Wednesday, April 19, 2023



Aries Moon conjuncts Jupiter this afternoon, bringing a buoyant feel to the day, giving us the potential to move into bigger territory on a personal or physical level. This should feel optimistic, happy or adventurous. We can show up for educational pursuits through learning or teaching, we could focus on ourselves, our body, image, brand, name, or title, we could travel or make it about foreign or distant interests, we could focus on what we are doing with a ceremony, any media or marketing ideas, or religion, or politics, and it is the step up to tonight's/tomorrow morning's New Moon Solar Eclipse that kicks in tonight at 9:13pm Pacific, 10:13pm Mountain, 11:13pm Central, or tomorrow in the wee hours at 12:13am Eastern. I think most of us will likely wait until tomorrow to really start what it is we are doing with this momentum, but some may start tonight since it will be in play. It is about eclipsing out anything that you don't like or are over regarding your body, image, brand, name, title, identity, involvement on a physical level, or about personal needs or desires. It is about where we want to go with our passions, anger, drive, and actions on this personal or physical level with a wave of energy behind the steps we take now. It is giving us 2 weeks of some of the most powerful energy we've had to start something new or take things to the next level in current scenarios, so we want to make the most of it. Examples could be you have decided to get physically fit with this momentum so you are eclipsing out bad habits or foods to launch into this new regime of physical fitness, or you have decided your new identity is going to be tied to a new place to live or new job so you are launching forward involving your name on the dotted line for the new place or the employment contract while eclipsing out the old, or you feel done with a marriage and want your name/title/identity back so you are eclipsing out that commitment to move forward with this new version of who you are, or you are finally ready to take your ideas of how to brand yourself in some new venture into reality so you are stepping up the image, eclipsing out the incubation period for the action, or you have had something bothering you about your body for some time and are ready to have a procedure or see a specialist to eclipse out the old for the new, you get the idea, there are a lot of other possibilities, look at yourself and your needs and what you are involved in and where you'd like to go, the cosmos is building up steam behind it over the next couple weeks. Our motto for this eclipse is 'just do it'. PRAYER TODAY is 'May we take action with courage and compassion from a decisive, motivated place in ways that move our story forward now.' PEAK TIME is 1:25-1:30pm Eastern/10:25-10:30am Pacific, see you there! 

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