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The Scorpio part of your chart is the place where you stand to have the most powerful impact on other people and they on you, it is where the deepest, most profound and life altering, soul directing energy flows for you. It is where you may experience power, power struggles, triangles that play out in your life, huge transformations, sexual intrigue, reproductive issues, secrets or hidden enemies, divorce, or major financial matters that involve outside resources such as banking institutions, the government or a partners money. So in other words if Scorpio falls in your fourth house, you will find that these themes happen at home or over property matters, mom or moves, in the 6th house these matters always come up at work, with co-workers, around health or animals, etc.

On Saturday the Sun is going to move into Scorpio and shine a spotlight into this area of our lives over the next 30 days. Mercury moved into this part of the chart on Wednesday so you probably got some information or had an idea or began a talk or meeting that will be part of the month ahead in this area. Mars and Venus have been dancing through Scorpio for weeks, Venus recently Retrograded out to deal with any unfinished business over love or money with a relationship while Mars forges ahead to act on desires or motivate you to take active steps on something.

So…when you read the placement of Scorpio for yourself on Saturday keep an eye on the longer view of the next 30 days and the list above as to how this will help you to empower yourself, deconstruct and rebuild something and move forward. IT IS IMPORTANT that you read for both your Sun Sign AND your Rising Sign if you know it, the combination is going to give you a truer picture. Pluto’s current position is important as well since this is the ruler of Scorpio and in Capricorn for years to come, we know that part of this picture is about career, major goals, ambition, structure, leadership, authority, reputation, fame, or father/father figures/bosses, so factor that in.

Sunday Mars and Uranus meet up in a very electrical dance, this is sex in high gear people, its taking the shock and awe factor to another level, its lightning bolts and passion rolling about all morning so plan on staying in bed. For those of you less intimately inclined or unattached, this energy is like bottle rocket fuel added to your morning joe, so expect to tackle something intense that you haven’t had the energy to do up until now and to make some real surprising progress!

The last little tidbit to the weekend is the Taurus Moon will be in charge so you will feel the emotional need to feel, to have, to own, to luxuriate, and the money you earn or have to spend will be coloring your experience.

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Saturday the Sun moves into Scorpio to illuminate your own sense of empowerment, to put a spotlight on control or manipulations that are current between you and two other people, to open up triangles, to help you to stand up for any financial matter that is outstanding and handle it whether this is about debt, credit, bankruptcy, inheritance, settlements, insurance, taxes, alimony, child support, commissions, or a partners resources, to deal with divorce issues, reproductive matters, sexual attractions or issues. This is a 30 day cycle that begins now in these areas so look at it seriously and begin to uncover and transform what you can. It’s also a day to focus in on the money you are earning or spending and the talks, meetings or agreements you can have to balance this.

Sunday Mars is going to activate in these areas for you so you may have a very passionate, sexy time with someone behind closed doors, you may get very motivated to do something about the financial or divorce matter or you may really take action towards your own empowerment, taking control of a situation. A few surprises or changes may find their way into what you do but they look like they are quite positive so enjoy! Somewhere in the day is an opportunity to make or spend money on something that should have you smiling.

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Saturday the Sun moves into Scorpio to travel here over the next 30 days and put a spotlight on your relationships. This means that you will be looking at empowerment, deconstructing and rebuilding, manipulations, transformations, triangles, soul connections, sexual intimacy, major financially shared situations, divorce issues, or reproductive matters, all playing out through marriage or business partners, romantic partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, advocates, competitors, or opponents. The Moon is in your sign today so your needs are very important in this or your body, image or identity is playing a role emotionally as you talk or meet with this person, make your decisions, sign agreements or deal with news. The trip looks positive, legal matters a go, media or educational issues as well are positive.

Sunday Mars sparks energy in this arena to motivate you with or by partners, representatives or competition. This is directly linked to what you want to do about aspirations, group affiliations, social events, or friendships in the mix. Passions may be stirred and you will do well to go with new and exciting invitations that pop up today since all roads lead to opportunity here. Luck comes through the friend or occasion you attend.

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Saturday the Sun moves into Scorpio and the part of your chart where power, triangles, control, sexual attractions or issues, reproduction, divorce, and major financial matters that involve outside resources are stimulated for you through the work you do, co-workers, employees, health, or pets. This means that you are going to be really focusing in on something going on at work, with someone you work with, a health matter or an issue involving animals this month ahead that will empower you, show up any manipulations, secrets, third party issues, financial aspects, or sexual/divorce matters. The Moon in Taurus today means you are hiding out, doing something behind closed doors, resting, researching, working on something artistic, romantic or spiritual.

Sunday Mars lights a fire under the work, health or pet situation to help you really burst through to another level, reach a goal or deal with something surprising you weren’t expecting from a boss, father/father figure, or on the career front. Be open to what comes up today since it looks very beneficial to you, luck is on your side.

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Saturday the Sun moves into Scorpio to tour here for the next 30 days and put the spotlight on your love interests, love, children, and creative projects. This is the area where power, control, manipulations, triangles, financially shared matters with institutions or other people, sexual attraction or issues, reproductive matters, or divorce will play out. Plan on deconstructing, rebuilding, transforming, or connecting/disconnecting on a powerful level in combinations of the above over the next month, delve deep, uncover secrets, make soul level connections, and empower yourself on another level. Friends or social occasions are going to be a big part of the weekend and will in some way kick this cycle off for you as you talk, meet or make a decision about joy in your life and responsibility/limits at home.

Sunday Mars is going to spark all kinds of energy in the same Scorpio realm for you of love, kids and creative ventures with an amazing alignment to travel, someone at a distance, media, legal matters, or education. This is about taking action, expressing yourself passionately and seizing the moment even if a surprise or two is thrown into the mix, it’s all good. Again, a friend, social occasion or aspiration is tied into the opportunity along with luck and expansion!

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Saturday the Sun moves into Scorpio and illuminates all power, control, triangles, major financially shared outside resources, divorce issues, sexual attractions or issues, and reproductive matters that play out for you at home, over real estate, through roommates, moves, mom/mother figures, security issues, or the foundations you build upon in life. It is going to be important to look into these themes over the next 30 days and it is all kicked off today under the Taurus Moon which is spurring on ambitions, goals, the need for achievement, recognition, fame, or motivation to make something happen with the career. The talk, meeting or agreement you come to will help you begin to balance this. Work, health and pet matters are solid and on track.

Sunday Mars sparks all kinds of energy at home, with moves, roommates, mom/mother figures, or real estate deals and connects with exciting, new, change oriented Uranus in the house of other people’s money, divorce and sexual attractions so you will likely be doing something sexy at home with a paramour today, actively going after a sale or purchase associated with the home or making your move regarding the property and divorce. This is aligned in beneficial ways so be open to new approaches and act in the moment. Luck is also on your side here today.

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Saturday the Sun moves into Scorpio to put the spotlight on major financial matters that are shared with institutions or other people, sex, sexual issues, reproductive issues, divorce matters, death and transformation, power, control, manipulations, triangles, and soul connections. For you this plays out through your brothers and sisters, neighbors, words, what you write, the talks or meetings you have, agreements you sign, and short trips you take. You will be delving into these profound arenas over the next 30 days so choose your words wisely. The Taurus Moon is bring travel, legal, media, or educational matters into the mix on an emotional level today with the need to talks or meet about something going on here and find a balance. You are aligned beautifully for powerful love or creative endeavors.

Sunday Mars stirs the fires and really gets things going with your brother or sister, or something going on in the neighborhood or with a neighbor, a move, short trip, or a writing project, agreement, meetings, or talk you have. This is linked to something exciting from a partner, agent, attorney, or other serious relationship in your life and you should react in the moment and go with the flow, it’s all good. There is luck for you today in what you are willing to do.

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Saturday the Sun moves into Scorpio and puts the spotlight on power, control, manipulations, triangles, secrets, deconstruction and rebuilding, death and transformation, sex, divorce, debt, settlements, inheritance, bankruptcy, alimony, insurance, or tax matters, or any other outside resource. This all plays out for you through the way you earn your money or spend it and over any possessions in question over the next 30 days. You will want to look at stepping up and empowering yourself through dealing with any of these issues so you can make money or have what you want to spend. The Moon in Taurus means that emotional needs will be Scorpionic as well so expect deep, powerful, control or triangle matters to be emotionally motivating you to balance the income matter through talks, meetings or decisions you make today. Home seems to have a pretty profound effect on you today in a positive way.

Sunday Mars is going to motivate you to make money or spend it on the work effort, through work, with co-workers, employees, on health, or pets. This is turn is linked to some nice surprises or changes in the works so go with the flow, motivate and find ways to express your passion in all you do here today. There is opportunity to expand on the work front and to feel pretty great about debt, divorce, an intimate connection, or how things are shared today.

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Saturday the Sun moves into your sign and begins a 30 day cycle into your own power, third party situations, sexual attractions, divorce issues, hidden agendas, addictive or secret issues, soul connections, transformations, deconstruction and rebuilding on profound levels, and any major shared financial matters with institutions or other people. You are the one at the center of all of this and it is through your own self-purpose and need to put yourself into the mix physically, with body and soul, or to attach your image or identity to something deeply personal here that you will have the biggest breakthroughs. Be true to who you are rising from the ashes to become, right here and now. Relationships are important this weekend with the Moon in Taurus so a talk, meeting or decision you have with a partner, representative or other significant person is going to be powerful and help you to rebalance a love or money issue.

Sunday Mars gets into the action and motivates you BIG TIME on something exciting going on with a creative project, lover, love interest, or child and this is good, yep, it’s good. Think unusual, spur of the moment or new in the mix that is beneficial today, a surprise or change, and know that you are aligned to luck and expansion as you emotionally connect to the love or creative process.

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Saturday the Sun moves into Scorpio and will tour here for the next 30 days. This puts a spotlight on power, control, manipulations, soul connections, transformation, sex, divorce, triangles, and all major financial matters for you playing out in secret, through behind the scenes work or research, investigations, art projects such as film, music or poetry, spiritual pursuits, psychic intuition, clandestine love affairs, addictions, or dealing with hospitals or other institutions. This is about deconstructing and rebuilding, transforming and empowering yourself through the muse, the mystic or in retreat or hospitalization. The Taurus Moon means that emotional needs this weekend are about work, health or pet situations and a talk or meeting you have that ties all of this together to be balanced where love or money are concerned. Your income is in good alignment to all of this.

Sunday Mars will activate behind the scenes, stirring up passions or action on the artistic outlet, spiritual pursuit, at the hospital, on the research project, or in the clandestine romance. This is going to have a direct link to something exciting going on at home or a positive change there that is sparked by what occurs. Luck and expansion are on your side at home or with moves, mom, real estate deals, or security.

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Saturday the Sun moves into Scorpio and throws a spotlight onto all power, control, manipulations, transformations, soul connections, deconstructing to rebuild energies, sexual attractions, divorce issues, or major financial matters. For you this plays out through friends, group affiliations, networking, social events, or aspirations. It is important that you go deep in your close circle and use this time to rise from the ashes of a situation and reclaim something for yourself. The Taurus Moon means that a lover, love interest, child, or creative project is going to be at the top of your emotional motivation and part of the reason to talk, meet or come to an agreement with a friend or group over love or money matters. You are in a position to be deeply transformed by a lover, child or creative venture today.

Sunday Mars gets active, sparking social invitations, doing things with friends, groups or in pursuit of your dreams. There is an excitement in the air today and you may hear news about a friend or from a friend that really gets you going or you may meet up with them to do something unusual but fun. Go with the flow and be in the moment for best results. There is luck and opportunity in at least one meeting, agreement or talk you have that should have you feeling pretty great about love, kids or creative ventures.

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Saturday the Sun moves into Scorpio and puts his spotlight on power, control, triangles, deconstruction and rebuilding, sex, divorce, and all major financial matters. For you this is playing out on the career front, over goals, ambitions, authority, reputation, fame, or with bosses, authority figures, father/father figures or achievements. This is where you will be rising from the ashes reborn again either literally or figuratively over the next 30 days so bring your ambitions and make whatever changes are necessary to achieve your goals. With the Moon in Taurus you are going to have emotional energy around home, moves, roommates, mom/mother figures, or security needs and this in turn is going to push you to make a decision, have a talk or meeting or come to an agreement that will balance the two arenas in the area of love or money. Make adjustments around travel, legal, educational, or media matters today.

Sunday Mars triggers all kinds of passion or action on the career front, with a boss, as the boss, towards ambitions, goals, or reputation, or over father/father figures. This is aligned beautifully to making money or spending it in a positive if not somewhat unusual way. Be open to new ideas or approaches to earning money today since they seem to be very good for you, the internet, astrology or friends may be key in this as well. There is luck and potential to expand in what you do.

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Saturday the Sun moves into Scorpio and puts a major spotlight on power, control, manipulation, triangles, sex, secrets, divorce, death and transformation, and all major financial matters that are shared with institutions or other people. This is playing out for you over the next 30 days in the arena of travel, legal procedures, teaching or taking a class, ceremonies, import/export, people at a distance, media, publishing, broadcasting, publicity, and marketing. It is a time to deconstruct and rebuild, to rise from the proverbial ashes and begin anew. With the Moon in Taurus the talks, meetings, agreements, written word, short trips, neighborhood activities, connection to neighbors, moves, and interaction with brothers or sisters will be important on an emotional level and will help you to balance something about love or money.

Sunday Mars is going to activate all of the travel, educational, media, or legal areas of your life motivating you big time to hop the plane, go to class, do something about the legal matter, or get going with the camera crew or publisher. You are going to be feeling excited and ready to do something completely new and unusual today in this and it looks quite positive if you follow through and just go with what is occurring. Jupiter is bringing the luck and expansion to you so open up, meet, get active and express those passions.

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