Friday, September 25, 2009


Hello rock stars, fearless divas and mighty lords, you courageous dreamers of life :) Are you ready for the weekend? I know I am!! It’s a one-tracker, so pour your light into what matters and enjoy the flow.


It’s a weekend of career focus, ambitions and personal goals. The universe is powering you towards your place in the Sun. In that regard, you will need to deal with a sticky partnership issue on Saturday or consult with an expert, attorney or agent. Venus is aligning to help you find money through the work you do today or bringing a woman on board to help out, this is all very positive so go with the flow here. Spend on health and pets.

Sunday ambitions continue to fuel you but you will need to wrestle with home or property matters, perhaps a living situation or a place to stay for the day. Once this is under control, the day unfolds with magical opportunity, a talk about work that bodes well for your goals, something surprising coming from out of the blue that can help you reach them, a new tact in research or fantasy work, positive new approaches dealing with hospitals or other institutions, and Saturn helping you put stability and effort around the work, health or pets.


The weekend focuses on travel, education, media, promotion, ceremonies, legalities, or publishing. Look at what you believe in and how to expand or adventure a bit more. Saturday you need to deal with the health or work at hand first but once this is under control there is an amazing alignment to one of these higher minded facilities and your creativity or feeling the love. If you need to attract money or spend in one of these areas this as well is in flow for you.

Sunday will spur you to have the talk about the trip, classes, publicity, media, or legal issues. If a talk is not passionately spurring you in one of these arenas then the energy will work to motivate you in the neighborhood in dealing with one. Once this is out of the way the day is glorious for connecting with a lover, child or creative project, a surprise social occasion or gathering of friends, and a serious, solid foundation beneath the creative outlet or love affair that becomes apparent as the travel, education, media or legal matter comes into focus.


It’s going to be about involving yourself with the finances, divorce issues or connecting intimately with someone this weekend. Whichever one it is for you, Saturday starts with you needing to straighten out your creative project or getting a handle on where you stand in a love relationship, some will need to deal with a child in this. Once this is under control, the rest of the day unfolds magnificently around either love and intimacy at home or the money matters aligning at home or with property tied to jointly shared or outside resources, or the divorce.

Sunday you will need to deal with a money making matter, so either pursuing something that brings income or spending on something, either of which is about balancing the financial matter, intimacy or divorce. Once you have this wrapped up the day is once again amazing as the talks at home or about living situations are aligning to favor your finances, a woman or love interest tied to home is opening up in a positive manner, a nice surprise in career or change around a goal opens up opportunity financially and you find some stability around foundations.


The weekend is going to be about partnership or those who represent you such as agents or attorneys. On Saturday you will need to balance how you feel about this significant person and what is occurring with your living situation, home or property. Once you take a good look at the situation, the day opens up with an amazing talk or meeting aimed at attracting money or love. and somehow involving this significant person. Women are good for you today.

Sunday the focus on partners or representatives will begin with some action on the part of the other that you must find a way to balance or it will spark you to act out where this person is involved, remember you are in the retrograde so don’t over react to something that you may not have all the information about yet. Once this is past, there is magical energy in communicating and meeting with the person in question, in coming to agreements or making decisions based on the past, and some solid resolutions and serious looks at what is underpinning the connection. A surprise comes or you act in the spur of the moment via someone far away, travel, media, publishing, publicity, education, or law that is bound to open some doors for you, once again connecting to this attorney, agent or partner.


It’s a weekend about work, chores, people who work for you, co-workers, health, or pets. Whichever one it turns out to be for you, it begins Saturday with a talk or meeting that is challenging you to find solutions. Once you set the situation straight, the rest of the day is wonderful as Venus is bringing it on your behalf via love, women or money. Consider making or spending on work, health or pets, and finding love through these realms your best bet.

Sunday is once again about work, health or pets and you will need to tackle something you didn’t foresee at the start of this day. If you have been sick, today may motivate you to come out of retreat and reenter your world. The rest of the day rocks as a talk or meeting about income is aligned to please, a nice surprise where outside resources is opening opportunities, a sudden passion may ignite today or you may find that an intimate partner surprises you in a new way, and over all there is a solid grounding around making, spending and working, as well as finding the resources for health or pets.


You may not believe me but the weekend is about true love, fun, children, or a creative project. You will have to deal with a money matter here first off the bat on Saturday but once you have tackled this, there is great energy aimed at you and your needs being met where love and money are concerned, so pour yourself into the project, loved one or search for a new love interest. Women are good for you today.

Sunday shows you still in the thick of the creative or love flow but once again the day begins with a need to deal with something involving a friend, group or social occasion. Once you do the day opens to you in the most lovely way with talks or meetings aligned to please you and your creative or love desires, a nice surprise coming from a partner, attorney or agent who is part of the scenario, and a solid result or commitment to yourself that brings stability your way in the project or with the theme around love and children.


The weekend is all about home, living situations, property matters, or mom. Whichever one it ends up being for you, Saturday begins with you needing to look at who you are in the mix and how your needs are being met. Once you get out of your own way in this, the day opens in the most amazing way, bringing some wonderful results via love, women or money through the time you spend working on something alone here or through research you do, a fantasy project you concentrate on at home, or a secret rendevouz you entertain there.

Sunday you will be pushed to deal with a career or reputation matter from home or a goal tied to property or a living situation, once you do the day again becomes magical. There is potential to talk privately with someone who can help you, news that you discover or information you uncover through a little bit of investigation, a nice surprise coming your way via a pet at home, a health matter, or some work you are doing there. Overall it is very stabilizing and if you need to deal with a hospital or other institution this day benefits you as well.


The weekend is playing out through your communications house so you will either be fielding lots of visits, calls, meetings and such or you will be writing, speaking or thinking quite a bit. Siblings or short trips may play into the scenario as can neighborhood activities. You will need to field something that comes out of left field first thing in the day but once you do the rest of the day is amazing, with Venus bringing love, money or women through connections with friends, groups or pushing your aspirations up a notch via what you are communicating. Finding funding for written projects or asking for more income are favored, women are good for you today.

Sunday again is about communications but first you must deal with a matter around travel, education, law, or media. Once you do again the day is magical with talks or meetings involving groups, friends or aspirations going superbly, a nice surprise coming through creative outlets, children or lovers, a declaration of sexual interest for some of you, and a good solid energy around what is decided with the friend or group.


It is going to be a weekend focused on making money, spending money or dealing with possessions. First you must deal with a friend, group or big aspiration of yours and getting your needs around how the money is flowing. Once you do this, the day opens up divinely for you, with love, money and women benefiting you in career and goals. It’s a good day to ask for a raise or to put your resume out there if there is a past tie-in.

Sunday you will need to deal with the loan or other outside money source, or you will have to deal with an intimate matter or divorce issue. Once you have haggled this out, the focus on income takes on a very positive glow for the rest of the day as you will have positive talks or meetings about your goals and how the money is made or spent, a nice surprise around home, property or living situation here or possibly a bit of money coming from mom, and altogether a solid, stable feeling around what you have set in motion. Leadership counts in bringing it home today.


The weekend is going to be all about you so put the attention on your body, image, identity, ego needs and personal necessities. You will need to deal with a career matter here first that will require you step up in some way but once you do the rest of the day is golden. Put yourself or your image or needs into travel, education, legal or media matters and see how love, money and women step up for you, all good.

Sunday is again about you but you will need to deal with a partner, agent or attorney first thing. Once you do the day blossoms with amazing potential, a talk, meeting or agreement regarding travel, education, legalities, or media is favoring you, a nice surprise coming from a sibling, the neighborhood, a short trip, or something that is communicated to you should put a smile on your face as well as open an opportunity for you, and overall the trip, education, media, or legal matter should show solid, stable results for you.


The weekend is about retreat and rest, hospitals or other institutions, imagination, fantasy and film, research and investigation, time alone or working behind the scenes, secrets, and withdrawing to review and recharge your batteries. Saturday will require you deal with a travel, education, legal or media matter first but once you do the energy favors this retreative work leading to either major breakthroughs financially or to a wonderful romantic, sexy connection behind closed doors.

Sunday is about what goes on behind the scenes once again, today you will first need to tackle a work, health or pet matter but can then rest assured that the day pleases through talks or meetings that are aligned on your behalf around intimacy, divorce, and major finances. There is a nice surprise coming via income as well so you may be making more or spending on something as well as finding things running smoothly around a possession. It’s a day to get solid results from what you share and connect with.


The weekend is going to be social, about friends, groups, networking, or pursuing your aspirations. Saturday opens with you needing to deal with a major financial matter, sexual connection or divorce first. Once you do the sky is the limit with friends and social occasions. Venus shows up to help you find love or money through partners, agents or attorneys. Women are good for you today.

Sunday continues to focus on the social aspects of life. You will first be dealing with the actions of or your actions towards a child, lover or creative venture. Once you deal with this the day is magical for all connections, talks or meetings about partnering, partnership, with agents or attorneys, a nice surprise around you and who you hang out with today, and solid, stabilizing affects coming through the attorney, agent or partner aligning with your aspirations, friendships and socializing.


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