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Oh yeah babies, the weekend looks pretty spectacular! First, a quick note about the ‘new’ astrological positions: You are still the same signs. Ophiuchus is and has been known by astronomers and astrologers for centuries, it is one of 88 constellations and it does lie on the ecliptic between Scorpio and Sagittarius. Procession occurs and is what sidereal/eastern/vedic astrology is based on encompassing the difference in degrees or different sign they were talking about. Tropical/western astrology however is based on symbolic solstice and equinox points meaning that Aries will always start with the spring equinox, Cancer with the summer solstice, Libra with the fall equinox, and Capricorn with the winter solstice. Sidereal allows for the movement of procession because it bases astrology on stars against the constellations while Tropical does not, basing astrology on geocentric observations, or the earth to the Sun. Tropical astrologers can consult sidereal positions as part of an overview when looking into personal charts along with progressions, solar arc, transits, and other personal points. None of this is news, it’s very old practice.

The reason Ophiuchus has not been a separate sign has much to do with the dismantling of the 13 month Lunar based calendar that followed the Moon and her cycles and was feminine based. This was replaced by the Solar, 12 month calendar of patriarchal societies and the following of the Sun through time, a male based system. This does not mean that Ophiuchus does not have influence. This part of the sky is noted for healing or powerful transformations, stemming from the myth of Asclepius who brought a dead snake back to life with the use of herbs and was killed by Zeus to keep the knowledge from humanity. Zeus placed Asclepius against the heavens giving us the constellation Ophiuchus. Zeus/Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and we see how Ophiuchus was absorbed astrologically in this area.

If your chart has a strong planetary placement in this sector you may feel leanings towards healing, transformational pursuits tied to kundalini and the snake imagery, and many with energy here tend to have a strong mission or cause drive to their lives. If we go back to a 13 month calendar perhaps we will embrace this sign again, if not I can’t imagine why it would be important to do so. Although, I have to say, that the idea that we might at some point could be interesting. When an astrological indicator is marked, we always see evidence in the world below, if this is about the power to resurrect or prolong life through a more nature based approach or holistic breakthrough, then I would welcome it. Perhaps it will be one of you with a birthday that falls within the time frame of Nov. 29-Dec. 17 that discovers it! If it is a leaning towards rebalancing the divine feminine with the male, again I would welcome the integration and a more complete model of our energetic. If any new information comes to light that would change my opinion on this matter, you guys will be the first to know! In the meantime, it's this astrologers opinion that you are the same sign you have always been.

On Saturday the Moon, which rules our emotions, is in Taurus. This makes us feel like enjoying the pleasures in life or earning/spending money. This Moon is going to dance in positive alignment with the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction to open up luck, happiness, excitement, change, expansion, and prosperous opportunities tied to our artistic, spiritual or romantic needs, sweet! This Moon then goes on to trine Mars which brings harmony to actions taken towards our goals and gives up drive and passion to boot.

Once the Moon moves into Gemini we are going to feel like having a deep talk or powerful meeting with someone. This could be over a financial, sexual or divorce goal or about our career on some level and how these things are affecting us. This aspect is going to require some finessing so enter the conversation or meeting with that in mind. Finally and probably most significantly today, Mars is moving into Aquarius! This is a time when we are going to feel driven to do something personal or physical that moves our aspirations along and involves our friends, a group or social events over the next few weeks. Action involving the internet or astrology is favored as well!

Sunday that Gemini Moon wants us to talk with a woman about a legal issue, travel plans, something involving foreign interests or import/export, a media venture, marketing or publicity campaign, a class, political agenda, ceremony, or religious matter. Venus is in the mix so there can be a rebalancing of the love or money through this talk or agreement so look for solutions together. Saturn is harmonizing with the Moon so there is solid support or potential for positive effort involving a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or in dealing with competition. Be proactive!

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Saturday is a great day to earn money, ask for a raise, change something about what you are doing behind the scenes, at a hospital, in research, on a film, art or music project, in a spiritual or psychic pursuit, or involving an investigation, all should open up income in beneficial ways. You may wish to spend on something related to this as well and it looks good! You are going to have a lot of drive to achieve and this is going to help you on the career front or towards a goal now. A talk with a woman about career, reputation, status, a goal, or father is important today and requires adjustments. Your ruling energy, Mars, is moving into your social sphere which is marking a huge shift for you, making life more active and involved with friends, groups, on the social scene, or pursuing your aspirations with a passion, go! As with any Mars placement, you do need to keep a handle on outbursts or anger with your friends now.

Sunday brings a talk, meeting or agreement with a woman about a trip, media or marketing matter, legal issue, or educational topic and this could go very well if you find a way to balance her needs with your own, create a win-win and reach your goal. Saturn is offering you positive support via a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist so if you need advice or someone beside you today, reach out and ask for assistance.

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Saturday should be a feel-good day as the Moon in your sign makes a happy dance with your friends, group affiliations, parties or other social occasions, networking event, or aspirations. Be spontaneous today and look for new and interesting opportunities to arise that will benefit you, in other words, if you are invited to do something different or outside the norm, say yes, it looks fabulous! Mars is working for you in the early part of the day to do something or express passions through travel, media, publicity, education, or legal channels and this as well looks good. You do need to have a talk about the income associated with one of these topics and that is going to require a bit of adaptation or reprioritizing so go into this with an open mind. Mars is changing signs today and moving into your career Midheaven which is going to light a fire under ambitions, fame, goals, reputation, and recognition for achievements, a great few weeks to go for what you want and to bring your passions to what you do. The internet, astrology, friends, or a group may benefit you now.

Sunday brings up money matters and a talk you will want to have or a meeting or agreement you need to handle with a woman about the loan, debt, credit, settlement, bankruptcy, royalty, commission, inheritance, insurance, taxes, or any other outside resource. You should be able to convey your needs and find a balance if you take her needs into consideration. There is positive alignment to solid work or health progress today as well, again you may want to make a commitment or meet about this and set it in stone. If you need to spend on your pet today, it should be positive as well.

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Saturday is all about getting into the retreat mode and enjoying a sexy, behind closed doors romp with a lover or about sequestering away to research financial matters or a divorce, work on a film, music project or other artistic outlet, get away for a spiritual or psychic practice, or strategize about career goals. You have the world by the tail in these realms and should trust your intuition. If you need to do a little digging around to uncover a truth, keep it legal but the stars are on your side. A powerful talk or meeting with a woman about sex, reproduction, divorce, or finances is slated, be ready to make concessions or look for win-win solutions. Mars moves into your 9th house today giving you a LOT of energy, drive and passion to travel, take or teach a class, do something involving media, marketing or publicity, or take legal steps on something. This is where the action is for the next few weeks, just keep a handle on anger here. The internet, friends, groups, or astrology all color efforts in these fields.

Sunday brings a time to talk, meet or make a decision involving a partner or other significant relationship and the woman involved. Look for love or money solutions as you approach this and do your best to balance your needs with theirs. You could be communicating with a competitor, attorney, rival, or agent as well. Saturn is supporting you in love, creative projects and with children today so if you need to open up about this or connect in these areas, serious, solid prospects are available.

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Saturday is all geared up to be quite social for you Cancer! Look for ways to connect with friends, a group, a social occasion, or involving your aspirations and tie this to a trip you can take, someone at a distance, a media or marketing matter, legal topic, or educational outlet for best results. You could decide to hop a plane or dive into the media venture but however you go with this, there is positive opportunity in being spontaneous and going for it. You will find that you can do something positive with a partner, agent, attorney, or other significant relationship today as well, possibly partnering with a friend or they will rep you to someone beneficial. You do need to have a powerful talk with a woman about this relationship and what is going on behind the scenes or about opening up over something that has been kept secret or undivulged until now. Mars is changing signs today and moving into your sex, divorce and financial sector where he is going to kick some energy about to motivate you to connect passionately with someone, meet a new amore, do something about the divorce, or tackle the loan, settlement, bankruptcy, debt, taxes, insurance, inheritance, or other major financial matter. Bring the passion and keep an eye on anger in these areas.

Sunday is a good day to retreat, work behind the scenes, spend some time with researching, strategizing, evoking your imagination in film, music or other artistic outlets, getting into spiritual or psychic practices, or holing up with your intimate partner behind closed doors. You will need to deal with a woman over the work, health or pet issue today and will do best in looking at both your needs and hers regarding love or money here. You should find solid support from a partner, agent, attorney, or other specialist regarding the home, move, roommate, mom/mother figure, real estate deal, or move, research or strategize here as well.

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Saturday may be a weekend day but you have amazing energy around career and goals today so set your aim high. This is going to involve something exciting, a change you want to make, a connection that turns out to be unlike any before, or something big and lucky coming through for you here if you are proactive. Look for ways to connect intimately, sex it up, go for what you want in a divorce matter, or delve into the royalties, back end pay, commissions, settlement, bankruptcy, inheritance, loan, debt, or any other outside financial resource. You have Mars behind the work you do today and goals are achievable. You may want to motivate over a health issue and reach a new plateau or get physical by walking the dog, anything involving work, health or pets is under positive stars. You do need to talk with a friend about this or deal with an invitation to something social or involving a group and make some adjustments due to the work, health or pet situation. Mars is changing signs today moving into your partnership zone. This is going to spark all kinds of passion, drive or anger for you over the next few weeks and will best be used to connect or get things done with a partner, go after an agent or attorney, fight for you rights with a competitor, and express your passions.

Sunday is very social and you can set aside time for friends or group activity, involve the kids, lover or creative agenda or look for ways to talk out what you need here with the kids or lover so that you can have personal time with your pals, at a social occasion or doing something with your group. It can be about balance and involvement or separate courses but looking for ways to make it win-win saves the day. If single you may meet someone very attractive out with friends doing something recreational, working on the creative pursuit or attending to kids. You may decide to make a verbal or written commitment with a friend or group today or work on something serious locally involving a group as well and this looks positive.

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Saturday brings wonderful opportunity to travel, work on media or marketing, take or teach a class, or deal with legal matters involving a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist. You should be open to changes, spontaneous meetings, new ideas, or unusual people today as they are bound to benefit you through these arenas. Mars is helping you to bring your drive and passion to a creative project involved in this or to a lover, love interest, or child so look for ways to involve them or your projects in the legal, media, travel, or educational matters. You do need to have a talk about your needs on the career front or as they relate to reputation, fame, or status and find ways to adjust around the creative project, child or love. Mars is moving into your work, health and pet zone which is going to gear you up quite a bit in these areas over the next few weeks. This is a great time to make things happen on the work front, to go after new work, do something with a co-worker or employee, handle passion or anger issues here, motivate on your health, or do something for your pet.

Sunday brings career and goal focus for you along with a talk or meeting with a woman about the home, move, roommate, real estate deal, property matter, family, or mom/mother figure. This is about finding a balance between your needs and hers and looking at the love or money issue with this in mind. Saturn is aligning to bring benefits through efforts you make to solidify income today or any spending you do that is serious and well planned out regarding career goals.

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Saturday brings deep emotions to the surface and these can be about financial matters, sex or divorce issues. There is amazingly positive opportunity today to feel good about one or more of these arenas through being open to something new and exciting, unusual or unique, internet or astrology based, involving friends or groups, that can benefit your work, health or pets. You should motivate at home in this today for good results. You need to have a talk about the trip, media or marketing, educational matter, or legal issues involving home or real estate today and should be willing to make some adjustments around what is discussed. Mars moves into your house of true love, children and creative projects which sets a fire underneath these areas for you over the next few weeks. This is a great time to find the energy and drive to make things happen on the creative front, to express your passions, get things done for or with the kids, and get jiggy with the love interest. Yeah, love that word. If you are single, get out of the house! You could meet someone really passionate in the next few weeks. Guard against anger arising over creative differences or with the kids or lover since this would be where it will most likely surface if it is going to.

Sunday is about the travel, media, marketing, publishing, legal matter, or education and in this you need to have a talk with a woman about what you need and what is going on in the local scene, with a writing project, an idea of yours, or regarding a meeting or short trip. Look for win-win solutions or outcomes and find balance here. You are supported greatly today by Saturn in your sign to make solid, serious choices involving the media, travel, legal, or educational matters so commit or end ties.

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Saturday is bringing tons of energy to bear and you will be focusing in on an important relationship. This means you may be connecting or dealing with a marriage, romantic or business partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor and all under positive stars to expand, change and excite through creative ventures, love or involving children. Be spontaneous, do something you’ve never done before, there is an opportunity to meet someone unlike anyone you’ve known before if you put yourself out there and this could be very positive for you. Mars is going to bring the passion and drive to all meetings, talks, writing opportunities, short trips, and neighborhood activities today, again the relationship opening is there to handle current issues under positive stars, share time or meet new people. You do need to have a talk about the financial matter or divorce today and this looks intense, for some of you this will be about a sexual proposition or meeting, intense as well. In any of this be ready to adjust expectations a bit. Mars moves into your home base today which means the action, passion and possible angry outbursts are going to focus on home, moves, real estate deals, roommates, mom/mother figures, or family matters in the next few weeks. You may have a younger male enter or exit the home as well. This is where the action is, make things happen.

Sunday brings up the financial picture and any topic that you need to address involving the money you earn or spend as it relates to loans, settlements, divorce, alimony, child support, taxes, insurance, inheritance, bankruptcy, or jointly held finances. Look for ways to balance this now, Venus is trying to help you reach this place. Saturn is supporting you today through strategy, research, imaginative work through film, music or the arts, clandestine affairs, secrets, hospitals or other institutions, or spiritual pursuits so work in these areas or commit to something that will bring resolution financially through these means.

SAGITTARIUS: (Call to schedule your personal reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

Saturday is all about the work, health or pets with amazing energy around changes at home, new and exciting people or situations there, moves, spontaneous or unusual approaches, and expansion. This means you should try new ideas or change something about the work you are doing at home, how you care for health there or where the pets are kept or how they are integrated there. You could bring a new pet home now, get the renovation going, or have an opportunity to expand your home base in some beneficial way, all good. Mars is spurring you on to earn or spend money tied to the work, health or pets as well, also in a positive alignment so get busy. You do need to have a talk with a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist today regarding the income or spending and this is rather intense. Look for ways to change or transform the situation. Mars moves into your communications zone today which brings motivation, action, passion, or anger around writing project, agreements, meetings, talks, short trips, neighbors, local activities, or siblings. You can tackle a lot in these areas over the next few weeks, bring the passion, just watch the anger.

Sunday is about you and a partner or representative and finding ways to talk or meet about the love or money matter. It is a day to seek perfect balance here with another. Saturn is rooting you strongly around a social occasion, or with a friend, group, or aspiration today and this as well connects positively with the partner or representative so see what you can build on or commit to with another.

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Saturday is all about the creative venture, recreational activity, kids, or lover and any of these areas looks very positive and exciting. You can meet someone who knocks your socks off if you are single and this could occur in your local scene or while you are doing something fun. You may hear about something amazing involving a love interest or child, get a green light on the creative project, or find a new solution to an old issue. Being spontaneous and trying new things, opening up to unusual situations or people, and connecting with friends, groups, the internet, or astrology all bring positive energy to the love opportunities, children or creative endeavors. Mars is gearing up in your sign to bring lots of energy to you in this and you may feel quite ardent or passionate today. You may hear news or need to have a talk about the work, health or pet matter and this involves something a bit intense. You may be adjusting to this as it happens or need to reach out for assistance due to something unforeseen. Mars moves into your income zone today and lights a fire under earning, spending and possessions for the next few weeks. This means that you will have more drive and passion to make money, your anger may get stirred over earning or spending, a male may arrive on the scene who can help you with income, or you may feel like fighting over a possession.

Sunday is about the work, health or pet and the need to talk to a woman about what is going on behind the scenes, involving research, the artistic project, a hospital or other institution, or something spiritual. Look at the love or money here and how to balance what is brought out today. Saturn is supporting you on the career front, with a goal, around your reputation, or through a person in a position of authority or leadership. This is directly tied to the work, health or pet and will give you solid, serious support.

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Saturday is about home, moves, roommates, real estate deals, or family matters and there is an amazing opportunity to earn or spend in these areas that should be exciting and beneficial. Look for ways to earn from home, on a real estate transaction, with mom, or to spend on home improvements or purchases. This could be very big and different that anything before. Mars is gearing you up to do something passionate and clandestine with a lover at home or to tackle something behind closed doors there, all positive. You need to have a talk about the secret, hidden love, artistic outlet, spiritual matter, hospital, or research today and this is going to be quite intense as you make adjustments around the creative approach, child or lover in this. Mars moves into your sign today and really gears you up to tackle your personal needs, do something about your body, image, identity, or express your passions or anger personally or physically, watch what buttons you push in the next few weeks, you can achieve a great deal but don’t want to allow for angry outbursts to overcome you.

Sunday brings a female friend onto the scene or the topic of friendship with a love interest, the topic of love with a friend. There is something going on here around your creative impulses, your heart strings or a child and finding balance with this person or your own need for love is important. There is a solid link to traveling, making travel plans, dealing with someone far away, working on a media, publishing or marketing matter, handling legal issues, or tackling educational matters today. Again, this ties into the love you share, a creative venture or child in the most positive, committed or ending way under positive stars.

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Saturday is about news you receive, a meeting, talk, agreement, short trip, neighborhood activity, or sibling and something very exciting and expansive that affects you personally. This can mean that you are out and about in your local scene and something surprises you and opens things up for you, that something you write or have written gets a green light today, that your image or identity is attached to an agreement or writing project, or that talks bring about an opportunity you weren’t expecting. Mars is active with friends, groups and social activities and again, this is positive so say yes to doing things with the friend, group or bringing the passion to the aspiration. You do need to have a talk about the home, real estate matter, move, or roommate situation that involves a friend or group activity and this looks intense, requiring some adjustments. Mars moves into your hidden part of the chart for the next few weeks which means that the action, passion or anger is going down through film, music or other artistic outlets, research, investigations, retreat, hospitals, addictions, clandestine affairs, or secrets. The internet, astrology, friends, or groups will color what is happening here as well.

Sunday is about the home, move, roommate, or real estate matter and a talk you need to have with a woman about a goal or career agenda here. Look at ways to balance the love or money in the mix. Saturn is offering you serious, solid solutions today around the loan, settlement, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, or any other outside resource so look for ways to handle the home matter through financial commitment or ending an issue here. Divorce may be playing into the home matter for some of you, again you should be able to reach a solid solution with effort today.

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