Sunday, September 27, 2009


Feeling better? Sweet :) The week ahead is just the beginning and I know you are ready for it.

Monday brings alignment between the Lights in the air signs so you can enjoy the flow and find new ways to connect with the important people in your life. It is a day that favors original thinking and partnership.

Tuesday Mercury stations Direct, woohoo! Now remember, the day a planet shifts can be a day of confusion or breakdowns so although this is good news that we are ready to move forward again with the details regarding our partnerships, agents or attorneys, don’t sign on the dotted line today, give it just a couple more days if you can.

Wednesday is interesting indeed. The Moon connects with Neptune in the early morning and then enters a 12 hour void. This means that we will be sitting with our thoughts and emotions regarding artistry, spirituality, romance, dreams, and any confusion or deception we must tackle. At 7:26 pm, the Moon will glide out of the void to enter Pisces, the sign ruled by Neptune, where she will make a positive aspect to Pluto. So by days end, there should be a powerful intuitive answer, an opportunity if you are willing to step into your power.

Thursday Mercury makes his first contact in forward motion, a very positive opportunity aspect to Mars, so you will find that words lead to action and communications come from a passionate place, all leading to something you are going after. There will be a need to balance emotions with a financial or love matter by days end. Women in general may be a bit on edge at this time.

Friday we wrap up the Pisces Moon energy, who you gonna save, where is the sacrifice, what dreamy desire moves you? Talks will be intense, actions positive, a lovely surprise or different approach is on tap, and some serious consideration about just how much you are willing to give before the day is done.


Monday is one of those days you can look forward to, with an even, open flow and lots of energy around dealing with partnerships, agents, attorneys, competitors or open enemies, all through the support of friendships, group affiliations, networking, and social occasions. Connect with others today.

Tuesday Mercury stations Direct in your house of work, service, co-workers, health, and pets. Expect to hear something about one of these arenas today, to be ready to make decisions, move forward, open talks, take meetings, or sign agreements. A friend is prepared to open doors for you today.

Wednesday is a day to meditate on the friendship, group or aspiration you are focused on and how artistry, romance, spirituality, or deception is playing into what you are dealing with. After 7:30pm you will have a better idea of what you want to do and can initiate something in private or behind closed doors that will open up a powerful opportunity on the career front or with major goals.

Thursday is the day to have the talk, meeting, pitch, send the resume, make the agreement or break one, in the area of work, health or pets. Do this from home, around foundations, living situations, property, or based on your security needs.

Friday talks about work, health or pets may be challenging, a female involved, look for ways to balance this in what is said and how love or money is dealt with. Your ruler is giving you a positive boost in all home or property matters so be proactive here, research or work done alone or in secret should bring some interesting surprises, unique approaches are rewarded.


Monday is about a sweet flow between career, status, reputation, fame, goals, ambition, and the work you do, your healthy approach and anything involving small animals. Find ways to reach out, involve others, and except your place in the spotlight.

Tuesday Mercury stations Direct in your house of true love, children and creative projects. This is great news as far as you being able to finally make a decision, hear news, move forward, open talks, take meetings, sign contracts, and share ideas. Just watch for any crazy breakdowns in these areas today as the energy shifts. After today, it improves rapidly, if you need to sign on the dotted line, wait until Thursday when the energy aligns to benefit you.

Wednesday begins with the focus on artistry, spirituality, romance, or any disillusionment or deception around career, goals, fame, and reputation. You will enter a 12 hour void to ruminate over what you want so take the time to process this. After 7:30 pm you will be ready to move and the energy shifts to bring your friendships or group affiliations to your side to open some powerful doors through media, travel, education, or legal matters, be proactive with these connections tonight.

Thursday the talk or meeting, agreement or breaking of an agreement you do around a creative project, lover or child is under positive stars and will allow for passionate communications, action locally, and real potential to move things along. Venus is trying to hold you to a higher ideal, be true to yourself.

Friday you have to get serious about talking out the creative venture, love affair or child issue, there is love or money on the table here and a need to express what you need to meet your aspirations or maintain a friendship. Mars is going to aid you in tackling a lot in the local scene or to come from your passions when communicating. Be open to new ways of achieving your dreams.


Enjoy the wonderful flow on Monday as the creative, loving side of life is stepping up to meet you. You can express your connections through media, travel, law, or education and share your highest ideals with those that you love. If you have a creative venture you are trying to market or promote, push it out there today.

Tuesday Mercury stations Direct on the home front so you will finally be ready to move forward here, have your say, make your decision, agreement, break an agreement, open talks or take meetings. Look to home, living situations, property, mom, and security needs as the stage for news and communication. Just watch for mix ups and breakdowns today as the planetary energy shifts.

Wednesday pour your focus into what you are dreaming of around media, law, education, or travel, you have the day to meditate on romantic needs, artistry, spirituality, or any deception occurring in these areas. After 7:30 pm you will have a handle on what you want here as the energy shifts to offer an opportunity to transform through loans or credit, joint finances, divorce, or intimate connections to reach a goal or make your name.

Thursday the talk you have about home, living situation, mom, or property is the first forward motion of your ruler Mercury and it is a positive opportunity for you to take action to make or spend money on what is discussed or heard.

Friday you will need to get serious about the home, property or situation involving mom, talk about or agree, look at responsibilities and limitations and be ready to once again, take action through making or spending money. Career or goals are under great potential from original approaches and spontaneous actions.


Monday is a wonderful energy day with positive flow between what you are doing at home, with property or mom, and the connection to original ways of handling money here or connecting intimately with someone. Go with the flow, share or find ways separate harmoniously.

Tuesday Mercury stations Direct in your house of communications so expect to hear something interesting today. Talks, meetings, making up your mind on something, changing your mind, agreements or breaking agreements, it’s all amping up. You may hear news about a sibling or something going on in the neighborhood. Jupiter is protecting you through expansion in major finances, intimacy or divorce today.

Wednesday begins with a focus on how you are sharing your life, the artistic energy and how finances are flowing here, romantic passions, or any disillusions over intimacy or divorce. You will have most of the day to sit with this and meditate over where you are going. Once the Moon enters Aries after 7:26pm, you will be ready to move forward with a legal, travel, educational, or media matter connected to a partner, agent or attorney, this is positive so be proactive.

Thursday the first talk is out there with the new Mercury agenda for you and it is going to open doors, be prepared to take action whether that means you go somewhere or do something physical, tackle image or identity or come from your passions, it is all good.

Friday will put either the trip, legal agenda, media or publishing matter, publicity, political intentions, or educational topic in the forefront for you. You need to get serious today about the talk or meeting in this and then once again, you are going to be spurred to take physical action, jumping in, getting motivated in a positive way. Be willing to remain open to new ideas or approaches today as they come.


Monday is lovely energy all in flow in the most lovely place for you! It is a day focused on your creative abilities and projects or on true love or children. Have fun, allow yourself to express yourself to the fullest. Friends and aspirations should play a supportive role in helping you shine.

Tuesday Mercury stations Direct in your house of income and possessions. This means that you are ready to make a decision, make or break an agreement, talk or meet, about the money you make or spending on something important, or in handling of a possession of interest. If you need to send out resumes you can after today for new opportunities. You may hear news today about a job you were waiting on. Just wait another day to sign on the dotted line.

Wednesday begins with the focus on a partnership, agent or attorney and how romantic, spiritual or artistic energy if flowing here. For some you will be dealing with the other side of Neptune energy looking at disillusionment or deception. Spend the day meditating on what you want here but don’t act until after 7:26pm. At that time the energy takes on new life and there is opportunity to connect intimately or to positively deal with major financial matters or divorce. Work and health move you in positive directions today.

Thursday brings the first talk or positive news from Mercury’s forward movement and it is about income, making or spending. There will be motivating factors from what you hear or decide that send you into high gear behind the scenes, you may be diving into film or fantasy work, tackling an institution, or researching.

Friday you will need to pour your energy into either a major financial matter, divorce or sexual connection. Talks or meetings will go on behind closed doors, look at strategies and secrets, hidden agendas and pulling from the muse. You need to get serious about the money coming in or going out today. Surprises are in store so be open to what comes.


Hit the ground running on Monday because the stars are favoring you where work, service, hiring others to work for you, co-workers, health, and making money are concerned. It is just one of those lovely days where everything should work for you.

Tuesday, your co-ruler, Mercury, is going to station Direct. This is always felt more personally for you and it is happening in your sign this time so double that. News, talks, meetings, agreements, making or breaking away, all go forward today based on who you are, your image, identity, what you stand for, your body, it’s all about you my dear. There can be miscommunications or breakdowns on the day a planet shifts so take care with yourself, no accidents! You are finally moving forward again after today so get ready to make your move. Hold off another two days to sign the contract, (Thursday).

Wednesday begins with artistic, romantic or spiritual energy aimed at reflecting over where you are going in the work before you, with your health or in dealing with small animals. You have the day to think about what you are doing and where you are going. Once the Moon leaves the void at 7:26pm you will feel the shift, and forward you go, an evening of either fun and romance with a lover or child, or lots of creative action and positive connections with agents, partners, or attorneys.

Thursday Mercury meets up with Mars in wonderful opportunity for you to talk or meet with friends, groups, to network, socialize, attend a gathering, and pursue your aspirations and most cherished dreams. This is great energy so open up, sign the contract, agree or break away under positive flow. Say yes to invitations to connect.

Friday the focus is going to be on the partner, agent, open enemy, or attorney. You are going to need to get serious about communicating your needs and dealing with any agreements or communications. Mars is bringing motivation your way to once again connect with a friend, group or attend something social and this looks very positive. If you need to attend to your aspirations involving a partner, agent or attorney Mars beckons you to act on this today as well.


Wanna have fun? Enjoy a day? Fall in love or do something wildly creative? Monday has your name written all over it. Friends and social activities may flavor this as well in a positive way but overall, the Lights are aligning your creative and loving heart with the flow, go!

Tuesday Mercury stations Direct in your house of secrets, hidden agendas, film and fantasy, retreat and research, connection with the muse and artistry, spiritual intuition and psychic discernment, hospitals and other institutions, so expect to hear news, open talks, begin having meetings and over all communicate again over these topics now. Watch for any screw-ups to occur today as the energy shifts but once this is past you are ready with a new mindset to move forward. Wait until Thursday to sign contracts.

Wednesday most of the day is in a Moon void but you will enter this time of reflection focused on how your artistry or spirituality is finding it’s way into your creative projects or how your romantic needs are being hidden away or held out for a spiritual connection. Take the time to think about how you feel regarding creativity and love. Once the Moon shifts at 7:26 you will feel the energy pull you towards positive work and health matters at home in response to what you decide.

Thursday brings the first opportunity with Mercury moving Direct so jump on a talk behind closed doors or meeting in private about a career matter you are passionate about or a goal you are ready to dive into fearlessly and pursue. There is a very good chance that whatever is communicated today will lead to something positive for you so open up and push your ambitions.

Friday the focus is completely on the work at hand or your health issues. For some of you it will be about a pet. This is about getting serious in communicating what you feel has been going on behind your back or dealing with some sabotaging energy that needs to be talked about OR it could be about retreating into your own private Idaho and working diligently alone on something that requires a lot of mental acuity OR some of you will be dealing with recuperation or time at a hospital to get your health on track.


Monday is one of those lovely days where the energy aligns to help you enjoy yourself and move ahead with the least bit of resistance, of course you need to know where this is happening for you to get the most out of it and today it is all about home, living situations, property matters, mom, family, roots, childhood issues, psychology, and your security needs. If you can spend some time alone or behind closed doors on these areas you will have it made.

Tuesday Mercury stations Direct in your house of friendship, group affiliations, social opportunities, aspirations, and networking so expect to hear some news from one of these areas or to have a talk or meeting that is significant. You are ready to move forward in one of these areas now but wait til Thursday to make it real. A friend may return or take their leave today, watch for any last minute miscommunications or breakdowns as the energy shifts.

Wednesday gives you a long void Moon to contemplate the home or living situation, property issue or mom. You need to take some time and attend to your feelings romantically, spiritually, artistically, or around any disillusionment or deception in these areas, once the Moon exits the void at 7:26pm you will be ready to move with it into positive opportunity energy around creative projects, love and children. Major talks or doing something local here is powerful.

Thursday brings Mercury’s first connection after going Direct so you can talk, meet, make agreements, sign contracts, break agreements, or share ideas with friends, groups, networking, or at social functions. It is very positive energy there to open up a door for you so say what you are thinking or make your pitch. Mars is getting in the picture to help it lead to you taking action via a trip, legalizing it, bringing in the media or publishing, or tying it into classes, learning or teaching.

Friday the focus is on the creative project, a recreational outlet, a lover, love as a concept, or something involving children. Choose and then get serious in talking about the social obligation, aspiration, friendship, networking, or group involved. Once again the energy favors travel, education, law, or media and this is where you should motivate action.


Monday is a positive energy day opening up communications for you so if you need to talk to someone, send out a proposal or take a meeting, today has your name on it. Connections to friends is where the best outlet is coming from so email and call your pals, connect with groups, network, or communicate about your aspirations, you are in the spotlight.

Tuesday Mercury stations Direct in your house of career, goals, ambition, reputation, father, and fame. This is where news comes in, where you are ready to talk, meet, make the pitch, send out the resume or promotion, make or break agreements, and sign contracts. Watch for today as the energy shifts there is more likihood of miscommunications or breakdowns with these connections but after today you are ready to move forward with your new path. Wait until Thursday to sign contracts if you can.

Wednesday is a long Void Moon so you will begin with the day’s energy focusing your artistry into writing or communicating something or how you are thinking or communicating romantic needs or spiritual desires. Take the time to mull over what still need attending to because once the Moon leaves the void, 12 hours later, you will be ready to tackle a money making venture or spending something rather large on a home matter or putting down roots.

Thursday brings the first contact forward moving Mercury has and it will help you to open up talks, sign contracts, take meetings, come to agreements, or break one up, in a new path on career, towards goals or ambition. Mars is in the picture in a very positive way so what is communicated leads to action in the deepest part of your chart, meaning around major finances, loans, settlements, divorce, sex, intimacy, power, control, and major transformation, all good.

Friday the focus is going to be on the home, living situation, security needs, property matter, or mom. Choose which one you wish to focus in on and then you need to get serious and talk or meet about what’s going on in career, with goals, ambition, father, or reputation. Once again Mars is sparking you to go after the financial backing you need, to deal with the inheritance, taxes, insurance, or other outside resources, to dive in intimately with someone at home, or to tackle the divorce issues, positive outcomes to actions taken.


Monday is a whole lot of making money, shining on the career front, spending money on career or goals if need be, putting yourself out there in a way that is confident and visionary, and it is ALL positive today so enjoy the flow.

Tuesday Mercury stations Direct in your house of travel, education, legal matters, media, publicity, politics, beliefs, publishing, and adventure. You have made up your mind about one or more of these arenas and are finally ready to move forward, expect to hear some news or have talks and meetings about these topics, make or break agreements, and be able to sign contracts (but wait until Thursday to sign for best results). Watch out for any last minute snafews in communication or breakdowns associated with these themes as the energy shifts today but after this you are ready to move.

Wednesday begins with an artistic, romantic or spiritual influence on making or spending money and the need to focus your attention on what is happening here for most of the day. There is a Void Moon so you want to meditate or strategize but wait to take action until after 7:26pm. It is a good time to process any disillusionment or deception you may have here as well. Once the Moon shifts it takes on powerful and positive forces for personal change and taking charge. Talks and meetings will reflect just what you are bringing to the table.

Thursday Mercury will make his first contact out of the Retrograde and it is very positive around the legal, educational, travel, or media matter. You want to agree, sign, talk, meet, share ideas, sever agreements, or in any other way make it real in one of these avenues. It promises to lead to action via a partnership, agent or attorney but you have to act and open up to benefit from the opportunity in the day’s energy pattern.

Friday the focus is on the local neighborhood routine, brothers or sisters, wrapping up a pile of emails or phone calls, meetings and talks. You need to focus in on one of these things and then get serious about talking out the legal matter, educational issue, media, publishing or publicity around it, or the trip or person at a distance involved. Mars is where the action is from this and it shows positive energy around diving in with an attorney, agent or partner.


Monday is lovely, just lovely, as the flow favors you and any traveling, making travel plans, connecting with those far away, import/export, teaching or learning, media ventures, publishing, publicity, politics, ceremonies, or dealing with legal matters. Yu are in the spotlight and should be happy about how things are progressing.

Tuesday Mercury stations Direct in your house of divorce, major finances, partners and banks money, inheritance, debt and credit, taxes and insurance, and your intimate and sex life. Expect news today or talks and meetings around these themes, you are definitely ready with a new outlook to open up and move forward here, make or break agreements, sign contracts, and share your new thoughts on the matter. Watch for any miscommunications or breakdowns in these areas today as the energy shifts but after this it is forward you go. If you can wait for Thursday to sign contracts you will have the best energy around you.

Wednesday is a 12 hour Void Moon so you will want to focus on the romantic, artistic or spiritual feelings inwardly on yourself and how your needs are being met through these avenues. Look at any disillusionment you have with yourself or any self-sabotaging you may have done and process how to access your inner artistic or romantic nature to find what you need. Once the Moon leaves the Void at 7:26 you will be ready to make some powerful transformative decisions and take the time to spend on something important.

Thursday is the first Mercury contact since moving Direct and it is very positive where communications regarding loans, debt, taxes, insurance, settlements, credit, insurance, inheritance, alimony, child support, or joint finances are concerned. If you aren’t in the middle of talks, decisions or agreements concerning major money, then this energy favors you talking or meeting about intimacy, sex or divorce. There is great opportunity in what is said, signed or agreed to today so go for it. Mars is on your side where work, health and pets are concerned so actions here favor you.

Friday you need to focus on making or spending your income or possessions in the mix. Once you have an idea which it is, you need to get serious about the divorce actions, major shared or outside resources, or the sexual or intimate issues tied to the topic. Pour your efforts into the work before you, taking care of your health and pets.


Monday is a wonderful flow kind of day and you are best served if you focus your energy on something private or behind the scenes that you are doing towards a major financial matter or sexual connection. You can connect intimately behind closed doors or find ways to shine financially in dealing with something strategic or fantasy driven. Hospitals or other institutions should favor your approach as well.

Tuesday Mercury stations Direct in your house of partners, open enemies, agents, and attorneys. You have made up your mind about one or more of these connections and are ready to move forward on your new path. Expect news from one of these quarters and watch for miscommunications or breakdowns here as the energy shifts today. After today you are thinking in a new way and ready to talk, meet, make agreements or sever them, sign contracts, and share ideas with these significant others.

Wednesday is a 12 hour Void Moon so you want to take the day to reflect, go within and spend some time alone and out of the fray. Look at romantic, spiritual or artistic needs, any deception or disillusionment here, how you are expressing your fantasy side or finding outlets through research or dealing with hospitals, and take the time to process it all. Once the Moon exits the Void at 7:26pm you will feel the shift and be ready to dive into something social and powerful, friends and groups benefit this evening, say yes to invitations.

Thursday is the first Mercury connection after the Retrograde and it is filled with opportunity so open up and talk with partners, agents or attorneys today and see how what is said, agreed to, signed, or met about leads to action creatively, romantically or towards children.

Friday you will need to focus on yourself, your needs, image, body, or identity. Once you decide which one of these it is for you, you need to get serious about talks with a partner, agent or attorney. Mars is spurring you to romance, fun, children, and creativity later so tie it up early.


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