues. You need to talk or make a decision today about the legal, travel, educational, or marketing/media matter that is affecting this and it is important to be serious.

Thursday the focus on relationships or others who represent or compete is opening up positively for you through legal, travel, educational, ceremonial, or media/marketing connections. Talks or meetings, decisions or agreements should serve you well here. Something on the career front or about reputation or father could be a bit foggy, it may be the goal you have with this person is not lining up the same for them and you need to work through artistic, romantic or spiritual issues. For some hospitals or addictions are at issue.

Friday is a great day for financial matters that are coming in from outside resources, go for money that can help you launch a business, work on commission, set up royalties or settlements, pursue your goal financially with vigor today. Intimacy and sexual attractions are under positive stars as well with lots of fantasy and happiness playing out behind closed doors.

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Monday is all about true love, a child or the creative endeavor for you. The focus is on going after what you want here through legal means, ceremony, travel, marketing, publishing, media, or educational outlets. All of this is under positive stars so look at how you can do something here that helps you achieve your ends. The challenge today comes through a talk or news you receive about third parties and financial matters, divorce or sex. Commit or sever ties, it’s serious.

Tuesday the love is flowing or the money is there through the partner, agent, attorney, or other relationship involved with your heartstrings, child or creative project. This is an opportunity and again legal, travel, media, or educational outlets are the positive way to go to express love, connect with lovers, children or creative endeavors. A change to status, an authority figure or career means some adjustments are necessary last minute.

Wednesday or late Tuesday for west coast, Saturn Retrogrades and takes you back into your do-over with a romantic, marriage or business partner, an agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, or opponent and for you this is going to play out over true love, children or a creative venture. Look at how serious you are, they are, how personal freedom and change is affecting the situation. Is there original, spontaneous awakening and brilliance in the mix? What can you change about how you are approaching relationship here? Can you take more responsibility or come through more grown-up or do you need to find your own niche that fits your brand of adulthood? A talk, meeting, piece of information, or decision today is going to be challenging and very serious and it is all about the power, control, triangle, sex, financial matter, or divorce in relation to this lover, child or creative project.

Thursday pours energy into work, health or pets with opportunity to deal with large sums of money or balance any financial matter you share with a bank or other person. Open up and see what can be agreed upon. Sexy attractions with co-workers or employees are possible today, zoom. The legal, travel, media, or educational matter tied to work, pets or health is challenging and most likely because it is unclear or you are feeling sentimental.

Friday is all about the relationship with a partner, representative or competitor and the skies are blue here. See about doing something social or partnering with friends to expand horizons. There is opportunity to shine through the actions you take or passion you express towards the trip, media, legal, or educational matter now, again the partner, agent, attorney, or advocate is aligning positively in this with you.

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Monday is about gearing up to handle the financial matter at home or involving property or mom, family or a move. You are in positive alignment to do something that involved your needs or image in the matter. This is on the head of a very important talk, bit of news or decision involving a partner, agent, attorney, or competitor that changes everything.

Tuesday brings positive energy around the work you do at home, money coming in or being spent here, any healthy choices made here or something involving pets. Again, finances, divorce or intimacy are positively aligned in connection with your living quarters. Be willing to make some adjustments to legal, travel, media, or educational matters and you should be fine.

Wednesday or late Tuesday night for west coast time, Saturn Retrogrades and takes you back over marriage or business partners, agents, attorneys, or competitors that are affecting your home, move, living situation, real estate deals, mom/mother figure, family, or security. Look at freedom verses duty, new energy and ways of doing things verses same old same old. What needs to change? The talk today with the partner, agent, attorney, or competitor is going to set a serious tone and is all about committing or severing ties over something here long term. Feelings about kids, creative ventures or love are under powerful yet positive change today, the challenge comes through shared financial matters or divorce issues.

Thursday brings positive opportunity for talks or meetings with the partner, representative or competitor and should have you feeling better about love, kids or creative projects. New opportunities or approaches are on the horizon through legal, media, publishing, travel, or educational lanes. Financial, sexual or divorce issues are still challenging.

Friday the energy shifts to focus on work, health or pets and it is very positive in these areas today. Look for ways to expand your career front, launch a business, get your name out there, broaden your appeal, and take personal action on the financial front, with the divorce issue or the sex appeal as it ties to work or healthy living, this is under positive stars.

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Monday is all about a decision, meeting, agreement, talk, bit of news, writing project, speech, short trip, neighbor, move, or sibling. Yes, there’s a lot there but you will know which third house subject fits your life. It’s serious and profound and will tie into a work situation, health matter or pet for you. You will want to take action with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or the competition over this and seem to be supported in the effort.

Tuesday brings positive alignment for meetings or talks with lovers, children or over creative ventures and harmonizes beautifully with any spiritual, romantic or artistic connection you have with a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist. Be adaptive in meetings or ready to talk about changes around the shared financial matter, divorce or sexual attraction.

Wednesday or late Tuesday night for west coast, Saturn Retrogrades and takes you back into the past decisions, agreements, meetings, writing, neighborhood, or sibling matter that is playing out with a partnership, representative or competitor. You need to look at how your thinking is changing, do you want your freedom or commitment? What do you think about the way responsibilities or limits are playing out? Do you want to work on it, can you get serious about expressing your needs, renegotiate a contract, find a better balance involving short trips, siblings or neighbors? The talk today is going to focus in again on the work situation, health matter or pets and it is one of those moments that mean make or break, choose your words wisely.

Thursday brings positive opportunity around the talks about work, health or pets and should have you feeling better about the home or living situation. Partners or representatives, advocates or competitors are a bit unclear for you today, don’t try to hash things out under this fog, wait til it clears.

Friday is wonderful for love, kids or creative ventures and any travel you might do, media or publicity involved, publishing or ceremonies, legal actions or educational matters. The partner, agent, attorney, or specialist is on your side or you should be able to do something to reach your own needs by connecting over kids, love or creative projects.

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Monday the focus is on making or spending money and there is real positive motivating forces behind you physically to get in there and do the work or to focus on health or pets/animals in the financial way. There is a powerful, challenging talk or decision with a lover, child or about a creative project that is going to change things and it should be geared around the income you want to generate or what is being spent with a serious eye on commitment or endings.

Tuesday brings positive energy around earning/spending and the woman at home so you may be working on a home business with a woman or spending on a female interior designer, you get the idea, all good. Work, health and pets are as well under positive stars, apply the artistic or spiritual touch. Be willing to make some adjustments around the partner or representative.

Wednesday or late Tuesday night on the west coast, Saturn Retrogrades in your income zone. This means you are going into the past through a relationship with a marriage, romantic or business partner, agent, attorney, or competitor to deal with structuring a way to earn money or deal with spending or a possession in question. How can you take on responsibility or build on solid foundations here? What do you need to do to get this under way, commit or sever ties for the sake of the financial picture? The talk you have about love, kids or the creative project again is going to cement this or end it.

Thursday the communication line opens around love, creativity, fun, or kids and new approaches to partnership or representation are called for. The only challeng today is over sentiments or confusion going on at work, with the work, over health, or involving animals.

Friday is all about the home, move, roommate, mom/mother figure, or real estate matter and ways you can open up, expand, prosper, or find happiness through loans, settlements, inheritance, bankruptcy, or other financial means, divorce, reproduction, or intimacy. You should be proactive today in doing the work here, tackling health issues or getting things together for the animals at home, all good.

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Monday is all about you, your body, image, needs, and how you can do something creatively, with kids or a lover/love interest to express passions and make things happen. This is under positive stars. You will however need to deal with intense news or a powerful talk, meeting or decision regarding home, real estate, moves, mom/mother figures, or security needs and whatever is coming up for you, get serious about committing your whole self to the process or ending what is going on.

Tuesday the energy is favoring talks or meetings with women and any money matters with sisters. You can open up the channels of creativity and artistry and bring your spirituality into the mix or romantic notions to benefit. Be willing to make some adjustments around work, health or pets.

Wednesday or late Tuesday night for west coast, Saturn Retrogrades in your sign. This is about a trip into your personal past, a look at who you are and what still needs to happen to take on more responsibility, lead your way forward, put your ambitions to the test through physical discipline or personal leadership skills. You may be making more changes to an old look or image or need to tweak a career matter tied to your name or face. A talk, bit of news, agreement, meeting, or something involving siblings and the home, real estate deal, move, or living situation is hitting a major turning point today/last night. Get real, commit or end what is going on.

Thursday brings positive opportunity for talks or decisions about home/real estate that should make you feel better about income. There is a way to approach work, health or pets in new ways that will earn money or be an outlet for spending on unique things here. Love, kids or creative projects are challenging you a bit as some confusion seems to be bordering the income/spending here.

Friday is a great day for all talks, meetings, writing, agreements, short trips, or sibling connections and will help you to open doors through partnership or representation in lucky ways. You should dive into the creative projects, love affairs or anything involving children today, all good.

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Monday there is a whole lot going on behind the scenes, it is a day to delve into imagination or fantasy, strategy or spiritual practice/pursuits, clandestine love, secrets, research, addictions, hospital matters, investigations, film, music or other artistic outlets, and to put yourself into making things happen at home or with moves, real estate or living situations tied to this. An agreement or bit of news, talk or meeting, something you are writing, or idea is going to be challenging you today as you deal and it’s time to get serious about what is going on.

Tuesday is again about all of the above behind the scenes action, artistic outlets, spiritual pursuits, research, work done behind the scenes, strategic moves and there is a positive tie to women and earning money in this today along with support from Neptune in the home for spiritual, artistic or romantic connections. Be willing to adjust something around a creative project, child or lover/love interest to expand your horizons.

Wednesday or late Tuesday night for the west coast, Saturn Retrogrades in this behind the scenes arena. This means that whatever relationship that you need to go back into the past to handle will be tied to secrets, clandestine affairs, hospitals, addictions, film, music, poetry, or other artistic outlets, spiritual pursuits, research, strategic agendas, hidden enemies, self-sabotaging issues, or romantic ideals. What are the commitment issues here? How can you solidify your ambitions to make this more balanced and equitable with a romantic, marriage or business partner, agent or attorney, specialist or competitor? What needs commitment, what needs to end? A talk you have today or something involving writing, agreements, news you hear, or a meeting is going to help you draw the line one way or the other.

Thursday brings positive opportunity in talks or meetings about income, be willing to do something different about the home or living situation. The only challenge today is that Neptune is dredging up nostalgia, confusion or sentimentality for you and you will need to get out of your head a bit to deal with the positive talks or meetings you can have about money.

Friday the energy opens wide around earning money and expanding your work, again it is through actions you take at home, with a roommate, move, real estate deal, or mom/mother figure that is going to help you stand up, stand out and go after what you want. Spending on home or family may bring you happiness as well and any action going on at the home today is set to open up a channel to passion up ahead.

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Monday is all about the friend, group, social occasion, networking event, or aspiration you are pursuing. There is wonderful energy around any action you take locally or something you write, an agreement in question, meeting or talk you have, or decision you make. The challenge today is over income with this friend, group or aspiration and what you say, decide or agree upon is going to change everything.

Tuesday brings an opportunity to share love with a friend or group or to connect with a female friend or person in a group that is beneficial towards earning money. You can talk to this friend or for the group about the spiritual, artistic or romantic issue going on and find support. Changes at home or real estate, with family or mom are likely.

Wednesday or late Tuesday night for the west coast, Saturn Retrogrades in your house of friends, groups, social functions, and aspirations. This is about going back into your past with a romantic, marriage or business partner, agent, attorney, or competitor to look at your group affiliations, friendship, or dreams and aspirations for your life. What does your income or spending have to do with this? How can you set limits or take on more responsibility, structure things differently, claim more freedom or have a unique voice within this situation or without? Can you find someone to help you with the internet to get your dream out to a bigger crowd, can astrology help? Is there a group you should join or end attachments with to make a relationship more solid?

Thursday brings positive talks, meetings or agreements with friends or groups about your needs. You should offer up your original ideas, writing, or new ways to form the agreement today. Again, the money you earn or spend is being challenged and under foggy conditions so try not to push too hard here, there could be hospital matters, artistic issues, romantic needs or spiritual outlets that are affecting the situation now.

Friday the energy shifts and there is positive flow for you and any expansion you wish to do through love, kids or creative ventures. IT’s a day to adventure and enjoy. You should take action locally, express passions, write, push your writing, or pour yourself into meetings, agreements or talks that put you out and about in happy ways.

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Monday is all about career, goals, ambitions, reputation, fame, bosses, leadership, authority figures, dad/father figures, and recognition. You have all kinds of energy behind earning money and achieving goals today so be proactive and put yourself out there. If you want to spend on your image or identity in the business, all good. You do need to have a talk or make a choice about your needs, body or image today that is going to change things rather intensely, brings a serious look at what you want to achieve.

Tuesday brings positive energy behind closed doors, any research, hospital matters, artistic outlets, fantasy, spiritual pursuits, or strategies should pay off. Income and career matters are nicely supportive especially where artistry or institutions are concerned. You need to be adaptive where an agreement, talk or meeting comes into play, open to new ideas.

Wednesday or late Tuesday night for the west coast, Saturn Retrogrades. This is your ruling energy and it is now going to take you back into the past through relationships with partners, representatives or competitors to look at goals, reputation, career, ambitions, fame, or father issues. You need to get serious and look at what you need, who you are, where you want to go, what agreement or commitment is relevant, if endings are in order, and how you can structure your world to offer yourself more freedom and independence up ahead, in relationship or out, through representatives or partners. Again, a day to get serious about people in your life and what you want to achieve.

Thursday brings positive talks or agreements with friends, a great time to meet up or share ideas and be open to new places or people here as well. Income or spending seems to be in a bit of a fog today so don’t try to make a decision on this until you can see what is going on.

Friday brings positive energy to flow behind the scenes, in work you do at home or involving real estate or moves, mom or family. There is a great growth aspect here so see if you can research or strategize something. Income is under great energy as well and you may spend on something or earn more today by being proactive and putting yourself out in the mix.

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Monday is all about the legal matter, marketing or media venture, ceremony, education/class you are teaching or taking, or travel plans or something involving distance or import/export. There is great energy about you going after what you want through these means and putting yourself out there but there is a decision you need to make, news, a meeting or talk, or an agreement that is hidden or secret, dealing with hospitals, clandestine romance, artistic or spiritual outlets, or research that is going to be very intense and change things. It’s time to commit or end it.

Tuesday opens up the possibilities with a friend or group to earn money or share in something lovely through travel, media, legal, or educational means. There is a place for you in the mix artistically, spiritually or romantically. You will need to make some adjustments around the money being earned or spent in this.

Wednesday or late Tuesday night for the west coast, Saturn Retrogrades in your house of the higher mind. This means that you will be going back into past relationship matters with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors through legal channels, ceremonies, religious beliefs, travel, issues of distance, import/export, media, publishing, marketing, or education. What needs to happen to make it more solid, to end it, to cement it, to limit it? Can you take on more leadership or structure something differently? A talk, meeting, agreement, or decision you make today involving the secret, clandestine affair, hospital, artistic or spiritual project, will have a serious affect on this Retrograde matter, again, commit or end.

Thursday opens up positive talks or agreements that should help you reach a goal or open up career opportunity. Changes in ways to earn or spending on unique items benefit and support career aims or ambitions. You have a challenging square from Neptune today so take care of hangovers or flu like symptoms and if you feel a bit out of sorts sentimentally, this will pass once the aspect moves on.

Friday the energy shift and moves into socializing, friends, groups, and aspirations with a big happiness quotient. It’s a great day to meet with friends, talk to a group, sign agreements, pitch ideas, write with a friend or group, and to do something physical or motivating for yourself with them. All good!

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Monday it’s all about the sex, divorce or major financial matter and you are going to feel spurred on to do something, express your passions or make things happen behind closed doors, through fantasy, film or artistic outlets, spiritual pursuits, clandestine affairs, research, dealing with hospitals or other institutions, or hiding out behind the scenes. A very intense talk, meeting, piece of news, decision, or agreement is coming into play that will affect one or more of these fields through a friend, group affiliation, social obligation or event, or tied to an aspiration of yours. It’s time to get serious and commit or deal with endings.

Tuesday brings positive energy around the goal, women, career, ambition, reputation, fame, money, sex, or divorce matters and what you are doing behind the scenes or in the realm of fantasy, the arts, research, spiritual practice, or through institutions. You should make some personal or physical adjustments, try something different.

Wednesday or late Tuesday night for the west coast, Saturn Retrogrades in your zone of sex, reproduction, divorce, loans, debt, inheritance, settlements, alimony, child support, taxes, insurance, bankruptcy, and all outside financial resources, or anything having to do with mortality and life changing times. This means you are going to be retracing steps and looking at relationships that are involved here, restructuring through partners, agents, attorneys, or in dealing with competition, looking at what needs to end, where you need to commit more effort. What can you do to allow for more freedom and your individual voice coming through your relationships, how do these areas hold sway? A very important talk, bit of news, meeting, agreement, or decision is again on tap, involving a friend, group or aspiration that will brings you closer to deciding about commitment or endings.

Thursday opens up talks, agreements or meetings involving the friend, group or aspiration and this is under positive stars for all travel, legal, media, or educational connection here. Look for ways to express your unique style and independent nature in regard to this. The only challenge today for you is around the hospital, retreat, spiritual, artistic, research, or clandestine affair and any confusion or sentimentality going on here.

Friday is a great energy day with positive flow around achieving your aim, the career, ambitions, reputation, fame, and earning big or spending bigger. It feel generous and open with opportunity for you to express yourself through film, music or other artistic outlets, share passions, embrace private romantic time, work on something behind the scenes, delve into spiritual expression, shine in all things mystical or of the muse.

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