Saturday, April 22, 2023



Gemini Moon kicked in this morning making our day more inquisitive, local or out on short trips, conversational, idea-oriented, flirtatious, dualistic, or commerce oriented. Saturn slows us down a bit while Pluto is in flow regarding transformation in the mix so we may have a no or a delay regarding time, effort, energy level, older folks, the romance, artistic interests, institutions, or research to contend with (Saturn) and this peaks by 3pm Eastern, while finding things are grooving when it comes to financial interests, sex, social activities, online pursuits, aspirations, or third parties in the mix (Pluto). Either way, it's a day to talk, meet, write, make the sale, connect with siblings, neighbors, deal with vehicles, electronics, or be out and about, just be mindful that Saturn may test a bit until mid-day. PRAYER TODAY is 'May we speak positive ideas into creation.'  PEAK TIME is 4:30-4:35pm Eastern/1:30-1:35pm Pacific, see you there! 

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