Friday, September 4, 2009


Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone! We are going to shift from the dreamy Piscean energy of Saturday afternoon into the rambunctious action of Aries energy later Saturday night and into Sunday.

The Moon is connecting with the outer planets on Saturday to help focus your attention on what matters romantically, spiritually or artistically. She meets up with both Saturn and Uranus on their way to the 3rd of 5 oppositions on the 15th. Check out which way you are feeling about what comes up today: stay and work through it or run and claim your independence? Once the Moon enters Aries at 10:14pm eastern time, she connects with Pluto stirring up deep emotions, powerful connections, control issues or emotional triangles.

Sunday the energy is revolving around important relationships and how we communicate our needs within them. Mercury is getting his last aspect from the Moon at 10 am east coast time before Retrograding at 9:45 pm pacific time, 12:45 am on the 7th for east coasters. Say it today and then watch how the next 3 weeks are about revisiting this relationship and what needs reworking or letting go. The afternoon is supercharged by the Moon’s connection to Mars so expect to do some self-nurturing, amp up the activity in the home, and watch for the instinct to fight to protect yourself against imagined slights, this is the big Retrograde so they may not have meant it that way, double check before you launch an emotional assault!


Saturday will bring up any old fears or hidden issues you may have around finding the right work or becoming an authority in the field you are pursuing. Saturn is just messing with you, the universe intends to give you its best effort in placing you high on the career track up ahead if you keep showing up to do the work. You may have to pace yourself today as this energy can have you feeling a bit bogged down with the only interest in retreating with a good book. By evening you will be back out working it towards your goals or career agenda in a powerful way.

Sunday will give you the big preview about whom or what the Retrograde may feature as a talk is bound to stir things up with a romantic partner, business partner, agent, or attorney. Get it out, this is your shot to reconnect or work through something in the coming weeks if you feel strongly enough about it. For some of you this will be about letting go of this person and the need to settle things between you first. Home will be a battle front or the scene of massive passions or motivation today.


You really need to take a look at how you are meeting your aspirations or connecting in your social scene on Saturday as there seems to be a whole lot of activity within groups or with friends today and it will be in some way shining a light on the limitations or responsibilities on the table around creative projects or with lovers or children. Some of you may have to choose networking over recreational activities today but there is an interesting surprise in this if you do. By evening you will feel like some time to yourself or behind closed doors, Pluto demands you deal with powerful energy around travel, media, legal matters, publishing, beliefs, ceremonies, politics, or education.

Sunday brings the talk that will spark the Mercury Retrograde later tonight for Pacific Coast, early Monday for East Coast. You will be opening up or getting news about a work situation, co-worker, someone you hire to work for you, a health issue, or a pet or cause associated with animals. Pay attention as these are the areas to connect with significant people in your world and rework something over the next few weeks or let it go. Passions will run high today in most communications and you can expect lots of local activity or interaction with siblings as well.


Feelings around your career or goals in life are most likely going to be stirred on Saturday. For some Gem’s your reputation may feel as though it is on the line. You are being asked to balance your responsibilities that seem somewhat limiting or over burdensome right now around home, the living situation, mom, or a property matter, even as you field the surprise coming your way via career. By the evening the dynamics shift as a desire to socialize or connect with friends is up against some powerful triangle, financial matter, sexual intrigue, or divorce issue. Wow!

Sunday the energy is once again focused on your friends, the social scene, and recreational activities. You will be getting a glimpse of what is up for revisiting during the Retrograde starting later tonight/tomorrow early morning, by the talk you have or the news you hear about a lover, creative project or child. Mars is going to pick up from here and send you off to make or spend money.


Saturday is going to be focused on travel, teaching, learning something new, media, publishing, ceremonies, or legal matters. You are feeling how important one of these arenas is for you now and will be dealing with balancing this with all of the responsibilities you have going on in the neighborhood, with siblings, a writing project, or just in overall communications! You may be getting a surprise coming your way that changes the way you feel in the flash of the moment. Come evening, the energy shifts to focus on goals and reputation as you field a powerful challenge through a significant person in your life and some kind of triangle or control issue.

Sunday career and goals continue to be the source of emotional energy. A talk today or news you hear about home, a living situation, property matter, or mom will give you a big heads up about what the Mercury Retrograde is going to be about for you and it is starting later tonight/early tomorrow morning. You are going to dive in physically or get on top of your image or identity in the matter as soon as you process the information.


Saturday puts the focus on major finances and the emotional way you are handling the way you share funds, your physical connection and the balance of power. Watch out for confusion in one or more of these areas, do not self-delude, you have responsibilities and limitations to deal with around the money you make or earn and today is the day to look it square in the eye. By evening the energy shifts quite dramatically as you commit your desires to learning something new, travel, media, or legal matters. There is a need to change things in a big way around the work before you, the health matter or dealing with the pets.

Sunday you are continuing the focus on the higher mind through travel, media, publishing, politics, ceremonies, promotion, education, or law. You should pay attention to what you hear locally or through someone you run into on the local scene, news that comes in through brothers or sisters or talks you have in short trips. You may also be talking about something you have written. Any or all of these themes are where the Retrograde is going to take you back to revisit a situation or person from the past later tonight/early tomorrow morning, so pay attention. There is going to be motivation to attack something from behind closed doors, in a hospital, or through strategic moves.


Saturday feelings rise regarding a partner, business or romantic, or an agent or attorney. You are going to be deeply ensconced here as you deal with any personal responsibilities or limitations to your image, identity or body. They have a wild card for you today and you are going to have to step up, do your best to balance, since Uranus is the culprit you may get lucky and like the surprise. By evening the energy shifts radically as passions explode sexually or you find you are ready to have it out in no uncertain terms with a lover or child. Creative projects may come up against an obstacle to funding as well that needs tackling.

Sunday carries over the deep and profound energy around major finances, sexual intimacy, divorce or some other powerful transformative connection with another. Pay close attention to what comes up in this regarding the money you personally earn or how you spend it, or in dealing with a possession. This is where you will be revisiting a situation over the next weeks of Mercury Retrograde, a shift that will occur later tonight/early tomorrow morning. Once you pinpoint the issue or person Mars is going to spark you to dive into a social matter, group affiliation, aspiration, or connection with a friend.


Saturday will be a work day, jamming on the tasks before you, dealing with someone who works for you, a pet, or your health. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Here’s the thing, you need to focus on one of these areas and then deal squarely with limitations or responsibilities at a hospital, in retreat and work necessary behind the scenes, fantasy, film or artistic expression, or in dealing with a strategy, research or some self-sabotaging aspect to the picture. Once the Moon enters Aries you will be pouring passions or energy into partners, agents or attorneys and dealing with the major change, power struggle, triangle or financial matter around home, property or living situation.

Sunday you will be focusing all of your emotional energy on this partner, agent or attorney as you open up and talk or meet about your own needs, your image, identity, or physical body. Look closely at what or who comes into play in this because it is what you will be re-tweaking and revisiting over the Mercury Retrograde that starts later tonight/early morning. Once you have a handle on the balance here between you and them, you are going to attack the career goals, ambitions or reputation matter with vigor.


You are most likely going to feel like playing, having some fun, expressing your love for a lover or child, or tackling a creative project on Saturday. Here is the thing, you are going to have to balance this against serious responsibility or limitations socially, with friends, group affiliations, or aspirations. You may rebel a bit today, as the push/pull will have you wanting to do the outrageous or unusual. Once the energy shifts at night you can field a powerful conversation about change, triangles, control, sexual intimacy, or major finances tied to the work you do, your health or pets.

Sunday the emotional focus is going to remain on health, pets or work. You are likely to hear something today that you were clueless about that affects your feelings in one of these arenas and this is where the Retrograde is going to play out for you over the next few weeks, starting late tonight/early tomorrow morning. Pay attention to secrets, research, strategies, hidden enemies, fantasy, film, artistic input, retreat, hospitals, prisons, or substance abuses that in any way are playing into this. Once you have it pinpointed, Mars is going to spur you to dive into the travel, education, legal, or media matter with gusto.


Saturday is focusing emotional energy at home, around a living situation, mom, or a property matter. Surprises and changes are possible here as your feelings shift. You need to look at how to balance what is occurring here with the responsibilities or limitations you are taking on in career, with goals, ambitions, reputation, or fame. Later tonight the energy will shift completely putting emphasis on lovers, children or creativity challenging you to make or spend money in a profound way.

Sunday the focus is going to be on the lover, children, recreation, or creative project. There will be news or a conversation with a friend, group, or about a social occasion or aspiration that you will need to pay close attention to because this will be showing you exactly how the Mercury Retrograde is going to focus you and who or what will be involved in the revisiting or reworking over the next few weeks. Mercury is flipping later tonight/early tomorrow morning so this is it. Once you know, you will be taking action intimately or with major finances, for some of you towards divorce, power, or control issues.


Saturday the emotional energy is swirling around local neighborhood matters, what is said or written, short trips, and siblings. You are being asked to deal with responsibilities or limitations around a trip, legal matter, media or promotional issue, or educational matter, all the while balancing the changes or unexpected things you are hearing. Once the evening rolls around, the energy shifts and you will be emotionally charged at home, with a living situation, towards mom, or a property matter and dealing with handling your own power and control issues in the scenario.

Sunday your focus is again going to be on mom, home, property, or the living situation. A talk or news that arrives about career, goals, ambition, reputation, or father is going to require balance and is going to directly point towards what you will be dealing with during the course of the Mercury Retrograde that starts later tonight/early tomorrow morning. You will be revisiting the past here via a person or situation and once you have an idea about what this is, you are going to be charged up to tackle something involving a partner, agent or attorney.


Saturday the focus is on how you are feeling about making a living, what you are doing to earn money, how much money you are earning, and what you are spending on. There will be a surprise or change in the mix around this as you strike out to establish your independence or freedom. There is also the need to balance all of this against any limitations or responsibilities going on around a partners resources, joint income, loans, credit, debt, settlements, child support, alimony, taxes, insurance, inheritance, divorce, or intimate connections. Later in the day the energy shifts pouring vital energy into local arenas, communications, writing, short trips, and connections to siblings, all or any of this challenging you to change to way you retreat, self-sabotage, or handle secrets or escapism.

Sunday local, neighborhood, communications, writing, short trips, and siblings once again are the focus of the day but today you are going to watch for a communication that comes your way regarding a trip, foreign interest, educational matter, legal issue, media, promotion, publishing, or ceremony. One of these realms is where the Mercury Retrograde is going to be showing up via people and situations from the past to be revisited, reworked or let go over the next few weeks. The Retrograde begins later tonight/early tomorrow morning. Once you have it in your sights, Mars will motivate you to dive into the work at hand, health or pet issue.


Saturday is all about you and how your handle on spirituality, romantic needs, or artistic expression is going to help you to balance the limitations a partner, agent or attorney is pushing in your world. Look to their responsibilities and feeling like rebelling against the balancing act. Once the energy shifts later in the day, you will be focusing all of your emotional energy into something to earn money, deal with a possession or spend money. A powerful friend, group affiliation, networking event, social invitation, aspiration, or ideal is going to be part of the dynamic over money.

Sunday your focus continues to hone in on making or spending income or dealing with a major possession. Today you are going to be having a talk or hearing news about a major financial matter such as a loan or settlement, or you will be hearing or talking about an intimate or sexual connection, divorce or power play going on. Pay close attention because whichever one of these comes up in attachment to your income will be where this Mercury Retrograde is going to play out over the next few weeks. The Retrograde begins later tonight/early tomorrow morning and this is where you will be revisiting the past through people or situations tied to this financial or sharing axis. Once you know what you are dealing with, Mars is going to spur you to dive in with a lover, child or creative venture.


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