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What a whirlwind! We’re floating through freecloud wondering where the money’s going to come from, asking if what we have to say is being heard, and looking at who we are living with and where we are living with a mind for making some changes and just like that, BOOM, we get an astrological time meter come set down on the road this week pointing directly at a significant relationship in our life and demanding we step it up, commit or draw a line in the sand. You ready? Here we go…

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Monday, try to do what you can about money situations. You can meet or interview for positions or ask for pay that is owed today and do well. You can also link income to research, hospitals, film, music, art, spiritual outlets, or investigations with good results. The only challenge monetarily today comes through a friend or group.

Tuesday is a great day to partner with someone on a communications project, to meet with partners to discuss ideas or come to terms, to contact agents, specialists or attorneys, sign contracts, or air any issues that have been bothering you. You may want to avoid talks with bosses or authority figures or be ready to give a bit in the negotiations. Financial institutions, joint accounts, and outside resources require some action but again you will need to make concessions.

Wednesday brings up a talk with a woman about divorce, sex or financial matters and it looks like the communication is a bit challenging. You will also want to open up talks about work, health or pets today, again something to deal with in the mix but better to get it out in the open.

Thursday is a powerhouse at home, with partners or representatives and over career or goals you have set. There is so much energy flowing through these points and you will feel like moving a few mountains, just pace yourself. The Sun and Saturn meet in your relationship zone today so there is something serious, limiting, committed, ending, or final coming around or through this significant person in your world and who you are in connection to them. It’s a great time to step up, put in effort and make something stick.

Friday brings passion and action to the home front through intimacy, divorce issues or financial matters that you have stirred up. News comes about work, a health matter or the pets and you will want to readjust something going on with a friend or group because of it. See how much you can get done at the hospital or working on something behind closed doors today to help you deal with what is going on.

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Monday is a great day to focus on your body or image. You may want to put in an appearance some place as it would benefit you to connect right now. Any time you can spend expanding horizons with a group or opening up with friends is beneficial as well. Something on the career front is a bit foggy today, wait until this clears.

Tuesday you should pull out the stops at work or going after money. Some travel, legal, educational, or media matter connected to someone important will play into this and require a bit of fancy stepping but otherwise you seem to have a golden touch in attracting what you need through solid effort and finesse.

Wednesday is about what you want in relationship to another person and how you are handling money. You may have to stay and work today or you may have to deal with not wanting to spend right now but see if you can bring the other person into what is going on so understanding can be reached. If you can wait a day or two to sign agreements on creative ventures you may do better.

Thursday the Sun and Saturn are meeting on the same degree in your work, health and pet arena. This may mean something ending for you physically with a health issue or an important day to deal with someone in authority about your body. It may mean you are taking on more authority yourself at work today and need to step up and take the reigns. You could be deciding to quit a job now and if so just make sure it is really what you want and not just a transit getting the best of you. It seems you will be meeting and talking with many people today regarding what is going on here and the travel, media, educational, or legal aspects are a bit intense.

Friday the energy opens up between you and a romantic partner, business partner, agent, attorney, or other significant relationship and passions or motivating energy is going to spark things in a positive way between you. Talks about true love, children or creative projects top the list and you will want to open up these communications so you can finesse the career objectives or goal you really want to achieve at present. Social occasions, friends or groups may be a bit over the top and you may need to try to find balance between them and what is really important in your heart today.

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Monday you should try to steal some time for yourself, get away and rest or recharge your batteries. If you have to be out and about today, then work as much as you can behind the scenes or in private. There is something opening up for you through travel, someone far away, a media or publishing outlet, legal channels, or an educational opportunity, and you may find this while tackling things on your own.

Tuesday the focus shifts to you and your image, you will want to be out and amongst your loved ones today to enjoy the connections. Financial, sexual or divorce issues are a bit overwhelming right now and you should attend to these a bit but really put most of your time into loved ones, creative projects and what you can put serious time and effort into these zones. Plan to do some work, attend to health and care for pets in all of this but again, secondary to love and creative work.

Wednesday a woman connected to your work, a health matter or the animals you are associated with is going to demand something of you that you would do your best to try to accommodate. As you are dealing with whatever comes up, ask yourself if you are happy in your current living situation and if there is something that you should decide about that right here, right now. If you don’t express your feelings, how are you going to change anything?

Thursday brings up a serious connection with a lover, a child or a creative endeavor. This is an important day as the Sun is coming together with Saturn by degree and you are going to have to step up and commit or end something based on your needs, your willingness to put in the effort, take on more responsibility or authority or to cut ties and walk away. Income is in focus as well and you will want to get real about how money is being shared and what is being earned or spent through creative endeavors, children or lovers.

Friday the doors open through work you motivate on and income flowing so expect to be quite impassioned today over what you are doing. Some of you will see sparks kick up with a co-worker, love could be in the cards. It’s a day where talks or meetings, agreements or decisions are going to be vital about your home, a living situation, with a roommate, or about a move. See if you can open up about your real goals and ambitions and what makes you happy even if there are different beliefs involved or something is not completely eye-to-eye over legal, media, educational, or travel matters.

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Monday the friend, group or social aspiration is in focus for you as you open to allow communications or agreements to flow in beneficial ways and expand your horizons through media ventures, travel, legal contracts, or shared knowledge. This is big and you should make sure you are keeping the lines open. Outside financial matters are a bit daunting today if you are asked to share financially with a friend/group, wait to negotiate.

Tuesday is a great day to retreat and rest up, recharge batteries, do some research or pour your energy into an artistic project, spiritual endeavor or time alone with a lover. The home base is aligned positively for some serious efforts here so work from home on this or get serious about how you can set up your surroundings to improve on what you are doing. Someone you want to connect with is going through something pretty intense right now so reach out but don’t push them as it’s really not about you but what they are going through.

Wednesday brings more work behind closed doors, artistic pursuits, spiritual retreat or rest, time alone with lovers, in research or perhaps dealing with an institution such as a hospital. A woman involved in your creative process is going to figure in to this and you will need to try to accommodate her needs alongside of your own, see if there is something involving creative output, love, children, or money that can be finessed.

Thursday the Sun and Saturn are going to embrace in your home arena and it is time, exact time today to step up and take on more personal responsibility, to commit to something here that involves you personally or physically, or to end something that is going on, and it’s all about your home, living situation, roommate situation, a move, real estate deal, or with mom/mother figures. Ask yourself what you truly need and what you can do to align home with this need.

Friday the flow is golden between you and a lover, a child or a creative interest. It’s a great day to motivate in any of these areas, bring the passion or the action and do something fun. Talks and agreements are also in focus today and will be about the loan, settlement, taxes, alimony, bankruptcy, debt, or other outside resource and what you can do to shift things here a bit. For some of you it will be about intimacy, divorce or sexuality and again, something shifting here as you talk it out or meet with someone about it.

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Monday is career day for you! Put your energy into achieving goals or standing out on the career front. It’s a great day to talk to higher-ups or ask for promotion. You should be able to get added perks today if you ask for them and if you need to find backers for a business proposition, strive to set things in motion today. The only challenge shows up with a representative or partner so take what is coming through here with a grain of salt.

Tuesday is about friends, groups, social events, or aspirations and how you can stand out in the crowd through what you write, say or agree to do. It’s somewhat serious as you ask for what you need or take on more leadership but it is positively aligned so don’t fear it. There is some transformation occurring in your work today, with health or around animals and you are going to want to get busy at home or regarding home, but overall, very positive.

Wednesday a woman at home or dealing with home is coming into view as you turn the corner with a group, friend or aspiration. You will want to talk about the income with the group or friend today and this may be challenging but necessary. Some of you are involved in putting your money into some kind of social occasion or aspiration now and if this is you, the same goes, talk about how much is being spent and make some decisions about changes that need to be made.

Thursday the Sun and Saturn meet on the same degree in your communications zone so this is an important day when you are stepping up and signing some agreement that is serious and long term or you are ending one, you are making a very serious decision, having a talk or meeting, that again is about you, something responsible, long term and final, or taking on more responsibility through your identity tied to a writing project. There may be neighborhood or sibling connections to this as well.

Friday you are inspired to make things happen at home, with a real estate matter or over a move or roommate. This is motivating, passionate energy here so dive in and get things going. Some of you will be trysting at home with a lover and this looks like all kinds of fun. Talks today turn towards partnership, representation or competition with some finessing involved over money being earned or spent. It’s important as you look at what you are taking on together financially or in dealing with debt, loans, or other outside financial matters, to balance against actual earnings and talk about what is being spent.

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Monday is about traveling, attending to legal matters, getting into the media venture, or taking/teaching a class. You should find that if you talk or meet about any of this it goes well and agreements can be reached. There is a partner or representative attached to one of these themes who is going to be beneficial to you today so connect with them. The work before you or a health issue is going to be a bit daunting but this too shall pass.

Tuesday is about career, reaching a goal or doing what you can to achieve it and you will be happy to know this is aligning beautifully with making money or even spending some on reaching new heights. It’s about putting yourself into the mix physically or attaching your image or identity to it and then getting serious and committing efforts. You will need to make some concessions around lovers, children or creative impulses and guard against talks that get too impassioned.

Wednesday brings a woman into talks or meetings who is tied into the career goal or ambition before you. Know you will want to do your best to accommodate her needs whether this is about love or money as you continue to strive towards your goal. This may require you talking about what it is you need even though this looks a bit challenging to you, don’t sign off on something that puts you in a weakened position.

Thursday the Sun and Saturn are meeting on the same degree in your income zone so you are now ready to get very serious and commit yourself or your image to a money making endeavor or to spend on yourself in a way that attracts income to you long term. You may also be drawing a line in the sand and saying ‘no’ to spending or quit something that has been bringing in money. Feelings about a friend, group or aspiration are in the mix and challenging you to be true to yourself.

Friday the flow shifts dramatically and you are now able to get quite busy in the local scene with a friend or group and motivate on something dynamic or you can passionately share your ideas in talks or meetings with these people with positive results. If you are involved working towards a dream with a brother or sister, today will bring you closer through actions taken. Talks need to happen that show others what you need at work, regarding health or animals and how you are partnering or seeking representation in the matter to open up opportunities.

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Monday is about the financial picture, divorce or sexual interest. It’s intense and positive as you talk or come to terms, meet or share ideas and open up some pretty big doors through work, health or pets. A creative venture, lover or child still is out to lunch a bit over their own issues so embrace what is happening and let them come round in a few days.

Tuesday is about the trip, legal matter, education, or media venture as you really get into this personally or physically. There is a serious, long term support energy involved in signing contracts, coming to terms legally, putting yourself into the media venture, hopping the plane, or taking/teaching a class but you are going to have to deal with the living situation and ways to make money if you want it all to come together.

Wednesday a woman is in the picture around money making ventures and you will need to see what you can do to bring her closer to the prospect of travel, media, legal, or educational connection to get the money flowing. Talks go behind closed doors and are challenging today. Do not be tempted to snoop or say something against someone thinking it won’t get back around, under these aspects you will be shooting yourself in the foot.

Thursday the Sun and Saturn meet on the same degree in your sign and it is your day to either commit yourself physically or to commit your image or identity to something personal in a very serious, long term manner or it is time to draw a line in the sand and end something about what or who you are/have been. Think about responsibility and leadership, taking the lead, or deciding the drain on you personally is not equal to what it would bring you. The career or goals and the home situation are part of this as you choose to go forward on the same course or create a new one.

Friday motivates you to get out there and make some money, there are all kinds of positive energies around the actions you take to spark things up and connect passionately about the money. You will again need to have some talks in private or about some kind of secret, spiritual, artistic, or research oriented matter that will be about trying to find balance around what you are driven to open up at work, with a health matter or a pet. Remember the love today and continue to create.

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Monday is all about the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. Talks and meetings are amazingly positive and you should be able to really expand in the areas of true love, children or creative endeavors with this person and what you decide or agree upon. There is something by way of home or living situations that seems to be a bit challenging so don’t put too much pressure on any issue you have here.

Tuesday is about something serious happening to or for you that you should feel pretty great about. This could be at a hospital as you are transforming some situation, in retreat and recharging your batteries, in a sexual attraction you take behind closed doors, in finding some financial solutions to some artistic or spiritual matter or to deal with a hospital, or in connecting over divorce or spiritual matters in some deep way. It’s all about what you are willing to commit to or end.

Wednesday brings a love or money matter to you that will color your image, identity, body or personal needs so you may want to get in shape for love or spend on a new wardrobe or hair style, and as you are doing this keep an eye on transforming something personal and powerful for yourself. Talks with friends, groups or regarding some social affair will challenge today as you look at financial matters and try to find ways to make things work.

Thursday brings the Sun and Saturn together on the same degree in your mystic/muse house. This means you may find yourself committing your body or image to some serious procedure today at a hospital or to something serious you take on with a film, music project or other art form, to a spiritual pursuit or retreat, or to a research project or investigation. It’s about taking something that is behind the scenes and tied to who you are and getting very serious about it or ending it. You may be feeling all kinds of things today about a trip, legal matter, media venture, ceremony, or educational topic and need to work through emotions here as you make your choice.

Friday the skies open up and you will see that you are capable of much passion and motivation that gets you into gear with the trip, media, legal, ceremonial, or educational matter . There is a lot going on here today in positive flow. Talks and meetings are very social and friends and groups figure prominently in the day as you shift what you can at home and stretch your wings with a lover, child or creative venture.

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Monday is about the work efforts, your health or a pet. You will want to talk, meet and make agreements today in these areas since you are favored and there seems to be some very nice opportunity to expand at home or with a roommate in this. You may have some confusing conversation or news you hear that is just downright bogus today as well so watch for this and don’t let it sidetrack you.

Tuesday is all about your feelings for a partner and how they are getting very serious or they are about someone who is representing your interests and something serious there. It will all relate to a social occasion, a friend or a group and what is transpiring there for you. See if you can continue to adapt to what you are earning or spending with this person and do what you can behind the scenes on the artistic, spiritual or romantic level to deepen the bond.

Wednesday a woman enters the artistic, spiritual, hospital, research, or behind the scenes matter involving love or money and you will want to do what you can to accommodate her as you adjust the partnership needs. The goal you have with this partner or representative meets some obstacle today that you will want to work through by talking it out or meeting to hash out fine points.

Thursday the Sun and Saturn meet on the same degree to mark something serious for you with a friend, group, social affair, or aspiration. This is about you stepping up and taking the lead here and either committing to something long term or ending something all based on who you are in the situation and what your ambitions are driving you to achieve. Major financial matters seem to be tied to this that you will want to look at so get real about it and see what you can do to bring outside resources to your next step.

Friday the energy is flowing for you from financial, divorce or sexual corners. This may super charge you to connect with someone passionately behind closed doors and enjoy your day this way or it may drive you to do some financial crunch time behind the scenes to bring figures into line. You need to talk about the career agenda or a big goal you are involved in and see how you can make some artistic, spiritual or romantic adjustments and open things up at home in some way to benefit the situation.

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Monday you need to make room for some fun, a creative project, the kids, or a lover. Geesh, that’s a tough one, right?! It seems you are meeting up, talking, hearing news, making some decisions, and all of it is about something big and happy or expansive so open up and enjoy your day. There is some fog around the money being earned or spent here so take it easy with the purse strings/wallet today.

Tuesday puts you at the center of a career goal as you work hard to achieve your goals and put in the effort to get ahead. Health should be improving and you will see good things coming in for the pet as well today. You do need to be willing to adapt your position of power a bit in all of this to get where you want to get with a friend, in a group or towards an aspiration but you seem driven to reach that pot of gold.

Wednesday you will be dealing with a woman friend and making some concessions to her as far as a work situation goes and the money involved. For those of you not hot and heavy into a work project with a friend, then it could be about a health matter or pet but the same thing goes, you have to take a woman’s needs into the picture and adjust. Talks about media ventures, legalities, travel, or education will challenge today.

Thursday the Sun and Saturn meet in your career Midheaven and you are now ready to step up to more authority and leadership, take on more work, put in more effort, commit long term or say enough is enough and walk away. It is that important of a day and you are going to see you are center stage in what is going on here. A partner or representative is part of this scenario and you should get real about any challenges you have with this person now and either deal with them and nip it in the bud or again, make other arrangements.

Friday brings positive flow to social affairs, passions, and feelings about someone significant in your life. You should say yes to group activities and time with friends. Talks are going to focus on a trip, media venture, legal matter, or education and you are going to want to do what you can to reach some kind of understanding or agreement about income in this and ways to open up and expand.

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Monday the focus is on home and you should open up here and have meetings, or just get ready to have lots of talks at home or about home, real estate deals, moves, roommates, or with mom. It looks very positive for you today in what you do here and like you could find ways to make money from this or you might just be motivated to spend here as well and this looks very exciting. If something about your own personal needs are a bit out of alignment today, warm bathes or music should help soothe.

Tuesday brings love, children and creative projects into alignment with your travel plans, any legal context or ceremonies tied to them, a media or publicity matter related to them, or educational outlets involving them. This is very positive so connect the dots and get yourself into these affairs. There is something you should be motivating on the career front today that requires a bit more from you and that may be because all of this other energy is taking you into creative, love zones, see if you can balance between both.

Wednesday a woman on the career front appears to need attention and this may bring money to you so it should be worth your efforts. Again you are all wrapped up in creative endeavors or spending time with lovers or children so do your best. Any talks or agreements about divorce, debt or other outside financial matters, or sexual interests may be best put off a few days as you will field challenges today.

Thursday brings the Sun and Saturn together on the same degree to mark a serious moment for you with a ceremony, legal matter, trip, media or publishing venture, publicity, or class you are taking or teaching. This is about you stepping up and taking on more responsibility or leadership in one of these areas, committing yourself, your image or identity long term or deciding to end something here that is final. Feelings about work, health or pets figure into the day strongly and will push you to make your choice.

Friday the flow shifts and you are going to see all kinds of action and passion kicking up on the career front and feel pretty great about the work you are doing now. It’s a day to motivate and come from your ambitious desires to achieve. Talks and agreements will be all about big money matters, divorce or sexual intimacy today and you can expect to make some personal adjustments around your own romantic, spiritual or artistic needs as well as find ways to expand your own earning potential in some major way.

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Monday is the day to open talks, meet up with people, come to agreements or sign contracts as whatever you put out there in these ways seems to open things up for you in some big, lucky way. You have something going on that you are keeping hidden from others to some extent or perhaps it is something tied to a hospital, film or art project, or addiction that you are dealing with and this is a bit confusing for you just now, try not to let it interfere with the golden opportunity of the day.

Tuesday you should find that you can really concentrate on home and what you can put effort into financially here or to deal with divorce issues tied to home or a sexual attraction that is playing out here. Regardless of which way you pour deep energy into home, it is flowing in positive ways. You do need to readjust your aspirations a bit and do what you can to accommodate a friend who is facing some intense issues right now and this may push you to travel, dig in with legal, media, or educational actions to help.

Wednesday a woman who is far way, traveling, or who you are dealing with legal, educational, or media matters with is going to need some of your attention. She needs love or money, maybe both and this is going to pull on you from home where you seem to want to be today, do your best to balance. Talking with partners or representatives is challenging at home or about home so maybe better put off for another time.

Thursday the Sun and Saturn meet on the same degree in your house of sexual experience, dealing with death or divorce, or any major financial realms. This is about major transformation through shared experience and it is about you stepping up and taking on more responsibility, leadership, or committing yourself long term to something in one of these areas. Something about you is changing because of what is happening here and you have to take it on fully or its time to end it and walk away. Feelings about children, love or creative outlets figure prominently in the day as you make your decision.

Friday the flow is moving and you are going to be hopping on a plane, diving into the media or legal matter, or taking or teaching a class, it’s go time and passions are stirred. Talks and agreements are coming up with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor today that you will want to open up about and see how you can expand towards your own needs being met, open doors for yourself, and shift things that you may have been self-sabotaging or that have been occurring in a hospital, with a film, music or art project, or on the spiritual front.

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