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Saturday is the day to set things in motion. Seriously, do it! Jupiter and Uranus are meeting up on the same degree for the second of three times and combining forces for something major, exciting, shocking, involving a big change, luck, prosperity, expansion, or new beginning in the area of artistry, romance, filmmaking, music, poetry, dance, a spiritual pursuit, psychic intuition, dealing with a hospital or other institution, addiction or self-sabotaging action, research or investigation. Mars is going to dance with Pluto today so there will be positive opportunity to cut through to the chase and make a major change. This is about sexual attractions, divorce, major financial matters, reproductive issues, or dealing with life and death scenarios. You can better the situation by taking action now.

Sunday the Sun is going to adjust to Neptune in a big way so our bodies or egos are going to need to realign a bit around our health or work issues. The social circle, a friend or group is tied into this spiritually or artistically. There could be hospital or other institutions involved or some kind of recovery or retreat to rest and recharge. If you are working with a group on something behind closed doors be ready to make some adjustments.

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Saturday social activities take center stage and whether that is because you are sparking on all cylinders to get things together or there is a bit of anger in the mix will be determined by how you handle the connections with your friends today. You may want to tackle a money matter with them, push buttons over divorce or intimacy issues, or feel out the balance of power or confront it now. It’s important to not be too distracted because major luck and change is available to you through film, music or other art forms, a retreat or dealing with an institution such as a hospital, a spiritual pursuit, hidden romance, or time in research or strategy. If you need to do something to bring in more money on the career front, today you should push.

Sunday will have you adjusting physically or in ego matters over health, work or pets and this plays out with a friend, group or aspiration you have been nurturing. You can pretty much move mountains right now but it is best to allow for the issues occurring within the group dynamic or with the friend in this.

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Saturday ambitions will flare up or you will find yourself dealing with an authority figure or issue of leadership with someone significant. You have a lot of work to attend to and this could be the culprit but it looks like you should put time in here. The huge luck is pouring through social affairs, friends, group affiliations, and major aspirations of yours. See what exciting, expansive party or other gathering you can attend, or what you can open up with a friend or group now, it’s all good. Mars is motivating you with a partner or other significant relationship to do something involving transformation through travel, media, law, or education, this looks powerful so be proactive.

Sunday your body or ego is in need of a bit of adaptation where true love, a child or creative projects are concerned. You have a pretty dreamy goal in mind right now that is muse related so you can assume it is about romance, artistic outlets, or spiritual realms but you must be willing to put yourself physically into the love affair, with the child or into the creative realm or tweek what you are doing here a bit to make it happen.

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Saturday is about the trip, media venture, legal matter, or educational topic before you and what you need to do to tackle the work or health to make it all happen. Love is in the air or something creative and serious but fun so don’t let it slow you down. The big exciting Lucky energy is pouring in through your career Midheaven so be willing to do something different to reach a goal, take the promotion, launch the business or meet with the boss. Mars is activating you at work or with health to make some kind of major transformation financially or intimately with someone, go!

Sunday you will be making adjustments around your needs being met at home or with mom/mother figures or you will be making physical adjustments there. Your dream is about a media venture, trip, legal matter, ceremony, or educational topic and you have to get into the picture in a different way at home or tied to moves, renovations, roommates, or mom if you want to make it happen.

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Saturday emotions will run deep around shared experiences whether that is sexual attraction, debt or other financial matters, divorce, or something changing powerfully. A love interest, child or creative project is key in this and you will need to get serious about what you are doing at home or in a living situation to make it all flow. The big luck and excitement is coming to you through media ventures, legal actions, education, ceremonies, or travel/people at a distance so be spontaneous. Mars is pushing you to connect with the lover in a passionate way, to do something active with the child or to dive into the creative realm, all with a significant other person, this is big.

Sunday you will be making some adjustments physically or around your needs locally, through writing or other communications. This could mean you get out and hike or attend the gym in the local scene, deal with image or ego needs in a writing project, express your needs in writing, or meet up with someone in a way that is a bit of a stretch for you. Whatever it is relates to the dream you have around a sexual attraction, divorce matter, financial topic, or other powerfully shared experience that changes things.

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Saturday the focus is on something significant in your life and what is happening at home, with a property matter, a move, or mom. You will want to come to an agreement, have a talk or meet up with this person to solidify things. The big luck, change or excitement is coming through a sexual attraction, reproductive issue, divorce proceedings, or any major financial institution or shared resource such as debt, credit, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, taxes, child support, alimony, or joint finances. Mars is making things happen at home, with a living situation or move, mom or mother figure and this is going to have a major transformational affect on health, work or pets.

Sunday the spotlight is on you and making or spending money. You want to take a good look at what you are doing, what’s coming in or going out and how your physical or ego needs are playing into making money. There is something here that is important related to your partner or a representative insofar as what you are willing to make adjustments around now can shift the artistic, romantic or spiritual context of the relationship.

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Saturday the focus is going to be work, health or pets with a need to have some talks or agreements, meetings or deal with news that will get your blood up. Making or spending money in these areas is favored today for long term matters. The big lucky influence that is bringing surprise or excitement is playing out through a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist. If you have wanted to combine forces with someone or break away today is a great day to do it. Mars is activating income zones so you have drive to make money from home or through real estate, or to spend on improvements here or move yourself away.

Sunday you will be making some adjustments either physically or with ego needs in a rather personal way. Look at how you feel about who you are right now and see if you can tackle something to reach the dream of health, work or connection with animals or environment that would best align with the real you.

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Saturday the focus is on any frustrations over money and the creative venture, lover or child. The key is to take charge and if you can take on more effort or responsibility in the situation. The huge luck and expansion is playing out through a work situation, health matter or pet situation with a big change in the stars here. You can motivate to earn money or pull it in through the home or property or you may need to spend some on the place you are hanging your hat at present, it’s important to be proactive in this today as well.

Sunday brings the need for a personal adjustment or a physical one that may play out in a hospital, through retreat, rest and recuperation, or involving something you are working on artistically, spiritually or researching. It is necessary to adapt as you reach for your dream here.

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Saturday feelings are building up at home or over where you live and you are going to feel pushed to do something about it. There is something you can get serious about here that you can tackle alone or in private that should benefit you so use your imagination and research your facts. The big lucky energy combination is happening in your house of true love, children or creative projects so you can see or seed something major today that changes things in a lucky way. Mars is pushing you to put yourself physically into a meeting or local activity today in a powerful way or to express passions with someone through talks, agreements or meetings.

Sunday your physical or ego needs within a group, with a friend or involving your aspirations is going to be in need of some adjustments. You may be feeling the aftermath of a social occasion last night or need to deal with one today or something you can do with a friend or group can help you reach an artistic, spiritual or romantic goal at home or with a move. Stretch in these directions.

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Saturday is about meetings, writing, agreements or a talk that brings something up that must be acted upon and you didn’t see it coming. There is good energy there around the social occasion or from a friend or group to help you move through it. The big luck energy today is happening in your home arena where you may find something major is happening that changes things in some exciting or shocking way. Mars is telling you to tackle the artistic project, romantic retreat, or what you are working on behind closed doors today to transform your income in a powerful way.

Sunday you will want to make some personal adjustments around your career or a big goal you have been working on. How is your image fitting into this position or ambitious endeavor? Are you physically up to snuff? You should try to make a decision today that will help you reach your aim through talks or meetings locally or through writing something that gets you a step closer.

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Saturday you will feel the push to make money or you may feel pushed to spend on a friend, group or social occasion. There is great alignment to career goals being met and income enhanced because of this so focus on what you can achieve. The big luck and excitement is coming through news you hear, a meeting that rocks your world, a talk or decision that changes things in a big way, an agreement you sign that is very exciting and big, or something going on with a brother or sister or your local neighborhood. The Mars energy is amping up the social factor so get out there and enjoy yourself in the local scene with friends, who knows what kind of amazing thing is going to happen!

Sunday you will need to make some personal or physical adjustments to the trip, legal matter, media or publicity outlet, or education. Look at what you can handle here because your earning potential is in the mix and you may need to either curb spending right now or make some changes to allow for the income opportunity coming up.

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Saturday has you pushing the boundaries physically as you go about your ambitious agendas or career maneuvering. There is potent long term alignment for you through media, travel, legal, or educational outlets so you should dedicate some time to this. The big excitement today comes through income so you will either receive a big chunk of cash, do something that will lead to major money or decide to spend in a big way on something. There are major transformations occurring today behind the scenes that should benefit career or goals if you are proactive.

Sunday you will want to make some personal or physical adjustments around the sexual attraction or connection, a reproductive matter, a divorce, or one of your financial matters. It is about you getting closer to your ideal in artistry, romance or spirituality for yourself so put in the effort.

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Saturday you may feel like retreating and hiding out a bit or just working on something alone and behind the scenes but there is a lot of energy being stirred up around a legal matter, trip, media venture, or education that may push you out of your nest. The positive news is there is good alignment to the financial house in what you do today and there is also potential for sexual attractions to take hold behind closed doors. The major luck and change agents are coming together in your sign so the sky is the limit in something you want to change about yourself in a big way, you have lightning bolt luck today. You may decide to hop a plane to visit a friend, or delve into the media or publishing world with a group, tie up legal ends or take a class with a buddy.

Sunday you will need to make some adjustments around your own body or image or needs within a partnership. This could be about your needs with a romantic or business partner or with someone who represents you such as an attorney or specialist but you should do what you can to get yourself in top shape and adjust your image to suit the project that you are working on so you can reach your goal here.

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