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I’m happy to report that after our big Eclipse week and our new Venus energy in Sagittarius that our weekend is a bit mellow by comparison!

On Saturday the Pisces Moon is going to meet up with Pluto in Capricorn to offer some emotional opportunities to intuit our way forward towards a major goal of ours. It is going to be one of those dreamy, artistic days where you do feel motivated to strive towards fulfilling your expectations. For some this will mean passionate embraces behind closed doors, for others a step closer to the film, music or art project, while others will be delving into spiritual or psychic energy, researching or meditating, but over all experiencing inner energy focused on an outer transformation.

Sunday the Pisces Moon asks us to adjust to something with another person. Again our intuition is a great gage in how to move around the partnership or with the representative. There may be artistic, romantic, spiritual, or addictive issues at stake or just an unwritten shared energy that is shifting a bit and must be accommodated. Goals again can be reached and you should wrap the day feeling pretty good about what you’ve achieved.

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Saturday put your focus on strategies, work you do behind the scenes, research, and any energy you can pour into institutions such as hospitals. You will do well with secret getaways romantically or spiritual pursuits as well today. In any of these activities you will be involved with powerful goals or career ambitions, reputation or fame, father or authority figures and positive opportunities to change or empower.

Sunday you will continue on the artistic, spiritual, hospital, research, or romantic energy that is working its way behind closed doors but today you will need to take a partners needs or limits into consideration. This will be about a romantic or business partner, agent, attorney, specialist, advocate, opponent, or competitor in the picture and trying to meet your goals along with attending to their needs or picking up the slack if they have had to withdraw for one reason or the other. Don’t worry, it looks like you can handle it and end the day with all handled.

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Saturday is a lovely energy day around spiritual or artistic group activities, social occasions, time with friends or associates, and really in just pursuing your aspirations here. There is a powerful opportunity through travel, media, marketing, publicity, publishing, politics, religion, legal realms, ceremonies, or classes you take or teach in this so open up and enjoy.

Sunday you will need to make some adjustments around someone you are partnering with or who is representing you or competing with you around work, services you provide, health issues, or pets. Again the energy is all around the friend, group or aspiration you are pursuing so be willing to allow for this work, health or pet matter. Goals can be reached with you feeling appreciated through travel, legal, media, or educational mediums.

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Saturday brings an opportunity to transform a financial matter to your benefit so that you end up feeling pretty good about your career agenda or a major goal you are striving towards. If a sexual conquest or divorce is the goal, this as well is within your grasp today. Follow your intuition.

Sunday you will need to make some concessions or adjustments around a lover, love interest, child, or creative project. There may be limits, added work, stress, or responsibilities in the way here to work around, your best bet is to take the lead in the matter while still keeping an eye on the goal. You should find you end up getting your needs met financially, sexually or over the divorce issues or triangles by days end.

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Saturday is an opportunity to make some important changes or to transform a situation powerfully involving a romantic or business partner, marriage, relationship with an agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. This is going to align with your intuition, romantic or artistic energy being utilized through travel, media, publishing, legal realms, or education.

Sunday your emotional energy will again be on your trip, media or publishing matter, education, or legal issues but today you are going to have to make adjustments around the other persons issues at home or around your own home matters. There are limits or added responsibilities here and you will need to work around them. You should end the day with your needs being met with the partner, representative or competitor through your trip, media, legal, or educational approach.

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Saturday is about a dreamy, fantasy realm playing out sexually or about what you can strategize over or work on behind the scenes towards a financial matter or divorce. There are strong indicators that change and opportunity here lies with the work you are willing to do, a service you provide, healthy approaches or changes, or something involving pets. You may find financial resources for your health matter, backing for your work, intimate connections with co-workers or employees, attractions to work-out buddies or gym mates, doctors or nurses, you get the idea.

Sunday the sexual, financial and divorce energy is still upper most in your energy field but today there may be news or something said that sets limits or offers an obstacle to be surmounted. Added responsibilities or loss seems to be what its about. Work with or around it because it seems you can find the answer and meet your needs at work, with the co-worker, healthcare provider or with health, or involving pets, financially, intimately or through the divorce by days end.

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Saturday brings powerful changes for the better with creative projects, children or lovers/love interests. This is due to your following your inner voice with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competition. Look at ways to transform and empower by going deep and sharing or deconstructing.

Sunday will again focus energy on relationships with partners, representatives or competition but today you will need to work around any limits to income or spending in the mix and make some adjustments here. If you can there seems to again be a way to have your needs met in the creative project, love affair or child related matter and the relationship.

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Saturday puts a focus on the work you can make major headway on at home or on a transformative health matter you are taking up there. For some it will be about major changes with pets at home. Whichever it is, the aspects are about opportunity and change for the better.

Sunday is again about work, health or pets but today you are going to have to push yourself or be willing to let up on yourself due to some limits physically or personally that must be allowed for. If you have pushed yourself too hard, too fast, today you must take that into consideration. On the other hand, if you are allowing Saturn’s transit of your sign to bring depression and lethargy, you need to push yourself to work or get it in gear with health, or walk the dog, care for pets, motivate. If you can adjust one way or the other, it looks like you end the day feeling much better about your health, work or pets.

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Saturday is about a very powerful meeting, talk, or agreement regarding a creative project, recreational outlet, or something involving a lover, love interest or child. This is an opportunity to connect, you may hear news, run into a new love interest, get word about the creative project, write something or hear about a writing project, sign an agreement or pitch an idea. This may also involve neighborhood activities, siblings or moves in positive ways. Follow your muse.

Sunday again is all about the creative project, child or love but today there is something limiting from behind the scenes. This may be that they are hiding out or hiding something or that you feel the need to retreat and recharge energy, or it could be about making adjustments around artistic style, research, clandestine affairs, secrets, hospitals, addictions, or spiritual interests. Stay the course, by days end news is good, meetings or talks benefit with the lover, child or creative venture.

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Saturday is about the powerful changes and empowerment through earning money at home, from home, with real estate, through roommates, or it’s about spending on home, property, moves, mom/mother figures, or family. The energy is positive for pouring your artistic, spiritual, romantic energy into the home issue and finding ways to transform the monetary picture.

Sunday is again about home, moves, roommates, real estate, or mom but today there will be a need to make some adjustments around a friend, group activity or aspiration in the mix. Set limits or adjust to limits or added responsibilities coming in here. If you do there seems to again be opportunity for you to shine monetarily through either earning or spending at home or on property, mom or family needs.

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Saturday is about powerful, personal changes that should leave you feeling pretty wonderful. The energy plays out over news you hear, talks, meetings, and your own needs being met. Your body, image or identity may be part of this so you may be doing something locally that is good for your body or image or hear about something that can enhance this for you. You can sign agreements today or make decisions that empower financially, sexually or around divorce and your own goals.

Sunday is again about the news, talks, meetings, agreements, writing, local activity, short trips, or siblings but today you must make some adjustments around career responsibilities or limits you have with goals or ambitions. Authority figures may be the cause of having to work around subjects that come up today. Keep at it since it seems by day’s end you are back in charge and feeling good.

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Saturday looks like a fairly dreamy, fantasy laden day for you that plays out over earning or spending money and something going on behind the scenes, in secret, tied to film, music, fantasy, or artistic projects, spiritual pursuits, clandestine affairs, research, or investigations, or hospitals and addictions. There is change in the air of a positive nature and empowerment should be your key word.

Sunday is again about earning or spending money but today you will need to make some adjustments around a trip, media or marketing matter, class, or legal issue. Look at limits or responsibilities here and work around them for best affect. By days end you are back into the hidden or secret income/spending energy and it is going to suit you once more.

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Saturday is about opportunity that looks very powerful and positive for you with a friend, group, social occasion, networking event, or involving your aspirations for yourself. Look for ways to transform the situation or how financial debt or investments, sex, divorce, or someone’s mortality is playing into this new level of depth.

Sunday is really about you and your needs, your body and taking care of it, your image or identity, and any personal desires but first you are going to have to deal with limits or losses, responsibilities or leadership around financial debt or settlements, sex, divorce, or life and death issues arising. Continue on your own course here because it seems by day’s end you are back in the spotlight with this friend, group or aspiration in positive light.

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