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The weekend looks pretty interesting with an opening on Saturday between Venus and Neptune that denotes beauty and romance and love and a dreamy affect on everyone. It’s a great day for artistic and spiritual pursuits with a whole lot of opportunity to mix it up in some ethereal way with the one you love. Mars is getting into the action to add a bit of friction or passion to the mix with someone significant and your feelings about home or foundations will get the stir as a result.

Sunday the Leo Moon meets up with Jupiter to take those dramatic flairs out and over the top, and in the process to open up the happiness factor, creative surges, or love opportunities in a major way. Something about the goal here will be shifting a bit so be willing to adapt but know that the connection is solid and steady between you and another.

The truly interesting thing today is the woman who pops up in some kind of way with you that triggers any of these topics: control, manipulation, finances, triangles, what’s fair, competition, sex, divorce, power, or Machiavellian antics. Be on the lookout for what this is all about today because it will be hugely thematic up ahead when Venus goes Retrograde on October 8th through November 18th and you will be revisiting or releasing her or this during this time!

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Saturday brings up love or money topics with someone significant and an opportunity to tie this into something artistic or spiritual with a friend or group. Socializing should top the list, spend time with friends, you can get out and network or put energy into an aspiration you are pursuing. Inspiration is strong today so remain open to its flow. Home is a bit frictional as all the action going on with the other person or towards them will motivate energy here so do what you can to remain balanced and enjoy the inspiration coming your way.

Sunday brings a delightful flow between you and children, creative ventures or lovers. This energy is all about enjoying yourself, expanding your happiness and sharing wisdom. Be willing to shift a bit around whatever big plan you have today as things morph around you, the reward is great connection between you and someone else involving the love, child or creative process. Keep an eye out for a significant female today who will be in play in the Venus Retrograde in October over love or money matters.

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Saturday is a green light for love or money matters that come through work, health or pets. You could gain recognition artistically, romantically or spiritually. It’s a day to dream big and pour your love into these efforts and inspirations. Mars gets into the mix and stirs something up here that will have you thinking or perhaps speaking your mind at some point in a passionate way, how do you feel about home/foundations?

Sunday Leo Moon sparks all kinds of creative flow at home or through real estate or property matters as you expand in some major way artistically or through retreat to some hidden or isolated place. The flow is positive and serious, especially where opportunity waits through work you do here, health attended to or pet’s needs. You need to make an adjustment around the trip, legal matter, publicity, or class. Keep an eye out for the female today who is somehow tied to work, health or animals in your world because she will be key in the Venus Retrograde showing up in October when you will revisit love or money matters.

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Saturday brings all kinds of beautiful energy around love affairs, romance, children, creative projects, and any travel you might do, connections that are long distance, media projects or publishing, dealing with legal matters, or through education. See if you can bridge these areas with inspiration and an open heart. Mars is in the action to stirs passions, you only have to watch irritation over money today.

Sunday the Leo Moon is opening up conversations or meetings that are social and lots of fun. This could be a party, meeting up with friends, or doing something creative with a group, it’s all good so keep the lines open and connect. Something positive and serious is coming through true love, creative projects or with children today in the news you hear, meetings you take or conversations you start. You will need to make an adjustment around shared resources, sex or divorce. Keep an eye out for the woman who is in the picture today involved as a love interest, with a child or in your creative project as she will be pivotal in the Venus Retrograde that comes in October, at that time you will be revisiting love or money matters around her.

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Saturday is all about something pretty beautiful going on at home or with real estate matters. A woman, love or money matter is evolving here with a positive connection to intimacy, outside financial resources or divorce proceedings so dream big and get inspired. Mars is motivating lots of energy to tackle whatever comes up, you just have to get out of your own way.

Sunday the Leo Moon will bring the focus to earning money or on something you want to spend with a big happy nod from Jupiter on the career front you should be able to expand in a positive line towards your goals now. A house or something attached to the home is part of the mix in a serious way, it’s an opportunity if you commit the effort now. A powerful person is going to be asking you to adjust something involving income in this. Watch for the woman in the picture today as she points to what will be coming up during the Venus Retrograde in October, she shows up at home or tied to family/mom and you will be revisiting things here around love or money.

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Saturday is one of those magical days when you really should take advantage of the opportunity to connect with a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist to talk, meet, make a decision, or come to an agreement. The energy is ALL about inspiration, romance, artistry, and the love or money involved, open up! If single, you could meet someone dreamy in your local environment so get out there. Mars is stirring the conversations in passionate ways, just watch out for secrets slipping if this is something you have need to worry about.

Sunday the Moon moves into your sign and connects in harmonious ways with travel, media, law, education, and serious talks or meetings you have that lead to long term results. It’s a positive time to dive into these arenas and expand your horizons and happiness quotient. You will need to make an adjustment around the work, health or pet issue in this but it’s doable. Keep an eye out for the woman today who triggers something for you through talks, short trips, siblings, neighborhood, news, or writing because she will be key in the Venus Retrograde that starts in October. At that time you will be revisiting past love or money issues here.

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Saturday may be the weekend but there is great energy available to you to earn money through the artistic or spiritual work you are involved in. This is a dreamy energy that brings inspired ideas and connections so focus in on what you are creating and go for it. You can also spend positively on health or pets today. Mars is going to motivate the action on all of these fronts, just guard yourself monetarily where a friend or group is concerned.

Sunday the Leo Moon will urge you to retreat and recharge your batteries. It’s an absolutely stellar day for anything you can do behind closed doors that leads to income or something expansive through outside financial resources. Look at research, hospitals, other institutions, film, music, or any artistic outlet, spiritual pursuits, or anything having a clandestine or behind the scenes vibe to it as ways to open these doors. You do need to make an adjustment to the creative process or in dealing with a lover or child. Pay attention to the woman in the picture today involved in making or spending money as she is going to be thematic during the Venus Retrograde that begins in October.

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Saturday is gearing up to be a truly special day for you with a lover, potential love interest, child, recreational activity, or creative project. The energy is about attracting love or money to you! It is coming through a dreamy connection in one of these realms so let your inspiration flow and connect. Mars is motivating you, just don’t let an authority figure squash your desires or the career situation slow you down.

Sunday the Leo Moon pours energy into your friendships, groups, social affairs, and networking so step it up. There is something big brewing here with happiness or expansion connected to a significant other or partnership, perhaps through representation as well. You just need to get serious with this person today. Something at home or with a roommate is going to require an adjustment from you. Something going on with your own body/image/identity today may be key to the Venus Retrograde that begins in October so pay attention to anything you feel within since you will be revisiting here to look at past love or money matters then.

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Saturday brings good things behind the scenes for you through artistic expression, romance, spiritual retreat, hospital dealings, research, or anything that takes you into inspiration and imagination. This will play out at home or over moves, property matters or the foundations you are building on. Mars is going to motivate you here, just watch that you don’t let distance take the heart out of the matter.

Sunday the Leo Moon is going to charge up career and ambitions in a very inspiring way as well! There should be ample opportunity to expand towards your goals through concerted efforts to work or through health channels and something serious and strong coming through the imaginative doorways again. One powerful conversation or meeting is slated in this and will require some adjustment on your part towards reaching your goal. Keep an eye out for the woman who is important in some way today regarding artistic projects, spiritual pursuits, hospitals, addictions, research, or hidden agendas as she is going to be part of the Venus Retrograde that begins in October. At that time you will be revisiting past love or money matters that she may point out today.

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Saturday brings one of the most lovely influences for you with your friends, a group, through networking, or in pursuing an aspiration. You should use this energy to open conversations, meet up, come to agreements, write, or expand socially in ways that attract love or money into your day through inspirational means. Mars is motivating this area so you should have plenty going on socially to choose from, just watch that intimacy or financial issues don’t cloud what could be a great time.

Sunday the Leo Moon will focus you on travel, media, legal, or educational matters with mega positive influences to expand through these routes with a lover, child or creative endeavor. See if you can solidify something with a friend or group about this as well since it looks positive. You will need to be willing to make some adjustments in spending or around income to get the trip, media, legal, or educational process going. Watch for a female friend or member of a group today and what occurs because this person is going to be significant in the Venus Retrograde that will begin in October and take you back into past love or money matters.

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Saturday is downright inspired where career, reputation and income are concerned. You can attract love or money if you have set this as a goal today through something you spend on that is artistic or romantic or a way to earn that is pulling from the muse. Mars is going to motivate you to go after the goal, just watch emotional matters with someone significant today.

Sunday is a pick your power kind of day where you can move mountains financially connected to real estate or what you do at home and through really tackling the goal in a serious, constructive way, or you can express your creative, joyful side in a deep way with someone intimately at home. If you are dealing with property matters in a divorce or through an inheritance or bankruptcy, today is the day to really line things up and move them along. Your own physical stamina may be in the mix as you stretch a bit in one or more of these arenas. Keep your eye out for something involving a woman and your career today because this is going to point out what will be thematic in the Venus Retrograde that begins in October. You will then be revisiting the past through this to deal with love or money.

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Saturday brings very dreamy, inspiring energy to you through pretty much everything you touch related to travel, people at a distance, import/export, ceremonies, legal matters, media, publishing, publicity, marketing, or education. It’s a great day to mix any of this with ways to attract income or love into your life. Be proactive even if it feels as though you have a lot of work on your plate, you feel drained or have pet issues in the way, it will be worth it.

Sunday Leo Moon will sparkle around you through your most significant relationships so this can be having fun with a partner, best friend, or expressing creative impulses with someone who is representing you or advocating for you. Use this energy to connect with this person via phone, meeting, emails, any form of communication that will open things up in a happy, expansive way for you and bridge the distance or solidify your beliefs together. Anything that has been hidden will move a bit towards the light of day today. Keep your eyes open today for the woman who is traveling, at a distance, or involved in media, law, or education because what comes up will be thematic in the Venus Retrograde that begins in October and takes you back over past love or money matters here.

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Saturday brings amazing energy to you through sex, intimacy, reproduction, major financial channels, or in dealing with divorce. This is about helping you to attract what you most want in love or money through opening up these channels and allowing you to fantasize or invest some of your artistic, spiritual energy into something going on behind closed doors. Mars will motivate and bring passion and you will just need to be willing to deal with any challenges you feel around true love, children or creative potential to get there.

Sunday the Leo Moon will kick your work into high gear, motivate you to express yourself physically or in a healthier way and align your energy to expanding your income and getting completely serious about the debt, loan, mortgage, inheritance, insurance, taxes, bankruptcy, settlement, alimony, child support, or any other outside resource you need to contend with. You must put in the effort today to reap the great rewards the day wants to bring to your work, health or pet situation but be willing to adjust some to the major transformation going on with a friend in the mix. Watch for what is happening with a woman today that ties into finances, sex, divorce, or death because the Venus Retrograde that begins in October will tie into this topic as you back track during that time.

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