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Hello lovers! What is the biggest change since last I wrote you about the whims of the gods on your love life down here? It is that Venus has finally left her 4 month transit of deep, intense, power struggle, triangle laden, Scorpio where we went back into the past to reconnect with lovers or our own issues around love, dealt with how we shared our sexuality and our financial affairs, looked into how control or manipulation played into our connections, faced the topic of divorce or powerful transformations in relationship, and made soul level decisions about what we needed or desired at the root of our being with another. Hey, it’s been profound.

Venus has now moved into Sagittarius where she will spend January opening our sense of adventure back up and coaxing us to expand in matters of the heart, this is cool. While we venture into our romantic affairs this month, keep this in mind because regardless of where all of these energetics are falling in your chart, the overall theme of love right now is to broaden horizons, learn, grow, adventure, and to share ideals.

The other really big contender this month for overall change is the fact that Jupiter, the planet that rules where Venus is traveling and is responsible for luck and expansion, happiness and prosperity, is changing signs after a year in Pisces. This means we are going to experience our idea of happiness a bit differently after the 22nd as Jupiter moves into Aries. Aries is PASSIONATE. Um, yeah. Aries wants what it wants when it wants it and our happiness potential is going to be somewhat wrapped up in our ardent nature at this point. There will be more drive and determination, courage and sexual interplay, as we open up in beneficial ways through love!

Lastly, this is not new but is a reminder, Saturn, the energy that tests and adds a serious tone to its placement in the heavens, is working through Libra, the sign of committed partnerships throughout this entire year and up until Oct. 2012. This is a VERY important time for everyone to look seriously at who they are connecting with in relationship and why, and to either sever ties with those connections that are no longer offering growth and support or to commit to someone who will align with the next round of life. This is a once in 29 year testing period for everyone in relationship. Those souls out there who are showing up under this transit are YOUR mirror, ya better take a moment and get clear about the picture. This transit is doing its level best to help you see yourself clearly so that you understand on a conscious level why you are repeating certain patterns, what you truly, really want as far as a relationship goes, and what you are willing to do to make that happen or not happen whatever the case may be. So as we delve into this expansive time period when more love opportunities may open up, enjoy, experience and keep an eye on the major energy behind what this time is bringing in the long term. Love you guys! xoxo

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January brings Venus into your travel, media, educational, and legal realms and asks that you look for love through these placements. You may take a class about relationships or meet a love interest on campus, hop a plane for a romantic getaway and find you are seated next to ‘the one’, enter the legal system to extricate yourself from a poor relationship thus opening up positive opportunity to meet someone else, meet an attorney or someone hot while on jury duty, or you might find that your podcast or local media outlet is the place where love is sparked. This is a time to look at your ideals about love. Are you being realistic? Can you raise the bar and expand ways you are going about meeting love? Saturn is in your partnership sign until Oct. 2012 which means that you are in a very important cycle for marriage or serious, significant relationship. It is a time to do the work to rescue fragile connections, to sever ties with bad relationships and to meet the one you are going to marry if single. You will find that solid, established types are going to be attractive to you now and there may be an age difference that is noticeable. For some of you, you will be the older partner and find that this transit pushes you to take more of a leadership role with your significant other. Your ruling energy is focused strongly on career through the 15th at which time you will find there are more social opportunities. You want to get out and mingle after this time. Up through the 20th, love is likely to happen while you are out pursuing ambitions but once this shifts, the planet that rules love in your chart will move on the 20th and you will find that social occasions bring more attention from admirers. A friend may introduce you to a potential mate or you may find one while involved in something with a group. Again, travel, media, legal, and educational areas are the strongest. The energy that rules your sexuality is sitting in your house of career and ambition which can make you prone to sleeping your way to the top or at the least finding that you are most attracted to those in authority or who are established in a field you admire.

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January has Venus moving into your house of sex and intimacy, oh snap, watch out! Venus of course rules your sign, thus why you are such a sex object to many around you. So this more or less just amps up that magnetism, hope you are rested. This is a time to adventure through sexual play or to delve deeply into intimate connection with another. You are searching for a love interest who gets you at the most profound level and skating the surface is just not going to suffice. For some of you out there at the end of poor relationships, Venus in the 8th house will address divorce issues and under this influence will help you to begin or settle things amicably. Some of you may have a triangle to work through and if so, this month again can help you to figure out just what or who it is that you want. Mercury is active in this part of your chart up until the 13th so if you need to have ‘the talk’, sign agreements, deal with short trips, a move, or if you are single and wish to meet someone locally that strikes your fancy, put in the effort before this date. It is very likely that this month there is someone who lives far away or a trip is involved with your love life. This is about taking a leap of faith and allowing your heart to soar so if this sounds like you and you have had any second guesses, don’t let the opportunity float by without seeing what a vacation or visit might bring. There is a strong energy around legal matters or ceremonies so many of you will see January as a month to consider legally breaking a relationship or marrying. There is positive flow around any of the media or publishing arenas to meet a love interest, photography, classes you might take or teach, the campus, libraries, courthouses, are all good places for you. Your sexual interests or expressions are about to get a new field of play as well. You have had the ruler of sex in your sign in your social realm for the last year. This means that friends, groups and any social occasions would have been good places to connect to passionate opportunities. Starting on the 22nd of January, this energy goes behind closed doors. You may meet someone that you keep a secret while you experience each other over the next months privately, there may be a need to be clandestine such as one of you is already in another relationship, or you will find that sex becomes much more fantasy driven from now through June. This is an ardent time for you and one where you may find that music, film or other artistic outlets brings attractive prospects, spiritual retreats or practices opens doors to intimacy, or even when institutions redefine your sexual outlook so if you have had any sexual disfunction, this is a once in over a decade lucky cycle to help you find a resolution.

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Well, holy cow Gemini! January is due to be a whopper of a month for you guys. Venus has now taken up residence in your house of marriage and significant partners. This is about smoothing things out with current partners, opening up channels between you for more love and fun in the relationship, it is about helping you to more easily and amicably exit any bad relationships now, and for some will bode strongly for declarations of love or proposals, even a few walks down the isle. This is because at the same time this transit is bringing love through partnerships, Saturn is bringing serious, committed energy into your true love sector. If you are already in relationship when this begins you should see some real progress towards commitment. If things do not get better during this time, you may want to reconsider that person sitting across from you so that you are keeping the door open for the important relationship that is supposed to develop in your life over the next 2 years. If you are single, this month is amazing for you and there is a good chance you might meet someone while traveling, dealing with legal matters, on campus, in a class, or involved with media, publishing, marketing, or politics. This is a wonderful time to adventure with a partner or in search of one. You will be interested in your ideals with this person now and serious ways to express affection. Remember, Saturn means you MUST take things slow in matters of the heart, he is trying to teach you more responsibility and commitment so you will need to be real about where you are now. If you need to have a serious talk, sign agreements or meet about something important, try to do so before the 13th. It’s been a while since you had so much energy pounding through your sex house, did I say pounding? Hehe. Well, here is the deal, the intense and powerful energy of Pluto is here for a while trying to transform and give you a bring it to god moment sexually, this is attracting intense individuals to you erotically. This month, the Sun is lighting up this sector putting your vital life force here and it has Mars here firing up the passion, wow. I’m tired just thinking about it :) Most of this intensity will be lit up through the 15th and will level a bit by the 20th. This energy can also stir up all kinds of energy around anger, divorce, triangles, or financial matters that come to light in the bedroom so be prepared to deal with this if it sounds like your situation. If you are single, you really are holding a Molotov cocktail, just get out there and slink up to the object of your desire, or you know, maybe don’t slink but try to show some cool, the planets will do the rest for you. As far as your ruling energy is concerned, you are more focused on the partner or quest for partnership up through the 13th. From then through the rest of the month your energy is busy in the sex, divorce and financial arena. Not in many years have you had so many cross factors vying to help you find true love, take it seriously. The last shift comes when Jupiter changes signs on the 22nd. This is the ruler of your partnership house in life, it means that for the last year you have had luck in connecting with partners who were established, bosses, in business, an authority in some way, or that you were most interested in partnering with someone who had a place in society or a reputation, even fame. Now Jupiter is moving into your social circle which means that partnering will be more about being friends, enjoying social opportunities together, finding someone who shares your aspirations, and you may meet them out at parties, through groups you belong to or this time between Jan. 22 and June 4 may mark you reaching a lifetime aspiration with a partner.

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January is interesting for you Cancer because Venus is moving into your work zone where you may find that a love interest arises through a co-worker, employee or someone you meet while out doing your work. This arena also rules health so you may meet someone at the gym, jogging in the park, at the dieticians or an organic grocery. Pets fall in this domain as well so love can come through taking the pet to the vet, walking the trails with them or buying chew toys at the pet store, be still my heart. It’s a time when love to you is more about working on something and being of service. Work or health may be a topic that is important to how love is felt between you and another as well. It is a time of purifying connections and bringing a sense of idealism into play. If you travel for work this time may really introduce someone amazing into your life. If your work involves the media or publishing, teaching or legal matters, ditto. For some of you who found that the Venus in Scorpio transit showed you that you could no longer suffer a bad relationship, this new placement will help you do the work of breaking up through legal channels in an amicable or smoother manner. For some of you, this will be the time for the marriage ceremony or renewing your vows. You continue to host the most powerful change and empowerment agent in the zodiac in your marriage house so you can continue to expect to attract more powerful partners into your life and to delve into the deepest issues and connections together with current relationships. Triangles may be an ongoing theme for many of you as you learn about personal and sexual power and transformation through another. Your vital life energy is going to be focused on partnership quite strongly through the 20th and it is a great time if you are single to attract someone out there or to work on getting your needs met in current relationships. Mars is here through the 15th amping up the action so you may find that you can get a lot done with your partner or that the passion of Mars stirs desires or attracts someone sexy now, best bets are through physical outlets like sporting events or exercise. Anger that has been building is going to need to be dealt with before this time as well. The energy at play in your sexual arena has been this dreamy, romantic, addictive, wounded, poetic energy for some time. This could have been positive if you were in a good relationship or more than a bit confusing otherwise. On the 15th Mars is jamming on into this zone and sparks are likely to fly. This is a hot time in the old town time for you guys so don’t let it take you by surprise. Since the ruler of love for your sign is in the sign of partnership you are going to be one of the signs who are really taking it seriously. This is a time of complete change whether you stay or go, meet someone new or hold out for a bit longer, your way of relating and who you are going to relate to are changing deeply. The home continues to be an important factor with added responsibilities or restrictions and is playing out through significant others or desire for this. Look at what you need to work on here. Lastly, you may find that your idea of happiness shifts a bit after the 22nd towards a desire to achieve goals, romance someone who is established, famous, an authority in some field, or can help you to achieve your career ambitions. This may mark a time period between now and June 4th when you meet someone who fits this scenario and is ready to open up your world in new ways.

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January is like night and day from the last 4 months for you Leo! This should be a very fun and adventurous time for you in matters of the heart. Venus is moving into your house of true love and will kick things up a level with love between you and a current lover, smooth things out if feathers have been ruffled, help you to walk away from bad relationships more amicably, and if single, this is one very powerful month for you to get out there and meet someone new. Your best bets are through travel, places tied to the law such as courthouses or police stations, libraries, any place that involves media or publishing from your local magazine stand to the book store, a broadcasting station or news stand, on a campus, while taking or teaching a class, at a religious spot, or involving politics. This placement rules ceremonies so some of you may decide to tie the knot now or you might meet an attractive suitor at a wedding. Mercury is moving through this realm through the 13th so if you need to have a talk, sign agreements, or write something up, do so before this time. If you are single Mercury is helping you to talk to new interests while out in your local arena or through short trips, these are the places that will bring the most luck. A sibling may introduce you to someone before the 13th or a neighbor may get into the act, if so say yes and see who they have waiting to meet you. You still have a few more months of hosting the energy of artistry, addiction, confusion, poetry, woundedness, romance, deception, and spirituality in your partnership house, this has been ongoing for many years and about getting you to learn about personal boundaries and true spiritual connection in partnership. Take a close look this month and next at what you are doing with partners and how they are treating you, because this energy exits this spring. Sexual connections have been over the top, sporadic, unpredictable, exciting, or bringing change for a few years as well. This month, the energy that has been opening up things for you sexually exits on the 22nd and you should have figured out what makes you happy in this arena at this point. From here through June 4th you will find that you wish to pursue happiness through travel, media, education, or legal means. If you have been trying to disengage with a sexual relationship, this shift should help you to do so under protected energy. Up through the 20th you are going to be more focused on work or health but after this time your partner is going to be where you spend your personal energy so this may mean more time with a current partner or a great time for you to make a relationship monogamous or to meet a new partner.

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January brings Venus into your home arena and shines the light of love here. This means that for some Virgo’s there will be a woman moving into the home now who holds your attraction, love moving out if things aren't working or one who is spending more time in your home as you romance her. Love in general is amping up the love here, it will help to smooth things out at home and if you are in relationship when this begins then the home is where it’s at to celebrate each other. For some of you there may be a move or someone at a distant home that is attracting your favor and any media, marketing or publishing energy expended to move, purchase real estate, or deal with home matters should as well help you with matters of the heart. You might meet a lovely real estate person now who attracts you or perhaps you are working on a media project at home, dealing with an attorney about a property matter or trying to settle an estate to open up energy around love. Mom could introduce you to someone this month, yeah, I know but what can I say, it’s true. If you are thinking about teaching a class from home you might find that one of your students attracts your attention or if you are teaching younger people, then one of their single parents or guardians could rock your world. You continue to host the most powerful change agent in your house of true love and this is deconstructing old ways of loving, attracting more powerful but intense individuals to love and bringing in a bit of sexual energy that you weren’t even aware you were capable of up until now. The Sun is illuminating love for you up through the 20th and will help you to meet someone if single, especially if you are working on career or public matters. Mars is here through the 15th which is motivating you to get out there, express passion and connect. You may find that you are more magnetic to others during this time and won’t have much challenge in getting someone to move towards you. The only issue now is anger that has been brewing under the surface may rise up before the 15th and if it does, try to clear the air so you can move past it. You have been hosting the most erratic, unpredictable energy in your partnership zone for the last 7 years and this continues until March 11 so remain open to the changes and the interesting or unusual people who cross your path but don’t try to cement anything new just yet. Changes that are happening now in relationship are meant to be and you should trust what is occurring. Jupiter has been trying to expand this area for you by helping you to extricate yourself from unfulfilling partnerships and to bond with those who can help open up your world in a happier way. This energy moves into your sexual arena on the 22nd and will transit through here through June 4th. This is a really big time for opening up to someone who is going to bring you real happiness and intimate connection, the best you have had in over a decade, so even if you have been hermiting off as so many of your sign are apt to do, this period is going to rock your world, so hey, put a smile on your face, we all know what you are doing anyway! Don’t have a passionate lover in the picture? All you have to do is get out there after the 22nd, they are waiting in the wings.

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January brings Venus into your communications realm to open love up for you through writing, writing partners or classes, meetings that occur locally, at the store, the grocery, the post office, through email or phone calls that turn the corner and declare feelings, through short trips that take you into contact with someone who strikes your fancy, and believe it or not, through introductions from brothers, sisters or neighbors. This could be a formal introduction or set-up as in a blind date or you may drop in on a neighbor and meet the hot college friend who is there visiting or over at your sisters house her single attorney friend drops by, you get the picture. So, you really need to get out of the house and put yourself out there this month. Say yes to what you would otherwise find geeky invitations from siblings or neighbors and jet on over to the town across the way, see if you don’t run into someone sweet. You continue to host Saturn, the great taskmaster and teacher during the most important 2 year cycle of a 29 year transit in your life and therefore it is important that you are working hard on this new beginning in your life. It continues to be a time to release anything or anyone who isn’t significant to your next round of ambitions and dreams while you streamline your life to work like a finely honed machine. Anyone who enters your life now will have to be serious, ambitious and good at understanding just how much you are taking on right now. You have 3 more months of the romantic, poetic, deceptive, addictive, wounded, artistic, energy moving through your house of true love. This has been going on for years so you must be used to it but here is the thing, although it has brought you some truly beautiful souls to connect with you were meant to be learning about setting boundaries in love and learning about what matters on a spiritual level with others. It is important you use the last few months of this 13 year cycle to look at how far you have come and sift through any issues you have left here in the balance between ideal and illusion. This begins on Jan. 22 and moves through June 4 and is destined to bring opportunity to connect with more generous, expansive relationships that may lead to marriage during this transit. If ever you had reason to believe your boat was about to come in, this is it.

SCORPIO: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

January brings Venus into your house of earned income which means that love is where the money is, well, ok, let’s clarify that! This is definitely going to help you attract income but it is also about looking at your romantic needs and how they align with your current value system. This is a time to see if the one you love is someone you truly value, if they value you, if your values are evolving in sync with another, or if you are valuing yourself in the way you approach dating. You may find that trinkets of affection are more important during this transit as you have a need for some tangible evidence of desire or that you may feel like spending on those you love. You may meet a love interest while in the pursuit of income or out spending at the mall or farmers market. The electrical, unpredictable, change agent Uranus has been keeping you guessing for the last 7 years in matters of the heart and this transit ends March 11th. Between now and then make any last changes you wish to make with lovers or your approach to love and continue to be awakened by new and unusual, quirky or brilliant types who cross your path. Jupiter has been working in your house of true love for the last year and leaves on Jan. 22. This means you have had the planet of luck and expansion either drawing someone very good for you to the scene or helping you to open up a space by detaching from any relationship that had run its course. If you are dealing with legal issues tied to love or kids, try to tackle them before this date. The energy that rules your sign is in the house of writing, communication, short trips, agreements, siblings, meetings, and neighborhood which means this is where your vital energy is focused and where you tend to shine the brightest. The energy that rules your lovers is in your home base which means you will either be best at entertaining love interests at home, at restaurants, or involving family or that the focus on a current love and either bonding more strongly or clearly space through detaching is all focused on what is going on at home. It’s important to note that although you seem to have a lot of mojo focused on earning a living, monetizing, spending, or values right now, that after the 13th you will find a lot more sexual attraction and action going on in the local scene, out at the clubs in the neighborhood, you might meet someone exciting at the grocery or post office, through taking a short trip, or a neighbor may catch your eye, introduce you to someone or a sibling could do the same for you. Say yes at this time to introductions from these people.

SAGITTARIUS: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

Hello January and the Sage! This is truly your month as Venus moves into your sign and you feel all eyes turning your way. Well, ok, maybe not that little old lady over there or that dude who just spit his tobacco into the dieffenbachia, but pretty much everyone else is digging you. Venus is going to help you attract more love, new love or ease any transitions in love so take advantage of this transit and get out there or amp it up. It’s a great time to freshen up your image, buy something beautiful to wear, look your best and pour it on. Mercury is also in your sign giving you the golden tongue to boot until the 12th so step on up and say hello to that hottie or ask for what you desire. If you need to have ‘the talk’, do it while both of these energies are working to help you make it an easy blow. Something really amazing is about to happen for your sign. Your ruling energy which is in charge of luck, expansion, happiness, and prosperity, is going to move into your house of true love on Jan. 22nd. This is the first time in over a decade, 12 years to be exact, that you have had this kind of expansion working for you. This means that from now through June 4th you are luckier at love and will have more opportunities if you are proactive and open your heart. You may find that you are adding a new member to the family if you are currently in a love relationship since this is the area of children as well so if you do not desire this outcome, practice safe sex. If you have been trying for a child this is an amazing window of opportunity when you may finally get the result you want. This transit may trigger your desire to propose or marry, bring a professor, attorney, teacher, world traveler, foreign attraction, media maven, marketing person, or political enthusiast onto the scene who really captures your heart. You will likely be focused on home or property matters up until the 12th but after that your vital energy is moving into your house of love affairs so you are going to feel ready for this to happen, as if you can feel the shift occurring around you.

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January Venus is slipping into the fantasy and secret realm of your chart to stir up the imagination, attract mysterious love interests, clandestine affairs, musicians, filmmakers or enthusiasts, dancers, painters, spiritual or psychic enthusiasts, medical professionals, or love interests who you just can’t quite get a handle on. It’s a time when Karmic lovers may return to your life to connect and balance or further the connection. It is a time when fate seems to play its hand in your love life and when you should trust your intuition because it will be at its best. If there is a current lover who has addictive or self-sabotaging ways, this transit will help you to find loving ways to resolve the issues. Some of you may want to use this transit to escape to a hospital and have some beauty work done and this is a good time to do so if this is something you have your heart set on, who knows, you may attract a cute doctor or nurse. Pluto continues to work through your sign, bringing major transformations and empowerment to you, your body, needs and image and this in turn is having a powerful affect on the kinds of people who are attracted to you. There is an intense magnetism to those Capricorns born in the first 10 days of the sign right now and to some extent for all Capricorns, use this wisely when dealing with others. Your solar energy continues to pulse through your sign until the 20th giving added vibrancy while Mars is romping through your sign until the 15th amping up the passion and making you feel like going for it. It’s a good thing so many of you are focused on career or ambitions right now, for those of you who have set a love interest as your goal, you have an arsenal of energy at your disposal to go after it in the first part of this month. While you are winding down a luck and happiness energy that has been trying to bring opportunity locally or through agreements, meetings, neighbors, or siblings in the last year, as of the 22nd of January this moves into home, real estate and family which means you may find that someone tied to property matters is bringing happiness your way, that someone moves in with you soon, a bad relationship moves out, or that you are forming a family with someone else between now and June 4th.

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January brings Venus into your social realm and will help you to attract the love you need through your friends, group affiliations, out networking, through associates, at parties or other social occasions, or while you are out pursuing your aspirations. It is a great time to say yes to just about any invitation that comes along because single Aquarians are bound to attract more than a few flirtations while those of you in relationship will see that the social scene is an exciting backdrop to kick up the romance between you. Some of you will see this transit take a friendship and turn it into a love relationship so be aware that this energy is vibrant and handle accordingly. You continue to host Neptune and Chiron in your sign for a couple more months and this has been about a 13 and 5 year time period respectively where you have been pushed to look at what is so magical about you, to deal with any issues you have over self-sabotaging, to look at wounds you carry around with you that in any way could affect your ability to be in a whole and balanced relationship, and to heal this part of yourself. Take these next months to really get serious about wrapping up this cycle for yourself, everything is about to change for you sooner than you think. At present your ruling energy is very focused on earning or spending money and this will continue through March 11th, again a time when looking at how you value yourself is important when it comes to love. From the 13th forward you may see that your love interests take on a more secretive flavor. This may attract someone mystical, illusive, hard to figure out, mysterious, or magical into your life or it may mark a time when you find yourself involved in more clandestine affairs. Secrets may get uncovered at this time in love so guard against this if it is something you wish to keep under wraps. It is a good time to meet someone at an artistic event, through spiritual retreats or practices, or at a hospital or other institution. You may fall for a musician or filmmaker, painter or guru now. Your luck and happiness quotient moves into your local environment for the first time in over a decade (12 years to be exact), on the 22nd and will help you to meet love in the neighborhood, through neighbors, due to a move, through siblings, on writing projects or retreats, at the library, or at local meeting places. This will be an open door for you from now through June 4th.

PISCES: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067)

January brings Venus into the top of your chart and as a pinnacle for your ambitions, goals and status. This is a great time to really make an effort towards current lovers or to find a new love interest. You may find love with a boss, established business person, authority figure, or famous individual during this transit. Some of you will find that a person’s success or standing is especially attractive to you romantically and sexually now. It may also mark an achievement being reached in love such as a wedding or anniversary celebration. Love is open to you through career travel, legal channels that involve your goals, any marketing or media ventures that are about promoting you or your business, or at college, teaching or taking a class. You could meet a professor, publicist, marketing maven, pilot, or attorney who catches your eye while trying to make a career move or launch the business. The energy of rebellion, invention and change is still working its way through your sign this month so you must maintain a line on your freedom or independence when approaching love. It is important to continue to make the personal or physical changes on yourself during this time as you grow closer to your ideal that will attract the right partner. Jupiter has been in your sign for a year now and will exit on the 22nd. This has been about a time of personal growth and it was offering you some protection as you tried to share your love with others so whether that brought a generous person into your life or shielded you from those who weren’t depends on your personal chart configuration. Again, use this time to make any last big moves on your looks, image, body, or personal needs before the 22nd. After that your happiness quotient is moving into earning or spending money and will help you open up to valuing yourself more in love and align evolving values with your significant other until June 4th. Saturn continues to transit your house of sexuality slowing things down or making them more serious. It is a time to get real about how you share and why you share your body with others and to think about commitment in context to sexuality or reproductive issues. You may very well find that you are attracted to or are attracting someone of a vast age difference during the next 2 years and this is in line with this new serious approach you have towards intimacy. Your personal energy is in the hidden, mystical house of your chart until April giving you more time to tune into your spiritual or secret fantasies with love and some of you may find that this time involves a clandestine or secret affair as you continue to learn about what really works for you. After the 13th you will see that you may find more interaction with a current partner or a way to meet a new candidate for partnership while out socializing, with friends, in a group activity, or working on networking events. You may suddenly see a friend in a more romantic light at this time or find out that they are seeing you this way now as well.

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